Is there one type of apple that helps you lose more weight than others?


Today’s blog, republished from my friend Danette May, is going to give you some great information on one of nature’s perfect foods…

by Danette May, Fitness Expert

If you’re not heeding the old adage of an ‘apple a day’, you need to read this.

Many studies point to the beneficial effects of apples. This includes their antioxidant effects, and positive impact on heart health.

As if that wasn’t enough, they regulate blood sugar too!

This is good news, because it is the single biggest factor that helps keep body weight healthy. Interesting!

How exactly do apples help fight obesity?

It is all because of two factors in apples – fiber and phenolic compounds.
Studies show that both fiber and phenolic compounds in apple protect against many diseases.

Especially, the non-digestible fiber part of the apple resists digestion by stomach juices. They dodge the digestive acids and enzymes too, and reach the colon. This is where the gut bacteria thrive.

Gut bacteria feed on these non-digestible fiber and produce short chain fatty acids. Otherwise called SCFA’s, these are the result of the fermentation by gut bacteria.

Short chain fats have many benefits like:

  • Sustained energy
  • Stable blood sugar
  • Improving satiety and keeping you full
Research showed that eating more apples increased the number of healthy bacteria. It particularly altered two kinds of bacteria. The strains were the Clostridiales and Bacteriodes species. Both are known to influence gut health and general health.

BUT…It’s important to choose the right variety

Granny Smith apples are what you should reach for to get the best weight loss effect. Studies show that Granny Smith varieties have more non-digestible compounds than other types.

Scientists at Washington State University suggest Granny Smith apples for obese individuals. They say it may help lower the risk of disorders associated with being obese.

They found that when obese mice were fed the Granny smith variety their gut flora changed to that of lean mice. A gut flora that is the same as lean mice, helps lower the risk of disorders accompanying obesity.

Choose clean apples

Beware of pesticide residue and wax coating:

The Environmental Working Group reports that apples are high in pesticide residues. Another thing to note is the petroleum-based waxes used as a coating on apples.

So, keep it clean, choose an organic apple over conventional ones.

Also, be sure to pick apples that are free of soft spots and mushiness. Hold the apple between your thumb and index finger and squeeze it. The harder it is to squeeze, the crispier it is.

Here are 4 easy ways to eat more of this variety:

1. Freeze for a quick snack: Wash, cut and slice them up. Freeze them in ziploc snack bags so it is easy to grab and go as a healthy snack.

2. Bake: Granny smith apples are tart and firm. This makes it great for baking recipes like apple cobbler, apple crisp (healthy apple crisp recipe here), and pie.

3. Make apple sauce: Homemade chunky apple sauce makes a great topping for pancakes too!

4. Enjoy with probiotics: Eat cubed granny smith apples with a probiotic like Greek yogurt. You will be able to boost your healthy gut bacteria in few delicious scoops a day.

Not to forget, eating whole fruit is always beneficial and helps to promote weight loss.

Yours in Health,

Danette May
(The original article source is here)

Other notes on apples nutrition:

The average apple contains about 3-5 grams of fiber, and about 20-26 grams of total carbs depending on size.  I like to look at not only glycemic index of certain carb sources, but also ratio of fiber to total carbs as a good indicator of how they will affect your blood sugar.  Apples are a good choice for a healthy carbohydrate source when kept in moderation.

Apples are also a good source of polyphenols that help to prevent heart disease, protect your brain health, and lower blood pressure.  In addition, although type 2 diabetics can do a lot better on a higher fat, lower carbohydrate diet overall, apples are one of the better sources of carbohydrates for diabetics since they have a slow effect on blood sugar instead of abrupt.

Now that you know apples can help fight obesity these powerful fruits are almost in a class of their own. Apples along with grapes (especially when made into red wine) are some of the most healthiest and fat-fighting fruits in the world.

Some red wines are more powerful at fat-burning than others and help boost your metabolism. Take this short quiz to find out.

Quiz: Which Red Wine Boosts Metabolism?

Although hard alcohol like vodka, whisky, gin and tequila can increase belly fat…

Prominent scientists from Greece have found that one of the following red wines actually increases fat-burning when you drink it a certain way.

But which one? Is it…


(Click on the wine image you think is right.)

HINT – One of the red wines above is part of an ancient Mediterranean ritual to purify and cleanse the body of dangerous toxins while naturally promoting fat-burning.

