Metformin vs Berberine for Diabetes (Plus this yellow herb lowers blood pressure, fights parasites, and more)

By: Cat Ebeling, co-author of the best-sellers:  The Fat Burning KitchenThe Top 101 Foods that Fight Aging & The Diabetes Fix

Type 2 diabetes is fast becoming a real epidemic in civilized countries. The statistics show an ever-increasing trend of obesity, diabetes and its related complications like heart disease, kidney disease and peripheral neuropathy. Many experts are convinced that this fast-growing tidal wave of diabetes is the result of the global expansion of sugar, sugary soft drinks and major food corporations getting people addicted to terrible processed foods that are cheaper than most healthy foods and are heavily advertised to the masses.

However, type 2 diabetes has the potential to be completely reversed following dietary and lifestyle changes that dramatically reduce or eliminate sugar and starches.

Relying on lowering blood sugar with medication or insulin will not improve one’s health, nor will it counteract the effects of diabetes. In fact, relying on medications to lower blood sugar actually does NOT reduce the risk of death from any of the related health complications of diabetes of stroke, heart attacks, infections, and kidney disease. Aside from the fact that diabetes drugs do not actually do anything positive for a diabetic’s health, there are many negative side effects, many of which can be downright deadly.

In one large study, called the ACCORD study, that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 2008, the 10,000 patients who were being treated with insulin or blood sugar-lowering drugs were monitored and evaluated for their risk of heart attack, strokes and death. The National Institutes of Health ended the study early because the medical intervention was leading to MORE deaths, heart attacks, and strokes.

Many of the conventional medical methods for lowering blood sugar actually increase insulin levels, which in turn causes more harm overall. Avandia, one of the world’s best-selling diabetes drugs, has over 50,000 lawsuits filed in the United States alone, because the drug makers failed to inform patients about possible life-threatening side-effects that include stroke, heart failure, heart attack, bone fractures, vision loss and death.

While many of these drugs do lower blood glucose levels, there seems to be no real evidence that any of the diabetes drugs actually reduce the risk of the complications of diabetes.

Most diabetes medications aim to increase insulin in the body to counteract the ever-rising levels of glucose. One of the big issues with this conventional treatment is the negative side effects that actually seem to exacerbate the complications of diabetes. Below is a list of most used diabetes meds and their primary side effects:

  • Metformin — Metformin increases insulin sensitivity. Metformin also lowers glucose production in the liver. Side effects include nausea and diarrhea, and weight gain. Another significant, documented side effect of Metformin is Vitamin B12 depletion, further increasing the chances of neuropathy.
  • Sulfonylureas—This class of medications help your body secrete more insulin. Side effects include low blood sugar and weight gain.
  • Meglitinides – These medications stimulate the pancreas to secrete more insulin. Side effects include low blood sugar and weight gain.
  • Thiazolidinediones – Like metformin, these medications make the body’s tissues more sensitive to insulin. This class of medications has been linked to weight gain and increased risk of heart failure and fractures. Rosiglitazone (Avandia) and pioglitazone (Actos) are examples of thiazolidinediones.
  • SGLT2 inhibitors. They prevent the kidneys from reabsorbing sugar into the blood. Instead, the sugar is excreted in the urine. Side effects may include yeast infections, urinary tract infections, increased urination and hypotension.
  • Insulin therapy. Some people need insulin therapy as well. Insulin lowers blood glucose and is a fat storing hormone, so it causes weight gain. Insulin promotes inflammation in the body when used in excess, causes hormone imbalance and increases body fat storage.

Keep in mind, however, that while most of these diabetes medications may lower blood sugar levels, increase insulin, or make the body more sensitive to insulin, they still do not prevent the serious and life-threatening complications of diabetes: High blood pressure, high LDL cholesterol, high triglycerides, poor sex drive, infertility, blood clots, kidney failure, infections and amputations, cancer, depression, heart disease, strokes, and Alzheimer’s, and more.blank

Insulin treatment also creates a greater susceptibility to cancer. The connection between diabetes and cancer is fairly clear—in fact, several studies have shown up to a 30% great likelihood that diabetic patients on supplemental insulin can develop colon, breast or prostate cancers.

Berberine for Type 2 Diabetes Shown to be as Effective as Diabetes Medication

There are a few natural solutions to helping to treat type 2 diabetes, and berberine is one that has a strong background of being especially effective for type 2 diabetes.

