What cold water does to your body

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By: Susan Patterson

Cold water can interfere with a number of healthy bodily processes and actually be detrimental to your well-being in the following ways:

Cold water robs you of nutrients: The body’s natural temperature is 37 degrees Celcius. When you drink something that is very cold, your body has to spend an exorbitant amount of energy to regulate your core temperature. This takes away from energy that is needed to digest food and absorb nutrients.

It may cause a sore throat: Extremely cold water may cause respiratory mucosa to build up, resulting in increased chance of infection causing a sore throat.

It can increase your risk of headache: According to a 2001 study, women who had experienced a migraine in the last year were twice as likely to trigger a headache by drinking cold water.

Heads up, cold water may contain dirty ice: We recently reported that ice is often dirty, coated with bacteria and fungus. This often is true of your ice at home.

On the flipside, here are some of the amazing health benefits of drinking warm water:

Warm water provides pain relief


Forget cold water, drinking warm water can help prevent constipation.

Drinking warm or hot water has a soothing effect on the muscles of the abdomen. It can provide relief from menstrual and abdominal cramping, as well as muscle spasms.

Boosts your weight lossInstead of cold water, drink warm water to help boost your weight loss.

By drinking a cup of hot water first thing in the morning, you can jump-start your metabolism. Warm water increases body temperature and increases the rate at which your metabolism burns calories.

Prevents premature agingblank

Drinking warm water helps to flush compounds from the body that can accelerate aging. It also improves skin elasticity by aiding in cellular repair.

Clears nasal and throat congestionblank

Hot water is a wonderful natural treatment for colds. It can naturally dissolve phlegm and clear your airways. It not only clears out nasal congestion, but it also soothes sore throat symptoms as well.

Prevents constipationblank

Hot water can help you to maintain bowel movement regularity. Dehydration is a frequent cause of recurring constipation problems. Not to mention that the movement of the bowel slows down as it fills up. The hot water can finish breaking down food remnants and flush them through the intestines.

Aids your digestive processblank

It is believed that drinking cold water during a meal might promote hardening of oils in the food and lead to a fat deposit in the intestine. As mentioned previously, warm water boosts metabolism and aids the digestive process.

Detoxifies your bodyblank

The act of drinking hot water naturally raises the temperature of the body. As the body temperature rises it activates the process of sweating, which flushes toxins out of the body through the pores of the skin. The extra hydration also helps the function of the kidneys to flush waste material out of the body, along with toxins.

Improves your outlookblank

According to Dr. Michael Wald, the director of Nutritional Services at Integrated Medicine and Nutrition in Mount Kisco, New York, consuming hot water activates receptors found in the stomach, esophagus, intestines and mouth. This stimulates pleasure regions of the brain.

Maintains balance in the bodyblank

Practitioners of Chinese Medicine believe that drinking warm water that is similar to the temperature of the body maintains balance. They believe that extremes of either hot or cold throw off the body’s yin and yang. Imbalances are believed to be responsible for symptoms like chills, depression, thirst, “foggy” thinking, sleepiness, bloating and more.

Enhances blood circulationblank

Drinking warm water breaks down fat deposits that are present in the body and blood stream. The warmth increases the flow of blood circulation and promotes the removal of toxins. The increased circulation induces muscle relaxation, which can reduce pain.

Try warm lemon waterblank

My favorite way to drink warm water is by adding a squeeze or two of fresh lemon juice. This is especially beneficial first thing in the morning. Lemons contain citric acid, magnesium, bioflavonoids, vitamin C, pectin, calcium and limonene, which supercharge our immunity so that the body can fight infection. They also help to lower the activity of free radicals and increase the breaking down of body fat, also known as adipose tissue.

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Today’s blog is republished from my friends at TheAlternativeDaily, a leading publisher of daily alternative health …


  1. Light water, as opposed to heavy water is a by product of freezing water several times. Of course it can be drunk warm after it is produced, but there it is a by product of ice cubes. The article may be a good way to eliminate however small light water content may be in cold water. The author, Any relation to the chemo therapy industry?

    • One important point in not drinking cold water, which surprisingly is not mentioned in this article, comes from the ancient natural health tradition of Ayurveda, which says drinking cold water puts out the fire of digestion. Drinking room temperature or warm water (or beverages) is much easier on our digestive systems. I’ve been following this advice for decades and really notice the difference.

  2. no more hot water for me.

    • I was and still am waiting for the “Just kidding”. I mean you have to be pretty gullible to believe this kind of malarchi. A good friend once told me drinking cold water would ruin your kidneys. I said yeah that’s why all of the eskimos are on dialysis! People use your brains and don’t let quacks feed you this kind of poop.

      • When my brother had open heart surgery, the doctor told him not to drink cold water because it shocks the heart.

        • Nice that you share your experience with the readers. The article does make some suggestive remarks to digestion. I have been told that as well. Drinking warm liquids especially in the morning boost metabolism.

        • agreed, drinking cold water has caused a vagus nerve reflex and trggered a fib which put me in the ER more than once till I figured it out.

      • Do you know or do you assume that Eskimos drink cold water?
        Given what is left of the Eskimo lives in climates that are predominately cold,
        doesn’t mean that they all drink cold water.

      • Pieter van Aswegen

        Can one only drink hot water and how many glasses/day
        I suffer from pedoneuropathy which is painfull feet and knees
        Will it help for the pain

    • Why no more hot water for you

    • I w ok lol make it a point to drink room temp
      Water instead of a cold water. I drink both however it is handed to me. I’m a paramedic there have been plenty of time after calls.I needed a water. But I will change for sure now.
      Thank you
      Paul Fino

    • Are you saying no more hot water for you is it bad for you because the whole article says that cold water is bad for you and hot water is good for you and warm water is good

  3. I enjoy reading your health posts and pics.
    I always read them all

    • This is ridiculous because cold or hot throat and esophagus control temperature to certain extent,it does not matter.

