Baking Soda May Reduce Premature Death Risk

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By Stephen Seifert,

Research published this month in the Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology found that having balanced baking soda, or bicarbonate, levels in your body could reduce your chances of an early death.

The study examined data compiled in the Health, Aging and Body Composition Study for 2,287 participants. Participants were healthy adults who, at the onset of the study in 1997, were between the ages of 70 and 79, and were followed for approximately 10 years. Survival data were gathered through February 2014.

What did they find?

Study author Dr. Kalani Raphael, associate professor and nephrology and hypertension specialist at the University of Utah, and colleagues investigated pH, carbon dioxide and bicarbonate in association with long-term survival. According to the University of Utah press release, “Critically ill patients with severe acid-base abnormalities have a very low likelihood of surviving their illness, but it’s unclear whether more subtle changes in the body’s acid-base status have an effect on the longevity of relatively healthy older people.”

Raphael and colleagues found that low levels of bicarbonate may be linked to an increased risk for premature death by 24 percent. Sodium bicarbonate assists your body in balancing pH levels, possibly extending life. “What we found was that generally healthy older people with low levels of bicarbonate had a higher risk of death,” Raphael said. “Adding the pH measurement into the equation didn’t change the results, which is important because pH is not routinely measured.”

The study’s findings may assist clinicians in better assessing a patient’s risk of premature death by analyzing their blood bicarbonate concentrations more closely. Clinicians can recommend dietary adjustments to patients with low bicarbonate concentrations to optimize health.

What does it mean for me?

blankHow do you get more baking soda in your life? Surprisingly, the answer has nothing to do with that yellow box in your fridge fighting odors. If you want to balance your pH levels by getting more sodium bicarbonate in your diet, eating more fruits and vegetables is the key.

Fruits and vegetables high in potassium and bicarbonate will have a negative potential renal acid load (PRAL) score. This represents the amount of acid produced by the kidneys after metabolism. The higher the negative, the more potassium and bicarbonate they will provide, potentially reducing your risk of premature death, according to the study. Apples, raisins, spinach, bananas, carrots, broccoli, lemons and even coffee are a few sources that will boost your potassium and bicarbonate levels.

Note from The Watchdog…

Baking Soda and Exercise Performance:

One last thing to mention here about the benefits of baking soda… There are many recent studies that reveal that taking baking soda mixed with water about 60-90 minutes before exercise shows significant improvements in exercise performance, which can equate to the results you get from exercise.

The dosages in the studies were generally about 90-135 mg per lb of body weight, which would basically equate to about 2-3 teaspoons mixed in water for most people.  However, it was noted that this quantity caused stomach upset for some people.  If this is the case, you could test smaller amounts spaced out over time, such as 1 teaspoon 2 hrs before exercise and another teaspoon 1 hr before exercise.

The theory as to why baking soda helps exercise performance is that it helps reduce the effects of lactic acid on the muscles and allows you to do more reps before fatigue sets in.

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Mike Geary has been a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer for over 15 years now. He has been studying nutrition and exercise for almost 25 years, ever since being a young teenager. Mike is originally from Pennsylvania, but has fallen in love with mountain life and now resides in the picturesque mountains of Utah. Mike is an avid adventurist and when he’s not spending his time skiing, mountain biking, hiking, or paddleboarding on the lake, he has enjoyed skydiving, whitewater rafting, piloting an Italian fighter plane (seriously), scuba diving, heli-skiing, and traveling all around the world, enjoying learning about different cultures. At the age of 40, Mike now feels healthier, stronger, and more energetic than when he was 20... All because of a healthy lifestyle and great nutrition!

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  1. Looks like a valid source for good health.

    • My Nephrologist, kidney specialist, specifically prescribed Sodium Bicarbonate twice a day with a full glass of water. Some of these testimonials must be linked to something else.

      • I use 10 grams of sodium bicarbonate/daily to maintain a blood CO2 level of about 26 (mid-range normal) and avoid acidosis fro kidney failure. It works for someone with kidney failure but not so sure about a normal person although being less acidic is better than the alternative.

        • I just participated in a bicarbonate research study. If you take sodium bicarbonate you need to watch your blood pressure. She actually said potassium bicarbonate is better since it doesn’t raise your blood pressure. I take one capsule every other day. I am 69 years old and I start every day with a half hour of exercise capped with 70 consecutive push-ups. Then I walk 40 minutes and go about the tasks of the day. Amazing stuff and amazing results.

      • Between 4 and 8 soda crackers (your favourite brand) with a full glass of water is an alternative way to get the bicarbonate of soda into your system.

        If you ever go to bed and have heartburn, just do the above. The heartburn will be dissipated in around 10 minutes

        • just like eating soda crackers when having morning sickness during pregnancy

        • No thanks…white flour loaded with GMO (glyphosate) and gluten and table salt.

        • Apple cider vinegar cures my heartburn. I dilute it w/ water 50/50 for taste… works like a charm!

        • Thankyou, I would like soda crackers better than the alternative

        • I agree with the soda crackers…works for me. Had a friend who became severely ill taking baking soda after eating spicy Mexican food and almost died. It was a terrible experience and he is very lucky to be alive. It took months and many medical procedures for him to pull through. If I can remember, I think it caused a leak in his intestines and it got out and spread all through his system.

        • @Karen Belyea

          It might be because he took it right after his meal – a big no no.
          If you do a bit of researh, you will find that you should preferably take your bicarbonate (potassium is better as it does not increase sodium in the blood stream – did you know that bicarbonate potassium is used by wine and beer maker?) on an empty stomach. The reason is as follow: your stomach needs very powerful acids to digest your food. By taking bi-carb right after a meal, you neutralize these acids and the effect should be something akin to a severe indigestion as the stomach cannot process the food thus causing all sorts of problem down the line so to speak. Because I am not particularly found of the taste of it (although you eventually get used to anything) I take half a teaspoon three times a day (morning, afternoon, before bed) also help me ensure that I drink sufficient water during the day. Bi-carb helps for all sorts of thing, hair, skin, teeth, internal organs, etc. And, once again, potassium is better than sodium and not expensive at all for a big bag that will last a very long time.

        • I learned about taking baking soda for heartburn some 40 years awhile starting a career behind the bar from another mixologist, and still use it when needed at night!

        • No thanks. Soda crackers are junk food and for those who are celiac or diabetic, not an option. Baking soda for me to keep my PH correct, the acid in my gut balanced and my O2 and CO2 levels in balance.

        • Yep, When I’m having bad indigestion, I use 1/2 teaspoon baking soda in half a glass of water. Immediate relief in 5-10 min.

        • Soda crackers are also an excellent way to get sugar (aka “The White Death”) into your system.

      • I would like to add, I had an episode with a Kidney issue. My system was low on Bi-carb. Effects low oxygen levels in my blood. Which cause a rapid heart rate and shortness of breath. I was in the emergency room when one the Doctors discovered the Bi-carb issue. They added bi-carb to the IV. Within an hour I returned to normal. I now take tow tablets of Bi-carb a day. Kidney function much improved.

        • Some Doc…Said to cure cancer that way thru IV… we need more smart doctors and less BIG PHARMA. asked a 96 year old beautiful lady what was her secret to a long healthy life…she looked into my eyes and said i stay away from Doctors! i said Jah Bless You! i asked her if she drank municipal water? she said never, i have always had a well! Cheers Doyen

        • Can you tell me what you did. i have been diagnosed with kidney failure. tasting ammonia

        • Where do you get bi-carb pills

      • My Internal Medicine Doctor found that I have Chronic Kidney Disease. Are those of this Disease who take Bi-Carb,,,,Is it good for my kidney funcrion?

        • Note MaryAlice that just before administrating dialysis, I understand, they give the patient a glass of BSoda. Should be beneficial before that stage also.

        • All I know had a close friends cousin was on meds after stroke wel over year
          Never seemed to improve After stopping meds went to Dr had improved
          Drs told him if he quit meds would Die
          Very fast !!!!
          Off meds multiple years Feeling great

          It’s about money not not health !!!!!

    • Then again it may not.

    • I learned from a very smart lady who has two favorite glasses which consist one tsp of baking soda and one tsp of molases and claims a very alkaline body condition that desease such as cancer cannot exist

      • Alexander Moskovits

        Dr. Semoncini from Rome, Italy is an Oncologist (Specialist in Cancer) who discovered that all cancers are colored white and believes that cancer is caused by a fungus named Candida Albacans. Check it out in Google …search Cancer is a Fungus. Cancer thrives in an acidic environment. His cure is taking sodium bicarbonate….kills the fungus, kills the camcer!

        • It is my theory that the prevalence of cancers that are being seen throughout the modern era is due to the modern diet and the processed food that goes with this diet. I do believe that candida is at the root of most cancers being experienced by everyone that subsists on this food. Now understand there are cancers that are caused by other internal and external stimuli, i.e., heavy metals (i.e. lead, mercury), radiation exposure, excessive sun exposure, etc. But, the vital link to tie the modern diet to this increase in various cancers has a simple root cause and that would be the production of processed foods (read-PROCESSED SUGARS!!!). As discussed in this forum the human body (being former plant eaters) our body pH should be alkaline in a range of 5-7 ph. Processed and heavily processed sugars may be sweet to the taste, but when processed in our bodies it acts to lower the gut pH levels and through the digestive process (and ultimately the blood, bodily tissues, and the other downstream systems. Now candida, living in all of our gut(s) readily feeds on these sugars and concentrated sugars and blooms in the gut and dominates the gut flora. Continued consumption of these sugars, ultimately cause the reduction of the bodies pH from being alkaline to acidic, with the dominance of candida in the gut. Ever have a craving for something sweet? It really could be candida that’s driving that desire for satisfaction! Prolonged exposure and consumption of these heavily processed foods (and beverages) would continue this cycle and cause the very thing that prompted this whole discussion occurs. I whole heartedly agree that trying to increase your bodies pH is most desirable or critical to better future health. But, how do you do it safely. Baking soda, and baking powder is a viable solution, but these are based on Sodium carbonate and Bi-carbonate taken routinely, but this can cause other problems such as high sodium levels in the body along with possible side effects as kidney stones, etc. In search of a viable alternative to accomplish a higher pH number I did stumble on a fairly simple solution that is now a constant in my supplementation routine. It is called “Chlorella.” This is a form of algae that is commercially grown and processed into a pill form. AND it is green, very concentrated, and has helped me and my mate try to maintain a healthy gut pH. To give a real life experience of how this has helped me personally. In. the past, when my doctor was outlining some medical tests for a baseline for my medical chart, I asked for a urine pH test. Now, I had been taking the chlorella for a while, so I thought that my urine pH should be in the range of normal for urine (3 pH to 5 pH.) The lab test results showed a urine pH of 7.0 !). NOW, I am not suggesting everyone go out and buy Chlorella to accomplish increasing your pH number, THIS IS MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, and NOT Based on any medical testing data, or other medical studies!!!Take my comments for what they are, MY OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCE AND THAT’S ALL! And, now, I do not wish to engage in any lengthy discussions or debate(s) on the validity of my experience and other suggestions, or comments of what if??? Take this as it is submitted, it’s a comment and my own personal experience! I am not promoting or selling anything, and am not qualified to comment on any other product, supplement, home remedy, or medical treatment(s). Thank you for your time.