That’s why, if you’re gonna drink wine AND lose weight fast, it should definitely be this…

Click here to find out which red wine boosts metabolism


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Mike Geary has been a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer for over 15 years now. He has been studying nutrition and exercise for almost 25 years, ever since being a young teenager. Mike is originally from Pennsylvania, but has fallen in love with mountain life and now resides in the picturesque mountains of Utah. Mike is an avid adventurist and when he’s not spending his time skiing, mountain biking, hiking, or paddleboarding on the lake, he has enjoyed skydiving, whitewater rafting, piloting an Italian fighter plane (seriously), scuba diving, heli-skiing, and traveling all around the world, enjoying learning about different cultures. At the age of 40, Mike now feels healthier, stronger, and more energetic than when he was 20... All because of a healthy lifestyle and great nutrition!

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  1. I’ve heard that Granny Smith apples are now GMO and as such would be a disaster for the digestive system.

    • Liz
      Conventional apples are on the dirty dozen list. Although you may eat organic and feel safe.

      • Diane C Esposito

        How do we know if organic apples are acutally non-gmo if the lable only reflects “organic” USDA certified or just “organic”?

        • Granny smiths are really really tart and when I ate one had enormous awful pain in my stomach. Never buy them I like Golden Delicious.

    • So buy only the organic Granny Smiths. Organic foods are always Non-GMO by definition and pesticide free.

    • YOU are so right. I was just about to comments on that, then I saw what you wrote…ALL APPLES REGARDLESS CONTAIN G.M.O. EXCEPT FOR AMBROSIA…I ONLY buy the Ambrosia now and have been for a long time…New research has examined/tested every single apple available and ONLY the AMBROSIA has been found to have NO G.M.O. so eat away and be happy…I also know full well that ORGANIC has NOT been proven to do anything beneficial except to cost MORE money and put MORE MONEY into somebody’s pocket b/c of the word ORGANIC. Who on earth thought about that word to begin with haha?

      • My dear organic means no artificial chemicals or synthetic pesticides used in growing the food. It is a choice of what you want to feed your body. Not any better nutritionally, but they do taste better.
        Yes they cost more and have a shorter life.

        I want good taste and no chemicals! Your choice!@

  2. Great article. From the article I think that cooking the apples over eating raw is OK.
    Would like to know how many apples a day to eat?

  3. I would like to get belly fat but I live in australia

    • If you live in Australia, try the Monty’s Surprise Apple. It has the highest nutritional value of all apples. I have a couple new trees and can’t wait the few years to try these. They are reported to cure colon cancer. I love Granny Smith apples as well for their tart taste and crunchy texture.

  4. What about honey crisp apples?
    I love them!

    • Probably too sweet. They are still good I’m sure but not as beneficial as Granny Smiths. Granny Smiths are the only Apple on the candida diet because they don’t have much natural sugar and therefore don’t feed yeast and bad bacteria. Anything that feeds good bacteria so it can overcome the bad (which with carbs and sugars in the AMERICAN diet is a lot of bad) is a very good thing

  5. Would like to know more of about the fat burning fruit and vegetables that you should eat.

    • Hello Anton,I am working on a blog series on minisalimt footwear. I am looking for a few people who would be willing to review my work and comment, kind of like a peer review. Is this something that you might be interested in doing?If so, is there a way that I can contact you other than through comments?

  6. I love Honey Crisp apples too Peg
    They are my favorite apple to eat
    I eat at least 2 of these apples a day. I noticed that you didn’t get a reply to your answer if Honey Crisp apples are okay to eat to lose weight. I’m not that found of Granny Smith apples on their own. I don’t mind them in a salad or an apple crisp, but if they help you lose weight, I guess I could eat one, maybe w/some nuts, cheese or a little bit butter on each slice
    Or are we just supposed to just eat the Granny Smith apple by itself

    • Try cinnamon sprinkled on each slice…Try to find CEYLON cinnamon….it has NO coumarin…known as a blood thinner…which you’ll find in Saigon cinnamon.
      Check with health stores…NOT grocery stores…

      Read labels on products at health stores…ask for someone knowledgeable …The word ‘true’ should be on the label of CEYLON cinnamon…You won’t see it on Saigon cinnamon…

      • Forgot to say…When looking for Ceylon cinnamon….you might see Madagascar on the bin/bottle…THAT’S IT…

        In good health…

  7. We are apple farmers. Mostly conventional but we do use a few organic substances. My dh even built a large machine, complete with hydraulics so as to not have to use glyphosate around trees etc. I do believe that our apples and those of other farmers from whom you buy direct would NOT be on the dirty dozen. Apples in the stores are also sprayed POST HARVEST and waxed whereas apples directly from the farmer are not. Also, organic apples are sprayed 1 1/2 to 2 times MORE than conventional apples, with an organic neorotoxin = pyrethrum and are difficult to find locally. So IMO, buying organic apples is all well and good, but buying locally directly from a farmer, also has some merit.

