Drinking These Fruit Juices is Just as Bad, or Even Worse than Drinking Soda

By: Cat Ebeling, co-author of the best-sellers:  The Fat Burning KitchenThe Top 101 Foods that Fight Aging & The Diabetes Fix

Conventional mindset has always been that drinking pure fruit juice is healthy. We purchase fruit juice smoothies in the store, thinking that will help our health and weight loss, and start our days with a large glass of OJ—for the vitamin C. We ‘juice’ vegetables and fruit for the perfect healthy drink. We think we are giving our kids a healthy alternative by letting them drink box after box of “pure fruit juice”. It’s pure fruit juice, so it’s good for us, right?

Juice, whether it is store bought (the worst), or freshly made at home seems to be a healthy choice. But, contrary to popular thinking, juice, purchased from the store, is not far from a drink made of pure liquid sugar. And in truth, it’s not much better than drinking a soda. So, in spite of the fact that you or your children may be drinking a drink that says “100% pure fruit juice”, it may as well say “pure sugar”. So though you may have thought you were making a healthier choice over sodas or other processed drinks with added sugar, you may be drinking something equally as bad.

The sugar that comes from fruit is fructose. Same as the sugar in high fructose corn syrup. Fructose is not a healthy sweetener, in spite of its natural source. Fructose, unless it is wrapped up in a whole fruit, is bad news for your body and your waistline. Fructose is a non-essential dietary sugar. Fructose is actually known to be a strong contributor to obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and high triglycerides and LDL cholesterol. Additionally, it is thought that fructose has some very definite and sinister ties to cancer. And while it’s okay in fruit, because you are not get large, concentrated quantities of it, drinking in tons of fructose in the form of fruit juice will lead you down a path of poor health.blank

When you drink a glass of juice, let’s say, for example, a 12 oz glass of orange juice, you hit your system with a whopping 37 grams of sugar in the form of mostly fructose. And when you have a 12oz glass of apple juice, you are gulping down an astronomical 40g of sugar! That’s as much as a can of soda! But wait, that’s not the worst of it—a similar sized glass of grape juice–white or red–contains almost 60g of sugar! That’s like having a can and a half of soda!

Drinking a mixed juice ‘cocktail’ is no better, even if it only contains pure fruit juice. Most often concentrated white grape juice, or apple juice is added for sweetness. That adds even more sugar to the mix! Check out the sugar grams in Tropicana Berry Punch, or Ocean Spray 100% Cranberry Juice. It’s a massive amount of sugar! And don’t be mistaken into thinking the calories and the sugar grams, are worth the vitamins, they are not. There is little vitamin C, antioxidants of anything else of benefit in bottle fruit juice.

One of the biggest problems here is that fruit juice contains NO fiber and is a very concentrated source of liquid sugar—the worst kind. It is extremely easy to consume massive amounts of sugar from juice in a very short time. Fructose gets sent straightaway to the liver for processing and some of it is quickly turned into fat cells. Some of the sugar just goes right into your bloodstream and causes insulin to be released—which stores fat cells. The perfect recipe for quick weight gain.

A lot of those new fat cells are stored in the liver, creating a fast track to fatty liver disease. The rest of those fat cells turn into triglycerides, one of the precursors for heart disease, and due to the release of insulin, many of these fat cells are quickly stored in various parts of the body—i.e., bellyfat, hips, thighs, etc. This particular study shows that just one glass of grape juice a day caused insulin resistance and increased waist size in just three months. Not only that, but 2 servings of juice a day also doubles your chance for developing painful gout.

And the biggest problem with liquid calories is that you still continue to eat as much or more. They just don’t make you feel full—on the contrary, juice just makes you want to eat more, making sugary drinks like juice is one of the most fattening things you can put in your body. Drink juice, eat more.blank

This study in children showed that the risk of obesity was increased by 60% for each daily serving of sugar-sweetened beverages. And you are not doing your kids any favors by allowing them to drink juice to their heart’s content. It does the same thing as a sugar-sweetened beverage. If you want to reduce the chances that your child will be obese or develop type 2 diabetes, eliminate the juice drinks, according to this study, and this study. One of the growing problems in the U.S. and other countries is the high rate of childhood obesity, and one of the biggest contributors to this is sweet drinks such as juice and soda. Kids don’t need to be sucking down a box of juice every time they are thirsty, water works fine!

Let’s chat a bit about how most juice is made. It doesn’t get squeezed or pressed straight from the farm into a carton, let me tell you. Most processed juice—even 100% juice–that you buy in a store, undergoes a very UNnatural process to get from the fruit to your glass, and it’s not really even 100% pure juice. As an example, orange juice is picked from the orchards, the juice extracted out, heated and pasteurized, and then stored in gigantic vats, where the oxygen is removed so it can be stored for up to a year or more.

Removing the oxygen removes a lot of the flavor, so big juice companies hire flavor and fragrance people to formulate “flavor packs” that make the orange juice taste like oranges again. That is why big juice companies like Tropicana and Minute Maid, always taste exactly the same. It is because of a flavor pack added to some virtually tasteless liquid that has been sitting in a huge tank somewhere. Yummy. These flavor packs are made from orange byproducts, although they are chemically altered and those in the juice industry will even tell you the flavor packs don’t resemble anything in nature.

Other juices are no healthier. If they are bottled and sold in a store, they are all heated and pasteurized to kill off bacteria, yeasts, and other pathogens, thus reducing the beneficial antioxidants, enzymes, and other healthy compounds. Then the fiber is removed as well, which further degrades the juice. Fiber slows the absorption of the sugar in the fruit, as well as containing healthy fiber to feed your gut bacteria.

Even if you think you can buy ‘healthy’ fruit juice smoothies, they are still very high in sugar, and heated and pasteurized so they can be bottled. They lose most all their antioxidants and vitamins from the pasteurization process, along with just the amount of time they sit on a store shelf. They usually add ‘filler’ high sugar juices like apple juice and grape juice to make them taste better. Most often, even if it is labeled as a smoothie, it may be more fruit juice (read “high sugar”) than actual whole fruit and fiber. So basically, you get a lot of sugar and a little flavor and not much more in a so-called ‘healthy’ smoothie you buy from the store.

All in all, if you are thirsty, or your kids are thirsty, drink water. You can make your own flavored waters by using spring water, chopping up an orange or dropping in a few raspberries, or even slicing up a cucumber to give the water some added flavor. Try adding a squeeze of a real orange slice to your sparkling water or even a lemon or lime wedge.blank

And if you just can’t do without lots of flavor, try drinking kombucha tea. This fermented tea is reasonably low in sugar (about 1/8th the amount of sugar of juice), but full of gut-healing probiotics, cancer-fighting compounds, and a good dose of healthy phytochemicals.

Kombucha is gaining in popularity, so most stores sell lots of different flavors to suit every taste. Just watch the sugar content, because while most of the sugar in these drinks has been gobbled up by the fermentation process, some could still have some added sugar.  However, most brands seem to have anywhere from 2 grams to 8 grams of sugar in 1 cup of kombucha, which makes it very low in sugar compared to a glass of juice or soda.

In the long run, you may be shocked at how many sugar calories you and your kids may have been drinking. You and your kids will be far better off if you steer clear of the juices and sugary drinks.