        • i would like a medical answer to my “”SEVERE”” health condition.I am a 77 year old (male) ,my””BUTCHER””(what you call oncologist…..!!!!) after over 2 years of investigation of my health condition;and 3 or 4 misdiagnoses…..he finally………..gave me…………”” A “”FINAL DEATH SENTENCE””…”” YOU,MY FRIEND HAVE “””STAGE 4 LYMPHOMA””” ( in other words………..”” ONE FOOT ON THE GROUND AND ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVE!!!!!!! I WANT TO SEE YOU NEXT WEEK……….FOR A FEW HOURS OF “”CHEMO”” AND RADIATION !!!!!””” Well my friends,i would love to tell you what my “” LONG “” answer was,but with all my respect to you………………I WILL REFRAIN. Now,going back to my problem; i believe in the””” HIPPOCRATIS PROTOCOL””” LET THY FOOD BE THY MEDICINE AND LET THY MEDICINE BE THY FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!””” THE FATHER OF MEDICINE also stated very clearly””” THERE IS NO SUCH A THINK AS”””AN INCURABLE SICKNESS”” “” ALL IS REQUIRED IS”””” FIND THE CAUSE!!!!”””” Todays medical practitioners,we could call them “”” MURDERERS and DOPE PUSHERS””” if you don’t believe me,just ask your doctor “” WHICH PILL,THAT HE PRESCRIBES EVERY DAY TO MOST OF HIS PATIENS “” CURES ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!! (THE REALITY………..”” NONE””!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry to bother you with all of the above.I would like some clarification about taking”” BAKING SODA””, i do that every morning…between 1 1/2 and 2 table spoons,with a 12OZ of spring water in which i also include 2 fresh squeezed lemon juice,1/2 tea spoon of organic turmeric powder, an equal amount of organic “”CEYLON (TRUE) CINNAMON””” (which doesn’t like to mix with liquid…) and i use this liquid mixture to gulp down……………4 cloves of fresh garlic grated and the same amount of fresh grated ginger root (got to be grated ,as i have………… teeth). and this is my breakfast………for a very long time now. I am what you could call a 95% vegetarian,balance, only white meat (bone in) and canned fish.I walk an average of 4 hours plus every day,i have”” NO PAINS ANYWHERE””,i take lots of vitamins and 20plus drops of oregano oil everyday.Any help would be really appreciated.Thanks,Mario

        • What you say is key! I heard about this doctor when I went thru cancer detox. He is an amazing man and the medical society gave him a very hard time for his findings! He stuck to his guns and now look Pharma is loosing! The truth is in alternative medicine!! I am going on 21 clean of breast cancer. I had a child after chemo who is now 14. Doctors I would never be able to do so many things and I have recovered almost everything. I didn’t believe them as I was force to do chemo, but I did everything else in holistic health mode. I suffer badly from candida because of my passed as well as being exposed to black mold and didn’t know it. grrr I am going to now try the baking soda. Just need to watch salt in take.
          I really want to Thank You for posting this piece you wrote! Wish I could help more people understand! Cause once your dead its to late folks! You have to take care of yourself… just know Western medicine is out to make money… Not save your life… they don’t have the right training honestly… and they are figuring that out slowly but surely…
          Have a Great Day!!

        • Mario Taurasi… could he really mean 1 1/2 to 2 TABLESPOONS of baking soda? That seems very high to me. What do you all think? Thanks.

        • Dr Simoncini has had many thousands of patients cured through the use of Sodium bicarbonate to treat cancers of all types. His success rate threatened conventional medicine theories and the medical community and he was struck off.

        • People seem to forget that these disease’s are alive! and we know less about Fungi then we know about are solar system. Ck out Mycologist Paul Stamets… like it is possible plaque build up in our blood vessels could be nano living organisms ? Fungi / Bacteria ? of some sort! Cheers Doyen

        • Garlic is a known anti- fungal, anti- bacterial, and anti-viral herb. It kills fungus in your body. Vitamin C, and Vitmain D3 are also anti-viral, and anti-bacterial. It’s claimed that the sulphur in cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower are also anti- virus, bacteria, and fungus.

        • I took two teaspoons of Sodium Bicarbonate a day for several years, never had any issues with it; I had been told that it was for prevention of cancer, and I still beleive it helped me during those years. My doctor told me I’d better stop, since it didn’t do anything. I could just take some to prevent heartburn as needed. I am not taking it daily anymore, but maybe I should start again, just at another hour of the day. I was taking it first thing in the morning, after my morning medicines!

        • Just correctimg *believe, (not beleive)

        • I took it with 2 glasses of water (put it in the water but didn’t have it hot, even though here it this country it is usually not cold!

      • do you mix and drink daily? I mixed them with water, not a great taste but burped immediately. More about this? Many Thanks!

        • Hi Dona.
          My mum took baking soda everyday at rising then as she thought she needed it during the day. She passed in her 91st year. One thing that doesnt get told is you must pour boiling water on it to stop the fizzing. Also heps the flavour. I watched a test done on a cows stomach where it was put in cold and the stomach burst.
          I find it helps me too. Lowered my cholesterol.
          I hope this helps.

        • I also take Oil of Oregano softgels, one daily, with high carvacrol content on an olive oil base. A very strong, yet less known anti viral, anti fungal weapon.

      • Can I get the formula. I have liver and lung cancer and would like to try this.mixture. Thanks

        • One teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate dissolved in 125 ml (1/2 of a cup ) of water. 3 times a day.

        • my dad take one teaspoon of baking soda with a glass of warm water first thing in the morning everyday, then a glass of warm lemon water.

          Also, when he feels ill that is what he does too and he start feeling better. He is 90% vegetarian/

        • Dog dewormer cures people of cancer also proven

      • Id like too hear more dear.

        • Raymond Lundgren

          I have been taking a heaping tea spoon of Red Mill soda daily for years.
          This keeps my PH level at seven plus. Also get potassium & magnesium
          at GNC. Get a roll of PH stirip to check your PH. This is just the begining of getting your health under control. I have a supplement that is doing great things for me and it is reasonably priced. I would like to hear from you.

        • Ray IMOO you might consider not taking K supplements. Potassium is in almost everything we consume. Too much K will damage your Kidneys over time. A high K lab reading will send you to ER as the risk of cardiac failure is high.

      • Thanks for sharing. I believer her. My behavior at home is to regularly get the spoons out and take a little of bicarbonate and molasses. May not work for everyone but I would swear by it for myself.

        • Tony-LivesinSonNun

          I understand ( from somebody on YouTube ) that Maple Syrup could be used instead of Molasses ( not personally used )

      • Arm and hammer one for the fridge and one for reflux. Don’t take the one meant
        for the fridge.

        • do not use an arm hammer use the cheaper stuff, maybe they changed but I looked it up years ago and one article said it had aluminum in it .. did not say on the box just like used cooking in alum. pan. deodorant used Jason from health stores or online / Also I used to use alum. to cook outside on a grill. Look it up one of the causes of dementia .

      • Evelyn Burkhead

        How much water and when

      • shirley A. Pedersen

        that is very true.. u can do it another way without the water. mix on low heat one tbls spoon of mollasses or organic of pancake maple syrup & one tbls. of baking soda ( not arm & hammer ,, the other cheaper ones.. A&H has aluminum in it.. does not say on the pkg. (unless they have changed) bring to a little bubble boil take out stove asap take a large spoonful… kept my husband alive for 17 yrs. told he had 3 to 6mos. to live. it makes an oxegen which the cancer cell goes to the sugar & then dies becuz of the BS. which created oxygen & good PH.

        • Fascinating! I bet those doctors were baffled lol May I ask what type of cancer?

        • I don’t know about molasses. I do know about baking soda and its benefits when it comes to inflammation. I have body pain, partially from old age, partially from a car accident. Prior to start taking BS, I was in a bad physical condition. I checked my PH balance with the PH strips and found out my system was severely acidic at 5.6. Started to take BS. As the PH rose, the pain diminished. Within 4 days I felt normal again. Since than, I try to take 1/2 teaspoon of BS in little water before bedtime. I’m a 75 yr old female and feel pretty good. I have a large yard surrounded by hedge that needs trimming. I do my own yard upkeeping and flower beds.

      • I agree wholeheartedly.

    • The objective is to raise pH. Red meat eaters tend to have a pH level down around 5.3. The healthy level is just a shade below neutral (7.0), about 6.7. Buy an inexpensive Hanna pH meter at a garden supply shop. Keep a small jar on the back of the toilet to catch a sample of your 2nd urine upon rising.
      Turn the meter on and let the number in the window settle, then insert in the jar of urine. Again, let the number settle for 1-2 minutes. Keep a record of the pH result. Buy a food pH table. Make changes in your diet to reduce highly acidic foods, and add alkaline foods. Do this carefully because you don’t want your pH to be above 7.0 (alkaline). Just under is ideal. With the meter you can test liquid foods to get familiar. It’s fun. This is something you can do that is powerfully beneficial! A medical clinic or hospital would charge you an arm&leg !

      • Thank you for the advice. I personally think it’s best to eat more fruits and vegetables before spooning baking soda.

