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3 Ingredient Daily Drink Tonics for Your Best Health


Today’s blog is republished from my friends at TheAlternativeDaily, and I wanted to share it on our blog here because it combines a few different amazing “tonics” you should add to your regular routine.  You don’t need to do all of them daily, but should definitely figure out how to add them to your regular routine…

By Liivi Hess,

As a nation, we’re fascinated with the concept of miraculous healing. Presumably, this miracle can come in the form of a pill, tea or a fantastically labeled elixir of health. Every day, millions of dollars are spent as people search for cures in the form of mystical pharmaceutical remedies that can banish all ailments and protect from disease.

Sadly, no one ever finds it. It seems that fancy packaging and slick marketing aren’t directly proportional to healing abilities. At best, these mass-produced, semi-synthetic, meticulously labeled products have but a minor placebo effect. At worst, they can actually make our health decrease, unbalance hormones and offset vital bodily functions.

It may come as a surprise to learn the mystical health tonic you’ve been searching for is much closer to home. As with many things in the health world, taking a step back and observing how our predecessors did things can be invaluable. The solution lies in simple, minimally processed, raw ingredients — ones that are selected for their natural health benefits, not as a small cog in a great machine comprised of many altered, unnatural ingredients.

Here are two three-ingredient concoctions that may just provide that miracle of health and healing you’ve been searching for.


Apple cider vinegar, honey and cinnamon super syrup

While very simple to make and with no rare or hard-to-find ingredients, this health tonic is wide-ranging in the benefits it bestows upon those who drink it. It can relieve constipation, reduce inflammation, support kidney function, promote heart health, prevent or fight urinary tract infections, protect against bacterial, fungal or viral attack and keep the common cold at bay. As you can see, it is a heavy-hitter in the realm of health care, helping to boost your immune system and support strong heart and organ function.

The key to success with this health tonic is to source only the highest quality ingredients. Now is not the time to worry about your wallet at the supermarket or health-food store. It’s absolutely a worthwhile health investment to buy high-caliber ingredients.

With this in mind, here are the qualifications for each ingredient:

  • The apple cider vinegar must be raw and organic. Raw means it still contains the active cultures that support your gut biome and bolster your immune system. Organic means the apples from which it was made are not coated in pesticides, heavy metals and toxins, which would then pass into your system and offset all your hard work.
  • The honey must be raw, preferably organic. Organic just implies the bees have not pollinated flowers or plants which are treated with pesticides, herbicides or other nasty applications. This ensures you get only the highest quality honey from known sources. Raw means that the honey has not been pasteurized, a process to increase its shelf life but can render it biologically inactive by killing off the active enzymes in the honey — the reason it’s such a potent ingredient.
  • And of course, your cinnamon should also be organic. As with our other ingredients, buying non-organic cinnamon means you’re at greater risk of ingesting harmful toxins and heavy metals, which can negatively impact your health.

Combine two cups of the apple cider vinegar, one cup of honey and two teaspoons of cinnamon in a jar and stir/shake well. Store your super syrup in a cool dry area, keeping in mind that placing it in the fridge will cause the honey to harden and settle to the bottom. A couple of sips in the morning, and again at night are enough to ensure you enjoy all of the nurturing benefits of this tonic.

Warm water, lemon and apple cider vinegar health-ade

That’s right, we’re once again employing the health properties of our friend apple cider vinegar — it’s just that good! This time it’s a simple concoction you can make in seconds if you have the ingredients ready; all you need is some warm or room temperature filtered or mineral water, raw organic apple cider vinegar and half an organic lemon. Simple as that.

Drinking this each morning, as soon as you wake up and before you put anything else in your stomach, is an excellent way to start your day. It stimulates digestion, expels toxins from the liver and supports your digestive enzymes for a busy day ahead.

