Hydrogen Peroxide For Teeth Whitening, Hair And More

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By Katherine Marko, TheAlternativeDaily.com

When I was a teen, hydrogen peroxide was my go-to teeth-whitener, and something I would spray on my hair to get that “sun kissed” look. Years later, you can still find a bottle in my medicine cabinet as an inexpensive way to whiten teeth, and disinfect cuts and scrapes.

What is hydrogen peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a pale blue liquid, which appears colorless, and is slightly more viscous than water. It’s a weak acid made up of hydrogen and oxygen and a strong oxidizer often used as a cleaning agent. When used topically, hydrogen peroxide foams and fizzes due to the enzyme catalase, according to Medical Daily. This reaction has a bleaching and disinfecting effect that works for several applications.

Remove earwax


All humans and other mammals have earwax. It consists of shed skin cells, hair and the secretions from glands of the outside ear canal. Although gross, it serves its purpose. Namely, protecting the ear canal against bacteria, fungi and water. But, too much earwax and your ears may feel full, affecting your hearing.

Although most experts agree that removing earwax is not entirely necessary, you may still want to clean your ears time and again. The problem is, rooting around your ear canal with a Q-tip can actually push wax further inside. So, instead of cleaning your ear out, the wax gets stuck. As a result, wax builds up on top of it, creating a dangerous blockage or “impaction,” according to NYU Otologist Dr. Erich Voigt, for businessinsider.com.

Hydrogen peroxide can safely remove earwax buildup, according to PubChem. Most over-the-counter wax removal drops basically contain oil and peroxide solutions. Hydrogen peroxide releases oxygen in the ear and foams, causing ear wax to soften and loosen. To use hydrogen peroxide at home, simply lie down on your side, with one ear facing up, says Healthline. Use an eyedropper to drop one or two drops of peroxide into your ear. Keep still for five minutes and then sit up. Blot the outer ear with a tissue to absorb any liquid that comes out. And then, repeat the process on the other ear.

A method that I prefer is using a Q-tip — soaked in hydrogen peroxide — to administer it into my ear. I don’t push it into the ear canal, but merely let it sit in the ear opening, and allow it to gently drip in. After about a minute or so, I dry my ear with a tissue.

Lighten hair


Hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent that has been used to lighten hair for years. Peroxide penetrates the hair shaft and removes the natural pigment of the hair — hence the expression “peroxide blonde.”

Here’s what I used to do to lighten my locks. Simply dilute one part of three percent hydrogen peroxide with one part water, and pour it into a spray bottle. Wet your hair, and then spray the solution on your entire head or just the strands you want to lighten. Then, comb it through. Blow-drying your hair will accelerate the effect. Follow by washing your hair and deep conditioning it to prevent drying. This won’t give you a peroxide blonde look, but it will give you more natural highlights. You can also use this solution as a gradual lightener, over time.

Healing wounds


Unlike using alcohol to disinfect a wound, using peroxide will definitely remove the “ouch” factor from the equation. Hydrogen peroxide cleans wounds by moistening and loosening dried blood and any dirt in the wound. It also removes dead tissue. Peroxide foams on contact, and the fizz produced helps to mechanically clean the wound. It’s for this reason that you should keep a bottle in your first-aid kit to clean a wound when no clean water is available.

But, here’s the thing: according to Sciencing, it can also destroy the cells called fibroblasts, which rebuild the connective tissue to heal the wound. So, for this reason, it’s not recommended for long-term use. In addition, although hydrogen peroxide is widely used as an antibacterial agent, it’s effectiveness is up for debate. Certain types of bacteria, such as staphylococci, have an enzyme called catalase, which breaks hydrogen peroxide down to water and oxygen, actually diluting it.

Research published in PLOS looked at the effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide on wound healing. In agreement with previous studies, researchers found that wounds display a positive effect when treated topically with peroxide. But only when in lower concentrations were used. Subsequently, higher concentrations actually delayed healing. So, to clean and promote healing in wounds, stick to lower (three percent) solutions, generally found at the drugstore.