The popularity of kombucha is growing very fast, and it’s not uncommon to find kombucha even at many corner stores and gas stations these days.

Here is another article that I recently wrote which reveals the 7 major health benefits of drinking kombucha (including weight loss, gut health, and more)

If you’re active, sweat a lot, or following a low-carb or Keto diet, or even intermittent fasting, then you’re most likely low on electrolytes, but it’s very important you do NOT turn to drinks like Gatorade or any of the other junk “hydration” drinks that are loaded with sugar, artificial sweeteners & colors and poor quality salt.

Something I’ve been drinking for a while is LMNT and it’s incredible. There’s no sugar, no artificial ingredients, no coloring, and just flat out no JUNK and it’s just the right amount of electrolytes which are key to relieving headaches, fatigue, cramps (and can even help if you’ve had a bit too much alcohol!)…

LMNT is used by three Navy SEAL teams as prescribed by their master chief, 10+ NFL and NBA teams, and is the Official Hydration Partner of Team USA Weightlifting. My favorite flavor is Citrus Salt, which, as a side note, you can use to make a kick-ass, no-sugar margarita.



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  1. Are you talking about store bought commercial juices OR
    Juices from your own natural sources…..?

    Grapefruit juice is great in a liver flush along with lemons, (olive oil and garlic).
    I cannot believe that all juices are that bad….which is sounds like that is what you are inferring.

    • You are right I am 86 years old and drink juice all the time and have no serious healt problems.

      • Live long and prosper Thomas!

      • Ditto, except I’m younger – 63 years old. Congratulations sir! I hope to make it to 86 like you! ?

        • Celery juice has been healing people all of the world

          What are your thoughts on medical medium ????
          He believes fruit and juices are good for us ?

      • I’m 81 years old and drink CRANBERRY/POMEGRANETE JUICE DAILY! It hasn’t had any ill effects on me!

      • I’m 81 years old and DAILY, drink Cranberry/Pomegranate Juice Blend. I take two (2) Green Tea Capsules with the juice. No ill effects at all!

        • Mehmet Bulent Ulusoy

          The person’s own metabolic structure plays an important role in case of the harms caused by Daily nutrients.
          Not same harm exactly to each one ? Example is Thomas 86 years old.

        • HEY, I’m going to be 73 in Feb. My immune system is in top notch. I’ve not had a bad cold/flu/virus since 2007. For 13 yrs. NOTHING. Plus I don’t ever get a flu shot either. Last on was 2006.
          I attempt to eat everything in moderation. I buy orange juice at the store and every morning I drink some with my morning pill (just take 1 per day) and I am okay. I drink a shake for breakfast daily. I don’t drink or smoke or do drugs, take one prescription a day (2 pills), and I eat A LOT of salads, yogurt, 1:5 milk and drink lots of Ice tea (homemade) with stevia in it. I eat lots of fish, squash, broccoli, wheat bread and in moderation sweets, deserts etc. I mix green tea with black tea and make it by the pitcher. SO carry on everybody…Good article but for of us it may not be the ideal thing to do…I usually eat and drink what I want. I am 5ft.7in.tall and lost 30 pounds. Down from 184 to 154. I am not complaining. trying to get down to 145 and that will be my goal.
          Wandakate in North Carolina

        • great work!

        • I had Stage IV Lymphoma for over 16 years. As it was throughout my body there was nothing that could be done, no treatment, then when I moved from California to Florida my doctors here couldn’t find a trace of it. The only thing I eat to excess is mushrooms. I love mushrooms, either cooked or raw and eat them every day. I can’t prove they have anything to do with the disappearance of the cancer but it is the only thing I eat to excess. I’m glad there was no surgery involved – it just went away on its own.

      • So you’re all saying that this article is wrong? Sugar is poison and it kills the body just because you don’t get affected by it doesn’t mean that biology is wrong. Every story is unique you cannot refute science keep your opinions to yourself

    • Agree— some juices are great and easy on system — ridiculous to say they are like soda…

      • High Fructose is bad for your body and process food that has hydrogenated oil is also bad for you that is why the FDA was told to remove those things out food in several states. Because hydrogenated oils was put processed foods to extend the shelf life of the food and when eat that kind of food you are actually taking in hydrogen which is dangerous for you.

    • This article does more harm than good and is based on poor information. They should try putting a dying person on a juice fast and watch them improve then rewrite the article with apologies.

      • I have stage 4 soft tissue sarcoma I am going to try a juice fast it has spread to my liver any suggestions what kind of juicing veggies I should use or fruit?

        • Fresh made Celery juice.
          I have read that hydrogen peroxide will kill off most all cancers. DO some research. Some people claim they’ve been in remission for years because they take hydrogen peroxide daily.

        • Asparagus is great for detoxing the liver

        • Get a copy of Anthony William’s LIVER RESCUE.
          he knows what he’s talking about. Don’t be put off by the ‘medium’ part. It is very reliable information. best regards
          p.s. I also have C that has metastasized to my liver. I recommend this book. best wishes to you 🙂

        • Patrick McKillip

          Cancer loves sugar.

        • look up Chris beat Cancer… his name is Chris Wark alot of good info

        • Stephanie Marie Scaccia

          crazy amounts of vitamin C I have heard heals cancer…stay away from all sugar!! Consult with a specialized nutritionist who treats cancer..I know someone who was cured that way and no sugar whatsoever…cancer thrives in sugar!

          Also if you believe in the power of prayer consider going to a healing rooms in your state..they will pray for you…try also be in Health Henry Wright…amazing stuff!

        • Check out the book and website “Chris Beat Cancer” for info on juicing, etc., to fight cancer.

        • Georgietta K. Chock

          Stacy, the proper way to take hydrogen peroxide is intravenously and not by drinking it as Mary has mentioned. Check with your doctor as to what the treatment is. I had it done a number of years ago – sorry I can’t remember the treatment and what it was called. I even cleared my herpes with them withdrawing my blood and putting it through a machine that cleaned my blood and it was returned back into my system killing the herpes.

        • Use baking soda to alkalize you system, morning and evening on empty stomach, start with half teaspoon, cancer cannot live in alkaline system, stay away from sugar, cancer lives on sugar.

        • You forgot to mention’FOOD GRADE” HP !!

        • straight celery juice. just organic homemade celery juice.

        • Mushrooms, either cooked or raw….I can’t prove it but that was the only thing I ate consistently that I can think of that could be responsible for my cancer being eliminated. My doctors were unable to explain the disappearance after so many years of diagnosis.

      • I drink ocean spray 100% juice with other juices added. I have had no problem, but I do have problems with the urinary tract if I don’t drink it, so…along with water, I’ll continue to drink it. This article is based on
        half-truth about juice.

        • You should drink 100% cranberry juice not Ocean Spray. !00% cranberry juice is tart but much better for you than Ocean Spray which is loaded with sugar.

        • Dear Lola forget Ocean Spray!!! Better brands/Top shelf brands = KNUDSEN or LAKEWOOD ORGANIC ! Not cheap but worth every penny – a normal glass of fluids is usually 8 ounces – so you get 4 portions from 1 bottle – and you should probably cut it with 4 ounces water (filtered) with 4 ounces of your preferred juice – thus making 8 nice portions of liquid from one bottle.Be well!