Once again, the ingredient requirements are strict: your water should preferably be spring water from glass bottles, but if this isn’t available then filtered water will do. This ensures the base for your tonic isn’t introducing new toxins into your body as you drink it — that would be a bit counterproductive. Next, as above, your apple cider vinegar should be raw, organic and unfiltered. When apple cider vinegar is filtered, the health-giving SCOBY or “mother” (an accumulation of beneficial bacteria and yeast that turns the apples into vinegar) is removed, and we definitely don’t want that.

Finally, the lemon should be organic, to ensure its skin isn’t riddled with nasty pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

Fill a glass with warm water, squeeze in half a lemon, and pour in a rough teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Sip it slowly and let it work its magic!

These health tonics work best if you keep at it — make sure you drink them as directed for at least a week to begin experiencing the myriad of health benefits they offer.

—Liivi Hess

Liivi is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and is training to become a doula. She inspires women to find peace and personal power by taking control of health and fertility naturally. Liivi‘s passion is ancestral nutrition and primal lifestyle design. She and her partner Will live between Toronto, Canada and Queenstown, New Zealand.

(Original article source here)

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  1. I am a follower of natural remedies therefore would very much like to put my hands on these type of life saving articles. Thanks a million.

  2. curcumin
    warm water

  3. Enjoyed this email. Very Good!!

  4. Enjoyed this email, well written! Very good!

  5. 1/2 cup Luke warm water
    2 tbs acv
    2 tbs coconut oil
    1 tsp cod liver oil
    10 drops Lugol Iodine 2%
    1/2 tsp cinnamon
    1/2 tsp ginger
    1/8 tsp cayenne pepper
    1/8 tsp black pepper
    2 tsp boiled turmeric
    1 tbs honey

    All blended in a “bullet” for one minute
    That’s my morning regiment.

  6. Just remembered

    1/2 lemon juice
    Added to my morning Elixir.

    • I always use all of the lemon minus the seeds. I cut mine in half and pluck the seeds out and blend the rind with the juice/pulp. There is much more nutrition in the rind than in the interior of the fruit.

  7. I tried to get the thyroid bulletin sent to me and it did not come.
    Is there another way to receive it?

    • Hi Pat, not quite sure what you’re referring to. Do you mind providing a link of the page where you requested the information so we can better assist you.

  8. I have been fighting breast cancer since 12-15-15. Before that day I did not consume a single pill (prescription drug & I’m 56 ) OMG what my poor body has been through over the past 6 months is mind boggling. I still have many surgeries & months of Chemo to go. I am so happy that I signed up for this newsletter. I will definitely be trying the “super syrup” & the “acv health-ade” starting tomorrow! Thank you so much, I can’t wait to be among the healthy again!

  9. How much acv,honey & cinnamon for the tonic?


  11. Simple recipes, light to pocket and no more kitchen rituals!

  12. How many sips is it required in the morning and at night?

  13. can i have the daily amounts for the mixture of CV,HONEY CINNAMON,WATER? H ow many times a day to drink it? Thank You!

    • Hi Gail, to fully enjoy the benefits we recommend to take 2x a day (2-3 sips in the morning and same in the evening, that come out to 2-3 oz. a day). From experience we recommend to make them ahead to ensure to drink them regularly. The recipe provided is good for 7-10 days.

  14. Thank you for these interesting articles

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  16. very interesting , thanks

  17. Rolando Escamilla

    can you share your expert advice on Gout and how to prevented . Regards

  18. Ordia Perez-Pettway

    Thanks so much I’m learning so much on what’s best to eat and not to eat for me and my family

  19. Thanks for this very important and helpful information.
    I certainly appreciate this .

  20. Thank you for the healthy foods.

  21. Is this the drink that gets the belly fat off?

    2-cups acv
    1-cup honey
    2-tsp of cinnamon

  22. I so enjoyed this…. use to drink something like this yrs ago…need to get back into that so ty

  23. where can organic acv and honey and lemon be bought…. only health food stores?

  24. Can the acv, honey, and cinnamon concoction be mixed with some warm water to drink? Taking a couple of sips full strength would burn my throat.

