4 Benefits Of Adding Baking Soda To Your Coffee

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By Katherine Marko, TheAlternativeDaily.com

Even the best “high quality” dark roasts can make an acidic cup of coffee, though cheaper blends are notorious for being overly acidic. And acid can be hard on a sensitive stomach, particularly if you enjoy more than one cup of coffee a day. So how does baking soda improve an acidic cup of Joe?

Even the best coffee beans produce acid

Beyond using it as a natural cleaning agent to remove stains for your coffee pot, some believe that baking soda can actually improve the taste of coffee. It’s no secret that coffee can be a tad acidic. But for many, giving up their morning cup of coffee is not an option. And truthfully, with science continuing to study coffee and the many benefits it provides, it’s easy to see why coffee lovers would never want to give up their morning cup of brew. Yet, if drinking coffee is contributing to excess stomach acid and causing you digestive upset, then you’re probably thinking you’d be better off without. Think again.

According to Harvard Health, coffee drinking is associated with a lower risk of depression among women, a lower risk of fatal prostate cancer among men, and a lower risk of stroke among both men and women. Human and animal studies show some protection against Alzheimer’s disease and a lower risk for some cancers like estrogen-negative breast cancer.

Coffee is fairly acidic on a pH scale

Coffee has a pH of five, and baking soda can help neutralize it.

Acidity is something that’s measured on the pH scale, which uses 7.0 as an indicator of neutrality. So, numbers under seven as are naturally more acidic than numbers above seven. For instance, according to Science Buddies, battery acid is zero. Clearly, that’s highly acidic. Lemon juice registers at about two, and black coffee registers at a pH of about five. But rather than kicking your “acidic” coffee habit — and there are clearly good reasons to keep drinking coffee — why not neutralize the acid in your brew?

Helps neutralize an acidic cup of coffee

In water, baking soda is mildly alkaline and can be used to neutralize acid. That’s why, when it dissolves in water, it works well as a natural antacid remedy. Its alkalinity is also why it makes a great deodorizer — by countering slightly acidic scent molecules. On the pH scale baking soda registers as a nine.

That means by simply adding a little baking soda to your coffee you could neutralize the acid to avoid stomach upset. There’s two way you can do that. You can add about a quarter teaspoon to your coffee beans for a pot of coffee, or you can add just a pinch (small pinch) to your cup of coffee.

Helps acid reflux or GERD

Research shows that baking soda can counteract acid reflux.

Both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee exacerbate gastroesophageal reflux according to a German study. However, coffee creates more reflux than simply caffeine added to water. This suggests that other components of coffee contribute to acid reflux. A small pinch of baking soda can help counteract acid reflux.

May help relieve gout

Gout is a form of inflammatory arthritis, according to the Arthritis Foundation. It develops in some people who have high levels of uric acid in the blood. The acid can form painful needle-like crystals in a joint and cause severe episodes of pain, tenderness, redness, warmth and swelling.

Due to baking soda’s pH neutralizing effects, it may help lower uric acid levels. According to GoutDiet.org baking soda introduced to the blood alkalinizes it, causing the uric acid structures to break up. Then, they can easily filter out the kidneys and expel through the urine. Add a pinch to your coffee or more as needed.

If you suffer from ulcers, baking soda can help

Since baking soda neutralizes stomach acid, it can help make coffee drinking more bearable if you suffer from a stomach ulcer. Add a quarter to a half teaspoon to your coffee grounds.

Let’s break down baking soda

Most of the baking soda in America comes from Wyoming.

While most of us often keep a box baking soda in the house for baking, as a deodorizer for the fridge, or as a natural cleaning alternative (and now for neutralizing acidic coffee), some still aren’t sure what exactly baking soda is. So, let’s break it down.

Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, is a chemical salt that occurs naturally as the mineral nahcolite. This is a soft, colorless or white carbonate mineral. Nahcolite was first described in 1928 when it was found in a lava tunnel at Mount Vesuvius, Italy. NaHCO3, as it’s known chemically, contains sodium (NA), hydrogen (H) and carbonate (CO).

Baking soda in North America

So, where does America get its baking soda from? Well, most baking soda in the U.S. comes from Green River, Wyoming. According to Arm & Hammer, the baking soda from Green River is mined from trona ore. Trona deposits were molded over four million years ago after the evaporation of great salt lakes in Wyoming. Trona also comes from Kenya, Egypt, Venezuela and the deserts of Central Asia. After it’s mined, it’s heated to make soda ash, which is then dissolved in water. When carbon dioxide bubbles under pressure through the solution, sodium bicarbonate is formed.

Side effects of baking soda

Now that you know all about baking soda, let’s talk about how to use it properly. Although larger quantities of baking soda have been used to remedy indigestion, in much the same way antacids are used, you can still go overboard and risk side effects. Drinking baking soda is like drinking salt water. It’s extremely high in sodium and will raise your blood pressure. And too much sodium is linked to kidney and heart issues in healthy people.

