Does this chemical in your Cheerios or oatmeal cause Cancer?

By: Cat Ebeling, co-author of the best-sellers:  The Fat Burning KitchenThe Top 101 Foods that Fight Aging & The Diabetes Fix

Your kids’ favorite oat cereals, oatmeal, granola and snack bars come with a heavy dose of the weed-killing poison glyphosate. Glyphosate is the active ingredient in Monsanto’s well-known weed-killer, “Roundup”.

Monsanto made big news recently, as a result of losing a $289-million-dollar lawsuit brought by a school groundskeeper who claims that glyphosate caused his deadly lymphoma cancer.

Bayer said the number of outstanding lawsuits against has risen from 5,200 to 8,000. The German firm’s shares have lost 11% of their value since it lost the $289m case in a California court to groundskeeper Dewayne Johnson, who claimed Monsanto herbicides containing glyphosate had caused his Non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Bayer shares fell another 1.7% on Thursday.blank

In a new class action lawsuit filed against the cereal/food giant General Mills less than a week after the Johnson vs Monsanto verdict, plaintiff Mounira Doss states that General Mills had a duty to disclose the presence of glyphosate in their Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios cereal but failed to do so. Cheerios levels of glyphosate at 470-530 parts per billion (ppb) are some of the highest levels present in any of the tested foods. Doss states that “General Mills failed to disclose or actively concealed information reasonable consumers need to know before purchasing [Cheerios], and knew or should have known that Cheerios and Honey Nut Cheerios contained glyphosate, but withheld this information from consumers and the general public.

This means that General Mills may be in violation of several state consumer protection laws. Says Steve Gardner, legal consultant at Gardner Consulting, and former head of the food law practice at the Stanley Law Group, “In the wake of the $289m Monsanto damages award, we expect to see plaintiffs’ attorneys target products containing glyphosate, even in trace amounts…”blank

Independent laboratory testing ordered by the Environmental Working Group (EWG), shows heavy doses of glyphosate in almost all of 45 samples of cereal and snack products made with conventionally-grown oats (non-organic). What’s even scarier is that 75% of those samples had higher levels of glyphosate that what is considered acceptable and safe. And, if you think you are safe from glyphosate because you are only buying organic, consider that 30% of cereals and snacks tested from organically-grown grains also had glyphosate.

Another lab, Anresco, a U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) registered lab, using one of the most reliable tests for glyphosate residues, tested thirty foods commonly found in grocery stores. Their findings were also consistent with EWG’s findings.

Some of the highest glyphosate residue was found in General Mills Cheerios, Honey Nut Cheerios, Stacy’s Pita crackers, Ritz crackers, Lucy’s oatmeal cookies, Kashi dark chocolate soft baked cookies, Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies, and Oreos, and dozens of other so-called ‘healthy’ cereals and snacks. See the full report here.

Frankly, such a high level of glyphosate contamination found in Cheerios, Doritos, Oreos…is alarming and should be a wake-up call for any parent trying to feed their children safe, healthy and non-toxic food,” Dave Murphy, executive director of Food Democracy Now!,” said.blank

The EPA sets a “maximum residue limit” (MRL), also known as a tolerance, for pesticide residues on food like corn and soybeans. MRLs for glyphosate vary depending upon the commodity.

Farmers often have trouble getting their grain crops like corn, wheat and barley to dry out quickly for harvest, especially in wetter climates. So, the Big Ag chemical companies came up with the idea to douse the crops with glyphosate one to two weeks before harvest to kill the plants and accelerate the grain dry-out. This pre-harvest use of glyphosate allows farmers to harvest crops as much as two weeks earlier than they normally would.

Crop desiccation with glyphosate is a very common practice, and farmers use massive amounts of glyphosate on non-GMO crops such as wheat, oats, soybeans, corn and other crops right before harvest.

Along with wheat and oats, glyphosate is used to desiccate a variety of other crops including peanuts, lentils, peas, soybeans, flax, rye, triticale, buckwheat, millet, canola, sugar beets and potatoes. These food products are essentially drenched with glyphosate just a couple weeks prior to harvest, meaning even higher levels of glyphosate once these crops are harvested.

According to the EPA, glyphosate in used in the U.S. on at least 70 different food crops, including grains, spinach, avocados, almonds, walnuts, figs, plums, grapes, kiwi, lemons, grapefruit, pistachios, and pomegranates. Check out the full list here. The widespread usage of glyphosate makes it nearly impossible to avoid, and sample testing shows 93% of us test positive for glyphosate in our bodies.blank

Glyphosate’s Connection to Serious Health Issues

Recent studies show glyphosate is not only a dangerous chemical that has invaded our entire food system, but it has been linked to autism, Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, serious food allergies (including celiac disease), Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, obesity, reproductive issues, and liver problems. And children bodies are even more susceptible to the damage from glyphosate.