    • I’m 75 years old and drank orange juice every day since I was a kid. However the last 15 years I dilute the orange juice. Two parts water and one part orange juice to make sure I don’t get to much sugar.

    • I dont mind hearing God 3x, s. It’s music to my ears?

    • I believe him. Everything is over processed and I’m happy he exposed them. I hear from teachers that the kids are bouncing off the walls from o.j. in the morning and all the sugar in it.

      • Are you saying that fresh squeezed juice is also bad? I no longer drink any processed fruit drink which also can contain hydrogen gas added for shelf stability. But when you squeeze it from fresh fruit, how can it be worse than eating the whole fruit which you seem to be saying is OK? Please clarify & thanks!

    • If you make your own juice and keep lots of the pulp it is better. Remember that you can consume much more by drinking than eating and the fiber is key. If you drink your own home made juice keep the pulp and do not over eat as drinking often does little to stop an appetite.

    • I’ve always preferred fruit juices to any other drink,except [maybe]? Barley juice,unfirmented. And I’m near 85 years. Also,whenever I can get cherry juice on sale,[otherwise it’s near $10./litre] and it’s like a painkiller to my shoulders joints…So BLA ! Bla ! BLA !

    • Grapefruit juice with some meds you take can be really bad.


    • If you buy it in a bottle… YES, they are all bad. You are better off eating the fruit. You must realize that ALL companies are crooked and all they want is to make profits regardless of whom they kill.

    • It’s all store bought juices. They are loaded with sugar and soda.

  2. I find this information very helpful and a super guide for my wife & myself

    • Love it

    • I drink a V8 energy drink every morning my blood sugar is excellent.

      • I believe that the juice from tetra packs are not so healthy, we usually do our own fresh juice when in season. But in times when we don’t have the time to do it so we switch to the tetra pack juice. It’s surprisingly ymmy to drink and has no ill effect on us.

      • How is your sodium??

        • My Mom had leiomyosarcoma. Doctor Sussman in Cincinnati Ohio’s University hospital is a great cancer doctor. Her cancer was very rare and he was able to remove it all. Maybe you should look him up.

        • Sodium from processed salt that has been bleached, has added chemicals to make it free flowing is NOT GOOD salt. Mother Nature never intended us to process it! Natural healthy sea salt has not been processed, or heated to dry it or have added chemicals to keep it free flowing or been bleached to make it sparkling white. Natural sea salts have about 84 minerals naturally and these minerals help our body in a myriad of ways- fluid regulation in our bodies, cognitive and cardiac function improves – it’s amazing! Studies have proven patients actually improve with Natural Sea Salts! Doctors are trained to write prescriptions! Big Pharma makes lots of donations to medical schools! Think about that! Low sodium diets are not healthy- so please do your own homework on this!
          I can see low sugar as being much more healthy for good reason! Look around- WE are NOT healthy in this country!

  3. I make a fresh fruit smoothie every morning for my wife and myself, with papaya, orange (or grapefruit), pineapple, banana, blueberries, mango, pear, lemon, raspberries, spinach, fresh carrot juice, and vegan protein powder. Is this also an unhealthy overdose of sugar?

    • CharlesWilliamMorganJr

      It appears there are NO answers provided to any of the questions posed here. Perhaps we should ask why God made these fruits for us? When would be an appropriate time to consume this God-given product of nature? Can we ever consume mangoes and kiwi fruit? Should we let these God-given fruits fall from the trees and rot on the ground? What specifically is the purpose of fruits?

      • Not sure why you have to mention God 3 times in one question about fruits but the purpose of fruits is to replicate the plants or trees from which they come. Not everything on earth was put here for you to eat. The plant Atropa belladonna has a sweet but deadly fruit. Socrates died from eating a Hemlock plant. Abraham Lincoln’s mother died from indirectly consuming a plant. Some fruits and plants kill you instantly, the rest if over-consuimed just take a little longer.

        • @Mark -Well said !

        • I’m a diabetic and when I eat fruits my blood sugar doesn’t spike if I eat some donuts or chocolate and candy it spikes. So if you’re craving something sweet like most diabetics do its better than eating cookies cake and chocolate because at least your getting the fiber. And who is going around picking random fruit off trees and eating it. I’m sure they are talking about fruit that has already been deemed safe to eat without dying immediately. I’m not saying eat a lot of it I’m saying in moderation its better than man made sweets.

        • David Bunkley Sr

          What are you an ATHEIS!

        • To Mark Austin on Jan 6, 2019, Is there something wrong with mentioning God 3 times. I will get to answering your statement that seems to imply that because some fruit of trees are poison that somehow means fruit off of fruit trees are just for seeds to make more trees??!! Really? I believe in God and think He knew what he was doing for us and for out health. I want to lay that foundation first and then address your statements.
          The whole message of the Bible actually stands or falls on the Truth of the very first verses of Genesis. “In the beginning God created….. ”

          Since I believe that 1st verse I conclude that God did make us and everything else (I see solid evidence that there is Intelligent Design which is most consistent with the reality that I see everyday, (you have to be deliberately blind and willfully choosing to ignore the evidence that God put within you, to say that the human mind evolved by evolution takes so much more faith than the obvious reality that there was a God with so much greater intelligence designed us with the express purpose so that One Day we will be able to have fellowship with the very One who created us. I have a conscience that has always confirmed this in the deepest part of soul, (my mind, emotions, and will), a trinity if you get the obvious point. So I said all this to come to the point that this same God put Adam and Eve in a “Garden” loaded with trees and had this to say about them, “you may eat and enjoy all of them except the tree with the knowledge of good and evil.” Only a fool would deny the evidence of good & evil throughout all of history. It would be evil of God to create such a variety of wonderful tasting fruit if the only purpose was to have seed for more of them (that was the purpose of the seeds not the fruit)! Probably there is a difference in the benefits of the whole fruit vs changing it into juice, but methinks fresh squeezed orange juice would be almost as beneficial as the whole orange. Common sense doesn’t see that much difference. The store boughten, sweetened and pasteurized I would agree is taking something great and ruining it! Just like God gave man free will to choose to obey or not and by man’s (Adam, yours and mine), we choose to ignore or give excuses for out mess. God does have a solution which is explained very clearly in the Bible, one verse sums it up John 3:16, but read the whole book of John for the very important “Context”! You have that choice, don’t you? Why would you choose to deliberately not read something that has the solution to today’s and all of “HIS story” is that word, just a coincidence or was it God who may have just caused man to face all of mankind with His Reality?? How about the similarities between the sun (many have said that the sun was the god, and totally miss the message it gives of The Son!!!