And of course, too much baking soda in your coffee can leave you with a less than tasty cup that leaves you with a soapy taste in your mouth. Generally, to reduce the acidic nature of coffee, just a small pinch is all you need. Enjoy!

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Today’s blog is republished from my friends at TheAlternativeDaily, a leading publisher of daily alternative health …


  1. Do you put baking soda in your first morning coffee only or every time you have a coffee. Thank you

    • I use a tiny pinch in my first cup.

      • Can you put in Tea

        • I am wondering the same as I don’t drink coffee.

        • Can I use in tea? Don’t drink coffee + allergic 2 milk! Can someone help me?

        • Charlotte a. Maynard

          I would like to know the answer to that as I drink herbal tea every morning

        • Yes I use a pinch in my sweet tea. It takes that bitter after taste away. Now I’m not sure about herbal teas. I’m from SC and we drink sweet iced tea. I hoe this helps you all as I’m not sure how to respond to each one.

        • Michele Freeman

          Hello fellow non-coffee drinkers Ok 3 is company because I don’t drink coffee either. I’m thinking tea doesn’t have the same acids as coffee so would it have the same effect?.

      • Use Baking soda to freshen and absorb smells In your refrigerator. Baking powder is also used for leavening baked goods but needs an acid to activate like lemon juice, vinegar or buttermilk. Baking powder is also used to ma kg e baked goods rise. It includes baking soda and a powdered acid like cream of tarter. It is not recommended to use to absorb smells in your refrigerator.i

        • I read very important to health help good with used baking soda in coffee it help low risk add to coffee help high blood pressure,help caner in men woman breast cancer and help drink more baking soda keep health low risk I real love used baking soda in my house keep clean used baking soda in my cake and my skin

      • Adding baking soda to the mix appears to offer few additional benefits. There’s little to no scientific suggesting that baking soda can help you lose body fat. Mixing baking soda with water, lemon water, or apple cider vinegar may indirectly help you lose weight, but baking soda appears to have little to do with this.Aug 13, 2020

    • has this helped you loose weight

      • I have seen the same results from adding crushed egg shells to the coffee grounds when making a pot of coffee,saw it shown in an old John Wayne movie and went and googled it ,sure enough there it was.

        • My mother used to put egg shells in her coffee when she was having company. It made the coffee very clear. I think it was an old Swedish tradition. I didn’t know about John Wayne doing it.

        • Our moms and grandmas also did it when they used coffee pots without coffee baskets. They would break an egg in the pot and mix it into the coffee grounds. This not only made clear coffee it kept the grounds from free falling into the cup while pouring.

        • What did we do before google? Find some old folk to talk to!

        • Oh yeah all the time.
          John Wayne movies western
          TV shows like
          Rawhide, Gunsmoke, Lancer Etc

    • Every time!

    • I have seen blog posts where the person making the coffee adds a pinch to the grounds before brewing.

    • I put a quarter teaspoon in my first cup daily. Only once. But hey, that’s me.

    • Baking soda or baking powder are they the same? Isn’t it baking soda 4 baking ? I put baking powder in my refrigerator and use 4 many other things!

      • I’m sorry, you seem to have it backwards. Baking powder helps dough rise. Baking soda absorbs odors in refrigerator and used to clean, etc. You can Google both for more information.

        • You are absolutely correct, Rita, I sprinkle a 1/2 cup baking soda in the bottom of my washing machine before I put the clothes in. Keeps the washing machine clean and does a good job helping to clean the clothes, also smells fresher. I also put baking soda (couple tablespoons) down my sink and bath tub or shower drains every so often, also use bleach down the drains, not together, though, it causes a very bad reaction – never Drano. There are many other uses for baking soda and bleach.

        • Baking soda can also be used to rise dough if you combine it with an acid such as lemon or buttermilk.

      • I use Baking soda in my fridge to absorb any unwanted odors.

      • Not the same thing. Definitely baking soda.

        • When I make my tea I put a 1/3 cup of baking soda in it it seemed to take the bitterness I know the tea I could drink it without any sugar in it in it at any time today is the reason why baking soda will do the job if you use it the right way

      • Baking powder is pretty much baking soda plus some dry acid (different brands may use different ones, and the results may slightly vary); it reacts and produces CO2, and serves as an alternative to yeast to make something rise.

        Baking soda does not have the acid, although if added to something acid, it may have a similar effect.

        Baking soda (brands like Arm & Hammer in the US) is MUCH cheaper than baking powder (Calumet, Rumford, Clabber Girl, etc).

      • I’m a home ec teacher and no they are not the same thing. Baking powder is a mixture that includes some baking soda, corn starch and other chemical leavening agents. baking soda is a single ingredient also used for leavening in baking, but well known for deodorizing properties and being a mild abrasive cleanser that won’t scratch.

      • No, baking powder is different from baking soda.
        You want to put baking soda in the refrigerator to eliminate smells from strongly scented items.