Scientists around the world have been reviewing negative research concerning glyphosate, and it has been under even more serious scrutiny since the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified the herbicide as a “probable human carcinogen” in 2015.

In addition, the IARC also stated, “Glyphosate also causes DNA and chromosomal
damage in human cells.” Seventeen leading global cancer experts from the IARC classified glyphosate as a class 2A “probable human carcinogen”.blank

Glyphosate Damages Gut Bacteria and Blocks Vital Nutrients

Gut BacteriaThis recent study shows glyphosate’s connection to the disruption of key gut bacteria, impairing enzymes that are key to detoxifying the body and causing deficiencies in vitamins A and D3, and impairing the body’s ability to produce bile, a key substance in digestion of fats. And, glyphosate is now known to cause extreme disruptions in important beneficial microbes in our digestive tract, allowing overgrowth of harmful pathogens.

Vitamin, Mineral and Amino acid Deficiencies–Glyphosate also binds with iron, cobalt, molybdenum, copper and other vital minerals in the body, creating serious deficiencies. Additionally, glyphosate interferes with the activation of vitamin D in the liver by inhibiting the cytochrome P450 enzymes, creating a host of other problems related to vitamin D deficiency.

Increase in Food Allergies–Scientists say that gluten binds to glyphosate in the digestive system, creating a highly allergenic substance that people react to. This same thing applies to corn, soy, nuts, and peanuts sprayed with glyphosate. The very action of spraying crops with glyphosate creates a highly allergenic substance, one of the big reasons that kids have become so allergic to many foods including peanuts.

Link to Anxiety and Depression–Glyphosate disrupts a critical pathway in plants as well, destroying three of their essential amino acids which help our bodies create serotonin. Serotonin deficiencies lead to anxiety, depression, violent behavior, and other mental illnesses. And, glyphosate is now known to cause extreme disruptions in important beneficial microbes in our digestive tract, allowing overgrowth of harmful pathogens

Thyroid Problems–Glyphosate also depletes the body of tyrosine, an essential nutrient needed proper thyroid hormone. As a consequence, thyroid issues are increasing as well—often manifesting as hypothyroid problems, or autoimmune Hashimoto thyroid conditions.

How to Avoid Glyphosate

No matter how healthy and ‘clean’ your family’s diet may be, this pervasive chemical is extremely difficult to avoid! It is used on most all conventional crops, and its residues are in water run-off, streams, lakes, and rain. It is also carried through the air, so that even 100% organic foods now show traces of glyphosate.

Things you can do to avoid or minimize yours and your children’s glyphosate exposure:

• If you choose to eat grains and legumes at all (which many people avoid if they follow a Paleo style diet), make sure to choose organic grains and legumes. Eating an organic diet for 1 week reduces pesticide exposure in the diet by 90%.
• Avoid eating conventional grains and processed foods.
• Eat meat, poultry, eggs, butter and dairy products only from 100% grass fed or organically fed animals.
• Eat sulfur rich foods like eggs, organic cheese, onions and garlic. Glyphosate exposure in the body depletes sulfur and also effects sulfate pathways.
• Eat fermented foods and probiotics. Especially important are fermented foods with a live culture of acetobacter. This includes organic apple cider vinegar, sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, cheeses and yogurt.
• Supplement with glutathione and manganese—two nutrients glyphosate depletes.
• Get plenty of sun so your body can make vitamin D, or supplement with D3 if you’re not getting adequate sunshine on your skin.

It may be almost impossible to avoid eating foods that have been exposed to glyphosate, but there is this one “Healthy Veggie” that you can easily avoid. Check your cubbards and cabinets to see if you are storing this deadly food in your home.

US Heart Surgeon Says Carbs are NOT the Problem (This “Health Food” is)…

According to this world-renowned Heart Surgeon below, a good portion of your weight gain, brain fog, and digestive issues may stem from a SINGLE vegetable you eat…

Listen, I realize this sounds far-fetched, but the science is groundbreaking. In fact, we now know of at least one so-called “health food” that could be wreaking havoc on your insides (and your results). What’s worse, it’s probably in your kitchen right now!

And today, my trusted colleague, Dr. Steven Gundry, is pulling back the curtain on exactly what it is:

==> This Vegetable Could be the #1 Danger in Your Diet



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  1. This article has just wiped out most of my daily diet. And I can not afford all those organic foods. I have read several other articles that do not sound as alarmist as this one. I agree that overall our food supply is not the same as 50 years ago, but what choice do most of us have. I guess I will continue to take all of my daily supplements and hope for the best. It would be nice if you would write an article giving detailed advice on what we can now do to survive if we can not afford an organic diet, rather than leave us hanging and upset.

