The problem with spinach (it can be both good AND bad)

should everyone eat spinach?By: Cat Ebeling 
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Why Some People Should Avoid Eating Spinach

I may be giving away my age, but when I grew up, Popeye was a popular cartoon hero, and he ate spinach to get strong muscles. We were always urged to “eat your spinach, and be like Popeye”.

Unfortunately, the spinach that was primarily available back then was the nasty, cooked to death kind that came in a can. It wasn’t until my family started growing spinach in our own garden that I learned to love it’s tender, sweet, fresh-picked leaves in a salad or lightly stir fried with lemon and butter. It’s tender texture and mild taste make it a favorite addition to smoothies, soups, and stir-fries. According to the USDA, Americans consume nearly 2½ pounds of spinach per year per capita these days.

Spinach is a nutrient-dense, dark green leafy vegetable, high in niacin, and other B vitamins, vitamins A, C, E, K, packed with calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper, and manganese. Spinach also contains some serious antioxidants that fight free radicals that damage the cells in your body, helping prevent cancer, chronic diseases, aging and other serious health issues. The folate it contains, an essential B vitamin, is especially vital for pregnant women and their fetuses, and also protects your cardiovascular system, paired with magnesium that helps essentially every bodily function, as well as maintaining a healthy blood pressure level. Spinach is also excellent brain food, improving memory and mental clarity.

Spinach comes from the same family as beets and swiss chard. These superfoods are known for reducing inflammation and slowing the aging process, so it’s no wonder spinach seems to be such a superstar!

Spinach’s high antioxidant content, which includes beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin, help fight cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Spinach protects immunity by lowering inflammatory responses, reducing cell damage, and aiding in digestive health too.

Also worth noting, spinach contains a type of healthy natural steroid that increases sugar/glucose metabolism and helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Obviously this is especially beneficial with people with pre-diabetes or diabetes, since it helps to eliminate the need for insulin.

is spinach healthy?So yes, spinach does have some very amazing health benefits, but it can also have a few downsides too.

Although spinach contains high levels of iron and calcium, these nutrients are somewhat difficult to absorb from spinach. And even though there is lots of calcium, it is virtually unusable in our bodies, as spinach contains one of the least bioavailable forms of calcium.

This is partly because spinach contains substances that inhibit certain nutrients from being properly absorbed.  Spinach also contains a substance called oxalic acid or oxalates which can bind to calcium and iron in the body and prevent the body from being able to absorb them. Oxalic acid is a natural substance found in several different plant based foods including rhubarb (its leaves contain very high amounts of oxalic acid), chard, and beet greens.

Oxalic acid does bind to some minerals, making them unavailable for the body to absorb. So if you were to eat large quantities of foods containing lots of oxalic acid on a daily basis, you may end up with some nutritional deficiencies over a period of time—but we are talking weeks to months, though, not just a meal or two.

For some people, the high oxalate levels in spinach can also create an increased risk of kidney stones and joint problems.

Oxalates can accumulate in the body, especially the kidneys. When the oxalates combine with calcium, kidney stones can form. Calcium oxalate is responsible for about 80% of kidney stones as a matter of fact. And this is where spinach gets its bad rap.

Oxalates are not recommended for people who have inflammatory diseases including gout, arthritis, and even vulvodynia. These people have a tendency to have a greater uptake of oxalates and calcium. But for most of us, this should not be a problem, as long as you’re not eating spinach every single day.

In fact, gut bacteria, are thought to play an important role in the oxalate absorption, since some types of gut bacteria break down oxalate, especially oxalobacter formigenes, lactobacillus, and bifidobacteria. And other research has shown absorption of oxalates has to do with the combination of foods eaten during a meal. For example, even if your body has difficulty absorbing calcium from spinach, when eaten at the same time as other calcium rich foods, such as milk or cheese, the calcium from other foods is absorbed with no problems.

Cooking spinach was thought to lower the oxalate content, but research shows this does very little to reduce oxalates.

Generally, unhealthy levels of oxalate buildup is an uncommon problem with spinach and other high oxalate foods, so there really is no reason to avoid spinach unless your doctor advises you to, or you have Gout or Arthritis as mentioned above.