      • From Healthline.com

        “While both products appear similar, they’re certainly not the same. Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate, which requires an acid and a liquid to become activated and help baked goods rise. Conversely, baking powder includes sodium bicarbonate, as well as an acid. It only needs a liquid to become activated.
        Baking powder may be used as a substitute for baking soda. Still, its leavening power is not as strong as that of plain baking soda. … For example, if a recipe calls for 1 teaspoon of baking soda, use 3 teaspoons of baking powder as a replacement.”

        If I were you Doris, I would use the less expensive Baking Soda for your refrigerator deodorizer. It has been used in this manner by our grandparents, great grandparents, great great grandparents, etc, as long as Baking Soda and refrigerators have been in existence.

      • Baking soda, as it’s called in the US, is bicarbonate of soda everywhere else, and baking powder is a mix of other chemicals. They are different – baking soda, bicarb, is alkaline and great for indigestion and odours and if you make a paste and put it on a burn straight away it takes away the damage and pain. Very useful product.

      • Arm & Hammer is baking soda. It si different from baking powder.

      • I have heard and did for a long time. Shake some regular salt it changes coffee for the better

    • Every time you prepare coffee. Coffee is highly acidic. For every 8 oz cup of coffee you need 4 cups of water to counter the acidic. An acidic ph below 7.0 in our body is a leading contributor to the development of inflammation and cancer cells.

    • Does baking soda in my coffee help with weight loss?

    • The sodium load will likely raise your BP for a good part of the day.

      Sodium Bicarbonate. I avoid it like the plague.

      Another hidden source of sodium in your food.

    • Only one with my first cup of coffee

    • pinch in each cup? What bout making a pot?

  2. Also, whenever you eat ANYTHING acidic, swish some baking soda and water in your mouth to neutralize the acid to protect your tooth enamel!

  3. To digest your food properly your stomach needs to have a pH close to 4 which is very acid. The problem with acid reflux is more in the esophagus which needs a higher pH.

    • How does adding baking soda to your daily routine turn into a whole different supplement that has to be purchased???!! As always, Its all part of the gimic that sucks you in. How manipulative! Its all about the money! I’m learning not to trust these stupid emails that suck you in like that! This was an interesting article that felt very informative to me though, so I will do my own research on baking soda now. Thank you for that! Ha,ha!!

      • Lori – you will find all of these comments about baking soda to be true. And it will cost you very little to do some experimenting – baking soda is cheap!!

        • And believe it or not, so is Sodium Chloride….SALT!! People long ago would put a pinch of table salt in their tea or coffee to offset the acid level. Salt is naturally alkaline and therefore counterbalances the acid level. People think I’m crazy for putting pinch of SALT into my coffee. I’m not a big coffee drinker, and it does not change the taste or flavor, but it definitely does help if you are concerned with coffee causing a reflux issue. Look it up and give it a try. Doesn’t cost ANYTHING!!

        • Clayshia A Willis

          Very true!

    • You are on the right track, but the exit from your stomach likes to see PH 2.0 Before it will open. If it does not open, your stomach keeps dumping digestive enzymes into your stomach. Then the gas will push this mixture up into the esophagus, which has a weak sphincter because it does not have to fight gravity. This begins digesting your esophagus, and can severely damage, as well as pain and irritation. You need salt to produce hydrochloric acid. Enzymes in your stomach will break the salt down into sodium and chlorine. The sodium combines with co2 to form sodium bicarbonate. This is the primary buffer in your body that maintains the proper PH in your system. The chlorine allows your stomach to produce hydrochloric acid to digest your food. When the PH in your stomach drops to 2.0 The valve in the bottom of your stomace opens and dumps the digested food into your small intestine. Your small intestine does not like acid, so the body dumps sodium bicarbonate into the small intestine to utilize the acid. So having adequate salt in your system is essential to proper digestion, as well as maintaining the proper PH throughout your body.

      • Thank you – very helpful.
        I recommend Jonnatan Wright’s book – Why stomach Acid is Good for you!
        This has been a life changer for me.
        I now use plenty of unrefined salt and also use Apple Cider Vinegar with salt or Lemon juice with salt to stimulate better digestion.
        Salt is God’s good gift to us and more precious than gold for our health!!

      • Please , I briefly took from your article on the acidity issues of the stomach, relates to our evolution.?Early recorded history , our stomachs evolved around oceans , pink salt from salt flats etc , before digesting the more artificial manufactured ,sodium bicarbonate.

  4. Does it help you lose weight belly fat

  5. I put a pinch of baking soda in most of my coffee at home and there are benefits to eating an alkaline diet. One interesting thing I’ve read is that even though lemons are highly acidic they become alkaline in the gut. So it sounds like the body does make adjustments to your ph.

    • I was on an alkaline diet a couple of years ago and my doctor told me to add lemon juice to my water as water is acidic and the lemon juice neutralizes it! Go figure! So from then on I put a little lemon in my water.

  6. Why not add a small amount of baking soda to your coffee grounds before processing your coffee? The entire pot of coffee would be ready to drink!