      • Many years ago I had a friend who had been working on a tractor all day He came in and had 2 glasses of ice water and 5 minutes later he died and the doctor said that his body temp was way up from being in the sun all day and the shock of the cold water caused his heart to stop and it killed him Playing football we never had cold anything So there is something to this

        • Thank you for this comment. I’ve heard of this very thing happening before. I don’t drink cold water at all.

    • Water is good for the body but most people will not drink unless it’s cold

      • I’ve always found it harder to drink very cold water. Especially when taking supplements. Every now and then I like a glass of cold water, but typically I run water through my Norwex filtered pitcher and leave on my counter. If someone wants cold water there’s always ice. Help yourself!

  4. Guess what. Maimonides warned not to drink very cold water about 900 years ago for the same reasons you mentioned. He also said that drinking very cold water when you are hot as on a hot summer day can give a dangerous shock to the heart.

    • This is nice and i am going to try thanks for helping others

    • You and my wife have convinced me to not drink ‘super cold’ water! Thank you all!✝️?????

      • In rgard to headaches, I have chronic migraines sometimes, drinking somehng extremely cold like a slurpee or a couple of bites of ice cream relieves it.

    • Is it just cold water? What about cold juice? Or any other cold beverage? I love ice cream. frozen ice cream will surely take me out right?

      • I wonder the same thing I mean if ice cold water can do this to you and kill you what about cold drinks like soda or juices or tea I mean are we not supposed to drink anything frozen or cold it stops the heart

  5. This is really a very welcome information about drinking warm water with lemon instead of drinking cold water. I will pass this on to my friends.

    • I have been drinking lemon water first thing in the morning for about a year, and there is no doubt in my mind that my overall health is better, ad I resist colds more. I add a very small amount of honey to make it taste better. I just turned 85, so you may have to catch up.

      • Dick Miller good on you, me too, but my lemons were filling up my crisper in the fridge, so now I buy organic lemon juice in a little bottle, easier storage, and yes a little drizzle of honey too?

        • May I suggest you squeeze your lemons for juice in mason jar once a week. When ready to make lemon water use what you need and back in fridge

        • I find it just as easy if you have a blender; to cut a whole lemon in quarters, add about 8oz water, a teaspoon of organic coconut oil and about 1/8th teaspoon of organic salt. Blend and drink it down.

        • Does it work just as good as the fresh lemons do like the lemon juice organic lemon juice does that work just as good as fresh lemons because that would be much easier on me trying to better my health this year all my family has died at a young age and I’m trying to break that cycle

    • You can also drink warm water with lime, ginger, & other natural products to enhance the body’s immune system.

      • Wash organic lemons and heat in water to boiling and let sit. Peels contain D-limonene and 5x more vitamins and antioxidants than juice alone. Make a jug and keep in refrigerator and warm before drinking. Add honey or coconut sugar to taste.

  6. I just want to say THANKS for all this good info without having to buy someone’s book, probably not worth the trouble anyway

  7. Jerald Linzy Stacker

    I’m amazed I’ve managed to survive 66 years. I’ve almost always drank cold water, I don’t wear a helmet riding a bike, I’ve never used suncreen. When we were kids it was a ritual every spring to go the the lake, spend all day in the sun, ride back home unable to lean back against the back seat. After that we got tan and were able to stay shirtless in the sun all summer long. No one I know of in my family or friends ever had any medical problems with the sun. Or cold water. We must all be superhuman. Or just regular humans that didn’t have unknown idiots telling us how bad everything was for us. I feel sorry for the kids growing up in today’s “disaster every minute” world.

    • Don’t fool yourself… you’re NOT superhuman… you’re lucky… in spite of your stupidity.

    • Amen Jerald Stacker. How did we ever survive to reach an old age I am 72 and see things the same way. My mother is 92, her Grandfatheron her mother’s side was 92, her Aunt was 96, her mother was 94, her Grandmother on her father’s side was 96.

    • There’s always that old fart that goes on and on about all the stuff they did as a kid and look at us we are all fine. Except that you are stupid. If you are “all fine” (doubtful) then count yourself lucky. Melanoma is a killer. Using sunscreen is an easy thing to do to help prevent skin cancer. Eating at least a little bit mindfully instead of stuffing your face with fried chicken and sweet tea every day is smart. Drinking in moderation is a good idea. They are not saying that a glass of cold water will instantly kill you. They are saying hey, look at these findings, warm water has benefits. Back in your “hood ole days” Gramps, things happened to people. You just didn’t hear about it because if it didn’t happen in your 50 to 200 mile home range you just weren’t aware of it. Mass communication changed that for younger people. So go take a walk, have a meatless Monday every once in a while, enjoy some wine. And don’t play in the street or ride a bike without a helmet. If you don’t get hit by a truck, it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to play in the street. It just means you are lucky.

      • The old farts usually take the time to read actual scientific studies, not blindly follow where they are lead.
        Take everything literally why don’t ya. “a glass of cold water will kill you…these findings, warm water has benefits.”
        I challenge you to find a bonafide study that proves warm water over cold water (for humans) is better.
        Melanoma has increased 4-fold since sunscreen promotion started…soap and water proved 5x better than sanitizer at killing germs, etc. (proven)
        “Younger” people don’t walk anywhere and mass communication has led to a generation of younger people that believe everything they read or see on the internet is true, even though the majority of it hasn’t been proven.
        Did mass communication teach you that it’s OK to be rude and call names just because someone has an opinion different from yours?
        Jerald was talking about how his life was…you are talking about how everyone else’s life should be.
        Who the f$#k are you to be telling anybody how to live their life?

        • I am 76 and totally agree with you Mia. Been drinking ice water all my life. I boil my water for 20 minutes and make my ice from it cause our water is not good to drink. Everyone needs to live and don’t worry about the other persons life. We all have to do what we want and that’s the way life is…..I LOVE ICE COLD WATER!!!!!