Whiten your teeth

The most important thing people want to change about their smile is the whiteness of their teeth, suggests a survey conducted by Kelton Global for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). And almost 100 percent of those surveyed believe a great smile is one of their most important “social assets.” But why pay hundreds of dollars to whiten your teeth when you can have the same results for pennies? In fact, even professionally applied tooth bleaching products used by dentists contain hydrogen peroxide.

However, those peroxide concentrations range from 25 to 40 percent and are sometimes used together with a light or laser, which are supposed to accelerate or activate the whitening process. But, according to the American Dental Association, most studies report there is no additional long-term benefit with light-activated systems.

Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda teeth whitener


Create a simple whitening solution with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to gently remove stains. Here’s what you’ll need:


  • 2 Tbsp. hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 Tbsp. baking soda


  • Small bowl
  • Spoon
  • Toothbrush


  1. Add the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda into a small bowl. Stir to combine into a paste.
  2. Dip your toothbrush in the mixture and start brushing.
  3. Allow the paste to stay on your teeth for about a minute, and then rinse thoroughly.

I personally use this homemade whitening paste, but only once or twice a month. If you have very bad stains on your teeth, you could use it initially once a week until you notice an improvement. More often, however, and the baking soda could break down the enamel over time, causing sensitivity. And of course, make sure to maintain your regular oral care regimen.

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Today’s blog is republished from my friends at TheAlternativeDaily, a leading publisher of daily alternative health …


  1. Thank you fir the helpful information

    • What have you heard about Hydrogen Peroxide as a Cancer Cure ? inquiring minds want to know

      • Yrs ago I read in Look or Life magazine. that they were injecting it in cancer patients in Africa, w great results. America wouldn’t allow it here. I am sure they would have lost a ton of funding, if hydrogen peroxide was found to be a cure

      • Hydrogen Peroxide is part of the oxygen therapy that is used in Europe and it does work. It also possible to use Hydrogen Peroxide as a deodorant . Use the spray under arms and if you wish spray your stomach and chest. Good to go all day.

        • Sadly Canadian government put stop for using Hydrogen peroxide as a treatment for cancer patients in naturopatic clinics. Because it works! Government wants making money for Big Pharma. It’s a shame!

      • Coincidentally or not, as a child I suffered from psoriasis, my mother used a solution of H²O² on small patches with amazing results. My aunt at the time also had the beginnings of skin cancer and used the same solution. This somehow had a similar effect of making the dead cells sizzle and decrease rapidly much as the same with it did with scale on the teeth, (much as ‘KILLROCK ‘ does with your kettle. During this period of COVID in our family we’ve had 2 spray bottles of diluted H²O² for our hands, much cheaper than bought £2 hand sanitisers and £40 Isopropyl ½litre.
        It’s worked for us.

      • There really is no CURE for CANCER,, only if it’s detected in it’s Early Stage.

        • In 1939 Dr Otto Warburg won 2 Nobel prizes for curing cancer. Eleven yrs ago I “cured” my cancer by applying the Warburg protocol.

        • They is a cure for Cancer, fasting intermittently and avoiding earing sugar lide thr plague,sugar feeds cancer of all type

        • Not correct, I have treated 6 people with Cancer & managed to cure all of them 100%
          and that includes my Mother In Law who was Stage 3 Cancer – she had Lymphoma.

        • You can buy 35% hydrogen peroxide and dilute. Not sure where you would obtain the 35% in your location. I bought some years ago online so might try k get rt search. Then you dilute the 35% with distilled water according to directions also found online. Good luck.

        • Not true. Many natural, highly effective cures for cancer including the Joe Tibbet protocol mycancerstory.rocks, high dose Vitamin C, and a number of others.

        • You mean allopathic medicine has no cures for cancer. Millons of people around the world are using alternative therapies to cure cancer.