        • don’t give any crazy person or any Democrat the idea of certain plants can kill you slowly do you know recently President Trump had to be rushed to the hospital because he has a poison that will eventually or could kill him because it’s slow reacting so be careful what you say because people will see what you have written and people can say God how many times they want 7 *

        • Well, I don’t know about all of this sugar stuff??? I have recently been seeing my doctor because i have fibromyalgia and i am in pain all the time! I had tests and my liver enzymes have gone up because i have fat in my liver. I had an mri and it showed that my liver was good. I don’t drink sodas anymore but i drink water. I just started to drink some new drink called : Simply Smoothie which is real good! I am hungry for something sweet. I watch everything and i can’t lose weight anymore, but i am drinking this tonight. Please pray for me that this fruit drink doesn’t kill me. I am tired of fighting the battle of what to eat or not to eat, Sincerely, Lorena Cremeans

        • Interesting how people who don’t believe in God always have to bring down someone who does. Leave her alone.
          First sentence straight in with I don’t understand why….That is the problem, you don’t understand why but if you like I can explain to you why.
          Send me an e-mail with your confusion to leigh.everett@wanadoo.fr and I will reply.

          Also interesting how the plants you mentioned are commonly used in Homeopathic medicines. Maybe God has something to do with that too.

      • From my studies, fruit in the morning is good. We need fiber, so eating them whole is good. I suppose if a person must have juice, perhaps throw in some of the fiber from the fruit, or perhaps some psyllium husks.

      • In their natural state fruits are healthy, it’s when they are processed and all you get is the juice that they become unhealthy. Eat clean, non GMO, unprocessed foods and you will do good.

      • Hi my name is sylvain Gravel and i’m from canada.
        Working in fitness and nutrition for the last 25years.
        If I can put my 2cents here, fruits are not evils! The point is that 1glass of orange juice will require 6 or more oranges to be made. Would you eat 6 oranges straight up when rising for breakfast? The answer is probably no.
        Now, you must realize that the glass of juice will be “part” of the meal and consume with food too.
        Don’t drink your calories and get fruit in mothers nature original form, whole.
        Hope it’s help a lil and be kind with my writing skills please as i’m French Canadian
        Best to you, God bless

        • My diabetic Doctor told me to eat very little fruit and no fruit juice of any kind along with a meal. Lots of people are pre-diabetic and don’t know it. All things in moderation. Thanks Sylvain gravel for your input. Signed A diabetic.

        • Thank you Sylvain.

      • Well said God created us & all things to be e njoy end We have sinned against Him & that’s the problem not fruit or the juices it’s US !

        • That’s why there’s poisonous mushrooms, snakes, spiders, hurricanes, earthquakes, sickness and death?

        • David Bunkley Sr

          What are you talking about, the subject was, does fresh fruit have too much sugar.
          So are you saying that GOD is punishing us with DIABEATES for sinning against him.

          You might what to rethink that thought, and maybe not share it with your friends and family unless there are of the same mind set!
          GOOD LUCK IN LIFE.

        • Yes it’s US!
          Damned be the United States of Fruit from God

      • Okay time to wake up people the articles basically telling you about process fruits and vegetables not the ones you grind up in your blender stuff you buy in the store has been pasteurized

      • Gordon McElvany

        The fruit in it’s natural form is good. It is what the processors do to it that corrupts it’s effects.

      • Don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer, but the article DID say that the juice is likely the culprit. I know the Bible talks about fruit, and I’m sure they ate a lot of it back then, so the fruit itself with pulp (and who knows, they may have always eaten the skin/peel, also) may not be so harmful. I can’t imagine that our Biblical forefathers and mothers had juicers of any kind on a regular basis to extract the juice and drink as much pure juice as we and our kids drink every day, which is 12 oz. minimum at a time Just sayin’–and some of the replies seem reasonable–that they have drunk juice every day of their lives for 85 years. But it must be said, too, that some people just aren’t predisposed to diabetes, no matter how much sugar they consume (lucky!)

      • Well said, my sane fellow.

      • Stephanie Marie Scaccia

        God did make fruit..but this article is talking about the processing of fruit, not fruit in the natural way..also our bodies are not usually operating as God intended due to the fallen nature and all the junk that came into this world and continues to…unless you seek after Him and follow Him for your diet which hardly anyone does!

      • Eat whole fruits when you can. Everything in moderation. My rule: eat as close to how the fruits or vegetables were created as you can. It you are overweight- ask the simple question Why? It’s really not rocket science. Stay away from processed anything! Cancer does love sugars/ in all forms. Eat your foods with minimal processing and don’t overcook- it destroys natural vitamins and fiber.

    • I believe fresh smoothie with the fiber of the fruit is very good. We do not need it in a large quantity but is an excellent way of getting micro nutrients. Your fresh smoothie is not heated to pasteurize it so the nutrients are preserved. When it is pasteurize it is really just the sugar left in it.

    • If I were you I’d stay away from papaya.
      Most are GMOs
      Very difficult to find natural, organic, papaya.
      There are non GMO varieties but you would have to search far and wide for them.

    • Really? You doctors told parents to give your kids juice. Then you told them real juice. Now anything we give are kids are killing them. Just how old are these doctors telling us everything is bad? You can have everything as long as you don’t abuse it. Milk is bad, real fruit is bad, meat is bad. Now I don’t believe anything these people say. Every year they come out with this good for you then the next year it’s bad for you. No thanks . FDA IS letting poison in your food. Not listening to them. I have a brain that I use for research and that I can make up my mind what’s good and what’s not.

      • Read your labels, it will list sugar, fructose or high fructose corn syrup if it’s there. I read labels all the time; it saves me from making unhealthy purchases. NO SUGAR!!

      • Indeed, you are very right! These are scary tactics to let you buy their products!
        Watch out!

        Choosing natural foods over processed foods is the safest way to go.

        If you have medical problems, it’s advisable to consult your doctor for individualized dietary instructions.

      • i agree 1000%
        well said

    • Elizabeth McFarland

      You’re using the complete fruits in your smoothies. I believe that is a healthy habit. It’s just consuming the juice, alone from fruit that they discourage. As the post indicated, all the good things for the body is contained within the whole fruit.

    • It’s fine if you are making the smoothie with the whole fruit and not juice

    • Did you read the Article has nothing to do with fresh fruits and vegetables you make it home has everything to do with process and juices in the store

    • I also make juice made of apple, banana, plain yogurt, and frozen organic strawberry.
      Is this bad?

      • So my research indicates mixing dairy with fruit is a gastronomic disaster … also bananas should be eaten alone as they take longer to digest…best thing is to eat fruit on an empty stomach, as it digests in the intestine and does not require the stomach acids…if you really want to understand what to eat when then study how the body breaks down the food. The bottom line is to eat fruit whole, in moderation…remember we used to only eat fruit when it was in season…all processed food has been developed since the advent of the automobile and the enormous speedup of our lives…

        • A Diabetic should limit sugar from any source daily. It doesn’t matter where it comes from.
          Drink water, unsweetened ice tea, coffee. Half and half is better than milk or chocolate milk.
          No soft drinks whatsoever.

  4. What about juice that is made at home like grape, lemon, tomato, etc by using the steam method with nothing else added. Im sure that does concentrate the sugars but what about the other vitamins and minerals that are suppose to be so good for a person. Does the sugar outweigh the benefit.

  5. Juices are part of the standard American diet. And, juices are helping to make Americans fat.

    You note that 12 ounces of orange juice “hit your system with a whopping 37 grams of sugar.” That”s nearly 10 teaspoons of sugar! No sane person would choose that much sugar. But, when it’s hidden in a “healthy” juice it’s acceptable.

    Thanks for this eyeopener.