        • I am one of those old farts, grew up on well water & we didn’t have ice
          so I’m sure when we came in from working in the fields we didn’t drink ice water, cold from the well maybe. When I had a C-section 40+ years ago the nurses gave me water without ice because ice causes gas they said. I personally don’t like ice water, I prefer room temp water, maybe a little cold on a hot summer day, but I rarely use ice. I get stomach cramps when I do down a glass of ice water & hurts my teeth. The only hot water I drink has coffee in it so that doesn’t count. So everybody is different, every BODY reacts differently. Some people smoke like a train and never get lung cancer. So everybody, take a flipping chill pill and a grain of salt, and use this info however the heck you please and God bless America that we even have these choices to make!

        • Mia, your comments to Ms Yale’s rant was spot on regarding the increase of melanoma corresponding with the use of sunscreen. You made some good points, but missed some critical facts. She apparently thinks she will never be an ‘old fart’, was not raised by ‘old farts’ for they would certainly have taught her something about respect and she is surely a part of the generation who thinks they know it all despite not having any knowledge about our having the right to our own opinion in this country. We can’t blame her for that part, as they no longer teach history or ethics in the schools. I do, however, feel some regret that her mother didn’t let her play in the street, as she probably would have figured her helmet would protect her and run out in front of a truck. THEN, Jerald could have made his comment without the undue rude criticism from this arrogant young BRAT! I’ll bet her Mother didn’t believe in spanking either.

        • Ha ha! Great answers!
          Quite frankly, I’m getting real tired of reading all the B.S. published in the name of ‘health’. THIS (un-named food) will kill you… click (bait) the link to be taken to a page of bull that says NOTHING of value. Or, click to learn about these ‘super-foods’.

          Sorry, but EVERY food is a super-food that contains stuff your body can use, but, if you eat too much of it, it will be BAD for you! Anything… no matter how good it may be… will harm you if taken in excess. How much is too much? That depends on your body. We are all different.

          Without water, we die. Too much water… we die. Same holds true for everything.

        • As an “old fart” I think all of you just need to chill. Each of us is an adult and may not adhere to what each of you is Preaching. We are aware of our bodies and what does and does not work with it. Insulting someone for their opinion or lifestyle shows your ignorance. What happened to having an opinion without being attacked for it. We all may not be as smart as some of you think you are, but that’s fine.

      • Wow Johanna – high marks for rudeness. That’s one part of your life that you’ve got down pat.

      • WOW! You are rude, elderly people have lived a life you will never have to. Good luck surviving what is coming. At least us “old farts”(I am 66) know how to take care of ourselves and will survive while you are whining in the corner because you are hungry/

      • Ohh ?! Why so, rude? Everyone has a different of opinion. There’s no need to be insulting or what the gentleman was just saying how it was back in his day when it when we didn’t know about all these things now and it’s going on you don’t have to put people down to get your point across!

      • The only sunscreen of value and safe is zinc oxide the type lifeguards use. It doesn’t contain petroleum products which are cancer causing.

    • You have also been blessed with common sense , another thing lost these days.

      • AMEN Gordon! Even the school teachers of today have lost all ideas f common sense! The scariest thing is their teaching our kids and grandkids!

        • I am a retired school teacher, and I do not understand your connection between drinking ice water and teachers. (Maybe it’s something my teachers didn’t teach me, hah!) The
          person who stated he didn’t use sunscreen also said he lived in Northern Minnesota where the sun is less potent due to northern latitude. Other reasons may be that sunscreen was not invented then, and the sun was less harmful because of the ozone layer thinning over the years, making it possible for more of the sun’s harmful UV rays to reach earth. Also, why make everything political? Why does it have to be a polarizing issue? Drink want you want, hot water, cold water, room temp water, we don’t have to agree on everything! It can all become a self righteous fight that could escalate into some gun toter shooting a human being over the water temperature.
          I say to each his own!! and God Bless us everyone. We have a lot more important things to be concerned about in the world today.

    • 66 years of age is still young, if you want to live for another 20 years, of course illness free but only if you are aware of the toll you are going to play on your body by thinking you are super human. Come on people, have some common sense.

    • Another alarmist. Do this , don’t do that. I like another commenter has drank copious amounts of cold water. Please, please tell me why virtually every restaurant from greasy spoons to the very elitist eateries set a glass of ice water even before you order. Are they trying to kill us? What about cokes, slushies(loved and consumed by children), malts and shakes, orange juice, grape juice. There are very very few liquids that are routinely drank at room temperature. If we listen to these morons about what not to eat and drink we would all dehydrate and starve to death. More amazing than their stupid idea is the number of people who praise them.

      • walter rencehausen

        Just an A-MEN to that. I’m only 94 some things have slowed somewhat. But I eat & Drink Only What I Want.

    • You are so right!!The days of carefree living are gone ever since GOVERNMENT became the BIG “G” and individuals became the little “i”. We have given up a lot of freedom for the rights to get “something” free. More laws, regulations, and “oversight”. Johanna you are right –I am an old fozzlepuss (NOT the word YOU used in describing us who have outlived our usefulness)–and I used to walk three miles to school (both ways), up hill, facing a heavy blizzard! Of course it never snowed where I lived–our average temperature was about 65 degrees. We climbed trees, scraped our knees, fell, bled, etc. without ever going to an emergency room. Those places were for those with stab wounds, broken limbs, heart failures, etc. We survived!!

      • Noomi, please enlighten me on the matter of living where it averaged 65 degrees! Where is this wonderful place where you grew up? Is it affordable on a retirement budget and are there mountains and trees there? By the way, I really liked the ‘FOZZLEPUSS’. I will have to add that to my own personal dictionary.

        • 65 degrees and noone had air conditioners. Open the front ndoor, back door feel the breezs off the P. Ocean 75 miles from San Francisco, those days 50’s thru 19mid 90’s unaffordable now. Cement boat just got distroyed recentally along with several areas around the beach and boardwalk. So now in Georgia is getting just as expensive as Calif.