    • Hi Mary Kay
      Can you recommend a grower that I could buy direct from? Or can you ship the apples to me and advise how to store to keep all season until next harvest.

      • As a child, I remember my grandmother wrapping each individual apple with newspaper, then putting them in a wood bushel basket….surrounding it with blankets and pillows and keeping it in our “cold” summer kitchen to preserve them. We had apples all year long until the next season came, and they were quite good. I can’t tell you which kind of apples she did this with, but do know there were three different kinds.

        • using glyphosate under any circumstances is borderline insanity , check the university (independent ) studies and reconsider ,

        • Barbara JEAN Robertson

          It works with tomatoes too pick all before frost then wrap in newspaper put green ones first in basket they ripen as winter goes by

        • My grandparents in Ohio had a dirt insulated winter root cellar/storm cellar, basically an extension of their basement underground. It had a sand floor, with 6 inches of hay on top. Granddad would buy about 100 lbs each of various root vegetables, such as potatoes, turnips, carrots, and various winter squashes, and cabbage heads . He would spread them out on the hay, each in its own section, and cover them with about 6 to 10 inches of more hay for insulation. They also did this with apples from their tree. The produce stayed fresh tasting all winter. They bought locally grown produce from farmers they knew, they hated going to grocery stores.

    • Please stop using glyphosate under any circumstances. This does the earth, humans and all inhabitants NO good. On the contrary, please see the harm it does by getting past the brainwashing that the makers (Monsanto) and their benefactors provide unceasingly while trying to drown out the warnings.

  8. Vinegar is the best thing to use to wipe off the coating they put on apples!

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    site. Please know that if a brand new post appears
    or in the event any modifications occur to the current article, I
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    My phone number is (916) 429-1377 if you can call me and we can discuss this ASAP. Thank you, Shirley

  11. unsubscribe me

    • Hi Carol, to Unsubscribe from receiving emails please select ‘Manage Subscription’ (located at the bottom of the emails you receive from us) then select ‘Never email me again’.

    • What about fugi apples ? Not sure if I spell it right lol but they did work for me before. ?

  12. The only apple that really gets me is the BELLE DE BOSKOOP. Marvelous taste.

  13. My favorite is the McIntosh – it has the best crisp and taste, nice and soft on the inside. I wonder how they are on the belly? My least favorite is the Granny Smith and Red Delicious. I won’t touch Granny Smith’s at all – can’t stand them.

  14. What about 1 tsp. turpentine with 3 sugar cubes to make candida leave – like they used to do over 120 years ago? Safe? Effective?

    • This is what I found: Recommend strongly against turpentine as a medicine for any purpose, internal or external. Although it is useful as an industrial solvent, it is listed as a hazardous substance due to its toxicity to skin, eyes and airways. Taken internally in sufficient doses, it will damage the kidneys and the central nervous system. Turpentine is ineffective for any medical indication I know, and it is quite toxic (deaths have been reported with ingestion of as little as 1 tablespoon).

      Medicines don’t come from the hardware store.

  15. Grannys are my favorite. But I’ve been eating them for years – no flat belly.

  16. Too bad they claim only Granny Smith… I much prefer the tart apples to sweet ones. I generally buy Cortland, MacIntosh or Snow if I can find them. Used to grow Snow when I owned property.

    • While Granny Smith might have more bulk fiber, any apple is better than no apple. I take exception to articles that imply that there is only one “right” variety of food. So eat your Honeycrisp and enjoy it. As long as you are eating a variety of whole fruits, vegetables, and legumes every day, and avoiding refined sugar and highly processed foods, you should have a strong, healthy gut microbiome.

  17. Hi, I was listening to an interview a few years ago on one of the cancer summits and there is a cancer specialist from Germany who says “stewed apples”, what we call apple sauce in the US, is absolutely wonderful for fighting cancer. Put 5 apples or so in a sauce pan and add about an inch of filtered water in the bottom. If using granny smith, add a teaspoon of lemon juice to the apples. Cook with a lid on until the skins become translucent. Maybe 15 to 20 minutes. You can tell, the peels have a sheen to them and the apples are really soft. Then cool down and process apples with the peels on in a sieve or put through your blender with CEYLON cinnamon. Ceylon is the healthy cinnamon. My rule of thumb is to count your apples and subtract 1 from that number and then add that amount of Ceylon cinnamon in teaspoons. Seems to work for me unless your making really large batches. What ever suits your taste for cinnamon but it is a very good antifungal and most likely cancer fighter. I blend mine so that it might have a few chunks or still grainy. I find that I don’t like the baby food texture if I over blend it. To each his own.