Overall, spinach can be a healthy addition to most people’s diets, but just beware not to overdo the quantity so that you’re not getting excessive oxalates on a daily basis.  So go ahead and throw a handful in your smoothies, munch down on a healthy spinach salad for lunch, and maybe even try a creamed spinach with dinner.  But for a lot of people, eating spinach a couple times a week might be better than on a daily basis.

Mike’s notes:  To add onto Catherine’s comments, I will add a little personal experience here too… I discovered about 3 years ago, while I was recovering from an autoimmune Thyroid problem, that my digestive system does NOT like leafy greens, including spinach.  

I discovered this accidentally, because I used to eat a salad with almost every dinner on the side.  However, one night I skipped the salad and just ate meat, a sweet potato, and an avocado… The next morning, I had a “perfect” poop, and in fact, it was a MUCH better poop than what was typical for me at the time.  So I did a little experimenting, and sure enough, every time I would add a leafy greens salad back into my nightly dinner, my digestion would suffer a little, and my poop would be loose the next morning.  So I’d remove the salad from my next dinner, and sure enough, I’d have a “perfect” poop again the next morning.

I’ve discovered through this experimentation that for me personally, my digestive system clearly doesn’t like leafy greens, and my digestion is MUCH better when I avoid them.  I’ve tested this dozens of times in the last 3 years, and every single time, I have poor digestion when I eat greens.  So I simply avoid them now all the time, and my digestion is great now, as long as I also avoid other digestive irritants such as beans, which also seem to not agree with me.

And if you think we “need” leafy greens to get all of our nutrition, this is false… I can get ALL the nutrients and antioxidants I need from root vegetables like carrots, beets, sweet potatoes, turnips, as well as fruits, nuts, herbs, spices, and seeds.  There’s nothing “essential” about leafy greens by any means.

By the way, if you were wondering, 3 years ago, I completely healed my autoimmune hyper-thyroid condition in about 6 months with ZERO drugs… I will say that I had to ignore my doctors orders when they diagnosed my Thyroid condition because they wanted to possibly do surgery or put me on thyroid drugs for the rest of my life potentially.

Instead of using harmful pharmaceuticals or surgery for my fairly serious hyperthyroid disorder, I instead attacked the ROOT cause of the problem, which was stress and gut health, and also used herbs to help heal my Thyroid as well.  I did various gut-healing protocols, avoided gut irritants like wheat, beans, and also for me, leafy greens.  And I also started drinking bone broth as a gut healing drink every single day, and it did wonders!  (Interestingly enough, my joints have felt a LOT better since doing daily bone broth too!)

My whole plan worked amazingly well, and my autoimmune hyperthyroid condition was completely gone and back to normal in 6 months, and has never returned in 3 years.  See, you CAN do things the natural way, by getting to the ROOT cause of a health problem instead of just masking the symptoms with side-effect ridden pharmaceuticals.

If you want to read more about similar topics on why you can possibly eat TOO many veggies, read this article.

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  1. interesting, i also healed my thyroid issue in 6 months with a change in diet and lifestyle – among other dietary changes, i cut out gluten and ensured i got enough sleep. It also never came back in 3 years. At the time the doctors also told me my thyroid will need to be operated on and i will need to take thyroid medication for the rest of my life.. i was horrified so i went away and did some serious researching.. and never went back to that doctor !

    • Good for you Marielou !! I threw my diabetic meds away 1 yr ago and have cured myself of that filthy disease that supposedly is irreversible. I lost 55 lbs and as the lbs were dropping so was my blood pressure and then after being on Prevacid for acid production/heartburn for over 35 years; now I am off of all they’re drugs…YAY 🙂

      • Hi, I ran across your reply, that you cured your diabetic ! I too suffer from this nightmare and are hoping to one day be free that Rat Poison Metformin as well as Thyroid meds Would you share your remedy on getting off the diabetic meds ? Thank you, Theresa

      • Sounds like me. I was pre diabetic, on Omeprazole and pepcid, bipolar meds, about 11 rx’s total, now I take 2 and trying to get off them. Suboxone and Seroquel. Once I get off them 2 I’ll be home free

    • Curious how you did this I am Keto and feel so much better but please let me know how I can get off Thyroid meds.

    • Smart girl!

      • I’ve stuck to the basic American food plan, but eliminated processed anything. Cut way down on wheats, sweets and soda. Plain carbonated water is delicious.