  6. Sorry to say you have few misconceptions in your article. Fructose from fruit juice and eating fruit is not HFCS.
    Secondly fructose does not use insulin to be processed into energy, glucose does. Yes all fruit has some glucose in it so fruit does use insulin to process glucose into energy but not to get energy from fructose.

    • Sorry you are the one who is wrong. All fruit has sugar – fructose. However it does not matter the form of sugar – it is still sugar and treated as such by your body. Fruit is well known as ‘natures candy’. Sugar comes in many forms from many different foods and it is all treated the same in your body. Some people can cope with it easily because of exercise or body metabolic rate but most people can’t. Even if you are juicing your own fruit – think about how many oranges go into a small glass of juice. Depends on the orange of how much is juice but it would be far better for you to eat 1orange rather than the caloric value of 2 or 3 or more oranges. If you are trying to lose weight and prevent insulin spikes stay away from fruit except maybe a few berries.

      • Hello, Hello Just a wee bit of information. I read that orange juice was good for you in fruit form, not juice. I eat 1 orange a day because I do not like orange juice and that there is a lot of sugar in 8 ozs. of orange juice. This article I read about eating 1 orange a day says that that is all the Vitamin C you need in one day. I like it……..

  7. My husband makes a beetroot and celery drink in the nutra bullet each morning. IS this good for him?

    • Yes very healthy. The author of this article is trying to warn you about bottled juices that are pre-packaged. Your husband’s juice is best when consumed within an hour of preparing. If he cannot consume it all that fast he should add a lemon to the mix as it will slow down the oxidation that ruins commercial juices.

    • Absolutely, it’s very good for him. It’s good for inflammation and high blood pressure, liver and kidneys. I do this also and it clears your skin

    • Yes indeed, those two juices are very natural and healthy for you. They lower blood pressure, cleans the liver,&kidneys. I make these too.

    • Yes that is very good for him

  8. White and regular grape juice pear juice apple juice all very unhealthy

  9. What kind of liquid should you use in a protein smoothie?

  10. How about juicing fresh oranges at home?? Isn’t this a healthy alternative??

  11. How about the sugar or fructose content in freshly squeezed juices that we prepare at home? Are they “safe” at all?

    • Are you saying that fresh squeezed juice is also bad? I no longer drink any processed fruit drink which also can contain hydrogen gas added for shelf stability. But when you squeeze it from fresh fruit, how can it be worse than eating the whole fruit which you seem to be saying is OK? Please clarify & thanks!

  12. I’ve been drinking orange, apple or cranberry juice to stay hydrated when I can’t get at my filtered water supply.

    Is there anything else I could do?

  13. Please check out a book called “Eat Right for (4) your Type”, by Dr. Peter D’Adamo. It tells what foods each blood type can and cannot eat. I do believe we shouldn’t drink too much fruit juice because of the sugar, and no fiber. We all need to turn to God’s advice on eating, it’s in the Bible. God bless!

  14. While I love oj, I had stopped drinking it a long time ago because of the sugar content. I recently began drinking it again (just 4 oz. in the a. m.) due to the latest study which seems to indicate that drinking a small amount every morning may help reduce the risk of dementia. I have come to the conclusion that “all things in moderation” applies to juice.

  15. i Bought that kombucha tea from trader joes. it was plain YUK. and when i looked at the ingredients it was loaded with sugar. Organic USDA LEMONS OR BLUEBERRIES ,WATER AND NON GMO STEEVIA………THATS THE JUICE IN THIS DAY AND AGE THAT WONT HURT OUR BODIES.MAKE YOUR OWN THATS THE SURENWAY TO GO.

  16. I’ve been drinking fresh raw cold pressed juices for over 40 years and have never had any issues with weight gain or any other health related problems from it. Quite the opposite. Raw organic juices provide
    the best nutrition and energy that your body needs. I’m sure your familiar with the name Norman Walker
    who was an expert on the subject and wrote many books on the benefits of raw juices.
    Cheers to the RAW JUICE movement!?

  17. I do not like vegetables so I dieted on fruits blended. After I finished, I had a blood test and found that it had really messed with my liver results. So please take care.

  18. I love welches grape juice, If wine is good for you, would not grape juice also be similar. You guys are killing me with this one because I absolutely love grape juice and Blueberry smoothies.

    • I have made an excellent wine from organic grape juice. The yeast adds loads of healthy B vitamins and other valuable nutrients. If you ferment your own, you will avoid all the chemicals and toxins routinely added to commercial wine.

  19. It’s called doing everything in MODERATION!!!…And also EXERCISE!!!…walking/moderate cardio, circuit weight training to help burn calories(sugar)…and regardless, drink water…do everything in moderation and your body will have a proper balance!!!…don’t be alarmed and get all confused by this article!!!…CHEERS TO A HAPPY HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!!!…

    • I love your comment about doing things in moderation. You are so right. If people read and do what you suggest with respect to diet and exercise, weight gain will not be a problem. I am 63 years old, 5’6” tall and I tip the scales at 137 lbs. I do not have diabetes or high blood pressure. I make a consistent effort to work out regularly, and I typically have juice, either bottled, or liquified fruit every day.

  20. I had freshly squeezed orange juice first thing in the morning since I was a child. I never had a weight problem until I was allergic to a hepatitis B vaccination which gave me chronic fatigue in1994. The weight piled on as I was not on rower before breakfast. Medical mushrooms (taken since 2018) have helped me get over the chronic fatigue as every time I was almost fit felt like a steam truck had run over me when I woke up before.

    Between the ages of 50 and 60 I also had 5 knee replacements because I am allergic to titanium. Now at 71 reasonably fit but still overweight. Soon the orange drink will come from orange trees planted in the garden.

  21. Greetings to all! I understood that we can eat fruit, fruit with it’s fiber, from thr FRUIT. No juice because you can eat one orange with its white underpeel and wedges and that would be healthy. But if you squeeze 7 oranges to make 12 ounces of juice, it IS a massive amount of fructose without the benefit of its natural fiber. The same would go with any fruit. Grapefruit, lemons and watermelon can be consumed in large quantities for detox because they are not sugary by nature, as are papayas and kiwis. All fruit can be consumed one or two daily. But not juiced if you want to lose weight or if you are diabetic. I hope this helps to clarify any confusion.

  22. You’re pretty right on, however, I make my own juices with fresh vegetables and fruits such as carrots, spinach, celery, cucumbers, parsley,beets,lettuce,apples.

  23. I drink either cranberry juice…pure, not blended…..or tart cherry juice to get rid of the symptoms of gout.

  24. It still isn’t as bad as soda because soda also destroys your bones and teeth, so when deciding what to drink soda should be last on the list, always.

  25. I just have to ask: what if you are trying to get your child to gain weight? My son is very thin and needs to gain weight. He just got over the flu and lost weight he shouldn’t have been losing. His vertebrae are sticking out now. So, I do give him juice for extra calories. He is so picky and I almost have to force him to eat.