    • JJ, Killing the messenger is not helping you!! Get informed!! This is YOUR life and YOU are fully responsible. This article has just provided you with priceless information….. a simple “Thank You” would be more appropriate. You now have options; burying your head, blaming and complaining (which are not your friend right now as passive nutritional action is dangerous and unhealthy)….. or …READ credibly sourced material and take a seriously active role in your one wild and precious life!! Get angry (it’s healthy) and will give you the energy you’ll need to find the most accurate information for the most healthful you!! You Got This!!

      • Where the hell is the FDA in this ,they have known this for years and did nothing about it. We pay billions in taxes for these fools to watch our food supply and this is what we get, I guess it really is all about who takes the kickbacks in our gov.

    • What would be nice and effective is if our government banned the use of glyphosate on ALL crops. It may not help us or our children but their kids it will. So sad that the vicious cycle of, “ let’s kill Americans at all cost” never ends, ie. Poisonous crops, poisonous medical cures, etc. all in the name of GREED!

    • When eating organic one after a period of time starts eating less for the food is nutrient dense. I am actually saving money by eating organic mostly or at least non gmo


    • now the Monsanto’s company is poisoning the people of Puerto Rico. People are complaining of health issues.

    • Id say Dump the Supplements and buy Real Food.

    • John Jackson put it all in a nut shell…Not every one can afford to eat organic..especiallly people on
      fixed incomes…so I guess those of us are just doomed….We need to get a written petition going to send
      to our govt not that that wil do us much good with alll the protection the pharm co’s have….backing them

  2. Amazing article…thank you for it. Monsanto is an evil company and deserves to be sued for all they have and then people in management and elsewhere in the company, who new this information, should be jailed. I would imagine a lot of people have gotten sick and even died because of this terrible product. It looks like to me all chemical companies should be under the microscope as well as all food producers who seem to value profit over human life.

    • Amen! Beautifully put! I have often said (only half-jokingly) that the Antichrist will probably turn out to be the CEO of Monsanto.

    • fining a company ,,like fining a brokerage means nothing cause they can pay that no matter what but putting them in jail my stop a lot of it,,the gov likes the fines tho, more cash flow,,kinda like the IRS , they make a lot off of fines and penalties,, its all a raquette

  3. Very informative article. I did not realize that non-GMO foods, like nuts that I love, and which I find in health food stores, may very likely be laced with glyphosate. It’s a shame that Americans are making other Americans sick so they can put extra dollars in their pockets.

  4. I am 84, in my Lifetime so many Thoughts have changed, it is hard to still know the difference betwen TRUTH and what ever you call the other. “CONFUSED” Chrystyne Jackson, on that note, I now will enjoy my BC= buttered Coffee.

  5. Micheline

    I don’t understand why Governments don’t start forbidding farmers the use of glyphosate immediately. Why do they always take forever to take action? Soon there will be nothing for us to eat.
    If nobody used their products Monsanto would have no place to sell them. They always pay off judges and get away with all their misdeeds. They need to all be jailed and never let out.

    • Most of these stories against Glyphosate are not proven at all in controlled labs. For instance if you feed a rat 50% glyphosate water and it develops cancer or any other ailment it does not proof a thing. Give a person 5 heaped teaspoons of table salt to swallow with a glass of water and he will die or give him 3 liter of distilled water to drink in an hour and he could also die. I have used Roundup on the farm and in the garden for most of my life ever since it came on the market with out any ill effect and I have never use any gloves or masks. I have news for all these scare mongers, most all sugar cane is treated with Glyphosate before harvest for as long as I can remember.

  6. Where was the FDA? How come they weren’t doing their job? The farmers have been spraying glyphosate on corn and soy since 1996? My son who was born in 1999 suffers with autism because we put him on soy formula after he kept throwing up milk based products.

    Any good lawyers out there?? I want justice!! All people responsible owe my son a life!!

    • You might want to try LACTAID supplements available at Wal-Mart, CVS, Walgreens and many other retailers. Sorry to hear about his autism. Hope he might feel better taking some of these
      LACTAID tablets before he eats any meal that might have dairy components in the recipe.

    • Sadly, the FDA has board members of MONSANTO sitting on the FDA Board of Governors. Monsanto was just sold to BAYER. FDA Board of Governors was either a sleep at the switch,
      or possibly the MONSANTO board members minimized the “effects” of their crop spray chemical
      at that time. Who knows? We, as working members of this Great Nation of the USA are not included in these proceedings.

    • Monsanto, Big Ag and Big Pharm run the FDA along with CDC.