  7. While this is an excellent suggestion, let’s don’t forget the aging segment of the population. As we get older, we stop producing enough stomach acid to properly process our food into a format that the cells can use. The condition effectively causes malnutrition. This is not heresay or personal opinion. It was verified by a naturpath who treated a friend who had the condition. I was there personally to observe it and assist in getting the treatment going. AND I was in the doctor’s office for that diagnosis. Nothing wrong with a good cup of joe, but sometimes it’s just about that hot liquid hitting your throat.

    • We’re all in the ageing segment of the population – everyone is ageing all the time. 🙂

    • Okay but when you start w/denatured food sources to begin with, it’s only down hill from there. That’s why super food supplements are really the only other option. It really doesn’t matter who says what about their food sources, the problem is all soils have been over-farmed and rotation and good soil cultivation practices are not strictly adhered too nor is anyone watching A farmer can be certified organic but that doesn’t mean what they grow is a powerhouse of nutrition either or they put enough back into the soil to really matter. Products were studied back in the 1930’s that had substandard nutritional profiles, much worse today. Anyway, older people need powerful super food support and maybe just stop drinking coffee altogether. The propaganda on coffee is off the charts, it extracts and uses valuable minerals(from bones) to process it, over stimulates your adrenals and you end up dumping calcium and other minerals out. If your older and have issues, just dump the coffee.

      • Hi Roasted…Kudos on the farming practices. Add the chemical sprays used today and it’s a tragedy. Sound like maybe you have heard of Standard Process Inc., and their WHOLE FOOD supplements they produce from foods they grow on their 1,000 acre farm.
        The farmers chemicals are poisoning even good foods, their own families and friends and there will be no customers who are healthy. Farmers wake up! Have any of you checked what chems are used on the coffee plants?

  8. Michael Waitkevich

    I use baking soda to lower my blood sugar by as much as50 to 60 points.This is more than insulin or metformin. It’s only 69 cents per box.

    • How much do you take a day for your diabetes?

    • Wow! I am a Type 2 diabetic. How much baking soda per day do you use? Do you put it in coffee, or how do you use it?

    • Michael, I would appreciate knowing your baking soda remedy to lower blood sugar! My husband, whose name is Michael also, is a type 2 diabetic. I’m hoping this would help him. Thank you in advance!

    • Please tell how you use baking soda for your diabetes. I am type 2 and just turned 65 and started medicare and a supplement and drug plan. Just found out my insulin is going to cost me over $400 a month. That is more than half of my Social Security. If I could get results similar to you that might really help me. Please reply!

      • You might try investigating another Part D plan. Costs vary widely. Also, what about a pharmaceutical company assistance plan? These might help.

      • Geez I just tried to watch the video. At 10 minutes it said hello and welcome. I got out. Ridiculous!!!! ?☹️

      • Try CBD and Magnesium Chloride, that help lower blood pressure. Also the Gerson Therapy will help you a lot.

      • There is a natural herb that stops diabetes. It us in a tab called Sucontrol D and is available at the local health food store or off Amazon. I take 2 a day and keep my glucose down. They also have a book Diabetes is Optional and it too is available at the health store and Amazon. My friend was on insulin and started this after I told her and she is no longer on insulin and very happy, insulin kills so get this and stay healthy you can check it out on the web.

      • Is there anything else that I would have to pay for? Like some kind of prescription to a news letter or something?

      • My Part D plan, which Medicare pays for me out of acct. they deposit pmt., costs about $30.00/mo. because I only charge GENERIC DRUGS TO IT; MEDICARE COSTS $108/MO. GET YOUR STATES “SHIP” SOURCE TO HELP YOU LOWER DRUG INSURANCE.

    • How did you do that?

    • Could you tell us how much you use for lowering sugar?

    • Hello Michael
      I have type 2 how ,uch would I require to help with lowering my sugar. I hate take medications.

      Thank you for your time and i formation.

    • How do you use it?

    • Regarding your comment about using baking soda lower blood sugar. What proportions did you use to do this and how long did it take?

    • THANKS for that. Most of our medical conditions are from being tooo acidic any way. So by increasing our alkalinity, we are increasing our health. WOW!!!

    • Hello Michael,
      I see many on here have asked you how you achieve controlling your blood sugar using baking soda, amount used, etc….. but you haven’t answered ANY of the questions! I know everyone affected would like to stop taking expensive pharmaceuticals if it is possible. If you see my comment, it would be greatly appreciated by all if you would PLEASE EXPLAIN how this is done.

    • now that is awsome i don’t have it yet and hope to never but thnx for posting

  9. Thank you for this interesting article.

  10. Folks, I bought some Potassium Bicarbonate to get away from the Sodium!!!! I use it in baking and anywhere I might use baking soda!!!!

    • Where do you get Potassium Bicarbonate? Thanks.

      • Why do you want Potassium Bicarbonate? It does not have the same properties as Sodium Bicarbonate. (I have been told not to use it because I am on medication to lower my blood pressure, so I avoid it like the plague!)