        • Amazing info love it !

        • Big Phatma rep or exec.??? Just spouting the government line. I’ll bet there are 50 more effective treatments and cures they hide due to money. So do not give BS there are no cures.

      • No. But dog dewormer Safeguard definitely helps. My stage 4 friend is still alive but has to take chemo.

  2. What benefits when you consumed artichoke

  3. Black Seed Oil….. better to consume or massage with?

  4. I’ve been brushing my teeth with baking soda and a half drop of toothpaste on my brush for more than 2 decades. And a final rinse with 50/50 peroxide solution.

    My tooth enamel is ‘perfect’, my teeth are ‘pearly’, not a cavity, and my gums are nice a pink.
    I get my teeth ‘cleaned’ every two years and the dental office is always amazed at how little work is required…

    Conclusion: don’t be afraid of baking soda or peroxide.

    • And no fluoride helps too! Helped my autistic daughter who is 32 not have any cavities! When she brushes her teeth she rinses her brush, puts paste on the brush then rinses it again, knocking the paste off, then brushes her teeth and rinses.. but no fluoride that way and no cavities! She also hasn’t had her wisdom teeth out and her teeth are perfectly straight since they have no room to shift!

  5. We’ve used hydrogen peroxide daily as an oral swish for years at the suggestion of our dentist. However, we recently were told by my husband’s endocrinologist that he should not use hydrogen peroxide at all. He has a hypothyroid disease called Hashimoto. To those who suffer from hypothyroidism of any kind, hydrogen peroxide is toxic. They already experience difficulty ridding their body of it so to add it, even topically, is unwise.

    • Penny Arnold - retired school teacher, now health researcher and Sir Malcolm Arnold's niece. (one of Britain's greatest composers.) Music is food for the soul - especially 528 frequency.

      Any problem with the thyroid could be due to heavy metal toxicity that harms the pituitary gland and the vagus nerve. So, it is a good idea to have a mercury de-tox by taking ‘TOXAPREVENT,’ which is a volcanic mineral and recommended by Dr. John Roberts in Huddersfield. (Mercury free, holistic dentist.) Now, if you do not have mercury dental fillings (or have never had any,) if your mother or grandmother did, then you will have inherited the mercury.
      This info. is available to read on line if you check out the report by the EU in 2006 after one year of research into mercury in the ‘environment.’ https://www.europarl.europa.eu/doceo/document/A-6-2006-0044_EN.html?redirect
      Copied from this report :- ‘B. whereas mercury is persistent and can change in the environment into methylmercury, the most toxic form, which readily passes both the placental barrier and the blood-brain barrier and may cause damage to the developing brain,’ Mmmmm!!
      The poisoning of children and women of child bearing age with mercury amalgam restorations was only stopped in the UK in 2018!!! (This didn’t make main stream media…) The EU ‘recommended’ it was not placed in teeth and Sweden banned it straight away followed by Germany and other European countries, but not the UK….. After reading a super, small book called ‘Honey as Medicine’ by Ruth Tan, I learned that ingesting raw honey is able to help the pituitary gland recover. (I was third generation mercury toxic when I was born, but the poison has all gone now and I am much healthier – thank goodness. Knowledge sure is power.

      • Can you explain sound frequency? I have heard of music therapy and frequency in the past but do not understand it. Thank you.

      • My grandmothers had mercury filings. I and my siblings had mercury filings as a child. We used hydrogen peroxide for a number of issues including gargling for a sore throat or tonsilitis, sores or scratches in the mouth or gums, for cleansing and disinfecting wounds, for impacted ear wax, and the list goes on. One grandmother lived to be 97 years old the other grandmother 95. I am 68, my oldest sibling is 69, and the youngest is 64. Where is this poison created by using hydrogen peroxide? The EU reminds me of chicken little California where everything is supposedly bad for you!

      • Sadly Canadian government put stop for using Hydrogen peroxide as a treatment for cancer patients in naturopatic clinics. Because it works! Government wants making money for Big Pharma. It’s a shame!