  25. Thanx a lot

    • Stuart, There is a wonderful book by David Hackett Fischer called ]Albion's Seed' that in many ways supports your thesis for a genetic basis to the right-ward slant of US politics. He argues that four immigrant paths from the British Isles to the US have had a fundamental influence on American politics, with the numerous independent borderlands folk of Ireland, Scotland and the north of England having had a particular influence. Worth a read.

  26. Very helpful advice.

  27. What’s cinnamon syrup ,? Van I use the cinamon powder ?

  28. What is cinnamon syrup never heard of it , but can I use cinnamon power?

  29. Is it suggested that people do both drinks- the acv drink & the lemon drink every morning? Or just one or the other??

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  32. Thank you very much.


  33. How about adding Baking Soda to that morning drink? I add a pinch to mine every morning.

  34. Thank you for healthy information!

  35. Muy interesante su articulo, creo que lo estera probando muy pronto..

  36. What about using Maple Vinegar instead of Apple Cider Vinegar?

  37. Thanks for your advices.
    I am 62 yrs old. Under went heart bypass surgery about 12 yrs ago. After two years severe arthritis problem. Also hypothyroid since then.
    My weight is 95 kegs. Medium built. Height 5 ft. 10 inches.
    I take following medicines daily:
    Thyroxine 50 mg. 3 tablets in morning
    Nexum 20 mg. 2 tablets in morning and evening
    As card 75 mg 1 tablet
    Elantantan long. 1 tablet
    Concor 2.5. 1/2 tablet
    Pharmaton. 1 tablet
    Recol 20 mg. 1 tablet
    Coversam 4mg/5mg. 1 tablet
    Go Uric. 1 tablet
    Methotrexate. 3 tablets weekly

    Kindly suggest me some home made receive for weight loss. Overall I m ok but my waist is approx. 46 inches.
    I shall be very thankful to you
    Parvez Elahi Karachi Pakistan

    • To much meds for starters. the lemon drink will surely help to lose weight

    • Wow man!!!!Those meds will kill you totally! Flush down the toilet Mr!!!! Pills are POISON!!!!!

    • OMG, why are you taking so much Nexium and how long have you been taking it, in addition to all those other drugs. Even the instructions that come with the Nexium prescription, as well as the FDA, indicate that Nexium shouldn’t be taken longer than 6 weeks. Long term use of Nexium can lead to kidney failure, accelerated stroke risk, dementia, colitis, bone fractures, and arterial damage. You can’t even stop it cold turkey, you must gradually decrease the dosage.

      • Hi, have bad indigestion and food seems to get stuck in my throat, especially rice. I have started taking Nexium but don’t really want to, do you know of anything else to do instead?
        Thanks, Sandra.

        • Hi, I also take Nexium and if it messes up with stuff then so be it. I have GERD and Acid Reflux so bad that if I didn’t take something I would be screaming. I went on a trip and forgot my meds box. My friend and I ate at a nominally non spicy restaurant and then went straight back to the room. Within an hour I was screaming and she went everywhere to find something for me. If she had not found something we would have went to the hospital. I cannot even explain the pain. It felt like someone took a branding iron to my chest, esophagus, and all the way to the top of my throat.

        • I too had been taking Nexium or some form of the same pill for 23 years when I discovered doTerra Greens — take everyday and no problems and no more pills. Check our the natural essential oils of doTerra — completely pure and amazing.

    • No natural recipe in the world will help until you wean yourself off all of those toxic pharmaceutical drugs.

  38. Compliments of the new year, please keep us healthy, I’m experiencing a skin problem like having two colour, something like ring worms I really need help. Drank lots and lots of things being told it’s inside and used lots and of creams I’m trying bicarbonate of soda as advised in on of the articles.

    One other thing I need to loose weight its so frustrating

  39. Nice remedies

  40. Ill try it because i have serious belching gas problems

  41. I would like to make a cup of this. About 8 ounce. Okay, 8 ounce of water and a half of squeezed lemon. So, how much of apple cider vinegar and cinnamon do I need for 1 cup? 1 teaspoon of these or a tablespoon? And to get maximum benefits, should I drink this once a day or twice a day?