  11. Baking Soda is the best antacid ever! It has no harmful side effects an immediately gets rid of the problem!

  12. All I want to know is…HOW DOES IT TASTE? I know what baking soda tastes like and I’m not sure I would like it in my coffee.

    • I have been doing this and just add a pinch to my already made coffee. It tasted just fine. No detection of the baking soda. Try it that way. It is literally a pinch~

      • Di De, I have a Keurig and can’t put it in the grounds because the pods are closed. Are you saying you can put it in after brewing? If so then I will try it.

      • Just like good quality salt, I use Redmond’s, it actually removes the bitter from coffee. Same concept as adding salt to chocolate, it cancels the bitter. I sprinkle Redmond’s Sea Salt in my French press coffee every morning, tastes sweeter, they actually have an article on salting coffee somewhere on their site…worth reading. The generational stuff we have lost from our Grandparents and older is sad. So much simple, inexpensive tricks and remedies, aka, low profits for the alphabets, big pharma, etc. If anyone has conditions, turning to meds that keep you ill is what they want. Plenty of remedies exist, and science does have benefits too… Research peptides – amazing healing properties there too. Love and light.

    • Can the baking soda be used in tea? I’m not a coffee drinker.

    • Try it once and then you will know what it tastes like

    • Makes a little smoother. does not change the taste

    • If using the proper amount you can’t taste it. Baking soda can be dangerous if taken in large quantities. because it alters the bloods pH it can throw your electrolyte balance off. This is a very unhealthy state to put your body in! So don’t overdue it. If using it for weight loss you should be under the direction of a physician.

    • Been adding an 1/8 tsp to coffee maker grounds for years — usually 10 cups.. coffee tastes better – less acidic.

  13. I added 1/4 of a tsp of baking soda to my coffee grounds. My coffee had no taste. It absolutely ruined the flavor of my coffee. It was disappointing however I had less problems with stomach acid.

    • I have been doing this and just add a pinch to my already made coffee. It tasted just fine. No detection of the baking soda. Try it that way. It is literally a pinch~

    • Does it make it taste salty? I really dislike the taste of salt. Even salted caramel is too salty for me.

  14. I put a 1/2 teaspoon of blackstrap molasses in my coffee along with some ginger, either fresh or powdered. This cuts the acidity for me. I also will brew my coffee with freshly squeezed ginger and freshly ground cardamom. Working in Asia for many years, I have enjoyed the masala coffee in the region from Oman to India to Malaysia and Singapore.

  15. well this is something great idea to reduce the fat , because acid has the contains to melt and very likely said as age shoots we need some foreign bodies to get replace for stomach acid . let me try for a month .

  16. I use Tylers Coffee, advertised as Worlds First Acid Free Coffee and organic. All health stores seem to carry it. In addition I add a teaspoon of Cordyceps organic medicinal mushroom powder, or other healthy mushroom, which is very alkaline and you cannot taste. Some companies carry pre-mixed coffee and mushroom powder. I know how it sounds but my homemade lattes taste great and as healthy as can be. PS-sugar is GMO and very acid so I use Stevia or similar sweeter as a diabetic in my previous life. PPS-I found out when I was a CKD Stage 4, now stage 2, that they give baking soda to dialysis patients.

  17. What is in my system that causes the commode to have black water line. A long time ago I that alcoholism would cause this problem, Do you have information of this subject:

    • Did you get the reason that you have the black water line in your commode? If so, can you email me this information? Thanks!!

    • I always heard that it is a sign of having hard water in your house, I’m sure I’m wrong but have always heard that.

    • Open the water tank of the toilet & inspect any metal parts. If you see corrosion or rust (including on the chain), you should replace those parts.They are usually the cause of rust stains in the bowl, but depending on what has corroded (sometimes the float), it may be leaving another color possibly black. Any hardware store, or Lowes/Home Depot carries parts & kits. Not expensive.

  18. A shot of ACV+1tbsp honey in a glass of water does wonders for the stomach.

  19. I use 1tsp of baking soda in one cup of water when I get severe leg cramps. Works within 5 to 10 minutes. I can get leg cramps that last up to 30 minutes and go from my feet to my abdomen. Baking soda will stop them and they do not recur that night. My dad and brothers had or have the same problem. My dad told us about the baking soda solution.

    • Have you ever taken Magnesium? There are several different ones. You can buy it over the counter or get it as an RX. Being low on Magnesium can cause leg cramps as well. Talk to your doctor. It’s really helped me. I take 400 mg twice daily of over the counter Magnesium.

      • My husband and I keep Magnesium tablets in the bathroom. When we get cramp we just chew one and the effect is almost instant. Dr Schusslers tablets are even smaller and they absorb immediately through the mouth lining so you can keep them in your bedside drawer as they don’t need water.

    • Thank you for this tip. I usually try getting a mustard bottle and keep taking some until I get some relief. If not this, some pickle juice or vinegar water.

    • I am salt deficient because of adrenal fatigue and I have the same problems. If I get the least dehydrated it also happens. I drink a tsp of sea salt in a glass of water every night before bed and try to drink plenty of water. The only problem is it gets me up at night several times for a bathroom trip.