  26. Sorry, I just can’t believe all the doomsday tripe being written about fruit juices! I’m 72, 5’6″ tall and weigh 130 lbs. I drink about 6oz.of non GMO some pulp orange juice every day and have done so all my life. Acccording to this article I should be dying of fatty liver disease and be stricken with diabetes and gout! Nothing could be further from the truth! I am active and take no prescription medicines. My diet is nothing special but I don’t eat many veggies because I don’t like them

  27. Fructose has gotten a bad rap. Fructose requires a carrier molecule to cross from gut to bloodstream. Very little fructose gets into the bloodstream. What does get in is used by the muscles and doesn’t influence insulin levels. Now GLUCOSE which is about 55% of high-fructose corn syrup enters the bloodstream by osmosis at 100% and raises blood insulin levels. When insulin resistance is present (from too much glucose over the years), the insulin converts the glucose (from whatever source it comes) to fat.

  28. Shirley Ann Kraemer

    I am 85. I drink 4 oz of juice every morning. I am healthy. I am tired of all the “experts” telling us what to eat and what not to eat. Enjoy what God has provided for us. Don’t be concerned with every thing you read!

  29. How about pure pomegranate not from concentrate 100% no GMOs, additives etc?

    • My husband and I drink 1 oz of organic pure pomegranate juice every morning. It’s supposed to stabilize BP – seems to be working .

  30. I think this is an interesting and controversial subject. I agree that processed clarified juices like apple and grape juice are not healthy in large amounts; aka 8oz+. I agree with the unnatural processing of commercially packaged orange juice as well. However I also agree with the idea of everything in balance. Small amounts of juice in divided doses are not going to hurt you unless maybe you are diabetic or pre-diabetic.

    There is also the important facts that the author leaves out that help balance out the equation. Fruit contains potassium which is very health and often people on the SAD (standard American diet) don’t get enough of it. Juice concentrates potassium. One 8oz glass of processed orange juice contains over 400mg of potassium which is more than a banana. It also contains natural vitamin-c complex which is known to have greater health-promoting properties than it’s synthetic conter-part that is derived prom possibly genetically-modified corn and made in China as an isolate which the body doesn’t recognize and cannot use in the same way. So you see there is two sides to every coin. This issue really presents a double-edged sword.

    I think the author has a bias in this regard. Perhaps he’s a heath nut and has decided to take a very black and white approach to thinking about this subject material. Aside from the benefits of potassium, fruit juice contains other antioxidants such as in red and purple fruit and novel identified and yet unidentified nutriceutical compounds that offer anti-cancer benefits especially in their raw forms. Tart cherries and tart cherry juice is chock full of OPC’s and also contains melatonin which can help you sleep and which in and of itself has a restorative anti-radiation effect; supposedly can protect cells from radiation. But antioxidants do that as well, they protect from free radicals in our highly polluted world. So see it’s really not all bad.

    @Jean – Who commented above; November 25, 2018 at 2:17 pm I agree with you:
    “Please check out a book called “Eat Right for (4) your Type”, by Dr. Peter D’Adamo. It tells what foods each blood type can and cannot eat.”

    How do fruitarians get by if fruit is so unhealthy??? How do other animals who survive in the tropics survive and live off eating a mostly fruit diet? Obviously some organism and even some people depending on their body type are more likely to thrive off eating a high, high fructose/sugar carbohydrate diet. Perhaps that’s not the case for most people and certainly not all. I personally know my limits with fruit and sugary drinks and foods.

    Then theirs another factor. We all like and we all die. God if you believe in him/her/it or spirit obviously made fruits for a reason and as another commented above stated, it would be such a waste for something so divine to fall to the ground and rot only to feed bugs and insects. Fruit is divine! It’s flavors can be quite divine and heavenly, so why should be let it go to waste? That’s illogical. As humans fruit brings us pleasure and joy. Its not something I think we should demonize simply because it contains sugar. Sugar is not all the evil you make it out to be if taken in moderation as part of a whole foods diet.

    Humans have plenty of other vices which are just as bad or worse like alcohol, tobacco, lack of exercise, sitting for 8+hours a day, stress, etc. Eating something enjoyable is a relaxing stress relieving experience and it is indeed pleasurable. It’s a natural pleasure. It’s natures original comfort food to lift your mood and give you a quick burst of energy. Could our ancestors have survived without it? Good question. Somehow we made it this far and fruit has been an healthy part of our diets for millennia. I don’t think it’s time to suddenly dump a good thing. Stop fear mongering. Fruit is good, in moderation for most people in its raw natural form, as are moderate amounts of raw juices.

    • Speaking of eliminating “free radicals,” I will try drinking some tart cherry juice before the next democratic election debates.

  31. Also forgot to mention that purple grapes contain resveratrol an anti-aging antioxidant. The other OPC’s in dark red grapes also acts as a synergist with extracted resveratrol supplements and is good for the heart. Potassium is also good for the heart and bones. Cranberries/cranberry juice are known to promote health of the urinary tract and prevent urinary tract infections. Fresh lemons and limes offer a great addition to many recipes to replace the excesive use of salt to help keep the human body electrolytes in balance. Fruit and fruit juice also contain magnesium which as a healthy mineral.

  32. Hi folks, if you or anyone you know is struggling with any mental health problems, mild or severe, I strongly reccomend this scientist who’s been making a real difference for many people living a miserable life because of it. This is the most comprehensive type of natural treatment there is, because it covers the individuality of everyone’s brain chemistry.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHT3iN_jJfc . Also We’re living longer than ever – but really, what’s the point of living into your “golden years” if you’re too sick to enjoy them? There’s a brand new series called “Live longer, Feel Better” that focuses on dementia, depression and diabetes. Over 50 experts and even survivors share information on natural treatments and healthy eating and lifestyle – all free to watch during 10 days. Here’s the link ( http://kinghealthmedia.ontraport.com/t?orid=7899&opid=66) Make sure you watch the first link before watching the free series though.May God guide us all. In the free series you will learn about natural treatment for diabetes as well.

  33. A strange article… The store jar substance rate (added sugar, CHs, fiber, etc) I can read on the label. If I do my juice myself from berries/fruits/veggies, then it is NOT transforming mystically into “pure liquid sugar” – this is just simply those same berries/fruits/veggies, smashed.

  34. Ever since I was a child, drinking orange juice was like automatic! I’m now 87, never has juice drinking affected my health, NEVER!!! Where Watchdog gets this info seems very strange to me! Above are a few others who survived juice drinking as I have, strange isn’t it???

  35. dr. Richard beierle

    Ancient Man did not have a balanced diet as many nutritionists believe thus Man does not need a balanced diet by nature – He ate large quantities of what ever was available at the moment – meat, roots or perhaps fruit – most of these items were seasonal so he did not overburden his system by the continuos excess consumption of anything – the term ” all things in moderation” likley refers to how often you indulge rather than how much you stuff yourself with something – sit down and eat a whole watermelon – weather or not you are fat or skinny, it will likley do you a lot of GOOD.

  36. Educate yourself

    This article is totally correct, only shame that people without nutritional education commenting on it can’t understand the subject completely. So that makes other people that believe in supermarkets/marketing health information confused about the whole thing.

  37. I’ve been on a juice fast for a long time, and with fresh squeezed orange juice and fresh squeezed pink great fruit juice and I think it is good for you, or at least for me. And I used to have an orange grove and juice a lot of oranges. Too much juice though may not be good if you are also eating a lot of food. Everyone though may have a different tolerance, but I think citrus and apple and pineapple juice is or has been good for me, though I wouldn’t presume that for anyone else. Individuals and people may need to test things out some. Remember though to brush your teeth.