    • John Fisher, PharmD, clinical and analytical toxicology (retired)

      The hashimoto comment applies most directly to UNTREATED disease. After treatment is begun and stabilized, addition of hydrogen peroxide at pre-diagnosis concentrations should have few if any I’ll effects. When starting a new drug, begin with smaller doses and work up to former doses.

      • Interesting, why is hydrogen peroxide toxic to those with hypothyroidism like myself? Being a female, I suffer from thinning hair and facial hair can you provide any leads to stop this? My ovaries are fine.

      • I have heard you can dilute the 3% peroxide with water and rub on body to get rid of the parasite in your body from the covid vaccine. Has anyone heard of this.

  6. Stephen Scaggs, R.Ph. (retired)

    Mike! I’m a retired pharmacist, who spent most of my career in the “heavy propaganda area” of pharmaceutical companies, and in the real know of drugs, bugs, nutrition and REAL HEALTHCARE
    You’re writing and publication is refreshing, medically valid and accurate..
    You’re spot on! I most definitely enjoy your unbiased, but true and valid publication.
    Stephen Scaggs

  7. Hydrogen Peroxide is TERRIBLE for CLEANING WOUNDS!
    It will kill germs, because it kills tissue. That means it also kills the skin/tissue around the wound. It kills your good, living tissue. To kill germs, use another antiseptic that doesn’t destroy good tissue. Or flush with plain old water, then put on an antibiotic ointment. But never pour hydrogen peroxide on tissue you do not want damaged.
    This also makes me wonder what it is doing to do your delicate eardrum, and the skin in your ear, while it is removing the wax. I don’t think I will be experimenting on my own ears to find out.
    I don’t know what it will do to teeth, but gums are sensitive tissue. Nope, not getting it near my gums either.

    What will it do in addition to killing good tissue?
    It definitely will lighten hair. Dries it out too.
    In the ER, we use it to take blood out of our clothes. Pour it on and watch it bubble that blood right outta there. Just keep it away from skin!

    • I think they use only 3% NOT pure peroxide which seems to be what you are referring to

    • I’ve used peroxide on wounds and my ears for years. Never had a problem.

      • I agree with you. Dentists even alerted me, that peroxide was good to use as a protection to prevent gum swellings. Some medications side effect can swell one’s gums.

      • I worked in the operating room for 30 plus years. We always used hydrogen peroxide to clean wounds whether it was before a craniotomy or after a craniotomy. Hydrogen peroxide was in all the operating rooms and was used judiciously as needed

    • Peroxide Great for ridding red wine stains from whites. Works getting out
      other stains from light colours, too.
      Not to leave on fabric as long as whites….

    • It’s just hydrogen and oxygen! There’s a video on Bitchute where a professor is teaching a college course telling his class all the great medical healings it can do and it’s so inexpensive so the doctors won’t tell you about it! Look it up. It’s very interesting!

      • Details please – name of professor or course. I searched Bitchute for “hydrogen peroxide” and got 174 matches

      • Lucinda (Cindy). A.