  2. Medical research put spinach as a vegetable high in nitrates which naturally suppress body nutrients, high nitrates result in blood pooling in the joints resulting in arthritis, high nitrates also suppress the conversion in the body of carotene in the plant to vitamin A in the body. There is no vitamin A in green leafy vegetables only carotene which needs to be converted to A in the liver. To be healthy spinach needs to be lightly cooked or dressed with lemon juice or cider vinegar.

    • I thought that adding a little olive oil
      to the spinach, either cooked spinach or spinach in a salad, would negate the problem associated with oxalic acid. Is my thought not true??
      Pat, Washington DC

    • I grew up eating spinach with vinegar. Good to hear that was the right way!

  3. This is a GREAT article!!!
    My experience (several years ago) was that I started eating low carb paleo, basically just meat and vegetables with healthy fats. Unfortunately, I gave myself a kidney stone because I was eating large amounts of either spinach, swiss chard or kale nearly every day.

    My digestion suffered terribly and I couldn’t figure out why my uber “healthy” diet was making me feel worse with each passing month. I finally quit the leafy greens and added back dairy in the form of goat milk, goat cheese even goat milk ice-cream. My kidneys, sleep, digestion and metabolism improved and I feel so much better.

    I would love to be able to live on a whole plant food diet, but all beans and legumes cause major digestive distress too. I guess some humans aren’t designed to eat beans and leafy greens.

  4. Mr. Lester Barclay

    YOU FORGOT ZINC dont forget that there might be vegans out there spinach can kale is their only source of zinc..!

    You forgot zinc the greatest mineral of all , the ballencer of all the other minerals .! When ballenced with copper 2 to 1 ratio gives us hemoglobin from iron ! When ballenced with copper zinc gives us nessary hydrochronic acid for digestion , with out which no other mineral or viteman is absorbed threw the digestive track that needs that acid to clean over growth of internal intestinal build up of dead cells ..! AND THAT IN THE USA IS EPIDEMIC IN INTERNAL MEDICEN .!
    ((( B vitamins, vitamins A, C, E, K, packed with calcium, iron, magnesium, packed, potassium, copper, and manganese.)))

    Spinach consumed at each meal a very small portion stops irritable bowel syndrome ..,

  5. What are clean, low ox, alternatives that can be consumed daily as a green? We eat spinach daily (and kids), but I’d like to switch it up for my salad and cassava wrap sandwiches. Thx. Great read!

    • When I stopped eating vegetables such as spinach, beans and grass cereals such as maize and substituted these with wild leave vegetables such as amaranth and non grass cereals such as grain amaranth and chia seeds, kidney stones attacks disappeared completely

  6. I thought I was doing a great healthy thing by adding large handfuls of spinach to my smoothies in the morning off and on. I had never experienced kidney stones in my life and all of a sudden found myself with a full blown kidney stone attack. I had no idea what had caused it. Then just a few weeks later while visiting my daughter in another state for a couple month stay I had another bout of it. She had purchased a huge bag of spinach for me to use. I did some research and figured these attacks were possibly caused by all the spinach I had been drinking. I stopped using spinach in my smoothies over 1-1/2 years ago and so far not another kidney stone attack. I will now only eat a little spinach in a salad or sometimes a little cooked creamed, etc spinach.

  7. Thanks for this article! Raw spinach is causing me similar issues, from eating spring mix which is very convenient, but it always has spinach :-(. Traditionally spinach and chard are cooked and the liquid drained, which gets rid of the acid. Note beans and grains have phytic acid, a mineral and protein binder, and should be soaked more than just overnight for beans, 12-24 hr depending on hardness, and rinsed well to reduce phytic acid. Same with grains, but overnight soaking is OK. I’m thinking phytic acid may be one reason for (my) bean intolerance since commercial processing does not soak at all and usually the beans are not rinsed. Could be an issue with grain products as well.

  8. Good article!

  9. I have been off of spinach for some years now because of the IRON in the product. I was diagnosed with having Hemochromatosis (sp?) because of my iron levels being too high. It is an inherited condition. Wonder if anyone else has this problem. I do, however, have a spinach salad every so often.

    • I have been off spinach potassium lowers my heart beet to 40 I have had a peacemaker 4 months Matt Solti Nortwel Hospital DR Samuel

  10. My opthamologist told me I had to eat many greens daily because I have early Macular Degeneration.
    I have arthritis. Now what do I eat to help stop my MD?