  38. PLEASE keep in mind that if you eat WHOLE fruits in their natural form… NOT heated to over 200 degrees to kill the enzymes and vitamins to give it a long shelf life! You CAN’T go wrong on mother nature. Its when man bottles, canned, carton or put it in a glass bottle is when its not natural to the human body!

  39. I think that most people DID NOT read what the author was trying to saying she made 2 quotes : or freshly made at home seems to be healthy choice) (UNLESS its wrapped in a WHOLE FRUIT form) its 100% TRUE when you heat up fruit to 200 degrees to give it shelf life and kill all the enzymes and nutrition, the sugars are more concentrated in this form. Eating whole fruit in its natural form OR / home made fresh squeeze is the best for a human body!

  40. I truly think this article speaks of the premade store orange juice, welches grape and those along the line that have been processed through a factory. Take a fresh fruit and taking the juices from that in your own kitchen does have health benefits. On the other hand premade juices are over processed to the point where most nutritional value is gone and replaces with simple sugars.

  41. I stick with the juice from hops and barley. It’s the best.

  42. This is crazy! I’ve been juicing veggies and fruit for 15 years now and I am not fat but I am healthy!!!
    This article has some good information but it’s misleading for sure.

    • I had an allergic reaction to kombucha and my faced literally burned. It was scary. As far as juice and fruit cannot live without it. But i limit the intake by keeping those very small plastic cups next to fridge and just getting amall amount in morning. Also check out v8 energy drinks. 10 grams of sugar and at 2pm they really help. Everything in moderation.

      • Hello Anna.
        Plastic cups! Really?
        Why not use just a nice glass?

        Where do you think your plastic cups will end up?
        Africa? Malaysia? The oceans?

        Re-think this, please.
        Thank you.

        • De-plastificise your life! Is this a new word?
          I grow my own vegetables, and fruit when the climate allows. When ready, I blend some carrots and beets and juice some of them to make the ‘mash’ more manageable. If there are early apples available, they go in also. I put them into glass bottles (200ml) and freeze. People always say ‘but doesn’t glass break in the freezer? I have been doing this for quite a few years now and never lost a bottle yet.
          I think some people are addicted to plastic. I live with one of them.

  43. I avoid commercially processed juices and try to eat whole fruit primarily. Learned that even blended fruit have its enzymes wiped out. Saw photos by Gabriel Cousens, M.D. who has been into health research for well over 30 years. He took photos of fruit, before and after blending. Before blending there was a light force emanating from the fruit; after there was total darkness. The life force in the food, the enzymes are destroyed by heat; and a blender generates enough heat to wipe out the enzymes. No enzymes! No Value!

  44. I love my fruit juices, but I also recognize the wisdom presented in this article. So here are the rules I follow to get some of what I like without too much dietary risk. First, I read labels. Nothing comes into the house with high fructose corn syrup in it. I have a certain brand of juice available to me here that I really like (from an eastern European country). Second, I hydrate with tea, especially in summer. I make “iced” green tea by the gallon with a large tea bag made only by Lipton and only available from one source where I live. Then I brew it in the sun. I sweeten with calorie-free stevia. I rarely drink it “iced,” just cool from the fridge, and when I have a yen for fruit juice, I fill my beverage container about 1/4 full with my choice of juice then fill to the top with the cold green tea. I get plenty of juice flavor but only 1/4 of the sugar that I’d get if I drank pure juice. Best of both worlds.

  45. I’m sick and tired of articles like this. The tone of this article suggests that fruit juice is bad then goes on to say that commercially produced juices have excess sugar because fructose has been added. The clincher is the author is selling kombucha tea. My attitude is if you’re going to sell kombucha tea so be it but don’t knock fruit juice. It’s fine to remind people to check the label on the juice container for the sugar content. It is better to encourage people to eat fresh fruit when possible.

  46. This article is deceptive, and assumes the readers are idiots! Green Juicing or Juice Fasting has been around a long time. Of course you can’t drink fructose-laden bottled juices or sugared smoothies! But this story detracts from healthy fresh whole green juicing that might include a fruit in the mix with greens, celery, etc. I’ve known people who educated themselves about Green Juicing (Juice Feasting), who literally glowed or healed completely after such a detox.

  47. A friend just passed away from Acute Liver cancer. Did not even know she was sick.
    Must have come on suddenly. I will be more careful about drinking straight fruit juice.

  48. Who drinks 12 oz of orange juice at one time? I don’t drink orange juice because I find it too acidic. I stick to pineapple juice, grapefruit juice, and apple cider and limit myself to 4-6 oz. To ban juices wholesale is ridiculous and based on the 12 oz claim. I make a smoothie with fruits, vegetables, pea protein powder, almond milk, and FiberAid. To David Bunkley: You have something against people who don’t believe in a being that has no evidence of existing? I feel sorry for you and your judgmental attitude.

  49. very much appreciated !

  50. I have started drinking 2 glasses of unsweetened cranberry juice a day and my bladder was feeling much better. But now I’m confused! Is this harmful? I do dilute it half juice and half water! Could someone help with an answer!

    • Absolutely dilute with 1/2 water. Pure cranberry juice is a diaretic and will flush any bacteria from the bladder but is hard on the kidneys. Once your bladder infection is clear you should cut back to only a couple of 8oz glasses per week. The main thing is underseturtanding where you are getting sugar from and to make sure it is natural sugar not processed sugar that these manufacturers are are hiding in our foods and especially in all types of drinks.

  51. To Barbara Charis: I would appreciate learning where I could obtain additional information about your statement that a blender generates enough heat to destroy enzymes. Could you please share some articles that elucidate on that subject? That idea had never occurred to me, but it does seem logical.

  52. If you add a little vodka to that orange juice, it will negate the ill effects of the juice and make you fell better, look better, and be far more popular.


  54. Wayne Blankenbiller

    At 74, I am a lifelong health and fitness “nut”! I lift weights regularly, take long walks daily, stay socially active. Take one or two “runs” each year. My body weight is close to my Weight at 21 years of age!

  55. Which fruits are then good for low level fructose that is normal for the body health or should we avoid fruits completely

  56. What is the best type of kombucha to buy

    • Make your own. Buying something I can make myself never even occurs to me. All you need is a big jar, some tea, kombucha starter. If this is not easily available you can start it yourself, and some sugar.

      You can also experiment with additions. My friend adds fruits to some batches, ginger to others. And you KNOW what you are drinking. And your love and intentions are in it too.

  57. A couple of problems I see with this article. The first is the fact that fructose requires a carrier molecule to get it across the gut lining, therefore, very little fructose ever gets into the blood stream. High fructose corn syrup was mentioned. High fructose corn syrup is 45% fructose and 55% glucose. The absorption of fructose has already been explained. However few people ever talk about the glucose portion and overweight. Glucose enters the blood stream by the method of osmosis. This means that if the concentration of glucose in the gut is greater than in the blood stream, the glucose passes easily into the blood stream. If the glucose level in the blood stream is greater than in the gut, (which I don’t think ever happens!) the glucose would pass into the gut.