        So true Jan, I think it’s important to mention that hydrogen peroxide should always be diluted! You should not buy the one from drug stores, as it has preservatives added for shelf life! Instead you should buy food grade hydrogen peroxide to clean vegetables and fruits! Available at Organic and natural health food stores! When you purchase it, is usually 27%, and should be diluted with distilled water 10 to 1! This gives you a clean and ingestible 2.7% for drops! Just so people are aware that if you are handling H. P. in a stronger concentration; you must wear gloves, as it can actually burn the skin! Once you have the drops made at 2.7%( close enough to 3%) you would still dilute in water for your different usages! There is a a regime for treating cancer you can look at by searching, “The One Minute Cure”, Still use the drops for all kinds of of uses online! Sorry, I don’t have the authors name handy but you can search it! It is doable! I was trying it for awhile as a precautionary cancer treatment for a short time to clean out toxins and get some oxygen into my body! I can’t say it actually works for cancer, but it certainly didn’t harm me in any way that I know of! It is a regime of adding drops to your glass of water everyday, increasing the number of drops as you go; the more drops you put in your water each day does alter the taste a bit; but if you think of it as medicine, it’s not that hard to handle! For the cancer regime, you start with very low number of drops, increase to a certain amount and then start decreasing your way back to zero! Food grade hydrogen peroxide, when mixed properly is very effective and does not harm tissue at all! Restaurants use food grade hydrogen peroxide to clean fruits and vegetables! Add a small amount of 27% food grade in a sink of water and soak your produce! Lots of cancer patients do this to eliminate toxins on their food! Just remember the key word is dilute, dilute! Good luck! Highly recommend hydrogen peroxide for all the purposes mentioned within this article; speaking from my own family experiences! Use at your own risk! Works well on acne pimples too! Dab a little 2.7% on cotton ball, then on the pimple, do not rinse off! Dries up overnight! Awesome!

    • Not sure what kind of information you are listening to, but it is whacked! I have brushed my teeth with 3% H202 straight for 3 decades, 1/4 ounce from a shot glass and in goes the brash. I eliminated canker sores in my mouth completely as well it heals those nasty self bites in the mouth from eating very quickly. Also what helps significantly as well is scraping your tongue a least a couple of times a week. My gums are as healthy as possible. My wife is a dental hygienist, and her bosses don’t think I am a good patient because I only go every 5 years. Next to nothing calculus build up. 3% hydrogen Peroxide is amazing for so many things. Stay ignorant, keep looking for big pharma answers, GOOD LUCK!

    • Charles-Louis Labianco

      Shirley. You are correct. The pushers faile to mention that if you have any metal fillings, those will react with the hydrogen pyroxide –that is a serious health issue because damage to your body is immediate.

      Yet 3% is an over-the-counter available solution.

    • I rid my toe nail fungus by dabbing it with 3% Hydrogen peroxide. It takes time but does the trick.

    • You must be talking about the 35% solution undiluted. My Grandmothers, mother, aunts, uncles, friends and neighbors all used hydrogen peroxide for a variety of reasons such as cleansing and disinfecting wounds, ear infections or plugged with ear wax, mouth sores or scratches including gums, cleaning stains, etc. I have never heard of hydrogen peroxide hurting or killing anyone, but I have both heard and seen evidence of its benefit in my 70 years of life. I had a recent injury with a large gash on my arm. My wife cleaned it every day with hydrogen peroxide, applied antibiotic cream and a bandage. It’s amazing how little inflammation there was around the wound and how fast it healed. Much of Europe reminds me of chicken little California where everything is bad for you.

    • You must be talking about the 35% solution undiluted. My Grandmothers, mother, aunts, uncles, friends and neighbors all used hydrogen peroxide for a variety of reasons such as cleansing and disinfecting wounds, ear infections or plugged with ear wax, mouth sores or scratches including gums, cleaning stains, etc. I have never heard of hydrogen peroxide hurting or killing anyone, but I have both heard and seen evidence of its benefit in my 70 years of life. I was recently at the VA Clinic with wax impacted in my ear. They used hydrogen peroxide to clean ear wax out of the ear canal. I had a recent injury with a large gash on my arm. My wife cleaned it every day with hydrogen peroxide, applied antibiotic cream and a bandage. It’s amazing how little inflammation there was and how fast it healed.

  8. I am going to try the teeth and ear canal remedies.
    Thank you and may God richly bless you.

  9. Where can I buy Foodgrade Hydrogen Peroxide from? I live in Uganda, East Africa.

    • Hi, Apollo! I’m a retired nurse (37+ yrs full time) here in the USA who has used 3% Hydrogen Peroxide at work & home for decades. I won’t say it doesn’t exist but I’ve never seen nor used “food grade” H2O2 at any time.