        • Is what I now do and is working, keeping me healthy. I’m eating for disease and have been diagnosed with Systemic Sclerosis – look it up and you will see what I have to contend with. However, I’ve experienced mild symptoms (slightly thinned bottom lips, digital ulcer on index finger which healed in 4 days, usually take a couple of years to heal, a digital ulcer on gum trying to heal after c. 4 months, mild thickenning skin on lower arms, went partially blind in right eye – vision back now, mild itching in places, skin on back keeps getting cuts and bumps but healing and always slightly coming back but getting less, couldn’t walk initially before diagnosis – severe arthritic pain in lower legs, couldn’t stretch arm above head – no pain in legs or arms now, can do anything back to normal, bowels started to slow down and didn’t go for 3 days. I just didn’t eat anything until bowels worked as didn’t want being backed up and operated on. No energy whatsoever, felt incapacitated and is this for real. Now total energy again 90-99%. Was stiffening up am very loose again and mobile and can go down the gym and exercise uninhibited. This is literally down to turning my diet 180 degrees around due to fear of dying. All I ate was vegetables, eggs, fish, mouldy cheese, goats milk, lots of ginger, garlic, turmeric and other herbal stuff and teas. I’ve now incorporated grass fed butter and coconut oil. The herbal stuff I consume loads of it whole cloves or garlic, huge chunk of ginger, large amounts of turmeric in Oolong, green, black, white, rooibos, match, spirulina (algae), fennel, etc etc list goes on and I mix about two to three different tea bags with the herbs. I started to feel normal, no pain and I guess my ulcer can’t thrive so healing and no pain as they can be painful. tingling in fingers and toes have subsided almost. I’m looking younger again not slightly as though I’m dying. A typical day is organic porridge in the morning with blueberries, raspberries, a tiny bit of spirulina, some chia, walnuts, flaxseds, sunflower seeds, a big blob of grass fed anchor butter (for energy) some ginger whole raw, goats milky tea – Breakfast over with. I use to eat in the afternoon lots of green vegs and eggs or bacon but I don’t now but will start again – I don’t eat this time as can’t be bothered cooking. Lots herbal tea throughout the day and ordinary tea which I like. Dinner: red onions, huge amounts of garlic and ginger, mushrooms, kale, chards sauted first then with some sweet potatoes or butternut squash, then some anchor butter and OMG loads of spinnach, some salad leafs – with fish or organic grass-fed chicken, beef, pork, lamb etc. I also eat red cabbage, beets, some other veg, for fruits I also eat grapefruits, pomegranate fruits, apples, NO bananas, oranges, only the overly super superfoods. I eat maca powders other superfood powders, other nuts too. Initially, this is sooo hard as I use to be miserable and ALWAYS hungry but now I’m getting use to it and eating a lot of fats with it helps – makes it more palatably delicious. I’ve lost huge amounts of weight, my cholestral is high (as a doctor said would happen but would be healhty) but the doctor said everything else is fine so lets not rock the boat – his words. It’s hard as I’m a mother of a 10 year old and have to cook a little differently for him but he’s eating healthier too. Food is much more expensive. I’ve started enjoying myself if there’s an outing or event where there’s a meal, I now participate and have a desert as this is not often. I will enjoy Xmas but not overly stupid. Getting a masticating juicer because I want to juice beets and more greens into my body. So after Xmas I’m going even more healthier as I can’t afford this disease to get hold of me and I truly think the body wants to heal itself if helped. This is my way of life now and I feel I will survive to see my son grow up. So greens and dark purples in both vegetables and fruits are the way to go with some yellow and oranges in the mix. My ratio is: 60% green 20% purple, 15 yellow 5% red/orange. Greens are soooo important beyond belief. My portions of vegetables are about the size of say 3 large person portions.

      • Thank you! Buying that meter, as you suggest.

      • A medical hospital will not work with you on this. I asked about not giving me corn syrup and they turned and flew out of my room! They dismissed me within 1 hour and after 3 days — would not let me eat the salad when it came — the only real food I had in days. I took my salad with me and ate it on the way down in the elevator which really make them mad at that hospital — they wheeled me out of there so fast it was like being on a Disneyland ride! For two days I only had pudding and applesauce and apple juice and loaded with high fructose and corn syrup (they got me some cranberry finally — loaded with sugar). I had a bad bacteria and they were going to do surgery and changed their mind and decided to load me with heavy antibiotics for over two weeks and starve me. Still suffering from the antibiotics 2 months later with pains and diarrhea. But the swelling in my eye, face, neck and throat went away. Glad I still have my head at all! “Physician Heal Thy Self” is a real good book. Dr. Loraine Day talks about the medical and pharmaceutical business and how she was one of them until she got cancer and then started learning true healing. Just found you all here and it is a real good site.

        • Thanks. You explained very well. Nobody understand me when I explained that. Continue open eyes to others. God bless you.

        • Antibiotics kill your intestinal flora–the healthy bacteria in your intestines. That is why you now have diarrhea. Go to a large health store and they should have a refrigerated section for probiotics. Pick something that increases millions or trillions of multiple kinds of healthy bacteria. A bottle is usually around $50. You keep it in the refrigerator and it will remain active for several years. But it is a good idea to take one capsule daily even if you are not having problems in order to keep your intestines and other related health aspects well.

      • William Comer We routinely check blood pH and normal is around 7.35 to 7.45. A blood pH of 5.3 would be certain death. Anything outside of the range of 6.8 – 7.8 is not compatable with life.
        Acid-base balance is handled in the body through the lungs and kidneys (for the most part). The pH level is inverse to the blood CO2 level. The kidneys produce HCO3 (bicarb( to nirmalize pH levels.
        If you’re talking about urine pH, then please be specific about that. Urine pH levels are only an indicator of a very few kidney disorders, such as kidney stones, etc., not the body’s pH. The change in pH of the body would have to be long term (a relative term) to show in the urine. It’s routinely done with a general urinalysis or you can just buy pH test strips at any pharmacy for less than $10 per 100. That’s hardly “an arm & a leg”.
        I’m a Registered Respiratory Therapist. This is what I do.

        • Right. Some pedestrian advise on here. Urine PH has nothing to do with blood/tissue PH. In fact, if the urine PH is low ( acidic) it indicates the body PH is high ( alkaline) as the urine is eliminating the acids.

        • William Comer clearly says he’s talking about testing urine pH, not blood pH. And what he means by “arm and a leg” is the cost of a lab test at a clinic or hospital, which is quite a bit more if you do it repeatedly than the cost of a roll of pH paper, which will last for months. Obviously he gets that…He just prefers the Hanna meter to pH paper apparently.

        • Thanks, a voice of reason seems to be needed around here.

        • shirley A. Pedersen

          I buy the strips from health food store where u spit on.. no urine.

      • Measuring pH of Urine has nothing to do with the general pH level of the body/bood tissus.

        Urine is an excretion product of the body and contains uric ACID which is an acid so urine SHOULD always be acidic.

        This last post concerning testing the pH of urine to determine blood/tissue pH is POSITIVELY DANGEROUS.

        Just eat loads of vergtables and fruits, prefeably not loaded with pesticides and heavy metals and keep away from sugar, corn syrup, fizzy pop drinks, alcoholic drinks, highly processed white carbohydrates and highly processed meats. Drink tea, coffee, plenty of CLEAN WATER, milk. If you do this you should see a remarkable improvement in your general health within a couple of months and over a year and continuing years your helath will improve significantly.

    • It’s time for to do this because I just can’t get into eating many veggies, but I will use Bob Mills baking soda because it has no aluminium in it. It’s what I already use for toothpaste.

      • HOu are thinking of Baking Powder. Baking soda, Sodium Bicarbonate has no

        • shirley A. Pedersen


      • Green Juice if vegies are hard to take… Then drink them.. you can get far more into you anyhow. Try it… try to stay away from mixing your veggies with fruit. Lemon is great! Ginger is key… I am a small person there is no way I could eat as many veggies as my body needs. I also will add fiber, magnesium, & clay to my drink in the evenings. It is an Amazing balancer and great for detoxing! Drinking veggie juice is my saving grace.

        Hope it works for you…

      • no baking soda has aluminum, only some baking powders do. Arm & Hammer, Bob Mills are all the same 🙂

      • Their is no aluminum in B.S. just Baking Powder.

        • Rumford Baking Powder is Non-GMO, and Aluminum-free. A brand called Argo has a Baking Powder that is also Aluminum-free. People need to take their time in the Grocery Stores, and read all the labels. .

    • Leslie satensein

      Four soda crackers is just as effective. And if you have hearturn, 4 soda crackers and a glass of water will stop heartburn within 3 minutes.

    • Gee in the good old days, people brushed their teeth with baking soda, used it for upset stomachs, and for baking…………My mother, and her sisters lived to be 94+……….For them, baking soda was the answer to everything……..Now it seems they were walking around and not healthy and on death’s doorstep………

      Baking Soda also used to get rid of the acid buildup on car batteries………which means it is good for acid that gives you bad tummy ache……….


      Baking soda Protocol Cancer cure

    • What a great place to see what people like me are saying! I have a question though, how do you get the baking soda down? It tastes horrible mixed with water! It has a very smooth texture which makes me gag! If anyone has suggestions, please let me know how you are doing it!

      • By adding a splash ( tablespoon or two) of lemon juice.

        • I’ve been using the juice of one lemon, and 1/2 teaspoon baking soda, with 8 oz. of water once a day for two years and it keeps my PH normal, it really really works and keeps your body healthy

      • By not only adding 1 squeezed lemon or lime juice but also add 2-3 teaspoons of crystal light lemonade for every cup of water

        • Doesn’t crystal light have aspartame in it. That’s a sweetener that is poison, 86degree it turns to formeldihide.

      • Put a teaspoon full in you mouth and swollow it down with 8 oz of water Presto it’s done.

      • Hi Bobbie. Start with a quarter glass of water, mix in a half a teaspoon of baking soda and a teaspoon of BRAGG organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar. Stir in real good until water is clear and drink it down right away.

      • Read you can buy that in tablet form


      • Get in pill form at drugstore you need a doctor to write a script for it

      • Bobbie. I hold my nose when I drink baking soda. after I drink the soda I flush my mouth out with a bit of water and that takes the salt taste away.

    • Except my mother brushes her teeth religiously with baking soda every day. She has a very clean mouth. BUT, because of this ‘overuse’, she had a bad allergic reaction to eating Irish Soda bread. She broke out all over, even internally, and had to go to the emergency room. She never had a problem before but I believe using it every day caused a problem with ingesting large amounts.

      • All things in moderation…not necessary every day,only couple times a month. I use hydrogen peroxide as a mouth rinse,but too much bad for mouth and teeth,so same,once a week??