    • Evelyn, you might try carrots or better yet, carrot juice. 1lb of carrots yield about a cup of juice. Lots of carotenoids, same things found in greens that feed your eyes. Also lots of beta carotene that will help your eyes and skin.

  11. I have arthritis. My opthamologist told me to eat greens daily because I have macular degeneration. Now what can I eat to diminish my MD?

    • Areds2 is a drug that is great for eye health. My mother is 97 years old and has taken this drug for many years .Her eye sight is remarkable. Rite Aide sells them


    I had the same problem with autoimmune Thyroid, the doc wanted to pump me up with terrible dangerous medications and he never suggested or asked about my diet.
    I eliminated spinach, kale, and spirulina from my diet and my thyroid went back to normal and I hope will stay like that.
    Vegetable are good for you, but some are good for some people and some for others,
    my advice lower the stress level and check your body reaction to a different kind of food as we all need different things.
    Thank you

  13. Not surprised about Mike’s reaction to the leafy greens for two reasons.

  14. Appreciate Mike’s sharing of his experience. Not surprised about Mike’s reaction to the leafy greens for two reasons.
    (1) Leafy greens are above ground and they need more plant compounds (toxins) for protection from “invaders” as compared to root vegetables which of course are underground.
    (2) “Salad” means the veggies are NOT cooked and many people have problem digesting RAW veggies. When leafy greens are cooked the bowel issues disappear for many people.
    Has Mike done any experiment on COOKED leafy greens? Does he eat the root vegetables after cooking? I am curious. Maybe it has more to do with cooked vs. raw instead of leafy green vs. root??? Does he use enzymes or seaweed when eating beans?

  15. Everything in moderation is the key so it seems …..

  16. What can men eat to boast their erection?

  17. Any suggestion of best vegetables for COPD ?

  18. Can anyone help me, I’m probably going to die soon. Had thyroid cancer for last nearly 6 yrs.
    Been fighting with diet
    Cannot have the medication for rest of life If I have it taken out, as the medication comes from the thyroid of a pig
    I am Severely Allergic to Pork
    I HAVE to live to Care for my son
    I can Only eat Organic but live in a country town where you Can’t buy anything organic
    Tried to grow So many times
    Almost impossible, horrible ants etc
    Pay heaps to get Some organic beans sent from Brisbane to Adelaide in Australia
    Tumeric and now recently some powdered Kale and beetroot and broccoli and ginger.
    I Just got some organic powdered sweet potato from the supermarket
    Hopefully that will help keep me alive
    Bought So many books, from USA, that had to get sent to shipping company first, then send to Australia
    So dizzy as I’m writing this, sorry
    I Never ask anyone for help
    If anyone can suggest anything that can help my thyroid.. Please help

    From not having it out, has gone to bones

    So much prayer, the very large lumps on my bones are a bit smaller, but the one’s on my forehead.. turning into one long giant lump
    And the thyroid gets a bit better at times, but was gradually getting worse
    Now definitely way worse
    Sorry so long, tried to keep short but thought more info may be needed
    If anyone knows anything that may help

    • Broccoli for the anti-inflammatory effect . Beets or beet root . Turmeric is definitely the best for anti-inflammatory results . Apple cider vinegar it’s good to keep the bad bacteria away from your organs throat Dash stomach Dash intestines .
      I mistakenly or by chance – found out that antivirals had helped my thyroid and I have lost 75 pounds without any real big change in diet except drinking Poland Spring water from US or well water . I have pre-cancerous throat and not full-blown but my symptoms have lessened sinse I stopped taking my anti acid medication . Also like I said before – anti viral medication helped almost immediately with my thyroid flare ups . Doctors have no idea why or how.
      When I got ( bell’s palsy ) they prescribed anti viral meds for that. They worked wonders . Especially for my thyroid . And slowly for my Bell’s palsy .

    • I recommend eating a Tablespoon of 100% EXTRA VIRGIN COCONUT OIL EVERY day.
      I keep mine in my refrigerator, and eat little chunks of it every day, although it’s difficult to cut into chunks.
      You can also eat it melted or as a substitute for butter and other cooking oils.
      Just use your imagination.
      It’s VERY important to buy the 100% EXTRA VIRGIN one, none of the others, because they’re not edible.
      Good Luck ?
      I will pray for you ?