    • Amen! Amen! Jerald S–The KEY word is moderation–My in-laws-with the hearty German diet, lots of sausage, kielbasa, “kapushta”, and eggs!! Lots of RED meat, including PORK and very little WHITE meat. They all lived to be till they were in their mid-90’s, with the youngest one surviving till he was 84 –They all had heart problems and their faces were red because of high blood pressure. Maybe it was their genes–and maybe this is only one family out of the millions that are on earth! But they were an exceptional, having survived the great depression of the ’30s, two World Wars, etc.

      Johanna, did you ever think that the state of mind also had something to do with the longevity and “healthy” life??? They loved “C” food–everything that they SAW on their plate, they ate! (to use an overused phrase from the ’60s.)

      • Pieter van Aswegen

        Can one only drink hot water and how many glasses/day
        I suffer from pedoneuropathy which is painfull feet and knees
        Will it help for the pain

    • Bravo for you! I’ve been saying the same thing forever.

    • Brilliant reply. I fully agree with you!

      • The Flu season has caused 80,000 deaths this year (2019) and the HAI (Hospital Aquired Infections and Drug resistant Germs) added another 100,000 DEATHS each year,of the 2 million infected with HAI. Copper kills 99.99% of germs on contact, stainless steel does not kill germs (ICU’s & ER’s, use stainless steel) see blog on South Hampton Hospitals in UK the leader on replacing stainless steel with copper/ copper alloy metals.

        • RED COPPER door- handles are used in German Hospital ,anti infection . EVEN GADENING TOMATOS use a copper wire trough the plant against the tomato sickness/ potato-sickness.
          In fact the copper-green hydroxide-carbonate does the job .
          Don t clean to much ….

    • Ha ha sounds familiar!

    • jerald Linzy Stacker~I was born and raised in a small town in W VA. We welcomed the summer months from Memorial Day to Labor Day running barefoot, swimming in lakes, playing outdoor games in the sun (without sun screen) We lived a healthy lifestyle. My mother always had fresh ice for all our beverages. The only time we went to see a doctor was if we had broken an arm or leg from playing (which was few and far between). I made it to the age of 71 and I love it when people think I’m 40 something. You and I are in agreement~that means we are leaders~not followers. I refuse to allow society dictate to me. I travel the path less taken.

      • I’m 70. Growing up as kids we pushed the limits. Although we didn’t know it then we were basically eating organic foods. Most of everything we ate wasn’t processed and wasn’t mainly carbohydrates. We did have to deal with fallout from the nuclear above ground testing both superpowers tried to poison us with. We played in dirt, often we didn’t even use bandages when we scuffed our knees we just let it heal itself. We forced our bodies to heal. Cold water from a rubber hose on a hot summers day was refreshing. Today, the kids use society’s crutches for just about everything making them weak and reliant.

    • I agree with you these other sheep following right along with the current thread there the fools

    • Amen to that. I like my water, and other drink, cold. When we were kids, our water was always cold because it came right out of the well – tasted better, too w/no chlorine or other treatments.

    • I should say 66 years ago the suns Ray was not as dangerous as it is now so Gerade would have no problems staying out in the sun all day with out any ill effects.
      Since then modern industrial activities and damaging to the ozone layers has caused more damage to our planet and our bodies. So I don’t think Gerade is silly we are all different

    • I agree with you. This article is nothing more than conjecture. OK, there are SOME truths here, but also a lot of guessing (and it uses the word, “MAY”). Just like eating acidic or alkaline foods will not change your body’s pH (because everything you eat passes through your stomach and it secretes acids dependent on how much it needs to create the correct acidity to break down the food), drinking cold water will not change your core temperature or solidify oils for very long. Everything inside you will get warm quite quickly relative to the time it takes to digest food. Do you think ancient man had warm water when living in a cold environment? They drank from cold steams and rivers! Yet here we are because they survived. As for shocking the body: The Finnish people go from hot saunas to ice-water dips in ORDER to shock the body as a therapeutic measure and that makes them stronger! Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet because there are far too many experts that actually don’t know what they are saying. More likely, they just need SOMETHING to say to make them sound smart.

    • I, too, spent much time in the sun in youth, lying in the sun at a beach many summers for hours getting tan and never had problems with skin issues. There was no such thing as skin problems from such back then and I visited doctors regularly ijn youth because I was asthmatic and also had issues with my hips. NO doctor then said anything regarding staying out of the sun or even to use sun tan lotion. There were no sun screens to my knowledge back then. I am going to be 77 come this summer and never have known problems with my skin for all those summers stripped to the waste either at a beach or cutting the grass and working in the yard. Perhaps air pollution of today causes skin problems?

    • Same here as well, I’ve always Laid in the sun in summer, all my life and that’s friends, is a BIG, 92 year old lady here in Kentucky, and I’ve never had any problems with any skin issues, what so ever, once in my life , rec’d a bad sun burn , but no problems ever, after that, not ever had any skin cancer, what so ever, happy to say!

      • JosefineAnne Gobreville

        My sister-in-law “laid in the sun all “summer” all her life and looked like an wrinkled hag when she was 50. I was more sensible and worked in my garden under the sun until it got too hot. I never “laid in the sun” and was sensible about exposure. Barely wrinkled at 88. I don’t believe anyone can be over exposed to too much sun without dire effects.

    • my father used to say “everything people like is always discovered to be bad for them” I drink very cold water even carbonate it but chill in frig. People like cold drinks for a reason. Carbonated water is found naturally all over the world and sold for very high price. This cult of individuals this fixated on their optimum health is repugnant. I am 70 enjoy a drink and am not on ANY medications. Don’t bother with my good luck in the genetic lottery I have had four health crises in my life which I had to find a way to resolve with no effective help from our medical community. we won’t get into the epidemic of rank rudeness in society today with people discussing their food preferences even to those hosting them.