  58. just a thought… check out the possible side effects of kombucha and you may be surprised

  59. Screw fructose… I put Turbinado Cane sugar on anything I want to be sweet…

  60. I am able to get fresh squeezed orange juice (not pasteurized) in the grocery stores. I treat myself occasionally. I cannot get acai fruit; I have to make do with the juice. Juice replenishes electrolytes. When you drink plain water, the electrolytes are not replaced, and this may lead to electrolyte imbalance and sickness. I agree about pasteurized juice. It doesn’t taste right anyway. But I do drink organic bottled juice (in glass bottles) to replace electrolytes, and this juice tastes reasonably good, and isn’t nearly as harmful as the commercial brands. I think refusing to drink all juice is going overboard. Drink it in moderation, and especially when you need to rehydrate.

  61. Excellent comments about juices. Right on about drinking more
    water. The tips about cutting up oranges or cucumbers to give
    flavor are good tips. Any fruits whole are best of course. Timely.

  62. I came across what I think is a pretty good POM juice, Found that Langer’s Pomegranate Juice is not recombined, and as I know does not have additives such as additional sugars to enhance the flavoring or other flavorings to alter the original taste. In WV it’s $3.99 at Martin’s groceries for 32oz. Anyone hear of this brand? Tx

  63. Rather than writing a book on the net, why not just list the juices individually. I for one would be much more able to understand it a lot better. I drink approx. 6 oz. of Pink grapefruit juice most everyday, I’m really not sure what it’s actually doing to my system? I,m really not putting on any weight to speak of,
    but I am getting some what of a spare tire around my mid section. I’m approx. 5′ 5″ tall weigh just under 150 and I’m 88 yrs. of age, my weight dose fluctuate a few pounds periodically but it seems to stay in that
    particular range pretty much! Thank you.

  64. I prefer an 8 oz. glass of horse urine every morning and I feel really great though my breath isn’t too nice afterward. I also load it up with loads of sucrose to make it sweeter. Don’t try this at home or bathe in Clorox unless you are a Cuomo.

  65. Kombucha is just fermented tea to get just a little acetic acid (vinegar), which you could add to ordinary black tea if you’re into that. (eww.) Any probiotic benefit is from the suppression of bad bacteria vinegar has. The federal government has a warning about kombucha and they are not wrong, you run risk of the same culture taking over your insides and forming that skin-mat growing top of your tea culture. I did a 6 month colon-cleansing regime and know whereof I speak. You could not pay me to drink that stuff again.

  66. I was very sick with Chron’s disease and began a pure fresh squeezed fruit juice diet. I became very heathy as well as all inflammation and pain left my body. You should not take the advice of the AMA or main stream media. Pure feast squeezed real organic fruit juice saved my health!! You should study Dr. Robert Morse and learn how fruit cleanse and detoxify the body. You should learn from the experts and not allopathic medicine that knows knows nothing about how the body works. I am unsubscribing here. Please do your research before giving wrong medical advice.

  67. For the past 30 years or so I have been drinking an 8 oz. glass of Clamato juice with a teaspoon of psyllium husk powder shaken up in it every morning before breakfast. I started doing this because of irritable bowel syndrome, and it worked like a charm. I am also a 20-year survivor of prostate cancer. My radiation oncologist told me that the side effects of the radiation treatments for prostate cancer for those who took psyllium husk were markedly better than those who don’t. The summer that I had prostate seed implants, followed by six weeks of external radiation treatments, I pitched 16 fastpitch softball games and felt great! I am now almost 80, and I still feel great! Hope this helps someone!!

    • In response to your routine, first off…CONGRATS ON BEATING CANCER!!!! The psyllium husk cleaned out your gut, which in turn allowed the nutrients from your food to absorb…the clamato juice, has MSG, and processed tomatoes, both of which are highly acidic… if your ankles are puffy, you are retaining salt from the extreme salt in MSG…also if you mix your psyllium husk in another form of liquid, you will be even healthier!

  68. I am TYPE II Diabetic so I drink can of Soda per Day, Several Glasses of No Sugar Added Apple Juice & Several Glasses per day of V8 Vegetable Juice Plus Capsules of Vegetable Vitamins per Day along with my Diabetic Medications and 90% of the time my Blood Sugar is below 100. If my Blood Sugar goes lower than the 80’s I don’t feel right. I feel Shaky Weak & my Sense of Balance is Off and makes me Tipsy.

  69. I was all set to make an order for Active PK only to discover that you do not supply to Barbados – where I live.

    Can you do anything about this?

  70. You have mentioned almost all the vegetable oils. What about oil produced from rice grain ?

  71. We grew up on fresh squeezed orange juice made with fresh oranges and the old juicer that you pressed half the orange onto, pushed down and rotated back and forth to get the juice out. It usually gave us a very small amount to split between four kids.

  72. Where do they get all these findings from? I am almost 67years now and been drinking juice and I am still fit.

  73. How many oranges in a cup of home grown orange juice?
    I don’t know, say eight.
    I would never eat eight oranges.
    The fiber fills you up.

  74. I make purees in a vitamix using raw leafy greens, broccoli, asparagus, celery, cucumbers, carrots, mushrooms, avacodo, brusselssprouts, bokchoy, and any other vegetables avaliable that’s organic. Fruits are apples, dragon fruit, blue berries, strawberries, raspberry, among many others either fresh or frozen, organic. Vegetable protein powder, amino acids, and a small amount of pomegranate juice. There is no other way to get so many ingredients into my system at time and they are all whole.

    • what is the cost per each of your visits to the grocery store for all of these ingredients? How many pounds of each item that you buy each visit to the store? I am curious because you listed so MANY vegetables and fruits. You must have a of money. I can just imagine what you must pay each time you go to the sore to purchase all of the items you listed.

  75. My cardiologist tells me to avoid eating any fruits. My liver test showed I have too much liver fat and the only sweet thing I eat is blueberries or cherries, once a week, a small serving. How much worse it would be if I drank the juice, with no pulp to prevent the insulin spike.

    So much for my venture into fruit. I’m backing away again. Blueberries and cherries are the most nutritious fruits and even they are too sweet for me. NO added sugar.

    Kindly do not insult each other about whether or not you believe in Gd. I know that Gd is real but since I can’t prove it I ‘ll spare you my reasons. Those who don’t believe in Gd also feel they have compelling reasons that require a decent person to refuse to indulge in what they regard as comforting fantasies. Let us all have compassion on each others’ belief.

    Even though Gd is real, it’s not posssible to prove it. it’s clear that WE do NOT know.

  76. The “Medical Medium”, (Amazon.com carries all his books, and lets you read some portions of his books before buying), says we should not consume eggs, gluten, dairy, corn, kombucha, vinegar, and many other commonly used foods. I highly recommend his first 2 books, and any others that pertain to your symptoms. You may live a lot longer by following his advice.

  77. What about frozen orange juice in the can? No sugar is added to them, and it’s all natural. I raised my kids on it for breakfast, also apple juice, and I’ve been drinking it every day for decades!





    • the LAST thing my Mom did, before she went to bed was drink a cup of coffee because she said it made her sleep so much better,

  79. Having read most of the comments above, I am confused and very uncertain as to what I should or should not consume.

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