        • Interesting — My father-in-law developed prostate cancer back when he was 75. We privately asked the doctor what we could do about it and he simply stated there was nothing that could be done and he would be gone before he reached 80. Upon researching this, I put together an empty rinsed whiskey bottle of what I told him he should take a six ounce glass of every day on an empty stomach. He was not to eat anything for at least two hours before and one hour afterwards (not any pills or cough drops or anything at all). The contents given him were filtered water plus what would amount to four drops of Food Grade (FG) H2O2 or hydrogen peroxide per six ounce glass. (Learn how to deal with this concentrated oxygen as it will burn your skin if you are not careful). Now occasionally using the 3% store-bought peroxide for mouth wash will clear up canker sores, but it does contain poisons so should not be ingested at all. Food Grade (FG) peroxide is 35% and much stronger, over ten times stronger than store-bought 3% H2O2 peroxide and can only be ingested in highly diluted fashion in very tiny amounts. You can request these things at your health food store. Also included in his jug was the equivalent of one drop of colloidal gold and two drops of colloidal silver per six ounce glass. Nothing more can be added as it would louse up the mixture. I built two bottles of this and when he finished a bottle, I would take it and replace it before he finished the second bottle, as we lived in different towns about 45 miles apart. He also had type II diabetes but he religiously took this every day and lived on his own until he was 96. A few years later, he developed congestive heart failure which after a few months the hospital refused to treat. So he died two months shy of his 99th birthday, but all his faculties were still there and he still walked with a cane. That was a crushing experience for us when they basically euthanized him, first by placing a large magnet on his pacemaker and then eliminating all his other meds and food. They said he would be gone within a few hours but he held on for nearly a full day.

          In recent years I learned of another way to deal with cancer. I do not have cancer but do ingest around 1/3 teaspoon of baking soda each day in a breakfast drink. Since I have self-treated for numerous conditions for a long time, the baking soda. somewhat neutralized the drink which also contains apple cider vinegar, etc. I also have GERD so occasionally I will do a separate drink to deal with that if I develop an attack. I was exposed to Agent Orange while in the military serving in Vietnam, so have around 20 different things to deal with along with injuries from back then. A couple years ago I found out that there is such a thing as deuterium that is contained in nearly all drinking water. If one depletes this from the water and then drinks only deuterium depleted water whenever they drink water, then it supposedly will eliminated cancer tumors, etc. I have not prepared any since I do not see the need as yet, but the research indicated that the science is sound. The process rarely explained anywhere, requires one to place one or more quarts of water into the freezer for around 20 minutes and then bring them out. They will have an ice shell around the contents so you need to poke a small hole through that ice and pour the contents into another empty clean container, refreeze that for +/-20 minutes and repeat this two or three times. The deuterium will mostly be within the ice shells so the remaining water will be lighter and largely deuterium free after the third freeze. If you happen to be near the polar ice caps then you could drink that melted water as well because it is the process nature uses to provide us with deuterium depleted water. If one were able to produce very large quantities of deuterium, then you might be able to sell it to the military as it is apparently used in some kinds of weaponry. We had a few hard to kill bushes in our yard so I simply watered them with the leftovers and that to me is the best way to use the deuterium heavy water up.

          As with the foregoing H2O2 process, this can be taken in conjunction with any other medically prescribed treatments if one chooses. I explained this to a friend one time who had brain tumors and she inquired from her doctor who then advised her against it. She died within a short time but I’d be willing to bet she would still be with us if she had done these things. One should do their own research and then make up their own minds as to whether or not to try these things. My wife and I took the H2O2 religiously for 1 1/2 years as a preventative, prior to suggesting it to her dad. Since then whenever either of us feel a flu or something coming, we do this for 3-5 days and it wards off many things for us. When we got covid in late 2019 before the rest of the world barely knew it existed, we also took this along with the 24-hour small red pills available at the pharmacy. This went through its cycles of trying to invade each organ and then gave up on us. We still had something like a walking pneumonia for several weeks and we were probably the first two people to self-quarantine back when nobody knew about that either. It just seemed appropriate to do and even though it was several weeks before Christmas we simply cancelled all our 2019 Christmas plans and sat it out. Clinics also did not know about Covid19 and told us we had some kind of virus of which there were numerous going around, and to simply go home and wait it out.

          Remember to always research everything as best you can, and with the internet, there are mountains of info at our fingertips. Eliminate the jokers and naysayers and make informed decisions for yourself. Try slowly what you decide to do so that you know if it is going to be good or bad for you. Also remember “everything in moderation”. Just because something is good for you does not mean that twice as much is twice as good, because twice as much could be lethal instead. Each person is different and has different tolerances for different things. Since I died twice temporarily, once in 1971 and again in 1981, I am not afraid of death which is actually only a continuation of life (only without your physical shell), but I would like to spend as much time as possible with my children and grand-children, friends and relatives, before I make the permanent transition. Even if we each live to be 100, life is short here. Especially when compared to eternity which is what comes next after physical death which is like a learning and test stage. One of the things that most amazed me is that in the hereafter, we move by thought, and so quickly that we are there before we finish the thought, plus some things happen that are not by choice. Better have your mind, spirit and soul in order or you will be bouncing all over the place, so learn to control your thoughts rather than to allow your thoughts to control you. Give blood if you are healthy enough to and that too is healthy for you, since this forces your body to create new blood which is healthier than running around all the time with old stale blood in your system. Good Luck Out There!

    • Baking soda can be okay in the diet, but if you over do it you can wind up in metabolic alkalosis which can be fatal. So you do what you want, but I will be careful before I start doing much of that.


    • Depemds if you need baking soda to balance of your cells. Takimg it for the sake of taking it especially when dealimg with gut ph seems unwise

    • My father drank a glass of water with soda in it because of heartburn and shortly thereafter died of a massive heart attach. The doctor said it contributed to his death. I’m afraid to try it.

      • Charlene. My mother drank baking soda for over 50 years that I have known. But she would only drink it when she had heartburn. I take it for heartburn before I go to bed at night. I take maybe a 1/3 teaspoon in about a half cup of water and then I am set for the next day. My Sisters husband used to take a teaspoon of it and eat it and then take a glass of water. I couldn’t do that. If I get heartburn during the day I have to take tums. But my main drug for that is Pantoprazole prescribed by my DR. When I run out of those then I do the above routine.

    • They were taking so long to try to explain this and what it does and what it was to watch 4 and a lot of deed I D die I got tired of watching it before it even got started They make these thing boring to watch Repeating stuff over and over Turtle watching


    • Joyce Motsoeneng

      Thank you for this eye opening info. Is it ok to use baking soda if you also battling with BP?

    • My grandfather, who lived to almost 90 years old, use to eat baking soda everyday. I loved my grandpa, he was a wonderful man, but I thought he was weird about the baking soda. I did try eating baking soda. The taste freaked me out. Now I am beginning to think Grandpa Gussie had a good idea.

    • AUdiohipster Doyen

      Hey if your doing this to have an Alkaline body you can do this with breathing till your light headed and your body will send the acid out your bowels. and you can become alkaline. everyday healthy to drink a table spoon of Apple cider vinegar with a full glass of water. because your tummy needs Acid… antacids are not that good and should not be taken regularly… just my common sense. Audiohipster Doyen

  2. Michael Perishich

    Commitment, dedication, and devotion to quality and life long learning is the key to optimal health. Thank you so very much for this learning opportunity!


  4. Good read.

  5. In with natural advice and out with the big Pharma killers!!!!!

  6. My dad fried his kidney’s using baking soda every night for heartburn. He did this every night for many years. He was on dialysis for 10 years and had to have one kidney removed due to cancer. PLEASE head this warning!!! Moderation is ALWAYS key.

    • Sure hope you are not suggesting the Baking soda had ANY thing to do with the cancer or dialysis!! As people have gotten off of dialysis WITH baking soda. As it lets the kidney rest from making sodium bicarb

    • Thanks for that caution as I was rather thinking of taking it daily – that or “Andrews” which comprises: Magnesium sulphate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, citric acid. I know that it probably didn’t contribute to cancer but could well have as you said fried your father’s kidneys which in turn contributed to perhaps them being that bad enough to go on dialysis. Perhaps I may just take some once or twice a week. Thanks for the warning.

      • My partner almost died.. if ee hadn’t gotten to the dr.when we did he would have died within hours .. he suffered a complete renal failure had to have emergency dialysis .. he was taking baking sod as a remedy for acid reflux. . It almost killed him..

      • The baking soda mixed with all natural maple syrup (3parts maple syrup 1 part baking soda) has been known to cure cancerous tumors according to some some people and blogs on the internet, before doing chemotherapy some doctors have you gargle with baking soda , isn’t that a coincidence , cancer strives on sugar so the cancer is attracted to the maple syrap and the baking soda is the Trojan horse .

        • shirley A. Pedersen


    • Thanks for the advise. I am 69 and 8 months ago I had to have a kidney removed due to cancer. I had for awhile been taking baking soda pills daily. Five yrs. ago my kidney was fine. During this period , I told the Dr., I lost my best friend, wife had breast cancer, went through 2 hard arbitrations and retired from a job I had for 25 yrs. I have figured the stress was the main culprit but now I wonder…..hmmmm?

      • I know somneone who had 4th stage pancreatic cancer, and asa final attempt to save life,took Mushroom extracts,mostly maitake ,shitake.

    • I have seen one man lose his kidney function by taking dolomite tablets regularly. Minerals need to be taken in food form. let your food be your medicine

    • I read Arm & Hammer baking soda is just crappy chemicals. buy a natural brand at a health food store ?

    • guess what they put in dialyses machines…..Baking soda!!!

    • MOMINVA. My mother had taken Baking Soda for over 50 years that I know of. She was taking it up until she went into a Nursing Home. She would take it as needed for her stomach acid. She lived to be 89 and died of a heart attack. I take it when I run out of my medication. I probably should only take that at night because it’s a lot cheaper than my meds and probably a lot safer.

  7. Baking soda can cause a sharp rise in blood pressure if directly ingested.

  8. I remember the doctors telling my mother she needed to stop taking soda bicarbonate. It was creating a ph imbalance and was bad for her. When we came home, she would ask for her “soda’ saying that doctor gave me indigestion. She was a character to be dealt with. She lived well into her 80’s only to succumb to lung infection.