    • We did have an ozone layer protecting us somewhat back then!

    • Amen Brother

    • I agree, I work in the fields on the farm never wore a shirt all summer, I have work out in the gym use the sun tan beds , iam 63 years old , every one is different not stupid.

    • Lawrence Robert Lannoo

      Right on.

  8. I can’t drink warm water and have tried too but can only drink very little of it. Ice cold water I can drink gallons of it and it keep me cool where warm water makes me sweat and I feel hot. I will keep drinking cold water. Thanks

    • I’m 74. Raised on a farm. Worked many days in the sun without a shirt. Never had any skin problems. Maybe just lucky? I drink water as it comes from the tap. Not too hot, not too cold. No health problems. Hardly ever get sick. Sleep well. Practice moderation in everything.

    • Carey Reams born in Orlando, FL in early 1900’s was a math genius and friends with Albert Einstein, the water that is in the glass you intend to drink is different from the water in your body, the frequency of water and food that you eat and drink has to be converted to the frequency of your body by your liver. Shock of hot or cold drinks is not always healthy bc of this. Carey Reams took 10,000 people that Dr’s said go home and die nothing can be done. Of those 10k only five died. He created a chemical formula for perfect health and compared your bodies reading to that formula. See Sites about Carey Reams

      • Dr REAMS was fantastic …but put in yale by other concurrents.
        I tryed his 7 measurement for his magic FORMULE …But about the frequency of water,there is no scientific explanation like KHz ! but mu .?
        The PRINCIPLE of 7 SELFTEST is good for self control but to day ,chemicals are expensive to transport ,by terrorism .
        We wait for REAMS 2020 is born !

  9. This article is useless. What exactly defines cold or warm water? Oh let’s see that would be the temperature. So since no temperatures were associated with cold or warm water, this information is not usable. Thanks Susan Patterson for being so articulate.

    • Silly saying of what defines cold and warm. Obviously if it’s cold or warm to a human touch. Can’t you tell if the water is warm or cold, even a kid can tell lol

    • DEAR we give you a figer 5C is cold and 40C is warm 50 C is hot !

      MY BIG INVENTION IS DRINKING HOT WATER TO SLOW DOWN DUMPING SYNDROME AFTER USOFAGUS-ECTOMI ! Applicable for people with half stomag and pancreas anomalies.

      Dumping starts by 25 g sugar content in morning food and last for 1 hour .

    • I agree 100%. There’s nothing wrong with drinking cold (40 F) water when it is 98 F outside. At that point lowering body temperature a little is not a bad thing.

  10. Lol “Good ole days” not “hood ole days” of course.

    • 70 years old in good health , ate southern food all my life . Spent 2 years in combat unit in the Nam wounded. Had cancer at 60 years old. Have always had good cholesterol levels even though I eat lots of fried foods. The Lord has been good to me. I believe in moderation I guess, but it seems like it’s how you live happy and worry free than how long u live.

  11. Fascinating article! I am a nurse & the reasons why warm water is healthier than cold water concurrs with what I have learned in Anatomy & Physiology. It makes sense!

    • Good to hear that you said it makes sense to be healthier to drink warm water. Sigh… Some people don’t have common sense, so sad for them.

      • Jab: If it is “common sense” then why is its occurrence so “Uncommon”?

      • The Flu season has caused 80,000 deaths this year (2019) and the HAI (Hospital Aquired Infections and Drug resistant Germs) added another 100,000 DEATHS each year,of the 2 million infected with HAI. Copper kills 99.99% of germs on contact, stainless steel does not kill germs (ICU’s & ER’s, use stainless steel) see blog on South Hampton Hospitals in UK the leader on replacing stainless steel with copper/ copper alloy metals.

        • Carey Reams born in Orlando, FL in early 1900’s was a math genius and friends with Albert Einstein, the water that is in the glass you intend to drink is different from the water in your body, the frequency of water and food that you eat and drink has to be converted to the frequency of your body by your liver. Shock of hot or cold drinks is not always healthy bc of this. Carey Reams took 10,000 people that Dr’s said go home and die nothing can be done. Of those 10k only five died. He created a chemical formula for perfect health and compared your bodies reading to that formula. See Sites about Carey Reams

    • We have become soft as a societal norm. Advancement of technology combined with ignorance has led to many illnesses that are preventable with proper diet and exercise on a regular basis. I’m 71 with 2 replacement hips and blessed to play pickleball . This article makes sense to me since I have a basic understanding of the human anatomy.

  12. There are so many things out there they don’t do this, do this. Most of it is not new news. You get these people who say they are experts and then you look at their age, no more than 30-40 years. Then the one person calling the other a old fart. Really that was totally uncalled for. You probably say something about me. Its just people expressing their opinions. No need for name calling. I drink cold and warm water. I’m 63 some things I know others I don’t, but just good to see it, whether I want to believe it or not is my choice.

  13. There are all kinds of uses for water, some of which are mentioned in this article. It is an Earth Element, crucial to health–and, of course, to life. However, please note this: before civilization, the water we drank was from rivers and streams. That water was not hot, it was not warm. It was cold, it was refreshing, and it was good, unpolluted. Cold water is what we drank for most of our existence in this form. And there are many, many more uses for cold water, be certain of that–including some very healthy ones. There is just a right use of water–at any temperature. I speak and write as a graduate in Anthropology and as a Traditional Naturopath of over 47 years experience.

    • We can not drink from streams or rivers anymore. We could as early as the 70’s. But now we get deathly sick. I see old old cars in rivers. People throw dead animals in sacks off bridges. See people that would rather pee and make a point to go to river to pee instead of pee on the dirt. Seen movie of Gen Patton shoot a mule and throw him into the river. Seen people go to car wash and change their oil and let it go down drain. Then all the Corp. that dump their toxins in the rivers.
      You have to be upstream Canada to get clean water as you can get including the Rain water impurities in it from acid rains.