    • Potassium deficiency is what the Doctor told me that caused my leg cramps. Banana has a lot of Potassium but high in sugar. I use a potassium supplement

      • When I told my daughter, who is a nurse, about getting leg cramps she suggested eating bananas. I eat one every 3 or 4 days and have had cramps only once since, I must have gone a few extra days without.


    • Great idea! I get horrible cramps and, if helpful, I have found relief with a microwave heat pack. I’ll definitely add your suggestion to my regiment. Thanks!

  20. Have got and rheumatoid arthritis whst can I do get my uric acid

  21. Is this good for dark Circle at the eyes

  22. Wow this sounds great for what I got

  23. Do you WANT to neutralize it? Note that vinegar and lemon juice, also acidic, are generally known as substances that will have an effect to alkalize the body, or raise pH.

  24. The advantages of soda bicarb seem to be good.

  25. tYPE 2 DIABETICS SHOULDN’T5 TAKE INSULIN. It can be completley controlled with diet.

  26. The burning sensation associated with a bladder infection can be relieved with a teaspoon of BS dissolved in water. Better than drugs.

  27. I mix mushroom coffee with a little Dunkin Donut coffee grinds and perk it. A wonderful mug of coffee and no
    mushroom taste plus the benefit for my old brain.

  28. I have a much healthier solution and its what I use. Buy a water ionizer from Enagic. It produces alkalized water which also has a negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential) that makes it into a antioxidant.

    I brew my coffee with this water so that it naturally lowers it acidity and it also brings out more flavor because the water absorbs more than regular waters.

    This way you don’t have to consume a powder that we don’t need to be eating every day and you are also getting the healthiest water on the planet at the same time. WIN WIN.

  29. I put a little baking soda in any dish I prepare that has tomato base, like chili, vegetable soup, sloppy jo’s, spaghetti sauce… it’s amazing the results! Smoother taste and less stomach distress especially for my husband. I will start adding it to coffee now!

  30. The article stated u could put a tsp of baking soda in your beans or a pinch in ur cup. However easier for you.

    • Janice Crutchfield

      When I make pinto beans for refried beans, I always put a tsp. Baking Soda in with them while they are boiling. I also will put in cut up pieces of apple. It totally disintegrates with no apple flavour.

  31. Maxwell Robert Weedon

    This sounds like a good idea, will try it for a month first up

  32. How do you use it?

  33. A friend told me to put 1/4 tsp of baking soda in water and drink it mid to late afternoon if you are dealing with tiredness. I’ve been drinking vinegar in water in the evening and also lemon juice in water on occasion. Having an alkaline system keeps you from getting sick too. I hear people talking about the perils of salt and mostly high blood pressure. I don’t know much about that but this is a culture that tells us not to eat salt. Salt makes stomach acid–the good kind–that helps to digest food. People who don’t eat salt may need food enzymes for better digestion.

    • Does BS help neutralize the oxalate in coffee that leads to kidney stones. I have CKD and am therefore restricted to one cup pet day.

  34. I take 20 mg of Omeprazole every day for acid reflux and sometimes I get a cramp. Does this mean that if I take a pinch of baking soda in my first coffee every day it can cure the problems and I will no longer need the omeprazole.

    • Omeprazole will not fix your acid reflux and in the long run you will be sick, reflux happens due lack of acid, so what you need to do is to get before and after you eat, a pinch or more of Sodium Bicarbonate with 10 or 15 ml of apple vinegar so you can tell your liver and gallbladder that you are going to eat, that will help them produce bilis which is what you need to process proteins and fats. Check Dr. Peter Osborne and John Bergman, they talk about lack and the need of acid in the stomach.

      • Adriano, my husband only gets acid reflux when he eats acidic foods! (or spicy) The acid backs up in his throat! So don’t think he needs more acid!

  35. I only drink one cup a day but will try it.I rarely get acid indigestion but when I do I take one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and it is instantly cured. Apple cider vinegar is also good for your intestinal flora according to my research over the years.

  36. Every time

    • I’ll stick with water & tea. Coffee equals licking battery post. I wouldn’t do that wouldn’t drink coffee. If you have to doctor up coffee that’s the wrong beverage. It’s like all the Stupid water that’s being hussled these days. The only thing that fraud is good for is giving doctors a good belly laugh. It’s all a scam people.

      • My cardiologist said that, according to newer research, up to 4 cups of coffee per day is actually beneficial. I thought I had to stop drinking it altogether because of the AFib and enlarged heart, but he told me otherwise. I believe this is research from 2019 that he was referring to – I remember seeing it at the time, but have forgotten the site – perhaps Mayo Clinic or PubMed.

  37. Robert Lee Williams

    I’ve used Baking Soda for the Gout, Works wonders, Melts the Uric acid crystals in your joints so your kidney can flush them out. Use it as soon as you fell it coming on.