  7. Its all part of the depopulation agenda by the Global elite. The politicians are paid off to remain quite and continue business as usual. Don’t look to the GOVERNMENT for protection they are the foxes guarding the hen house.

  8. Thank you for this informative article! Can you tell us other names that glyphosate might go under in ingredient lists?? Food companies are quite savvy about changing names of toxic I ngredients and listing them in order to keep these harmful products out there and keep the public ignorant. What a shame.

  9. I know that glyphosate in wheat causes pseudo Celiac symptoms. What level of glyphosate is allowed in the wheat that is used for making bread? Note that those with a false Celiac response to eating bread made from wheat, do not have these symptoms from eating bread in Europe where there is no glyphosate allowed in wheat. How does the amount of glyphosate in United States bread compare with California Law the requires labeling of anything containing glyphosate above a certain level? i.e. compare this level with the actual amount of glyphosate in U.S. wheat used for making bread.

  10. So really, if you are supporting the big farmers and eating non organic; that is what you are eating they are just simply using round up ready as their poison of choice ! GO ORGANIC AND SUPPORT MOTHER EARTH!! I have been eating organic for over 23 years. And I just inform people of what they are eating! Round up ready! They have used it on corn for years, do not need to spray ! It is in the seed! As all their food is now, can not wash it off, that is a lie!! And with the corn, when it grows the tassel on top is well known to kill the Monarch Butterfly! And surly any other thing flying on to it!! After all the whole plant is extremally poisonous!!

  11. we can thank our rotten crooked government who is always on the take. Most all our senators & congresspersons took money from monsanto! They all voted in monsanto’s favor! Our government still protects monsanto! shame on the US gov’t!

    • The FDA is a joke. They are supposed to protect us from various additives but instead turns a blind eye to them all.
      I guess the mighty dollar, once again wins out to the health of Americans.
      They approve medications and then, the next thing you know, they’re telling you how you can get cancer from them.
      Now it’s the glyphosate in almost everything we eat!
      Are they still spraying on crops? You bet they are!
      It’s a disgrace that we have no control over this.
      It’s out of our hands.
      It’s a shame that we’re screwed buy the people we “trust “ with our well being.

  12. Cindy Holler, past member

    What about the oatmeal on your menu and the overnight oats you toot about?

  13. We didn’t see all this coming. Climate change and all the chemicals in the food chain are such a challenge that it seems it is all beyond most people to reverse and change it all.. Our governments need to take responsibility, but what hope when there is still fighting going on everywhere for people to retain power..not alone get some good basic planet based protocols in place.

  14. Too bad people are not more aware of all the chemicals that are in our food.

    Glad for the people who know about these things and warn us. I take natural

    herbs even ones that replace diabetic medicine.

  15. Use home grown foods, not subject to pesticides, or chemical fertilizers, if possible. Most of us would be better off with our own garden. Most country folk grew up tending their own gardens and were healthier. The old ways are often better. But as always we need to try something new to see if its better or worse.

  16. The government needs to mandate that all GMO products are labeled GMO.

  17. What if you or your grandkids have eaten these cereals or snacks? What are the chances they would be harmed in any way? My oldest grandson has problems mentally he is 28 years but is around 16 years old in all actuality.. he does not go outside the place where he lives. He has his food and meds delivered 3 times a day. I am very concerned about him especially since reading this article.. for myself,when I eat oatmeal or some of these cereals I can tell a difference in the way my stomach reacts..I am a cancer survivor so the chemo and radiation are still a problem for me..

  18. I’ve known this for a long time. I love whole grains and would never give them up, but I’m careful about the source.

  19. michelle ilene Becker

    How to send this article to Face Book?

  20. I have had Duodema cancer along with a piece of my pancreas removed. I’ve been eating Cherrios and Oatmeal for years-on-end. The nausea and now is daily and I hope for death. Just think of going to sleep with the mother-of-all belly aches and waking up with the same. I pray to Jesus Christ that my suffering will end soon or be healed through God’s Grace and Mercy.

    • angelica blaylock

      People need to start growing their own food to stay healthy. I started a garden in my back yard to make sure my family and i are eating organically, even when i was in an apartment i grew on my patio, in windows anywhere i could find enough light to grow. Americans have become very complacent when it comes to their diet and everyone seems to be shocked that the FDA is allowing so much harmful substances in our food, the plain ugly truth is almost everything is grown for PROFIT if it is too costly for farmers to grow organically then they do what they need to do in order to make money.
      We need to take responsibility for our own health instead of counting on the government to do what is best for us. grow your own veggies herbs and spices look into getting grass fed meat and where possible raiser your own meat. In addition to growing my own food i am going to raise chickens that way i can be sure of what is in my eggs as well as my meat. be proactive don’t wait until something bad happens and blame everyone for your choices..

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