  9. Well spinach, bananas, carrots, broccoli, and even coffee, I get enough of mostly on a daily basis, and at 65 y/o, I’ve loved broccoli, bananas, spinach and coffee since my early 20’s.

    • I’am also 65 had a hernia removed last Monday they couldn’t believe how healthy i was. I said well I’ve worked hard all my life in construction, smoked a pack and a half of cigarettes every day for the last 50 years and drink beer often. They couldn’t believe it 5′ 9″ and at 160 lbs not bad i guess for the millage 🙂

  10. I mix 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar with 1/2 tsp of baking soda and drink it twice a day. I feel very refreshed and energetic.

    • Feeling and actually being are two different things. The apple cider is probably fine but twice a day with the baking soda may just accumulate over time and you may not know what’s happening to your inside because you feel great on the outside until too late. Perhaps lessen the baking soda to just once a day at the very least. Can’t see the need for you to take it twice a day. Unless you engage in heavy exercise daily?

      • Actually feeling and being are very close cousins. If your body is running well you will feel well. The vinegar and the soda both alkalize the body. Did you not read the article? Multiple foods help the body manufacture bicarbonate. The idea that it would “accumulate” is ridiculous.

    • I take half a lemon( juice )

      • If you mix the lemon juice with baking soda, you get a nice fizzie!

        • It’s no longer baking soda but sodium citrate and carbon dioxide.

        • Steve is correct. However, sodium citrate has a valence ratio of 1:3, which will improve colloidal stability. Read up on Thomas M. Riddick who was a chemical engineer and specialist on colloids. Dr. T.C. McDaniel, who had severe arrhythmia in his late 50s stumbled upon this research and cured himself with Zeta Aid that he formulated. He is 103 years old and still kicking! I buy it from his website in bulk (25 packs at a time, so it come to $10 per pack, which lasts one month) and share it with family and friends. I have mild arrhythmia and as long as I take it, I am fine. It prevents heart disease because it charges up the blood particles, it strengthens its Zeta Potential. It also prevents kidney disease or dissolves kidney stones in a short time. Remember: heart disease is still killer #1! My theory is that it comes from bacteria that live in root-canal treated teeth or possibly also from a leaky gut. These bacteria form ‘biofilms’ on the arterial walls and/or heart valves (happened to a friend of mine) and cause inflammation. It can also be due to bad dental health and gum disease. Even my dentist is taking it and also my ex-wife started using it two weeks ago. Their high blood pressure is gone or normalizing! My ex was still on meds and her blood pressure dropped very low after taking Zeta Aid for a while. She told me that her doctor took her off one high blodd pressure medication and went half on a second medication. Eventually she will be off that last medicine, too. Warning: you cannot suddenly drop your meds, that can be fatal, you have to do this under the supervision of your doctor and slowly get off of it while taking Zeta Aid. For dental health, I use MMS (not MSM), it is 28% sodium chlorite (NaClO2), four drops, mixed with only one drop of 50% citric acid. This is the proper stoichiometric ratio, all the citric acid will be consumed in the chemical reaction. You put these drops into an empty glass and wait for 1/2 minute, the liquid turns brown and you can smell the chlorine dioxide (ClO2) that is formed. Then you add water, about 1/2 a glass full. You can swoosh this around your mouth. I also drink it once a week. Don’t take vitamin C at the same time, that will cancel each other out. My mom’s caretaker had arthritis and two of her fingers on her left hand were stiff, she took the 4+1 drop solution and after only 5 days she had no more swollen finger knuckles and all her fingers were mobile. I was astounded. I like the bottles from Keavy’s Corner, they have a nice dropper nozzle.

          I have read and heard a lot of testimonials on baking soda. You might also be interested to listen to Dr. Ray Peat’s YouTube interviews, one is on the biology of CO2. Most interesting!

        • Forgot to add: When the Zeta Potential is strengthened by using Zeta Aid, it will prevent the formation of biofilms, since it also ‘charges up’ the bacteria so they can’t attach themselves to the arterial walls, or it will dissolve existing biofilms.

    • I mix 1/2 teaspoon baking soda and 1 oz of apple cider vinegar in each of two bottles of water and take them on the gojf course with me. I stay well hydrated and don’t run out of energy. I am sixty nine years old,and I have been brushing my teeth with baking soda since I was a young boy.I have most of my teeth and they are white and strong. My Dentist is amazed at them. P H is the key to good health in so many ways.

      • It is immoral to add to earth’s greenhouse gas load by mixing baking soda with anything acidic.

      • The amount of CO2 released by adding a teaspoon of baking soda to some vinegar is very small compared to that released by driving a car or the production of power used in a typical western home.

        If you really want to reduce CO2 production, ride a bicycle or walk and conserve energy at home and don’t worry about baking soda.

        Also, why would Arm and Hammer or any other commercial suppliers of baking soda add aluminum? Aluminum salts are sometimes added to baking POWDER; other baking powders may contain a weak organic acid, such as tartaric, aka cream of tartar. Also, there is a difference between purity and toxicity; the purest NaHCO3 would come from a chemical supplier for laboratories and cost several times more than Bob’s Red Mill (I love their quinoa) or Arm and Hammer, which is perfect safe to consume in moderation.

  11. What is the BEST type of Baking Soda to use to drink for lowering your death rate?
    Where can you find a good source locally?

  12. Check your PH with litmus strips from the pharmacy. If you are below 7 adjust with a teaspoon of baking soda in 6 to 8 oz of distilled water on an empty stomach in the morning and allow about 30 minutes for it to assimilate before eating. If you don’t reach about 7.2 to 7.5 PH do it again right before bed. Proper PH is a powerful cancer preventer. If you already are a cancer sufferer it may help you tremendously. Just make sure the water is distilled. Fluoride and chlorine are cancer causing agents. Good health to you.

    • You comments are spot on John. Only a small correction The pH of your body fluids (urine measurement with Litmus strips) must equal the pH of your Blood. B =6.8 AB =7 & A and O=7.5 .
      pH is an electrical charge. Opposite charge’s attract and Like Charges repel.

      This will allow your red blood cells to go into suspension and optimize your ZETA potential between the red blood cells and maximize Oxygen transport throughout your body, say good buy to diabetes and a lot of other ailments. It is important not to alkalize when food is consumed allow ample time for food to digest before taking your Bicarb. Don’t over Alkalize, Pains in the alkalize band higher than 7.6 is much more excruciation than in the acid band 5 and lower ( Gout )

      • I have something like gerd . What can I do that is safe. I have had several bouts of kidney stones. Blood pressure is on the high side and cholesterol is up.

  13. What is a good source of injestable baking soda to use on a daily bases?
    Is it the same type of backing soda that is placed in our refrigerators to
    help combat food orders, that is made by Arm &Hammer, to sit in the
    corner of shelf?

    • shirley A. Pedersen

      u are so right Frank it has aluminum in it.. does not say on pkg. but it does.Walmart or Walgrens brand ok.


  15. I have a hyper-acidic condition that causes blistering on my face and hands. I mix 1/4 cup baking soda in 24 ounces of water and drink 1/3 to 1/2 of the bottle each day. Like other comments here use litmus paper to see where your Ph is and go from there. I know raising my Ph helps me.

  16. If you want to neutralize acid, a better way to go is with ammonium hydroxide. It is declared safe by the FDA. You can make yourself totally alkaline by chugging a gallon of clear household ammonia. Don’t use the lemon scented ammonia– it has not been approved by the gubbermint for use in food.

    • If you are still alive, do they allow any impressionable children in the same neighborhood as you.

    • Must you chug the gallon or can you sip it with an extended pinkie?

    • Richard1941….you could be liable for peoples death….you should never suggest AMONIUM HYDROXIDE / HOUSEHOLD AMMONIA to any one to take….IT’S A POISON ….not true that’s safe & it’s not true the FDA approved….

      • Jeese I use ammonia on my floors to trip wax. Don’t think I would want to drink it.

        • We use Apple Cider Vinegar, and White Vinegar to clean our house. I use it to clean my car windows, and Windshield.

      • only if they plugged there noses while guzzlin’ it..wouldn’t fret too much Ms. Caroline
        unless, of course they used the flavoured kind…they ‘were’ warned…alas, statistical data has shown, a full 99.99% of all Lemon Scented gulpers cause of death was because they didn’t follow directions

    • I guess this is the same government agency that allows Fluoride and Chlorine in our drinking water. Makes sense when you put it that way.

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  18. Thank you………..

  19. I love to read more

  20. I switched from Baking soda to getting an alkaline ionizer water pitcher that gives me water with a PH level of 9.5 or higher

    • What is the name brand of your pitcher? Where did you purchase it? Thank you.

    • Ok help me here….WHAT exactly is the required “normal” range the ph is supposed to be? I hear not to go over 7.0 and then you say 9.5 or higher. wouldn’t too much be bad for you?

    • Ann, the machine is available called the ‘Kangan’ water machine. You can obtain Ph 2.5, 6, 7, 8, 8.5, 9 & 9.5 and up to 11.5 water. That machine is very expensive, about $4K. Drinking 11.5 is only recommended under a special condition, ie. terminal cancer..

  21. People PLEASE note: if you have ulcers in your stomach DO NOT take baking soda!!! It can cause an ulcer to rupture and become a BLEEDING ulcer and if not treated it can kill you. That was told to me by a DOCTOR. So please be careful.

    • Not sure about ulcers, but if you have acid reflux, baking soda is the best stuff. 3 times a day for 2 weeks, your acid reflux is rooted out.

    • Cabbage juice, and Sauerkraut are both supposed to be excellent for stomach ulcers.

    • My father had ulcer for decades, finally had an operation , where they cut that piece out and replaced it with a sheep’s stomach. This was 30 odd years ago.He had taken half a teaspoon bicarb every day before his operation and after, till he died at the age of 92 .That was a good 40 years of more , taking the bicarb.

  22. 1/4 teaspoonful of baking soda daily caused me to need a pacemaker. Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate) is Sodium. People with heart problems take diuretics to get rid of sodium. Intake of extra sodium is a no no.

  23. All the posts re bicarbonate of soda are interesting/informative. Thank you everyone!

  24. Had a friend who used too much bicarbonate resulting in bursting his stomach. Several operations to fix

  25. Be careful. Baking soda usually raises blood pressure. If in doubt, read Web MD, or consult your Dr.

    • Actually WebMD is run by the medical “establishment”. Don’t trust. Prefer natural or naturalpathic medicine sites

      • Try Natural News, Edited by Microbiologist, Mike Adams. His web site is Also, Julian Whittiker, M.D. used to publish a monthly Newsletter, about “Alternative” Medicine, as well as Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbs. I subscribed to it through the mid 1990’s, when I received the paper version in the mail. He may be doing it electronically, now.

