Could Coffee Help Protect Your Liver From Alcohol?

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Today’s blog, republished from my friends at TheAlternativeDaily, is going to explain the potential benefits of a staple in many people’s regular day-to-day lives…

By Tanya Rakhmilevich,

Another noteworthy benefit has been added to the list of perks that coffee may have for your health. New research has found that drinking your daily java may help protect your liver from alcohol-related cirrhosis.

While a little bit of alcohol may actually be healthy, we all know that overdoing it on the spirits is extremely dangerous in a number of ways. One effect of excessive alcohol consumption is the potential for liver cirrhosis, a condition characterized by liver scarring, which can lead the liver to fail.

Another beverage that has been linked to a lot of health benefits — without the detriments — is coffee. Coffee may help to boost metabolism and brain power, as well as potentially lower type 2 diabetes risk, among many other perks. 

So how are alcohol and coffee connected? A recent study has found that two cups of coffee per day may reduce one’s risk of alcohol-related liver cirrhosis by up to 43 percent.

On coffee, the authors of the new study, published in the journal Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics, wrote:

“Coffee comprises over a thousand compounds, many of which are biologically active and may affect human health. These include caffeine, chlorogenic acid, melanoids and the pentacyclic diterpenes, kahweol and cafestol… The biological effects of coffee include stimulation of the central nervous system, primarily by caffeine, the attenuation of oxidative stress and inflammation, and anti-carcinogenesis… In the context of liver disease, coffee appears to confer a number of protective effects.”


While previous research has shown associations between coffee and liver protection, this new study wanted to make a more large-scale analysis. The researchers involved in the study gathered data from nine previous studies on the subject of coffee and cirrhosis risk, and analysed the results. 

Results of the analysis, which included over 430,000 study participants, showed that one cup of coffee per day correlated with a 22 percent decrease in the risk of developing alcohol-related cirrhosis. Two cups was associated with a 43 percent decrease in risk, and three cups added up to a 57 percent decrease in risk. 

Four cups of coffee per day was found to correlate with a whopping 65 percent decrease in the risk of developing this condition.

The study authors summarized: “This meta-analysis suggests that increasing coffee consumption may substantially reduce the risk of cirrhosis.” 

This study did have some limitations. For one thing, only alcohol-related cirrhosis was analyzed. Cases of liver cirrhosis triggered by other factors, such as obesity, were not taken into account — future research shall have to address whether coffee offers the same protective potential in these cases. 

Also, the type of coffee that the analysis participants drank was not studied in detail, so it is unclear from this study whether one type of coffee (or brewing preparation) may be more beneficial than other types of liver cirrhosis.

As to why coffee may offer such substantial protection to the liver, researchers are still not entirely sure. However, the authors of this study do hypothesize that the wealth of antioxidants found in coffee — which have significant anti-inflammatory properties — may be a factor.

So while it’s still obviously not safe to go binge drinking and expect coffee to protect your liver from all harm, we now have yet another reason to feel good about our morning brew! As far as brewing the healthiest cup of coffee, start with organic, fair-trade coffee beans, and skip the sugar and artificial creamers!

Black is great, organic cream or coconut milk makes a yummy addition, and if you like it sweeter, try some organic coconut crystals. For more coffee-boosting tips, check out these ways to supercharge your coffee and make your mornings shine!

Because of all of these amazing reasons, coffee may even be able to help protect you from an early death!

(The original article source is here)

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  1. I loved your article on coffee .I drink 1 glass of red wine per day with dinner & 2 cups of coffee at breakfast.
    Rest of the day I have tea or water.Sometimes I will add a tsp. of coconut oil to my coffee.It’s supposed to help the anti-aging process.It must do something right as I’m almost 77 years old & have few wrinkles

  2. Your artical was very interesting, thank you. Would you know if coffee would also help someone who already has alcohol related cirrhosis? My son has that. My daughter and I have been compiling information and passing it on to my son. When he was rushed to the hospital a month ago, he stopped all alcohol. So he is no longer drinking.

    • Hi Grace, we’re sorry to hear about your son’s condition, hope he’s doing better. We highly recommend to consult with your son’s doctor to answer that question. However, here’s an article that you might find interesting as well

    • I would go Milk thistle and lemon or lime water in the morning before coffee. I think the thing these studies ignore is that some people do not tolerate coffee well. Basically if you tolerate coffee well and you drink it it WILL confer health benefits on your liver. Personally I am coffee sensitive–it seems to cause inflammation particularly if I drink too much. I used to be addicted to coffee and I had terrible acne. I quit coffee and my acne went away after three months. More recently I have been trying to disslodge gallstones and decided to experiment with coffee. Coffee really pumps your bile and I make french press to get all the gallstone dissolving oils/terpenes. It has been useful! I dont seem to get acne from coffe as long as I am doing other bile herbs like Boldo, and malic acid and lecithin and other terpenes, like peppermint oil and general food and herb liver support. I still can develop a little acne if I drink too much. It seems to wear me down. I have read somewhere that bile problems cause acne. Coffee and alcohol together have really been the big no-no for me. I cleanse out after drinking alcohol, with burdock, dandelion, and yellow dock and lemon water. If you find you do not tolerate coffee well, just use it with care and other bile and liver supporting herbs and things.