    Oh and on a side note, I bought an instant pot. Works great to make apple sauce. About 10 apples cut into 2″ pieces. Add 1/2 to 1 cup of water or apple cider to the pot. Apples make their own juice so adjust if you like it more saucey. Set the instant pot for 12 min at high pressure. Let release pressure with the quick release technique. Cool and process. Easy!

    I started buying cases of apples from our organic coop, Azure Standard, and making apple sauce and freezing it.

  18. Kindly can I know what is the best food for concentration and for genetics . All our gratitude. Bader

  19. Thanks Susan for recipe for stewed apples (apple sauce ). I have an instant pot and I am going to try this recipe.
    Enjoyed reading everyone’s comments. I understand that an apple a day will lower cholesterol as well.

  20. Apples are what farmers feed pigs when they want to fatten them up for market.

  21. Gd Granny Smith Apples fit for recommendations . Thanks


  23. How can I learn whether glyphosate was used on the apples we buy at the grocery store? Is it safe to assume that if it is NOT an organically raised apple that glyphosate was used? Or do organic farmers use it too?

  24. Deborah Ann Maurelli

    What about Dried apples. I bought a great dehydrator and I make all kinds of stuff Carrot, banana, beet chips, Sweet Potatoes for my dog, And dried fruits like crazy…..are dried apples as good for you as ripe? Just wondering because I do eat them every day – just wondering if they loose any effectiveness if they are dried.

  25. I have a “Red July” apple tree. Are they as beneficial as Granny Smiths? My apples are freshly picked and organic…

  26. Great comments! I am 92 years old and thrive on only two apple varieties, namely McIntosh and Granny Smith.
    Those two are the stuff of the Gods!
    When I was growing up and went to the movies, when other kids were rotting out their teeth, we ate sliced apples. Actually, there were no supermarkets then, so everything came from our local grocery store where there were barrels filled with all kinds of healthy products located strategically throughout the store. Also the aroma of coffee bean permeated the place so that by the time you were ready to leave you usually bought at least one pound which you ground at home.
    There’s something to be said about those days. At least there were hardly any fat people around.

  27. I live next door to WSU. When their apple, Cosmic, came out in our stores they had advertised they were ORGANIC. This year I see the word Organic is not included in their advertisement on the ad. I will look into it because they are large and crisp as well as a taste like when I was a child. So I am hoping they are still Organic. If I can find this ad again I will let you know the outcome.

  28. I did research the WSU Pullman Cosmic Apple. It is Organic. I was glad to hear that. It helps me sleep at night to eat one half of a Cosmic Apple. I get nervous at night since my husband’s passing and would ear anything until I fall asleep. The chewing involved earing an apple stops me from eating say, pop corn, chips, cookies etc.

  29. Hey friends, I am sick of the paranoia about GMOS farmers have been cross pollinating pants for years. yes this changes the genic structure of the GNA. So eat healthy wash veggys and enjoy their lush colors!

  30. The last few times we bought Granny Smith apples to make pies, they were sweeter and turned into mush instead of staying in nice slices. They were marked organic – bought at WalMart Grocery.

  31. Granny Smith apples are getting hard to find in my area stores, apparently because they are considered too tart to sell very well. I think most other apples are way too sweet. I love to cook with apples, you would be surprised at the foods that pair well with tart apples!

  32. What is the best type of detergents to wash apples?

  33. vinegar to wash apples.
    Granny Smiths are the only apples I use for a pie. Sooo good!!!!!
    Honey Crisp are definitely good for eating.
    Where do I find BELLE DE BOSKOOP? I would like to try them. Never heard of them. Can I get someone to mail me some through the mail. Catalog available?

  34. Really enjoy red delicious apples. Firm & crispy.

  35. Sneaky and dangerous trick being played on those who pay more for organic.. APEEL. The use of a coating on organic produce, such as, apples, to make them last longer and appear to be fresh. In the manufacturering of APEEL, two toxic solvents are used heptane and ethyl acetate. This coating also contains mercury, aresenic, palladium, and more. It does not state on the label that this product has been used. What next!

  36. My question, and I didn’t see it addressed, is this? Do you have to eat the skin to get the benefits? I have false teeth and I can’t “grind” the skin to chew it and swallow it without gagging.

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