  26. my mother took baking soda for her acid-reflex until she was 87 then the doctor took her off that and gave her prosec and that caused her to get alzhiemers she lived to about 98 years old.

  27. Baking Soda is the best constipation method I have ever tried. 1 Teaspoon Soda and 1/4 water. Drink all of it fast and get ready.

  28. Would drinking Alka Seltzer add the amount needed?

  29. How in hell did I get all the way to 98 years without sodium bicarbonate?

  30. our grandmother drank alka seltzer every day for 40 years so far and she is going strong, still walking, talking, engaging, and much more. She is 95. Go Figure!

  31. I wouldn’t buy Arm & Hammer Baking Soda. Purchase a better brand at health food store.

  32. Taking apple cider vinegar mix in water and raw honey every morning. Second I drink only water without fluoride, mixing into one gallon one tee spoon of backing soda and drink that during the day.

    • Angelique' Freeman

      What has been your results from doing that and is it only baking soda or do you have to add lemon juice too. I heard that works also, let me know please. thank you Angelique

  33. Marie make sure you are not allergic to Asprin. Alka Seltzer has Asprin. only take level teaspoon of baking soda with 8-10 ozs of water if you have acid integestion once in a while and not daily. Moderation is key. Fruits and veggies is always best. Try the more pricy brand of baking soda “Bob’s Red Mill baking soda” It mighty be best.

  34. Janeice connollyj

    very good read, this was good for me as I have had a case of gout, and baking soda is good I think 1 half teas, in 8 oz of water 3x a day. A lot of water and it is leaving my body. I just started doing this one day ago.I really enjoyed the different comments.

  35. I tried this or 6 months and my BP spiked to 150/90. Doctor advised quitting and after a month BP dropped to 112/80. What is an alternative this as the sodium in it would likely kill me?

    • Brad it is interesting that a primary symptom of CKD is high blood pressure. Yet people with kidney pain can find relief by ingesting same.
      A brief search found: Daily supplementation with sodium bicarbonate slows the progression rate of renal failure to end-stage renal disease (ESRD) and improves nutritional status among patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD), according to a randomized, open-label study reported online July 16 in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. and
      Sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda, is also used in the treatment of kidney disease. The National Kidney Foundation’s Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative (KDOQI) recommends the use of sodium bicarbonate to treat metabolic acidosis.

      Baking Soda May Slow Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease-

  36. “The dosages in the studies were generally about 90-135 mg per lb of body weight, which would basically equate to about 2-3 teaspoons mixed in water for most people. ”

    You did not mention how much water you put 2-3 teaspoons of baking soda in. So how much water should one use?

  37. I use baking soda when I experience discomfort in my urinary tract.-about 1/2 tsp in a glass of water and another glass after that, it is a fast and effective cure for the burning pain, If I am still uncomfortable after that I do head to the clinic to check for a uti.

    • Cranberry capsules with cranberry juice will take care of urinary infection quickly. I take two caps. in am and pm and cranberry juice during the day and do this until it has cleared. Then go to juice for a couple more days.

      • HomeopathicBeliever

        BarbedStar, that’s exactly what I do and this method has worked for me for the past 11 years. Azo is my friend!

    • Try uva ursi for UTIs. Herbal drops…

  38. After reading all these convincing testimonials and arguments about the Ph factor being control by baking soda, I wonder what the hell I am doing right. I got to 99 years )philosophically) with my three food groups: wine, women and pizza. For all those years I never heard about taking anything just to control the Ph and I’ve been stuffing myself with supplements to some extent since 1952 but I only brushed my teeth with Bicarb. I think I need to get an education on the subject.

  39. Nice reading ad very educative.

  40. I am diabetic. Is there any adverse effects taking baking soda with my meds.

    • Hi Gloria, we highly recommend checking with your doctor.

      • Mike (Watchdog), I was also trained and certified in nutrition (retired now). I see so many comments here about blood pressure going up when using bicarbonate of soda and falling when the bicarbonate is discontinued. So it’s adding sodium to the diet, of course.

        Why not just load up on green vegetables which are a great source of magnesium, or take a magnesium supplement to alter pH? It would be difficult for someone to have a bad reaction to that unless they really overdo it. It might have a beneficial effect on blood pressure also.

        Also, why would anyone want to take bicarbonate of soda at the same time as they eat their meals? That would definitely lower the HCl (acid) level that they NEED in order to digest protein. Why not drink a little purified water with meals, and perhaps add a little apple cider vinegar in water before meals? It metabolizes into a higher pH, but might assist digestion and wouldn’t counter the HCl level during meals.

        It seems to me that drinking soda/water during meals is not a good idea, but it is a good idea to obtain good acid/base balance through eating plenty of green vegetables for a variety of vitamins and minerals, lowering sugar intake, and supplementing with alkaline minerals like magnesium, especially.

        That can work very quickly to alkalinize the body…like a day or two. I have seen pH go from close to 5.5 one day, and be in the 7.0-7.5 range the next day doing nothing but adding green vegetables to one’s diet. The goal is to keep it there.

        • You are absolutely right, you don’t want to dilute and weaken the hydrochloric acid in your stomach that is necessary to effectively digest the food.

    • I started baking soda 2 tsp in a 2 liter bottle about a week ago. I’ve been diabetic for 26 years. Since this change in drinking contents, I have noticed a more normal low BG range between 70 and 100 which is good by my standards. I’ve also noticed an increase in my kidney output. I’ve also changed my CKD status from a 3B 2 years ago to a 2 which is normal now. I did that with daily supplementation of benfotiamine (fat soluble B1) that research says is very helpful for us diabetics. It has been helpful for me.

    • Could,I take baking soda with my medication

  41. balance is important. You need many minerals for health (Dr Wallach says 63) and half of them tend toward acid, and half toward base. Oversimplification is often worse than confusion.

  42. As I have recently discovered Baking Soda does a WHOLE LOT MORE than just ‘balance the PH’ Whenever I have tooth or gum pain (severe) with abscess & infection and I take 1 – 2 tsp of baking soda in water, plus 1 or 2 Vanquish for immediate pain relief, by the next morning it has all healed. Usually, I also put lavender or other essential oil on a cotton ball and put it between the gum and cheek. It’s been several months since I’ve had a flare-up I eat a good diet, but found that eating sugar was the worst culprit & likely to cause a flare-up.

  43. From what I have read in these comments is that too many people are “just taking something without knowing why”. If your pH is fine then you can be messing it up by taking unnecessary baking soda, lemon, or other ingredients. It is necessary to check your pH before hand, which is very easy, and if it is high or low then take the appropriate treatment to bring it back in balance. Remember there can be “too much of a good thing”.

    Also remember, just because it works for one person doesn’t mean it will work for you, as your diet may be different and causing an entirely different result.

  44. What natural ingredient is good for yeast infection? baking soda?

    • Thre’es nothing like the relief of finding what you’re looking for.

    • The best thing I’ve found without a prescription to cure a yeast infection is “silver gel.” The best brand that is FDA approved is Silver Sol. You can research for the website. The founder/doctor of this product is Dr. Sherrill Sellman. I ordered a bundle of silver products from These silver products work for a variety of things. I highly recommend.

  45. I am supposed to take 12.6 mg (mixed) per liter of water, daily. This is for my type of kidney stone (L-cycistine (sp) Urea) and recurring stone(s) due to diet; such as the consumption of proteins (meats).

  46. But what effect does baking soda have on stomach acid?

  47. I had the most aggressive type of breast cancer you can have that metastasized to my liver which was smothered in breast cancer lesions which is usually a death sentence but alas I am still alive and well. After being operated on in December 2011 and going through 6 bouts of chemotherapy and radiation and was told that I was in remission in October. But I could feel something under my rib cage that was not pain but a discomfort which after having an ultrasound was diagnosed as multiple breast cancer lesions. From then on I started to have a tablespoon of Bi-Carbonate of soda (not baking soda) mixed with 100% maple syrup every night as the last thing (before cleaning my teeth) with a mouthful of water before going to bed. To the amazement of the Oncologist and hospital in general when they did the usual ultrasounds they discovered that the lesions were shrinking and after about 6 months the lesions were all gone only the scar is left. I did have about 4 lots of chemotherapy out of the 6 scheduled before I asked to have a break but when they found that the lesions were shrinking even though I had stopped the chemo I never finished the course of chemo. Last year I had 4 PET scans which all showed I am still clear of cancer. The Oncologist are sure that the cancer will return but I am just as sure that that terrible surge will not return and if it does sow its ugly head I will be straight back on making the Bi-carbonate soda and Maple Syrup that cured me before. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that this will fix every one’s cancer but I’m saying that it certainly cannot hurt to try this because I’m walking proof that it might work for you or your friends and family and it actually seems that it might also help any other medications as well. You can contact me by ‘follow up-up comments’ if you want the recipe if you feel it may help you.

    • Congratulation Julian! You are doing something right for your own body. Keep on doing it. When the lesion is shrinking, that means it under control, into remission and finally disappear. Chemo and radiation would kill cells, they only kill the person.

    • Awesome!! Please let me know what you used as your healing mixture, thank you!

    • Congrats Jillian!! Waiting on results for my mom may I have your recipe just in case we need it please? Thank you and good luck and may God be with you always!!!

    • I would appreciate your recipe and dosage please.

      Thank you for sharing your experience this will help everyone.

      Thanks. Kate

    • Congratulations god loves you. Could I have your recipe please. Why maple syrup?

    • Thank you for sharing, Jillian. Please forward your protocol to me, as I am dealing with a stage 4 diagnosis. Hope all is well with you and I look forward to receiving this info, as well as anything else you may wish to add. Thank you and wishing you the very best ?

    • Jillian,
      Congratulations on your effort. Please can you forward you the recipe you used.
      Wonder if it will work on prostate cancer.
      Thank you.

      Alan Vest

    • Hi Jillian can I please have the recipe of baking soda and maple syrup. Thanks

      • JABEEN TRACY. It’s right in front of your eyes. I guess this is her recipe because she doesn’t have any other thing that she stated.