      • Pam,

        I also had severe acne as a child. Turned out that the home I lived in growing up had black mold and it made me super sensitive to molds among other things. Well short story that after a couple babies I developed gallstones that inflamed my gallbladder. I did a couple gallbladder cleanses but was addicted to bread. Not the cheap empty bread, but the really dense healthy stuff. Only thing is that my body was still burdened by all the mold from my youth and going off of the bread did wonders for my skin and mood as a whole, not to mention gallbladder and liver. THrough the years I have done more and more research into the mold issue (I ended up in another house with a severe black mold infestation). Afterwards I made sure to start investigating the complications of this. The reason that coffee tends to create a problem for certain people along with other fermented products is that in the process of fermenting and drying and transport, a lot of mold can build up in the coffee. This is why those who are sensitive to coffee also tend to have issues with other high mold foods like bread, cheese, even dairy because most animals are fed moldy feeds. Thanks for reading. Just thought it might be helpful to some who love their morning java but hate feeling bad after.

        • Mold!! It’s been 17 years since my daughter begin teaching in a public school that had tons of mold in the basement and water problems. Didn’t realize it at the time it affected her, and has never left her and the TERRIBLE problems its confers. No even bother going to a doctor for it. Find a well respected, top of his field health care professional to help you even begin to rid of this very bad ?? disease?? I don’t know what name to give it except…pure hell!! She had to quit her job an a teacher because the papers and books at school all have molds on them. Finally beginning to slowly improve but picked up “Markons” (look it up) along with it. Read all you can on molds…it may save your life when you get right down to it.!!! Integrative Medicine doctor can probably get you started<<<on the right track and KNOW who you can go to. A reg. MD, forget it. Good Luck, you will need it, and lots of studying.

        • thank you for your info, i may be coffee intolerant

        • Hi go and try bulletproof. Com

      • Christine Garcia

        I recently discovered Dandy Blend. It’s a coffee substitute made with dandelions, and it really tastes great. Plus is gluten free!! As far as the liver and bile are concerned why not try coffee enemas? There are tons of articles and videos on them but you can check out the optimal health network, and Pure life for some wonderful guidance. Also Dr. Lawrence Wilson has a treasure trove of info on just about everything! The Gersen clinic uses them for cancer patients. For the detox. Wow I just realized how old your comment is so I hope you actually get this!

  3. Every morning I start out with Beet Juice, Water, Lemon Wedges, and Lemon Juice. Then I drink two to three cups of Java, and have breakfast. During my last physical (1 wk ago) I dropped from 235 to 221 and it was the first time ALL my blood tests were in the normal range and my BP was 107/70. The doctor wanted to know what I was doing, when I told her super beets, lemons, water in lemon juice she could not believe it.

  4. Cold water processed coffee has extra benefits in being low-acid and, for me, requires no sweetening (I use stevia to do that – except when I go to a diner where stevia is a foreign word).

  5. I heard that coffee can cause ED in men. Is this true

    • I don’t know IF every man is different with this issue but, my significant other drank coffee morning, noon and night and he had NO problem with ED, not even close… I’d have to say NO!

  6. I also read someplace that to get the best benefit from coffee, you have to drink it within twenty minutes after brewing. Is this a proven fact or just guess work or speculation

  7. Very informative about coffee. I am a coffee drinker and have been for years.

  8. Dear,Grace
    Sorry to hear about your son.
    How is he now,hope he is in good health
    By the grace of almighty God.
    From s.Karu

  9. Benefits of coffee is very helpful for me. Thank you

  10. Not a mention of using honey as a healthy alternative for a sweetener.

  11. I don’t like the taste of alcohol, so I’m not a drinker…at all. However, I DO drink a LOT of coffee! Probably an unhealthy amount! My husband, however, has been a daily drinker for 15 years. He drinks vodka in the evenings when he gets home from work and on the weekends throughout the day. He doesn’t ever get drunk from it, though, and he just goes to the kitchen and takes a swig every 30 minutes to an hour. Still, I feel like his health is in serious danger from all the years of drinking. He hasn’t had a solid bowel movement in over 3 years and if he goes a day without having a drink, he begins to experience withdrawal. It worries me to no end. I seriously wish I could convince him to try to drink some coffee each day to reduce his risks, but he said when he’s drank it in the past that it immediately gives him the runs (granted that’s nothing new!) and it affects his acid reflux. I pray that reading this will make him want to at least try!

    • Hi Kimberly,

      Your husband is a real pisser, vodka is pure alcohol distilled from grape vines, called in the laboratory SVR 160 O/P, just diluted down to 60 or 40 O/P with WATER so it does not evaporate on the tongue. I am a retired science teacher and I always tried to put my students off drinking alcohol by showing them a piece of fresh pigs liver from the butchers. Then placing it in a clear glass beaker of SVR in front of them leaving it on show until their next lesson. Then taking it out letting them see the change in the tissue after such a short period of a few days. It turns grey and inflexible making them understand this is what will happen if they digest it into their bodies. Worth a try or make sure he is well insured.