      • We all know our waterways are polluted now but that has nothing to do with the comment that historically speaking, humans and our ancestors drank cold water from rivers, lakes and wells. The water was cold (not body temperature.)
        The state of our polluted waterways is terrible. Nevertheless, it has nothing to do with the temperature humans and other animals have been successfully and healthfully drinking cold water for hundreds of thousands of years.

      • 70% of our body is made of water and this is the most important thing we can consume in our body. In this day and age our water is heavily polluted the only thing our cities do is disinfect the water with harmful chemicals and sometimes UV light. I sourced scientific studies on researchgate and found that distilled water with some Himilayian salt added does wonders. Drinking it out of a pure copper cup just adds to its power and if you stir it vigorously the vortex helps change the structure of the water. The body no longer has to deal with all the pharmaceuticals, chemicals, poisons and heavy metals and begins to truly heal itself. It helps if you add pure oxygen to your routine like some professional sports teams do to make sure all the cells in your body get the oxygen to completely fire up the cell and move the waste material out of the body. The fountain of youth was probably simply pure water .

  14. Don’t eat snow if you are cold and thirsty. It could cause hypothermia.
    Myself, I can afford the extra calories of food/fat energy it takes to bring cold water up to my ideal body temperature. I might go on the cold water fat reduction diet.

    • 66 years of age is still young, if you want to live for another 20 years, of course illness free but only if you are aware of the toll you are going to play on your body by thinking you are super human. Come on people, have some common sense.

    • How did they get the water cold 900 years ago. Refrigeration has been around about 200 years. John.

      • We can not drink from streams or rivers anymore. We could as early as the 70’s. But now we get deathly sick. I see old old cars in rivers. People throw dead animals in sacks off bridges. See people that would rather pee and make a point to go to river to pee instead of pee on the dirt. Seen movie of Gen Patton shoot a mule and throw him into the river. Seen people go to car wash and change their oil and let it go down drain. Then all the Corp. that dump their toxins in the rivers.
        You have to be upstream Canada to get clean water as you can get including the Rain water impurities in it from acid rains.

        • I always hear “Don’t eat the yellow snow”. Sounds like good advice to me! Many years ago didn’t some of those folks that came here from Euirope build a dock out over the creeks and then put their outhouse on it? I can’t imagine anything more gross than that!

      • It’s called ” well ” water. Sometimes if they dig deep enough that water is ice cold.

  15. Your right about cold water. From when I was a small kid 5 or 6, I would hold the water in my mouth till it warmed up some. Still drink it cold from the fridge, never use ice. But do prefer it warmed up some, it is relaxing.

  16. My mom is Chinese and she and my dad always drank hot water with their meals. Even when going out to a restaurant, they would drink hot water. I’m 66 and I also drink hot water with all meals, even though friends and family look at me like I’m weird. Mommy said that the Chinese believe hot water will help break down the fat or grease in the food and cold water will turn the food into a hard ball of grease. It makes sense. I mean when I wash a greasy plate, I use hot water, not cold water!

    • At least it has been affected to my health. These other comments from the name-calling, I would say forget about this ignorant individual.

    • Well explained DonnaK your comments were concise and to the point and made more sense to me than
      the article itself, I will try this strategy with my meals but I will still drink cold water in between , everything in moderation.
      Refreshing comments with no name calling or disrespect.

  17. The article fails to mention how to obtain the warm or hot water. Water from the hot tap in your kitchen could be dangerous ! The warm water could contain high levels of lead ,calcium and other unclean metals that leach from the hot water pipes. One should never drink or cook with water from the hot water tap. Use cold water and heat it in the microwave or the stove.

    • Heating the water that has high levels of lead ,calcium and other unclean metals that leach from the hot water pipes will still be in the boiled water. And so will those metals be in the cold water pipes that can go Miles of different metals pipe before getting to your house faucet. Boiling just kills living creatures in the water.

    • You’re worried about water quality and then suggest “microwaving” it ? Microwave ovens should be obsolete by now, they are so dangerous. The warm vs cold water info is not, in my opinion, suggesting that one will die if they drink ice water: the point is that in general, body-temp water is best for the body. People dont die from eating junk foods but we know it isn’t healthful to do so and has a cumulative effect. I am not sure that this article was in need of being micro-picked apart. Furthermore, there were far less toxins in the environment (glyphosate) back then when “old timers rode their bikes everywhere” and certainly food was more likely more nutritious and vaccines with toxic adjuvants were not as heavily scheduled. The sun is our best defense against disease. Dr. Stephanie Seneff is an amazing MIT research scientist whom I highly recommend reading into. She has some very interesting research tying all this info together.

    • I have always been curious how the lead and what not manage to appear in hot water vs cold water. All my water comes from the same source, is stored and runs thru the same piping. Are we saying that the extra chemicals leech into the water during the heating process or from being stored in the water heater. ??

  18. You write that: “When you drink something that is very cold, your body has to spend an exorbitant amount of energy to regulate your core temperature.” But if it’s using energy, wouldn’t that contribute to weight loss?

  19. Actually cold water is a benefit and this is a cold water drinking danger myth debunked. Look here at this website to read and then start feeling better about cold water. It’s always good to check further for real truths.


  20. I drink hot water every morning. Has coffee in it.

    • thank you Bob for your comment, now I feel much better. I also drink hot water every morning, in fact several cups, the hot water has coffee in it

    • No one is all right. No one is all wrong. Conclusion is we are created by ALL Different and as a result we have free will to express our feelings and ideas.
      No need to get upset and rouse your blood pressure because it may result in drinking one of the TWO HOT OR COLD THE ONE YOU CHOSE MAY JUST BE WHAT YOU DID NOT PREFER.