    • i suggest reading (on-line) Dr. Al Sears. very up to date on proper cancer treatments and fallacy of chemical methods. he is also a nutritionist and has his own clinic in florida,usa. doesn’t cost anything to read his column.

    • I realize this is an old comment, I use thyrovanz which is new zealand cow, you can find them on the internet. I do not know if there is a prescription thyroid medication using bovine but I think there is, your best bet is a natural doctor for advice on this.

    • Here are a few resources that may help. for gardening success for a way of treating cancer based on Gerson’s diet where you can find more specifics on Thyroid cancer.

      I wish you the best I can your healing journey.

    • Nascent Iodine is a very important Nutritional element in the well being and Healthy functioning of Thyroid. There are two separate sources that I wish to note here, one is the based in Houston Texas. The website has a number of superbly designed nutritional supplements. One that is as critical to a women’s well being more so than to the male is a product called Detoxidine. This is a very pure Iodine. Look it up, You will not regret it. Number two look up or call 800-310-6769 Dr. Brownstein through this newsletter service offers excellent medical information with publications like “Overcoming Thyroid Disorders” and”Iodine: Why you need it, Why you can’t live without it” There is much more-Good Luck

    • Rose Patrick Tovey

      I recently went to an integrative doctor, and she had me do MANY tests to find out why my sleep is
      so poor, etc.
      She ordered beef liver and beef adrenals for me from a company called Ancestral Supplements. I believe these cattle are raised in New Zealand. I just started taking these things, so don’t yet know how well they will work. They may sell a beef thyroid product.
      My lead is about 4 times the “acceptable” range. When I searched for which foods can be responsible for high lead, and almonds and spinach were on that list. ….Rose

    • Look up the Medical Medium, Anthony William (no “s”) and his remedies, including celery juice.

      • Cilantro detox! Do not forget the Clay Powder available from Pascalite Inc. it serves to eliminate the tox from your body!

    • My name is Chris from California. I am sorry for what your going through. I will pray for you. You sound like your eating correctly but I want to tell you about what to avoid. Don’t eat at fast food that use disease causing oils. It’s accumulative. Is the salt your eating REAL salt or Morton’s. Please note restaurants are going to use the cheapest quality ingredients to make a profit. We are literally poisoning our bodies every day. I was diagnosed with a liver disease at UCLA by the head of endocrinology at 42. My alcoholic father was over 70 and didn’t get cirrhosis until he was 86, died at 88 but not from a bad liver but by tripping and falling down. He laughed when I was diagnosed because I don’t drink or have never taken drugs but I overlooked the drugs in my foods. Back then I listened to my doctor and took the steroids Prednisone. I gained 80 pounds in a few months. I found myself feeling worse and found out from another doctor I didn’t have THAT liver disease. I was causing the inflammation in my body with all the toxins, pesticides, GMOs, high fructose corn syrup in ALL sodas, BBQ and ketchup and baked goods.,etc. Never once did any of my doctors discuss what I was eating. At the same time as a teacher I had 7 year olds on their periods. In USA in 1940s the average age a girl started her period was 16. In the 70s it was 12 and today it’s 9. I know they continue to put growth hormones in genetically modified corn fed cows.Cows are only supposed to be eating grass not GMO corn which is causing cancer a in cows as well as the growth hormones. I believe these and modern wheat ( read wheat belly by cardiologist William Davis and MAD COWBOY) caused my liver enzymes to be high. I’m not out of the woods but am more politically sophisticated to know how dishonest food manufacturers are as well as government ” regulators” who aren’t looking out for people. I also have a thyroid problem and was diagnosed with diabetes but I’ve also lost 45 lbs. I am very conscious of what I’m eating as well as what I’m allowing my handicapped brother to eat. I make my own Nutella/ fudge and try to avoid omega 6 oils Canola oil is NOT heart healthy and the extraction method is what is most dangerous. I know an Italian teacher living in USA who has a liver disease. None of her 4 siblings in Italy or her elderly parents have a liver disease. She told me over 8: years ago that palm oil in Nutella is banned in Italy( but not for Nutella exports to the USA)

  19. One of the reasons some have been experiencing problems with leafy greens including spinach is that they are all heavily sprayed with toxic pesticides and herbicides that are absorbed and can’t easily be washed off. When it comes to greens you really need to find organic and pay the extra price or grow your own!

