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Butter vs Ghee

By: Cat Ebeling, RN, MSN-PHN, co-author of the best-sellers:  The Fat Burning Kitchen, The Top 101 Foods that Fight Aging & The Diabetes Fix What is Ghee? Ghee is actually just a version of clarified butter. It’s been a staple in Indian cuisine for many, many years. Ghee actually was originally created to have a stable shelf life and not spoil in warm weather. …

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Black Seed Oil: Benefits, where to find it, and how to use it

Today’s blog is republished from my friends at Paleohacks, a leading publisher of daily alternative health tips that I personally read every day. You can find the original article here… By: Megan Patiry Black seed oil, or Nigella Sativa, comes from the seeds of the Nigella Sativa plant. Native to Asia, historical accounts date the use of its seeds as far …

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