      3% H2O2 is what gets sold and used the most here in the states, medically and for Personal Care. It can be used full-strength or diluted half and half with sterile water for gentle wound care/oral debridement/etc.

      H2O2 in higher concentrated amounts can be found but using a stronger H2O2 % can irritate raw tissue and delay healing. It just isn’t really necessary. 3% H2O2 is safest and is used the most (full-strength & diluted) in medical facilities and homes.

    • Most health food store has food grade hydrogen peroxide

    • You can buy food grade peroxide in health food stores (generally privately owned). It is very strong and must be diluted. many uses, even help with medical issues.

    • You can buy 35% hydrogen peroxide and dilute. Not sure where you would obtain the 35% in your location. I bought some years ago online so might try k get rt search. Then you dilute the 35% with distilled water according to directions also found online. Good luck.

  10. Very good information.

  11. Informative and Interesting article

  12. I am so greatful I found your site. I can’t wait to start making these healthy changes in my life.
    Thank you so much for sharing this important information to start a healthy regimen.
    I’m going to start tomorrow with the healthy salad dressing recipe!
    God Bless you for caring about the health of others. We all share this world together…and to find someone who cares about others not asking for money to share information that can actually save lives is beautiful!
    Again, thank you for being an actual caring person to so many people in the world.
    God Bless your hearts… I hope to get more healthy information from you!
    You’re all true persons that I believe practices the true meaning…WWJD ( WHAT WOULD JESUS DO )!
    And by not asking for $$$ to share these healthy benefits with our brothers and sisters and more concerned with making money…rather helping so many people struggling with their health because they don’t know how to do it without help, is a message from above. “+”
    Thank you!
    Dottie M.T.J.
    Rhode Island

  13. Is hydrogen peroxide safe to use on the ear? I thought it was corrosive.

    • Ursula Ekern, R. N.

      I worked as a nurse in Alaska many summers for the Health department. Many children suffered ear infections there. Peroxide was the best type of treatment. I never encountered any bad side effects.

  14. I use hydrogen peroxide, 3%, straight or with a bit of distilled water in a nebulizer to prevent colds and sinus infections. I discovered this when I had Covid and often wonder if I could have prevented the infection if I had been doing it before I was exposed! I also now use it at a half and half ratio during high pollen season for allergies.

    If using frequently (more than twice a week) or with a child, a weaker solution is recommended. If the H2O2 is too irritating, increase the dilution. If using for allergies, saline solution could be effective on its own but I like the double-duty effect!

    • Yes Helen, I learned this during the plandemic. I bought a nebuliser and use the 3% food grade H2O2 with saline to inhale. It works a treat against congestion and sinusitis. Wish I’d known about it years ago.

  15. Thank you!

  16. For the teeth whitening it did not specify if it has to be food grade or what percent hydrogen peroxide?

  17. Hydrogen Peroxide when applied to a mole so the mole can be saturated will remove the mole. The size of the mole will determine the length of time.

  18. CanJ the combination of peroxide and baking soda be used for cleaning dentures?

  19. I’d like to learn more

  20. I have dentures, Does this work on whitening them and would it be the same ratio as used for brushing regular teeth?? I remember growing up as a small girl, Mom always had a remedy that hydrogen peroxide was used. I’m still alive so I’d say it is safe. My Mom would say, “if there is a method that works, it’s one less high dollar product we would have to buy.”

  21. I keep spray bottle with diluted hydrogen peroxide in the bathroom and spray my tooth brushes, the nozzle of my saline nasal spray, my plastic night guard, and the cap from bottle of mouth wash in an abundance of caution….wipe vanity top and run peroxide through my water pik about every 10 days to clean hoses.