    • Rose Patrick Tovey

      Even if you grow your own, there could be lead in the soil. Almonds and spinach can be the cause for high lead levels, I read. Soil that had been taken from beside an old house can be contaminated from lead paint. My lead level tested 4 times as high as the “acceptable” level. Working on it now.

  20. I ‘ve been suffering from low energy for quite some time and I’ve out all alcohol except for (2) two glasses of wine each day. What will help me regain my energy? I eat a balanced diet ; however, I normally don’t eat my evening meal until after 9 PM.
    David G.

  21. I started having rashes on my torso, I changed soaps, lotions, anything I could think of. My hubby made us “green ” drinks every morning. My cholesterol points dropped, my weight dropped, but I kept having this pesky rash. He passed very suddenly and I didn’t have any green drinks or salads for quite some time. Getting ready to fly, we stopped at a favorite place & I had a nice spinach salad. (I always loved spinach in any form) 2 hours later on the flight it felt like there were ants in my shirt. Sure enough, the rash was back. Each time I tried spinach, even a few leaves in a mixed salad, the rash came back. Lately, peanuts causes a similar problem. These changes make for interesting times!

    • I also had that rash thing years ago, Doctors did nothing but give prescription for a topical salve, as they are not trained in nutrition. But my advise is the same as Mikes; “bone broth as a gut healing drink every single day”. There are also other gut healing protocols to use in addition, like good probiotics . Work on the gut, for it is the main thing!

    Sat, Jan 4, 3:50 PM (2 days ago)
    to Keto

    Thank you I’m recovering from chronic CIRS
    (toxic mold syndrome )and Bartonella and I do eat a lot of spinach
    I have bought several of your keto cookbook’s
    A few questions:

    How can i be tested to find out if i Am eating too much spinach? And depleted in the other minerals etc?

    Why does the video show a photo of a rotten avocado but To
    My knowledge she doesn’t talk about avocado in the very long video..I have an eaten the food she’s warning against for many years?

    Do you know that kale and other cruciferous veggies can contain high quantities of heavy metals
    3 years ago , i used to eat kale every day and then started having some bizarre symptoms ( arthritic like hands ) Luckily one of my bodyworkers knew someone who was doing research on kale and it’s unfortunate capacity to absorb heavy metals from even “organicsoul
    So I did a heavy metal test and tested very high for Thalíium

    My symptoms went away within two weeks of stopping

    Thank you for your help To learn more about spinach… I am having a lot of linear function /neurological challenges, so I apologize if the article answers this and I just couldn’t take it in

  23. thanks folks for sharing your stories and valuable results of your experiments and research. In general main stream Doctors wont do any of this for you. Wishing you all good health.

  24. I read on World’s Healthiest Foods that one should boil large pot of clean water, drop the washed spinach in, dunk it around for about 4 mins, take out, shake water off and just let it drip in a colander to get rid of most of the oxalate. then cook further or whatever.

  25. This is eye opening!! I’m scheduled to see an integrative doctor next month. In the
    meantime, does anyone have any ideas/suggestions about a person developing an incessant
    itch, all over body, with NO rash? Have been told am allergic to most materials but cotton.
    I still have problems with cotton clothing. Life is becoming unbearable.
    I always ask myself ,whenever any difficulty arises, “What have you eaten?”, or “what
    new drug/supplement ? ” Always the culprit. However, can’t nail this itching problem
    down. It drives me crazy.Can’t stop itching. Keeps me awake most nites. Have tried
    all options,from RX ( no good!!) to over the counter (antihistamine not good either, despite
    assurances of dr.) and natural as well. I.E, oatmeal,etc. If anyone has any experience
    with this, it sure would be gratefully accepted. Make my life more livable as well. As it is
    now, can’t be out of house more than 2 a time. Have to get home, and remove
    clothing. This is NO way to live. ( do have other medical problems too,but don’t
    know if connected. No dr.has suggested, but most won’t even go there, other than my
    dermatologist.) Thanks,anyone~~

  26. Interesting comments! Will forward to my family!


  28. Could it have possibly been the salad dressing that you used on your salads? If you read labels, most commercially made salad dressings have toxic junk in their ingredients.



  30. I have read – in some gov. articles – that spinach has almost NO iron.

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