  38. Grind Himalayan salt in a coffee grinder, then mix 50/50 or 60/40 with baking soda before internal use, this will boost your minerals intake for the day while easing your coffee acid.

  39. I don’t drink coffee. I do drink a 16 oz glass of water with a teaspoon of baking soda every day. My Dr. told me, due to diabetes, my kidneys were not functioning properly. I read a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water every day would improve my kidney functions. I began drinking a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water every day. After three months, my Dr. told me my kidney functions we improving. After 6 months, she told me there was a tremendous improvement in my kidney functions. My husband was suffering from gout in his feet. He began adding 1/4 teaspoon to a pot of coffee. Now he very rarely complains about pain from gout.

  40. Although I know that baking soda can neutralize acidity I didn’t think to put it in my coffee mostly because I figured it would taste bad lol.

  41. 1/4 teaspoon to a pot of coffee. What do you consider a pot, 4 cup, 5, 8? I make a 10 cup pot.

  42. I use a 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in my morning coffee. I have been using this method since March 2014. I was diagnosed with cancer in February of 2014 and My Ph level was well over 680. I spoke to one of my many doctors and they were all in agreement I should try Baking Soda added time my diet. Within 1 month my markers came down close to 400 points the month after that it was in the 100’s then the 60’s, then less then a year I was at a lower end of the single digits 4.5, 3.4. That’s where I remain today, just shy of 7 years later. So You see there are many benefits of Baking Soda!
    Thank You For Allowing Me To Tell My Story

    • I don’t know what you are referring to, but the pH range is from 0 to 14. I don’t know what the 680 number is you are talking about, but it is not pH.

      • You are correct, a blood pH of 680 is impossible in a live human being. A pH of 3.4 is not impossible, but a person with such an acidic pH would be critically, and not likely to survive for very long, certainly not for years with that pH. Simply adding baking soda to one’s diet would most likely not be enough to correct the pH abnormalities described by Denise. I think she got her numbers mixed up, or misunderstood her physician.

  43. I have a time reducing my blood sugar. I drink 6 cups of coffee a day and am 89 yoa. What’s the best way of using Baking Soda to reduce down the sugar? All other lipids are in snyc.

  44. Is aluminum free baking soda good to use?

  45. barcbonate soda great in morning lst thing before food….8oz class 1/4 teaspoon…controlled ph…and acid reflux …
    even after each meal

  46. Does baking soda change the flavour of coffee

  47. I am not a coffee drinker. I don’t like the smell.
    Would a pinch of baking soda do the same thing in tea preferable hot tea.
    Is this suppose help you lose weight?

    Way too cold to tale a walk outside.

  48. Very interesting and helpful information

  49. 1/4 tsp or a little more disolved in a cup of water works better than Tums or Rolaids.

    • I’ll have to try this. I’m on Nexium and take Tums, too many each day, I do drink coffee ☕️, usually 2 large cups a day, but that’s not what causes my gastric reflux or indigestion. I take a combination of anti-inflammatory medications and they just tear my stomach up!! I started on a new medication ? a couple of weeks ago, and my stomach problems have gotten worse. Now I have terrible gas and bloating all of the time. Nothing has helped to get rid of it, not Gas-x, symethecone, Tums extra strength, or standing on my head! I hope your system works. Thanks for sharing.

      • I’m not a professional but seems to me you need to stop all those acid remedies. Try baking soda in water or next time try using ACV and see what works. You may have low stomach acid Seniors can have a low acid problem, so you have to figure that out. (if you happen to be older)
        Sometimes I use soda and it does work, usually use maybe a tsp or more of soda in water I don’t measure it. Figure out what is causing the problem and read about stomach acid and figure it out. Also research the damage that antacids can have on the system; they are quite bad if used too often especially.
        (Emails are from a while ago, so hopefully you have resolved this already.)


  50. Looking for the article that was on your sight about curing diabetes 2. Please send me that info again. I would like to order it

  51. Adding milk will also make your coffee less acidic….

  52. Lydia B. Elliott

    I have always been a big coffee drinker. Suddenly, one day I could not tolerate the taste of coffee. I had no prior warning about this situation. I tried flavored coffee without success. Is there an explanation for this sudden change? I miss my coffee and would like to resume consumption. Hope you have a reason why this happened. None of my docs have any answers.

    • Lydia, the same thing happened to me, drank coffee for 60 years
      and then, one day, i had no desire for it! I came down with flu, and from that point, no longer desired it. The mere thought of it just turned me off. I still have a cup in the morning, but only out of habit. I, too, just wish I knew why that happened; never found out why or heard of that happening to anyone else on this planet until you mentioned it! Any others out there besides me and Lydia?

      • Yes! Although my disdain for coffee only lasted a few days. I got Covid at beginning of 2022. Found myself not wanting to drink my coffee but knowing if I didn’t I would have to go through a horrible headache. It’s fair to say I don’t have a great passion FOR coffee now, but somehow I don’t object to drinking it like I did for a few days. I didn’t really connect this to Covid, except that people have said you lose ability to taste anything with Covid. That didn’t happen to me. Everything tasted fine…. Well guess everything except coffee. ?
        I’m loving this thread of comments even more than the original article. Thinking I’m going to go back over it and take notes so I don’t forget all these great pointers that people have offered. ?