  22. Thank you for the good information.

  23. this is very interesting, I was just wondering?? what would happen if you drank the solution? would it harm you? or would it cleanse your insides? possibly even heal and cure cancers? someone said if you drink it you will never have prostate problems. and it will clean out your colon. maybe ok if you only drink a teaspoon a day. does anyone know:)

    • I brush my teeth with peroxide and toothpaste and I rinsed with water so basically I get a teaspoon or so of peroxide swallowed hasn’t bothered me I’m 76 years old. It hasn’t helped my prostate muchI still have a hard time peeing sometimes good luck and God bless

    • For ingesting you don’t want to use the 3% kind you by over the counter. You want to get the 35% food grade type from the health food store and it needs to be mixed with distilled water. And consumed in a empty stomach. But, you need to do your homework on the subject. If you go on You Tube look up Mr. Oxygen and there a book you can get the One Minute Cure The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases. By Madison Cavanaugh

      • I have friend’s that have the book by Madison Cavanaugh & are using the 35% peroxide in distilled water to get rid of a cough they have had for years. I want to try it but I was worried if it is safe. What do you think?

      • Yes!!!! That is the same article I was referring too! That shows you exactly how to mix for all purpose drops! 10 to 1 ratio with distilled water and food grade hydrogen peroxide! I bought 27% f.g., works great! You’re so right on the name M. Cavanaugh; thanks for the specifics!

    • Yes I consume it. Look for a document on the web called the Gaias protocol by Steve Goodman.

  24. Does hydrogen peroxide kill the good germs in your mouth?

  25. Amazing tips, thanks for the info.

  26. Good info

  27. If your animal ingests a poison, like one of your pills that would harm, or even worse, kill him, a tablespoon of Hydrogen Peroxide will cause him to throw up.

  28. Thank you for the very helpful information.

  29. I use Hydrogen Peroxide as a very quick cure for a toothache. Just mix a small quantity with an equal amount of water. Then drink just enough to cover the tooth, but be certain not to swallow any. Hold in your mouth for maybe two minutes to soak the bad tooth. Then spit it out and wash your mouth a few times with water spitting your washwater out. Be certain not to sallow any at all. Your tooth will immediately stop hurting, and the hurt may not come back indicating the wash killed the germs.

  30. Where can I buy some 35% food grade?

  31. I have many crowns and they are not “white” and can not be made whiter unless they are replaced completely according to several dentists I have consulted. I am in my 70’s now and do not want to get a mouthful of new teeth-cost/procedures, etc.

    I have never seen anything about using peroxide for my situation. comments?

  32. My mother was a dentist. She had lost all her teeth before she was 50 from periodontal disease.

    She saw that I was beginning to show signs of the same. She tried everything for me: explaining how to brush properly; making me floss; even to cleaning my teeth with little sticks.
    Nothing worked. I was forced to see a periodontist. For ten years, I made my scheduled appointments for treatment and deep cleaning.
    Then, I tried using a 33% solution of hydrogen peroxide and water in a water pic daily. My gums cleared up. I quit the periodontist.
    Now, 30 years later, I can say that if I were forced to quit brushinc or quit the water pic, I wound chose the former.

  33. I use Collidal Silver (CS).. Spray on dry tooth brush, use toothpaste then brush. After, clean brush, spray CS and let it dry. I’ve been plagued with “bleeding gums) from stress, etc. Very rare now. I also use CS as a mouth wash. Swish a little then swallow. Do this when i drink CS, no more sickness, etc.

    Very recently, used CS to heal a deep bite wound from a rabbit. Clean first with mild soap n water. The a bandaid saturated with straight CS as a tourniquet . After 2 weeks, no scar. I probably should have had stitches, but didn’t. I find CS, a mild antibiotic works on all skin wounds. This bite was the deepest I’ve ever had. Have a machine and make my own. 30 ppm instead of bleach for my laundry; 20 ppm to drink.

    • Before penicillin was discovered, all that was around was colloidal silver and Hydrogen Peroxide. All those soldiers in WW1 and part of WW2 were treated with those two and mainly survived.

  34. In 1939 Dr Otto Warburg won 2 Nobel prizes for curing cancer. Eleven yrs ago I “cured” my cancer by applying the Warburg protocol.