  42. Can anyone tell me what the mandatory waiting time before we can eat our breakfast? 30 mins 60 mins?

    I have been doing this for about 4 weeks now and I usually wait about an hour, however I always have to make my breakfast ahead of time and bring it to work with me, which I’d prefer not to do so if the waiting period after we drink it is less than 60 mins that would be great!

    Thanks so much.

  43. Should a person take both elixers daily ie: Avc, honey and cinnamon. as well as water, lemon and avc?? Just wondering

  44. I tried acv and honey ,, good results in first week but second week I got sore throut and coughs what should I do to continue the regiment

  45. Doris Turnipseed

    Thank you

  46. Feeling not so good eat one fifth of avocado pear seed.
    Yuck but very good antioxidant.

    Daily brush pegs and tongue with sea salt; contains Calcium and Magnesium.

    Drink a pint to three pints of filtered warm water first thing every morning, get rid of most illnesses.

    Include; Omega 3 natural fish oil vitamins D and Magnesium in your daily intake.

  47. I have not received the Lean Belly Breakthrough main manual that I paid with PayPal for $38.39. Now what?

  48. Danelle McMaster

    The Watchdog, Should I drink both the super syrup and the lemon acv health aid? Not sure if I should pick one or do both daily? Enjoyed the article, thank you!

  49. Sister Catherine D.M Yaskiw

    hello all good suggestions. the best honey is Wendall Estate prairie honey. helpful hint too is freeze the whole lemon and use the whole thing for getting all the goodness and nutrients. asv organic and best is becks that i have found so far.

    • Sorry Sister, but the best honey is organic LOCAL honey. It has been shown to acclimate the body to local allergies. Wendall Estate Prairie Honey may BE local to you, but it is not the best for people who live in different areas.

  50. I use 1 tbspBraggs ACV, 1 tsp organic honey, pinch of ceyenne pepper, and about 1/4 tp cinnamon, every night with 8 oz water. I have lost 23 lbs,belly fat, no more phlegm, better immune system in about a years time. I have added a chopped thin luce of raw ginger and some tumeric and a squeeze of lemon juice to warm water, plus the acv mixture when I feel a cold or sinus headache coming on. It really helps. I have not be r n to the dr for hronchitus in 2 years since I have bern doing this. Beore I wasthere 4 times a year or more.

  51. Thank you for the excellent advice.

  52. Mushroom, mango, leeks, garlic, collards salad. All fresh ingredients, works for me.

  53. Good Day, Thank you for all your comments. Another excellent product to take is Organic Raw Coconut oil. Absolutely excellent for your health

  54. Eat to live, Don’t live for eat

  55. I have always been constipated, bloated such that I’ve become dependent on laxative tablets which I take every day before I go to bed. Over the years I’ve had to increase dosage of the laxative from one tablet to three since a single tablet didn’t work for me anymore. I started taking apple cider vinegar, lemon, cinnamon and maple syrup mixed in water. This was just a week ago. I can feel the changes, no more constipation (regular now every morning every day!), my tummy which used to be bloated is shrinking a bit, I noticed my appetite is more controlled, and even when I indulge, I can’t! I feel full quickly with just a small amount of food. I take this tonic three times a day, because I really enjoy the taste (kinda like apple pie!)

  56. Hi This is my first time. Would you use both those organic drinks I just read about? If so how would you divide them up? I think I will be reading more of your articles. Thank you.

  57. Jerry W. Kelley

    I have a really big problem withe the acid in lemons, limes and oranges. After a few days of drinking them I get shooting pains in my arms and legs.

  58. Hello to all, it’s really a pleasant for me to pay a visit this web
    site, it consists of priceless Information.

  59. thanks ,good to get some knowledge and advice and lean

  60. Please note that this same combo of Braggs
    apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, and turmeric
    will control high blood sugar levels.
    (No more daily pills or shots) Natural cure
    combine with daily exercise and one day a
    week fasting✌️

  61. great tips for a great health

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