  53. Soda is an alkaline alkaline products as soda will starve cancer cells as cancer needs acid to grow Searching that online. Has brought up cases where people have become cancer free with an alkaline diet So keep using soda as you are. It also kills skin fungus

  54. Edward J Hauptmann, MD

    If you really want to reduce the acid in your coffee, buy or make your own COLD BREW. Cold brew is NOT the same as iced coffee. Cold brew is coffee grounds allowed to sit in room temperature water for 12-36 hours, and then strained. It is usually made as a concentrate and stored in the refrigerator for a week or so. It can be added to hot water and heated, or served over ice.
    What is the benefit? COLD BREW COFFEE HAS ONE-THIRD THE ACID OF REGULAR COFFEE. It is MUCH easier on your stomach, and it tastes a LOT sweeter without adding anything.
    You can learn how to make your own Cold Brew vie videos online, or buy the concentrate at most grocery stores in the refrigerated juice/tea section.
    On the other hand, iced coffee is simply hot-brewed coffee allowed to cool and served over ice. Because the coffee acids are extracted by heat, iced coffee has the same amount of acid as any regular hot-brewed coffee.

    • Ditto! Been making cold brewed coffee for about 5+ years. Best tasting coffee I’ve had. Easy on the stomach.

  55. Well informed on different subjects, good job.

  56. Does it work in tea too?

  57. Doesn’t putting some of one of the two, baking powder or baking soda, in water & drinking it help your nails?
    I know I’ve read there is SOMENGTHINE you put in water & it helps your nails & mine need it! Can some on help me PLEASE!?

  58. Will Baking soda added to your morning coffee help your nails?

  59. Great article. I was trained as a Chem Eng. I am over 82 and I have studied and applied a lot of nutritional science and I am very healthy and active. (I plan to live to 160).

    The subject of Acid Reflux was cited. To correct that we need to simply go back to “Fit For Life” and the proper mixing of food. Fruit by itself. Do not mix proteins and carbs.

    To prevent acid reflux simply drink 8 ounces of pure water 1 hour before the steak and salad…..It takes about 4 hrs in this environment for a steak to properly pre-digest. Once that is finished the body is ready to open the trap door and send it down into the small intestines to be used as NOURISHMENT. (The mixing of carbs and steak will cause the mess to petrify and the body need to get rid of this toxic mess!)

    The glass of water 5 hrs earlier permits the formation of a basic (hydroxal) solution needed to neutralize the good acidic predigested steak!

    Next as soon as the mixing bowl empties one can go to fruit….30 min and bananas 45 minute to pass into
    the small intestines.

    Then have the potato salad and and or baked potato! Just rock and roll through the whole day. Your choice.
    My wife claims I do not like potatoes. She tells everyone that when I am eating the protein meal. I love potatoes. I just love to eat them at the proper time.

    William J. Sturm
    Major, USAF (Ret.)
    Meteorologist Retired

    Ps When I was commissioned they asked me what I wanted to do in the USAF. I am a Chem Eng. “We don’t have any of them!” WELL YOU GOT ONE NOW. FIVE YEARS TO GET TRAINED AND GRADUATE AND THEY


  61. I am using alkaline water instead. My ionizer’s producing pH 8.5 specifically for coffee, tea, soup… Friends always asking “Why your coffee is so tasty?”


    A month ago I read your message about adding a pinch of baking soda to coffee that tastes bitter. I thought it was due to the two meds I am on – but tried it, and now enjoy coffee. I put a pinch of the baking soda on the grounds in my drip pot and it works just fine for me. Thank you

    • I have been adding a 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda to the water used for making the coffee (12 cup pot). It seems to work better on not plugging up the filter.
      I also add a bit of extra water, swish around the water and baking soda mixture in the pot, and then add it to the coffee pot reservoir. Excess water with undissolved baking soda over the 12 cups is poured down the sink drain to freshen it. Works well for me.

  63. My landlord takes tablespoon baking soda and glass of water mixes chugs it for heartburn. Says it works every time. He’s 62


      I’m 74 and have Celiac and GERD occurs at times. I take a small amount of baking soda in water and it is gone in minutes. No drugs, just a simple solution.

  64. Yes it will raise blood pressure but this is because the potassium / sodium ratio is thrown out of balance with excess sodium. The answer then is hopefully obvious…. take more potassium. There’s some in bananas but to get enough from this source would mean eating 20 to 30 bananas a day which is going spike insulin – another cause of HBP. There is a lot in avocadoes and one avo a day will help. We need 4700mg of potassium every day and this can be obtained from supplements available from health shops and places like ebay. It works well.

  65. Michael Van Volkenburg

    We make cold brew coffee. It greatly reduces the acid produced in hot brew coffee. Big taste difference as well.

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