        I started to have a tablespoon of Bi-Carbonate of soda (not baking soda) mixed with 100% maple syrup every night as the last thing (before cleaning my teeth) with a mouthful of water before going to bed.

    • Hi JILLIAN, Nice to see you are feeling better and hopefully the cancer has gone. I love happy endings. Also, nice to share your recipe with others to help fight cancer. Take care and God Bless. Rick. When you get a chance, I would love to have your recipe. Thank you.

      • RICK LAMARCHE. It’s right in front of your eyes. I guess this is her recipe because she doesn’t have any other thing that she stated.

        I started to have a tablespoon of Bi-Carbonate of soda (not baking soda) mixed with 100% maple syrup every night as the last thing (before cleaning my teeth) with a mouthful of water before going to bed.

  48. My BP dropped to 112/80 from 142 /92 after 1 month after STOPPING baking soda. It is NOT for everybody.

  49. One night my wife woke up with a bad case of hives. She was covered head to toe in itching welts. I’d just read a Dr. Spock book on child rearing and he mentioned that baking soda was a good remedy for hives. My wife took the idea and filled the bath with warm water and a box of baking soda. After about 30 minutes the welts had all disappeared and the itching stopped.
    I’ve been using baking soda for sour stomach since I was a little kid, grandma told me, and it works fast.

  50. I have a simple & safe way to keep your PH perfect and not worry about cancer, etc. I am fortunate to live near Carlsbad, CA where I obtain pure water with perfect PH and no fluoride and other “stuff” you don’t want in your body. Note: That fluoride in your tap water and in most bottled water is now coming from China. For more information Google: CARLSBAD ALKALINE WATER. COM. It’s complete with pictures and phone number. Their water can be obtained at some Costcos. Also, for your best health, read labels and EAT ORGANIC! Regarding fruits and vegetables, look for the number 9, “9 is fine”.

  51. I want to add something to my prior comments regarding CARLSBAD ALKALINE WATER and eating ORGANIC. I am now 81 years old, have been following my advise and taking quality supplements for many years AND TAKE NO MEDS. The Big Pharma isn’t making any money off of me! God bless you in your efforts to stay healthy.

  52. Keep me informed. This is almost interesting!

  53. Bicarbonate does not necessarily mean sodium bicarbonate. If you want to drive your sodium levels up and increase your blood pressure, you can do it with sodium bicarbonate. While it is a buffer to high acid levels and high alkaline levels, the sodium level may be too much.

  54. Hi everyone ! Moderation is key to superb health.We are what we eat and what we think about. Folks,do not fall prey to bombardments of too much ”expert advice” which I already see confusing this column’s contributors. When we gulp what has already been willfully and diabolically removed of natural nutrients expect our bodies to run amok ! Do not regularly consume what is already established as a known killer of your immunity,for example, manufactured lab syrups and sugar which pervades huge percentage of modern day foods. Be physical, engage in meaningful errands especially so with your colleagues,neighbors,relatives where necessary. Do not leave long in isolation. And certainly,something that many have not taken a keen note of-a key to elixir of life- for all and sundry,and as much as possible-AVOID STRESS !

  55. Doesn’t tums contain sodium bicarbonate? And doesn’t that cause high blood pressure?

  56. 1 tsp. of baking soda (arm and hammer) lower sodium than bargain brand!
    mix with 12 once’s of water.
    I do this two times a week just for maintanance.If I had cancer I would increase my daily drinks to six times, I must bring my ph level above 8.2 for twelve days and then stop.
    Keeping it at that level for more than twelve days can be harmful to my body.
    cancer can not survive in the body with a ph higher than 7.
    Get litmus test strips and check your saliva for ph.
    p.s. everyone should know to look at youtube about this subject-real people and their results,hope this gives you better knowledge. always consult a doctor about increasing your ph first.

  57. Am interested in more reports on baking soda. Am a health researcher.

  58. Having been hearing that baking soda is good for your health. Am interested in more information on this.

  59. Raised my BP from 112/80 to 150/97. NOT a good idea if you are prone to hypertension. It’ll kill you sooner than save you. Know your body and it’s limitations.

  60. Please unsubscribe me.

    • Hi Steven, to Unsubscribe please select ‘Manage Subscription’ (located at the bottom of the emails you receive from us) then select ‘Never email me again’.

      • Double liver transplant & currently suffering from lower back pain, rt foot inflammation & neuropathy..nerve problem on rt leg.Any suggestions Mr Watchdog?

    • Greetings ??…Reg. the peroxide my Dear, we should only be using “food grade” peroxide, not the 1 in the brown bottle, thats an industrial grade….U can find food grade N most health food stores! It’s very concentrated, so U have to B careful when handling it. There’s a book called “The One Minute Cure” by: Madison Cavanaugh, it talks about oxygen, R bodies & a protocol! CONTINUED HEALTH to every1 OF YOU & your Families N this, R new normal world of “Covid 19” ……. ❤

      Also, look up IV Vitamin C therapy, study says its promising N treating some forms of cancer…!

  61. I am 97 and I feel fine. I think I will just keep on keeping on. 🙂

  62. Great informative and interesting topic really. baking soda is huge in the news right now.

  63. One part of the normal diet is to eat quality protein and I us lot of eggs, in the form of duck eggs, free range as they are alkaline and not acid. Many of the Paleo recipes call for eggs and so they are very good. So raise your own ducks or find a good free range source of quacker eggs. Read up on the nutrition of eggs.

  64. I would be afraid of this. Over time ,f you have had an acid stomach all your life, your whole body chemistry has adjusted to this condition. Such a drastic change in stomach acidity could throw your whol body chemistry OFF.

  65. I have found that a shot of baking soda gives me an energy boost first thing in the morning but if I take more than 3 per day I have some bad bursitis pain in my hip all day. Can anyone comment on this?

  66. Just limit the Baking Soda to 3 times a day.

  67. DO NOT use Arm & Hammer Baking Soda it is processed with chemicals I use Bob’s Red Mill products. I only use Arm & Hammer to clean with, because I use so much of it. Think about what goes on & in your body. Use non-gmo organic whenever possible. It makes a difference. I went thru my home, car, and purse and threw out anything that had chemicals in it. A big surprise was Dawn dishwashing detergent is cleaner than the “natural” ones. Check out she does research into how products are manufactured and how toxic they are. I wish you luck on your journey.

    • Cindy,
      Arm & Hammer is “processed with chemicals”? Baking soda IS a chemical. It is sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3). It either IS that formula or isn’t. There is no “non-GMO baking soda”. Baking soda can be MINED from the ground, just like salt is mined. Yes, the mined salt IS “sea salt” bit produced by truly ancient seas, from the time of the dinosaurs, and so has far less pollutants than now. “Sea Salt” made today from shallow salt lagoons has all the oil spills, garbage spills, and pollutants of the modern world, so MUST be worse for your body than the “mined salt” from salt mines laid down MILLIONS of years ago.

      • I believe we are talking here about trace amounts of man-made, truely poisonous substances, endocrine disruptors.
        In many cases they do cumulate, causing even more harm with their compund effect, and don’t detox easily – your body just don’t know what do do with them.

        How one can really KNOW, if there really is JUST NaHCO3 in the packet or is there something else too? We don’t have our convenient pocket-laboratories yet in 2022 to measure.
        So, therefore is always better to know as much as possible about your food and avoid suspicious surces. At least you can be much confident with your “certified organic” -things.

    • Cindy,
      Water is a chemical. Every part in your car is made up of molecules which are comprised of chemicals. Did you throw out your whole car?

  68. I would have thought the opposite is more likely. My mother took baking soda for years and years and died of a massive heart attack at 76. She had rampant heart failure and had eaten a wonderful diet of with many many vegetables all her life. It just goes to show…there’s not a lot we can do to change our DNA.

    • Thank you for sharing. Only telling the REASON of hearth failure takes far more than knowing just 2 things about the person!
      There is a “ocean of epigenetic parameters” around us (next to much smaller “genetic lake”) with questions, like:
      – when, how much, how and what type of B. soda your mother took?
      – what else and how she took?
      – when, how much, how and what vegetables she eat?
      – what else she eat?
      – how was her sleep? what regimes of exercise, connection? did she experienced distresses?, etc, etc!

  69. I do baking soda almost everyday, usually 2 teaspoons to maybe 4 oz of water. I also drink only purified water which greatly reduces the acid you can get from tap water. As a bonus this helps with indigestion if I eat too much or eat spicy food.

  70. Dr Tulia Simmoncini,.oncologist ( Italy) was curing stage 4 cancers by injecting the tumor with a 5% solution of baking soda and distilled water . The Italian medical cabal revoked his medical license, because ” he was not following protocol”.He said cancer was caused by the fungus “Candida albicans”. It has been suggested to use “Bob’s Red Mill” brand of baking soda, as it does not have the arsenic that other brands have.The sugar addiction is so rampant, that it was suggested that the candida fungus secrets enzymes that make us crave sugar ,in order to keep the fungus alive. During a sugar “fast” diet, do not “give in” to eating any sugar ,or high starch foods.After 30 days , you will feel more energetic, with less brain fog, and no more sugar cravings

  71. It makes sense to me that baking soda changes body ph, which can help with all kinds of physical problems, but I think if you add more ingredients that directly affect ph, you can accomplish a lot more.

    The supplements. potassium, calcium, magnesium and manganese are very common in formulas, although all minerals are alkalizing.

    The same for the super greens that a lot of companies are advertising. They contain a lot of good nutrients but also, and very importantly, they help to alkalize the body, bringing it closer to the optimum ph level.

    This also relates to the algae formulas that are popular. Super green nutrition with a lot of alkalizing ability and most people with any type of disease could probably benefit if taking it in therapeutic doses instead of a maintenance dose.

    Disease only gets a foothold in an acidic environment. A healthy ph indicates a healthy immune system and disease cannot take control of a neutral ph environment.

    • I should have also mentioned that I agree with the fellow who says that taking baking soda with a meal may neutralize stomach acid, which you don’t want to do because it will impair digestion.

      So, if you do take it, wait until a couple of hours after a meal, or better yet, go for an option that will have a more positive effect at changing the ph of your body.








    • Lawrence (LA) H., Thank you for all the helpful information. You will be in my prayers and thoughts. You are going to be well.