  35. Hello, your article on using Hydrogen Peroxide to whiten teeth really helpful but you forgot to mention the concentration of HP to use. I have a small jar from the chemist of 6%. Would that be sufficient? If not, what concentration would I need and where do I buy it? I live in Melbourne Australia.

  36. THANK YOU!

  37. Terry Lee Gaskill

    Thanks for this great information!

  38. This such wonderful information. I agree with the lady who commented “WWJD” … all she said was right on point. Thank you for that.

    I have been told by my dentist for several years that I needed very expensive dental work done. When it was scheduled to happen, my BP was too high and they would not do it. I know now that it was God interceding on my behalf! This was prior to COVID19. Now, 5 yrs later, I never had the dental work done because (just about) everyday I use Colloidal Silver (10 ppm/4 droppers full throughout the day as needed; and Pau d’ Arco – also known as “Taheebo” (can find on web site: Life force Int’l); I use 1 dropper full day and night, which I use on my teeth and gums (especially when I have a flare up)! I use both products daily during COVID and was spared! It was all God!

    As Lisa wrote – CS works! The two products (CS and Par d’ Arco combined act as natural antibiotics. Both can be purchased at most health food/vitamin stores. Par d’Arco became famous as a cancer cure in Brazil in the 1960s. It’s a powerful herbal treatment for COVID and Long COVID! Google it.

    The down size is that the Pau d’ Arco does stain, but I chose to not have “pearly” whites in lieu of over-priced dental work at 77 yrs old (at the time the dental work was suggested). I am now 82 yrs young! I will now start using peroxide and baking soda to make my teeth somewhat whiter. They are not terrible but I would prefer them to be whiter. My husband and I have taken both products consistently for over 20 yrs and would not be without them.

    May God bless you all with health, happiness and prosperity!

  39. I like your article. Just wondering how it affects ones Microbiome. If it goes on the skin or in the mouth, I assume it won’t be healthy to the good bacteria that helps your body heal it self. Anyone has some research how Hydrogen Peroxide affects the Bacteria?

    I have also used Hydrogen Peroxide as a fuel safer in my car. It was a simplidied version of HHO or HOD, where Hydrogen is produced under the bonnet, Hydrogen Peroxide was a shortcut, did not worked as well as HOD, but it worked nearly as good with the simplified installation.

  40. Hi, can someone please let me know what strength peroxide to use? I’m in Australia and we can buy 35% in health food shops which is extremely potent and can be dangerous, causing painful burns if it comes in contact with the skin. The supermarkets sell 3% which of course is very different. Can you please tell me which strength the above recipes refer to. Thanks!

  41. The way I understand it is that the 3% you buy at the store contains a stabilizer and if the bottle does not state that in the ingredients then it is without the stabilizer that is bad for you. I always mmake sure if I put it in my mouth that it does not have the stabilizer.

  42. I recently had some bad gingivits (first time in my life in my 50s) and reddening sore gums along with some numbing around my skin around my mouth…I took a 1/2 cup with 1:1 ratio of tap water and Hydrogen Peroxide…swooshed for 30 seoncds..about 2-3 times in morning and evening before bed. Within 2 days that numbing that has plagued me for a year and by the 4th day..my gums were a healthy pink color. I kept doing it once a day before bed time only..and my teeth were noticeably whiter after only 1 WEEK!!! And im a huge coffee drinker! So i believe this completely busted any fungal or bacteria that was harboring in my mouth. I would try it on skin fungus or any skin issues as long as you dilute it with some water first.

  43. Certainly worth a try

  44. I am always interested in trying natural cures

  45. Am anxious to try the peroxide treatment. Also the colloidal silver. My hair dresser swears by colloidal silver.

  46. I have used it for years and teeth are white and an other home made use it hydrochloride acid on my cancer spots gone the next day burns like hell BUT NO PAIN NO GAIN

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