  21. I love Bob’s comment. I do the same thing but I look forward to my regular glass of cold water all through the day. I eat what I like but I do drink a lot of cold milk. Back in the sixties I had a dairy and loved having lots of fresh, cold milk nearby. Our cows were clean and we drank it raw. Just wonderful, too. We also raised cattle so we had lots of good fresh beef on hand. And of course we had some hogs for the old feed and chickens. I learned to cook over a wood fire and it was a blessing. I still cook most of my meals over a fire but we’re not camping out. I have an outdoor kitchen with all the goodies and deal with most anything that comes along. I made cheesecakes for a living for many years and sold them by mail, all over the world. They have changed up the formula on the good creamcheeses and they don’t bake off like they used to. So I have moved on to smoking salmon and everyone seems to like it very much. So I can still enjoy my rare steak or smoked salmon along with a great veggie salad with lots of cheese and baked potatoes. I’ve had a few small heart attacks but have learned to see them coming. But you live to enjoy what God has for us and to enjoy the company of all the people He sends our way. I’ve been in the USAF, been a rancher, in broadcasting, and had several restaurants. I also enjoy a drink of good bourbon Jack -, if you please, every few days.
    I am also 87 years old and on my fourth wife. So let’s have coffee some day and see what’s happening.

    • Loved Bob’s comment too, but yours was truly wonderful and made my day.!!! Thank you for your service Sam, and may God bless you and your family!!!

    • Hello Sam: Every memory of you is a blessing!!! You introduced our family to your heavenly cheesecakes at the Ginocchio years ago. More importantly, thank you for the kindness, laughter and dignity you extended to all who dined in your restaurants–regardless of ethnicity.

  22. The Flu season has caused 80,000 deaths this year (2019) and the HAI (Hospital Aquired Infections and Drug resistant Germs) added another 100,000 DEATHS each year,of the 2 million infected with HAI. Copper kills 99.99% of germs on contact, stainless steel does not kill germs (ICU’s & ER’s, use stainless steel) see blog on South Hampton Hospitals in UK the leader on replacing stainless steel with copper/ copper alloy metals.

  23. It’s interesting to note that when someone posts an article suggesting the benefits of one thing or another….you can bet on someone’s getting offended by it ….whatever it is. If this article was on the benefits of drinking cold water VS warm ther’d be someone getting offended at that. It sounds like we’re more paranoid than we need to be.

  24. I drink warm lemon water every morning, mostly for the vitamin C. It is refreshing first thing in the morning. My dentist recommends brushing your teeth shortly after drinking lemon water, because it can ruin the enamel on the teeth. Growing up I was a finicky eater, and my parents would not let me drink water or milk during a meal. There reason was because I would not finish my meal because I would be full from the liquids. I learned that it also does not help with digestion. Who knew my parents were onto something healthy.

  25. I admit that I did not read all comments above so I apologize if it is redundant to say:

    cold water is by far the most common way we encounter water, like glacier runoff, cold rain from 35000 feet, most lakes etc. .

    A long time before pots or bowls made of copper, iron ,tin , brass etc., were made man drank water.

    You need a container usually to heat up water , containers are relatively new on the history scene.

    So the thought process distills to this- We know it is bad for them to drink cold water. It”s all we have so tough luck suffer as you will.

    WE know drinking warm water is good for them but let us make it exceedingly difficult to find or produce.

    It sounds like they had it in for the poor slobs on this earth to make a go of it. Or is our logic faulty?

    Maybe cold is more the natural course we’re exposed to and therefore good in it’s own right. while Warm water also has it’s place.

    • cold water, arm water, hot water what is best to drink ? you say drink hot water, or dring warm water, but not cold. the chinese say DON`T dink hot water, but drink warm. don`t tell people tat hot water from the tap can have many bacterias in it,– NO TELL PEOPLE to boil the water first. who wants to drink hot water in the summer ? you will sweat without this anyway. I think your aticle is so muddled and confusing, BUT-wait a minute,–the whole idea is to sell a product–typical American. People should listen to their body reactions, and be guided by it.
      C hristopher Long. (Denmark)

  26. I had a good, but also a bad idea way back in June of 1993: A Sport Store had invested in a machine that distilled water, and I thought I would get involved in buying a gallon of Distilled Water, just to give it a try. I cared for it so much after the first taste there at the facility, I couldn’t wait to get home for another glass. Only twice since that date in 1993, have I used tap water, and yesterday was the last of the two.

    You know how things are since the big COVID-19 pandemic? Stores with half the people wearing face-masks; people looking at you with fear in their eyes, YOU might be positive; even the people ringing in your purchases, sometimes seem to be scared, especially when you’re 70, and of course, I am in the MOST DANGEROUS age to be a lethal carrier of the dreaded COVID-19! I tried having come to the end of my distilled H2O yesterday, to down a cold 8 oz. glass of water, and OH, THE TASTE IS HORRIBLE- again! Early this morning, I set off for the Grocery Store, and came home with enough Distilled Water for a few weeks. I like Reverse Osmosis as well, and it’s cheaper, but distilled for me is the only way to go!

    I pray, all of you dear people online having had your say here since July are all safe and sound, knowing although things surely aren’t the way we’d like it to again be, as Americans we’re still the most blessed among the peoples of the Earth. Things may get worse before getting better, but I pray for President Donald Trump nightly, that he will do that which is required of him, to keep us prosperous, blessed, and able to keep sane, safe, and friendly, as things seemingly get more and more confusing day after day. I am a poster who often writes concerning topics that can bring emotions forward in so many differing ways, and I have to say, posting among you, is a pleasure, and I have read everything that has been posted, recognizing even those who differ, do so with the realization we are all part of the same Family, and that’s rare to find when one has left literally hundreds of posts behind, everywhere. May the Master of our world, bless you and your Families, and hopefully keep us in our water needs, and prepare us for all that may come to pass, regardless what may happen, in Yahushua’s Name, Awmayne!