    • I don’t have a cancer but I did get NON curable infection during many brain surgeries in the hospital in surgery. For years have been fighting this on my own. After very extensive research I found H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxide Edible with distilled water and I put myself on 25 day period protocol and I have NO longer infection. I am well and take no prescriptions anymore. H2O2 will change in our body as oxygen and if you have enough of oxygen it will cure anything and everything. I love it, having a lots of energy and being over 70 I can do anything. I also take baking soda and water combination just to have enough PH. It is very important to human body to function properly since we don’t have it in our water. But we have a chlorine in our water and that kills our PH and oxygen and that is why we get sick.

  73. very interesting what you say about baking soda. Apart from this, I am surprised that you never ever mention the mineralsalts of Schuessler. He was a doctor in the 19th C. but continued studying, examining the ashes of people who were burned. He found that the human body is made of 11 minerals (science today knows that there are over 30). His theory: Replenishing the body with the missing minerals, people can be cured. These minerals are working not only with people, but also with animals and plants, so nobody can say “it’s all in your head”. inge

  74. You should never ever take baking soda orally. This changes the pH of the small intestines and then the bacteria from your bowel move up. The gut and small intestine are meant to be acidic. When the pH is reduces it makes for ideal living conditions in the small intestine for you gut bugs, a rich source of food. So you don’t get your nutrients, the bugs do and you become not only malnourished you get small intestinal bacterial overgrowth SIBO> This will kill you slowly but surely. It is an insidious condition, sucks the life out of you and your brain without you knowing what is causing all your symptoms, ie. brain fog, fatigue just to name two, you end up with leaky gut and then autoimmune disease. You also shouldn’t have lots of fruit and green smoothies, causes the same problem. Just chew your veg and fruit.

    • It’s true. Only in certain circumstances, and fully dependent on the amount (if small, can act as hormesis), and one’s health conditions, and life style/activities!
      One man’s medicine is another’s poison, as always.

  75. As for me, I brush my teeth daily with baking soda and use it once a day as my deodorant.
    Plus I have ate no meat since the Summer of 1973. For a 66 yr old, I walk faster down the
    street than most 25 yr old men and women. Never drank, never smoked, never done illegal
    drugs, love alkaline foods and mostly raw. I blended green drinks of organic foods (organic berries
    included) when am semi-fasting.
    My only weakness in life…WOMAN! Thank God.

    PS: Will soon start on Gundry MD Vital Reds, also. As I love world travel, more of, once I retire at 70.

  76. Love the content of your studies, input and more.


  77. Consider the fact that our breathing rate is actually controlled by the need to expel excess carbon dioxide (rather than just increase oxygen uptake). Control of blood pH by raising it back to 7.4 via carbon dioxide removal is more important than mere oxygen level – important as the latter is. So, if you have lots of available carbon dioxide (say, from bicarbonate reacting with lactic acids) you will breath faster just as you would if you were alternatively creating carbon dioxide directly by physical activity. Breathing faster will assure you are obtaining more oxygen as a result. Extra oxygen is exceptionally beneficial when performing any mental or physical task. Bicarbonate intake can also be useful in acclimatizing to major increases in mountain terrane elevations. Having carbon dioxide sources that are NOT consuming oxygen to create it can permit higher blood oxygenation by increasing breathing rate until an increase in oxygen-carrying blood hemoglobin can become established.

  78. What everyone is ignoring here is the importance of the Sodium/Potassium Pump. Sodium is needed by the body to get nutrients into the cell. Potassium is needed to eliminate the waste products of your cells. I take the Potassium bicarbonate version which acts to increase my PH levels. My last urinalysis from Sept 2018 showed mine to be a PH of 7.5 which is excellent. If you take sufficient levels of potassium there should not be a problem with sodium causing heart issues. This is my personal experience.

    • In what form then, is your Potassium?
      As baking soda is always Sodium substance (NaHCO3), in what form you take your Potassium (K)?

  79. There’s one guy promoting drinking the stuff during fasting. I tried it but I cannot take high doses. I can only do a half teaspoon per bottle of water, with some lemon and a pinch of sea salt.

  80. I have been controlling my pH for 12 years with incredible results! I maintain the pH of my saliva at 7.2-7.5 by using a formula called pHAlo ( The capsules are easier to swallow than the taste of sodium Bicarb and it has other factors that help as well.

    • shirley A. Pedersen


  81. Isn’t sodium bicarbonate bad for people that have cirrhosis of the liver?

    • You need healing activities BUNDLE to deal with cirrhosis! It’s NEVER about just some “one bad/good thing”… You, person, are a symphony, living in another, even bigger, terrain symphony, with countless parameters!

  82. baking soda 1 teaspoon 2 to three times a day have increased my blood pressure as high as 166/116

    i take 1 teaspoon with 5 spoons of apple cider vinegar, which was helping my psoriasis. now i am puzzled i i continue taking it has very negative effect on my bp, if not my psoriasis flare-up.

  83. hi. like baking soda is free i want also hemp plant to see free in every garden and farm..

  84. Juan Manuel Lozano Romero

    Un servidor tiene mas de tres años tomando Bicarbonato y me siento muy bien a mis 71 años de edad.
    Juan Manuel Lozano Romero

  85. Pamela Hondzinski

    I do not buy backing soda with aluminum it. Don’t buy Big Food brands.

  86. The last thing i do every night is take a scant tsp of baking soda in hot water. I have done this for years for both acid stomach relief and to combat uric acid. I also use it to wash my hair and add to bath water. I’m a dog groomer and I use it also in my shop on any dogs with bad skin or oily coats. Baking Soda is one of many of God’s gifts.

  87. I am reading all of the great stuff baking soda does but I have to question that. When my mom was in her early 50s she woke early one morning with a case of heart burn. She had no alka seltzer so took a tea spoon of baking soda in warm water. 45 minutes after injesting this she had a major heart attack and died. Nobody in my family has touched baking soda since that experience. I don’t know if the baking soda had anything to do with her death but I take no chances.

  88. All this talk of taking Baking Soda every day is not necessary.If you have cancer,yes,that is different.All things in moderation. Buy alkaline water. Or put 2 teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar in a liquid,few oz.,this turns system in body from acidic to alkaline. Also,no need to brush teeth every day with baking soda,not necessary again. once a month,several times is fine to diminidh coffee stains. Ask dentist,??

    • True everything in moderation I agree to much of something isn’t always a good thing plant based is best also there’s alot of foods out there that r plant based nowadays and they taste really good

  89. i used baking soda when i have problem with my stomach pain it help the pain. i tried gas x, tums, rolaids and nothing seems to help but the baking. i love it. i tell everyone of my family and friends about baking soda they no ok this is health natural remedy. i am old school from parent and grandparents and i was on you-tube reading about baking soda.

  90. I suffer from flatulence and stomach acid. I have to take an anti-acid medication to help. Hopefully this book will help my condition. Ashby P Harris.

  91. You talk to much. Get to the point. The sooner the better.

  92. I tried the baking soda routine and I almost died as a result. After 2 week of using 1/2 tsp of baking soda in 16.9 ounce of bio Vitale H2o/honey and cinnamon, my blood pressure shot up to 197/84 and it hovered around 187/ 90 for several days. Sodium of any kind will increase your blood pressure and people should be reminded that if they have high blood pressure to stay away from the baking soda routines.

  93. MUY BUENO.

  94. The best cure for flatulence – especially smelly ones – is food enzymes. Your body is not producing enough digestive enzymes to properly digest your food. Normalizing/correcting body PH should help the gal bladder, stomach and small intestine revitalize and increase their enzyme production, but until they do take food enzymes. Gas is normally the result of fermentation (apples is a common cause). I eat at least an apple a day and sometimes get some gas but no odor since I understood the importance of food enzymes and take when needed as when I eat a large apple instead of a small one.

  95. Uh I have had end stage renal disease and now have a transplant 18 years old and still working well. I don’t understand the recommendation for high potassium however because congestive heart faiure is a major cause of death among dialysis patients and high potassium can make your heart go into cardiac arrest. In fact potassium used to be used to stop the heart during open heart surgery. That is a HINT. I have however been advised to up my bicarb levels by my nephrologist. But fruits rich in potassium? NO WAY.

  96. Susan and John Barnet

    Let us give this a try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  97. Baking soda is an excellent product and yes it does all these great things. But I use
    Aluminum free baking soda.
    There is aluminum in it ! Because the amount is low, the government says it does not have to be revealed.

  98. Amongst the fruits listed are bananas a great source of Potassium, l would much rather eat two or three bananas a day than play chemist with bicarb soda ! Also as the stomach is the center of your immune ssystem and it is the health of your stomach that plays an important role in Your overall health ! My stomach determines the health of my bowels and l need to watch the balance between constipation and diarrhoea !

  99. Older people need an acidic stomach usually and baking soda would be the opposite, right?

  100. HEY acidic ALSO helps prevent cancer! Cancer cells cant grow in a lower ph or acidic environment! I take a 1/4 teaspoon baking soda powder daily in water or my coffee!

  101. Love the comments! I discovered baking soda on my own years ago. My husband was taking it for GERD. I had an upset stomach one night so I took some on his advice. It worked great, but it also relieved all my inflammation and stopped my allergy reactions dead in their tracks! Baking powder is not baking soda! Baking soda is pure bicarbonate soda. It contains no aluminum as far as I know. I found that 1/2 tsp in a glass of water at night helped me sleep better. If your pee is cloudy, you are in an acidic state. When you have the bicarb, it reverses that. It also helps get rid of fungal infections. The miracle cure for many things. Important to note: Yes, it can cause elevated blood pressure, if your arteries are clogged. But if you take K-2, MK-7 in the correct amount*, as well as krill oil, and vitamin C, you can reverse the artery damage, obtaining smooth supple arteries with no calcium buildup, so there is no problem with baking soda and you can then quit your harmful statins and other pharmaceuticals. Folate (not folic acid) helps keep your blood cells healthy and not sticky also. I know 4 people who did all these things, and at 60-85 years old, none of them have any health problems!
    *Correct amount is determined by your D3 intake. Normally, 5,000IUs per day indicates you should be getting 500-600 micrograms of K2, MK-7 per day. Biophix makes 300 mc capsules.
    With healthy arteries, you can then ingest more salt which helps your body make amounts of natural bicarbonate soda in more youthful levels. Another neat trick, from an ayurvedic practitioner, is inhaling steam from fresh pressed garlic brought almost to boiling, while covering your head and pot with a towel. Inhale for a few minutes. This gets rid of any emerging sinus infections or post nasal drip coughing spells. Works like a charm!

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