      • I love your results on the pork liver & alcohol , an idea that I could have used before losing my Mom and Son to alcohol and another one that is drinking too much.

      • I assuming that alcoholic don’t like caffeine. Three years ago I tried giving a bit of advice to an alcoholic in our town. I told him when he had the URGE to have a beer, it was because his BLOOD GLUCOSE was low, (alcohol been replaced as the nutrient for calories instead of glucose). I told him when the CRAVING came to quickly take a drink of Coke which had alot of sugar. His replied was ‘NO COKE HAS CAFFEINE”!!! It occurred to me later that alcohol “depresses” the nervous system, while caffeine stimulate, and people who consume alcohol, are doing that to DEPRESS their emotion and depress their brain…so temporary “ESCAPE”.

  12. I always like to see these articles, but I also always wonder about the conclusions drawn. Correlation does NOT equal causation.

    The people that drink multiple cups of coffee may just not drink as much alcohol. People that abuse alcohol may be drinking more in the morning and so don’t drink coffee at all. People that work out regularly may have a tendency to drink more coffee. Who knows?

    I love my coffee, and love that it has so many antioxidants. I REALLY love the caffeine 🙂 I just don’t know if other lifestyle factors may be causing the good health benefits.

  13. It’s nice hear sorting good about coffe, I have never heard anything good about coffe before. Thais!

  14. I am glad to be a visitant of this consummate site, thank you for this rare info!

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  16. Chevis and coffe lowers my A1C

  17. Just give up drinking!!!!

  18. making coffee is an art for me to obtain the most flavourful coffee that only can imagine. my process! provide your coffee maker with top rank beans,2 different types, dark roast and Columbian of the same trade name. I use a 50/50 of each and mix them well together by hand and fill my coffee selector with the blended beans. I programmed my coffee maker to grind the perfect amount of ground beans to give me the finest flavour. I then add my purified water with all the mineral compositions to the coffee maker water well. now I am good to go. I then add tsp of organic raw honey to the cup along with a small measure of organic cream,i insert the cup into the coffee machine and push the button and I now have the most heavenly coffee one can imagine. my friends and family of adults always head for the coffee machine when they come to visit me. I enjoy my java morning and evening and I go to bed after my last evening coffee and sleep like a baby!

    • my process is 2 tablespoons of dark roast in an old fashion stove top percolator with 2-3 cups of filtered tap water. once it starts percolating I lower the flame as low as it can go and give it about five or six minutes more to percolate, turn off the flame, give it another minute or so to calm down, pour it into my mug without adding anything else to it. perfect cup of coffee that tastes like coffee every time!

    • Did you know purified water lacks minerals?

  19. Thank you for this article on the added benefits of coffee, Tanya. It further reinforces my liking for coffee — I drink an average of 4 cups a day. My question to you: do I get the benefits of coffee if I drink it with coffee creamer and brown sugar?

    Will appreciate receiving your answer.


    Raul Olea

  20. Thankyou for the article about coffee . Coffee is my favourite drink . Now days when I make a cup of coffee I also put half teaspoon of cinnamon ( powder ) especially I prefer black .
    I enjoy drinking black coffee .

  21. Elevate IGF Review

    I like this web site very much, Its a real nice position to read and find

  22. Ronald Chappell (arationofreason)

    If yuou want to really protect your liver and all the other cells in your body, add an oz. of powdered NON-denatured whey in place of a creamer. It will give your liver the needed chemicals to manufacture its major product, gultiathion. The whole bodies major anti-oxidant. (coffe temp. < 161 deg. F)

  23. Although I agree that coffee does have health benefits, as I read your article I was waiting for the “but” to appear, and it did not. Coffee crops are one of the worst in regards to the use of pesticides and herbicides – which are known endocrine disruptors. When my clients come to me for a lifestyle consultation and I learn they are coffee drinkers this is a vital piece of educational information…as many who come to me suffer from adrenal fatigue, hormone imbalances, and lymphatic drainage blockages. The importance of drinking organic coffee is paramount in living a healthy life, as well as avoiding all the sugar/syrup laden coffee blended drinks available.

    On another note, milk thistle and dandelion root teas are one of the very best supporters of healthy liver function, and would be a better choice for the woman whose son already has a damaged liver. Consumption of coffee should be reconsidered if one has a chronic disease, cancer or other diseases that thrive in an acidic body.

  24. Thanks so much for this lovely article. Well, although I don’t take coffee regularly, I normally feel much worried whenever I do with coffee in fear of health consequences particularly from caffeine addiction. I once believed there is no any health benefits in it apart from just a temporary brain activation. I only believed that taking coffee with milk could probably reduce the strength hence less side effects.

  25. Very good and worth reading

  26. This is the best news I heard in a long time. That is all that I drink and water and fruit juices.

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