    • Regarding Reverse Osmosis water processing:
      I called a water filter manufacturing plant in California about 2016 and was thinking of getting a reverse osmosis filtration system. The person who happened to be the engineer for the plant said “Don’t buy reverse osmosis filtration systems.” That company made reverse osmosis systems and other filter systems. He didn’t advise me to buy another product they sold, but he did say reverse osmosis water has most of the minerals removed from the water in the processing so that when you drink the water, it removes the minerals from your body as the water travels in your body making your body become deficient in those minerals. He said you need to add back to your body the minerals (and vitamins?) that the reverse osmosis water removes from your body. Also, I checked the bottled water sold in the food stores and on every bottled water brand where the reverse osmosis was used to produce that bottle of water, it said they “added minerals back into the water.” That engineer told me the truth about reverse osmosis water. Don’t drink it. Do you really believe the water bottle supplier put back into the water the same minerals/vitamins/etc that they removed in the reverse osmosis process? No way will I trust it! Do I drink filtered water? Yes. I use the Alexapure Pro ceramic filter system. The water from the city stunk of chlorine. When the water was filtered through the Alexapure countertop can/filter, no taste of chlorine at all. The water tasted Great! I’m not associated with Alexapure filters or any other filter company. I’m a retired engineer, age 73, no medications, no illnesses. My two brothers, 70 and 75 are relatively healthy but are nowhere as healthy as I am. I am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and recommend that you contact the jw.org website and look around the site for the videos and publications. Everything is free, nothing is for sale. If you want to know something more, you can ask for someone to call you by filling out the “Request a Visit” box on the bottom of the site lead page. We are not making home visits until the pandemic is over. All other electronic visits are fine including Zoom.

  27. I’m not going to get out of my life alive and there’s nothing I can do about. Thus, I’m drinking cold water on a hot day. If it shortens my life by 2 days, so be it.

  28. I enjoy reading your emails and I learn so much from them
    Thank you sooo much

  29. Jeanie L. Martin

    Someone should have told my parents and grandparents this ALL of their lives, especially in the hot summer time without air conditioners. All 4 lived into their 90’s, healthier than everyone I know now !

  30. I will give this a try as it makes sense in many ways. Your PCP will most likely prescribe a drug for any and every condition you have and if you don’t know by now all drugs are garbage then have 8 tall glasses of ice-cold water daily.

  31. Drinking warm water or room temperature water first thing in the morning will help wlth constipation, and it is best to drink warm water after a meal especially if what you eat was greasy, the cold water will turn the grease into plack and cause problem to digest it.

  32. I read every post here. At 73, I have the time to do so. There is little doubt that older folks grew up in a different world than those who are younger. Our mechanized society today requires a much different attitude just to survive our daily lives. My mother-in-law is 96, and thinks much differently than I do. When she grew up, The Great Depression affected everyone. Smart phones drive her bananas.
    Each generation seems to have a new challenge. Plus, each generation has had to deal with people who have (or had) another point-of-view. Even war and poverty are dealt with in a different way.
    If you believe this life is all there is, all these issues are extremely important. Those of us who believe in an afterlife don’t sweat the small stuff. My take – it’s all small stuff.

  33. I grew up the same way. Of course there was no sunscreens until I was in my 40s. I did start using sunscreens and hats and shade when available. I have several squamous cell cancers, including a mass in my breast which was squamous even though it was estrogen positive, and premelonoma cancer on top of my foot. I did not develop any of these until I was 67 and after. Good health and wishes to all. We all have to meet our Maker some how, some day. Be prepared.

  34. I guess, drinking warm coffee is good for you, too.

  35. Lisseth Madsen Turner

    I thought this article was interesting. I have been told in the past about warm water, about not drinking while you eat, to wait… Water is very important to me, I drink distilled. When I go out to eat I order fizzy water with lemon and no ice. I have been sick with H-Pylori and other bugs and ever since I am very cautious not to drink public water or any water I have no control over. I think it is funny to read all the comments and how people have their own opinions. I think it is good advise. I tend to lean to being on the cautious side. I am 62 and enjoy cool drinks, but if I am hydrated I don’t get thirsty, or crave cold drinks. Your health is so important and personal, I’ve learn to take advise and I try it, if it works for me, I keep doing it.

  36. a nurse told me once cold water “shocks” the stomach

  37. After reading all these comments I’m not sure if I am a old fart or not. I know I’m 81 and the only thing I do on a daily bases is pray and thank God for what He has given me. At 81 I have seen it all, done it all and look forward to doing more of the same. I don’t drink alcohol, chew tobacco or smoke but I sure did in my younger years. I enjoyed all of them and I even chased a few ladies and caught 3 of them but thats another health story on my heart that I an’t going to tell. The end of my story, if you have made the half century mark don’t change a thing, keep on doing whatever floats your boat, enjoy these twilight years, take care of your self and I’ll see you on the other side……. God Bless.

  38. Hi All, I am 87 years young and enjoy reading all the comments. I prefer cool water and order no ice when eating out. My problems, which are few, I usually take care of myself. Our bodies are all different and respond differently to anything. The people who test things do so to try to help other people so please give them a break. It’s advice, so take it or leave it . Thank GOD that we still have that right. Good health and GOD bless all.

  39. Thanks to your article I checked the Oatnut bread that I use and am shocked to learn that it is made with whole wheat. I assumed it was made from Oats, Also, I cannot eat white bread as I am diabetic. What other breads do you recommend? Is Rye bread safe for me? I am going to join your program as it one of the best with info, Thank you for your reply,

  40. I enjoy drinking cold water. I’m 90 years old.

  41. benjamin H root

    ben here in ocola fl i drink warm water16 oz with half teaspoon of baking soda first thing in the morning and going on 72 have been only sic a couple of times in my life and always drink roopm temp

  42. Richard John McKenna

    Gulping ice water caused my heart to enter A-Fib and has remained for 30 years

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