Berberine is a powerful plant extract with several impressive health benefits. It can effectively lower blood sugar, help with weight loss and improve heart health—two things that most pharmaceutical diabetic medications cannot do. It is also anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial and is effective against diarrhea, intestinal parasites, Candida albicans, and possibly Methicillin-resistant staph aureus.

Berberine works to:

  • Decrease insulin resistance, making the blood sugar lowering hormone insulin more effective.
  • Increase glycolysis, the breakdown of glucose inside cells.
  • Decrease glucose production in the liver.
  • Slow the digestion of carbohydrates.
  • Increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the gut.


Berberine is a bioactive plant extract that comes from several different types of plants, including goldthread, Oregon grape root, barberry, tree turmeric and goldenseal. It has been used in both Ayruvedic and Chinese medicine for more than 2500 years and is now being used and studied extensively in the modern world.

Several impressive studies show that berberine can lower blood glucose as effectively as the drug metformin, without the negative side effects. Two of the best-known peer-reviewed studies published in the journals Metabolism and the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology compared berberine in one group to metformin (Glucophage) in another group. The berberine group had very similar blood sugar-lowering effects as the metformin group. In addition, the berberine also effectively reduced the patients’ A1C, triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, and blood pressure… Three things that metformin cannot do!

  • Hemoglobin A1c decreased from 9.5% to 7.5% (about a 21% reduction)
  • Fasting blood glucose (FBG) decreased from 190.8 to 124.2 mg/dl
  • Postprandial blood glucose (PBG) decreased from 356.4 to 199.8 mg/dl
  • Triglycerides from 100.5 to 79.2 mg/dl

Berberine works by stimulating uptake of glucose into the cells, improves insulin sensitivity, and reducing glucose production in the liver. This review published in the International Journal of Endocrinology further expanded on berberine’s role in treating type diabetes:

            “BBR [berberine] is used to treat diabetic nephropathy (DPN), diabetic neuropathy (DN), and diabetic cardiomyopathy due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities.”

How does berberine work?

Berberine works by activating a metabolism-regulating enzyme within the body’s cells called AMPK (adenosine monophosphate activated protein kinase).  Yes, that’s a mouthful! AMPK regulates a variety of biological activities that normalize lipid, glucose, and energy imbalances. Think of AMPK as your metabolic master switch. Definitely something you want to keep switched to ‘ON’!

Metabolic syndrome, a precursor to diabetes, occurs when these AMPK pathways are switched off. This triggers high blood sugar, high cholesterol, high triglycerides and energy issues. AMPK shifts energy to cellular repair and maintenance. Activating AMPK produces similar benefits for diabetes and metabolic syndrome as exercise, dieting and weight loss.

Berberine and Weight Loss



When overweight adults took 500mg of berberine 3 times daily for 12 weeks, they easily lost an average of 5 pounds. The researchers note that, “…berberine has potential clinical application in reducing visceral fat and controlling obesity.”

Berberine has the ability to inhibit fat storage and also improves insulin function, leptin and adiponectin. Leptin is a very powerful hormone produced by fat cells. It tells your brain whether you should eat or not. Leptin is the way your fat cells speak to your brain. If Leptin signaling is working, when fat stores are full, they cause a surge in leptin which tells your brain to stop eating and storing fat. The problem is of course, when this signaling goes awry, it causes excessive eating and fat storage.

Adonipectin is a hormone secreted by fat cells that helps control glucose regulation and fatty acid oxidation. Obese people are often low in adonipectin, but berberine helps to increase adonipectin which helps to normalize metabolic function.

So, the bottom line here is that berberine could reduce the size of your fat cells and cut down on the number of them as well.

Berberine is also thought to enhance brown fat, which is a heat-generating special type of fat that burns energy instead of storing it. It is loaded with active mitochondria cells that convert this fat into energy which produces heat. This animal study shows how berberine increases energy expenditure, helps burn fat, improves cold tolerance and enhances active brown adipose tissue.

Berberine for Memory and Cognitive Function

Blood sugar levels, insulin sensitivity and diabetes go hand in hand with memory and cognitive dysfunction. In fact, it is now thought that high blood sugar and diabetes are connected to an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Berberine has been found to enhance memory function in some animal studies, by preserving a brain chemical, acetylcholine, that is important for memory, focus and cognition. The result for berberine was improved learning and memory, along with lower oxidative stress.

How to take Berberine

According to Dr. Josh Axe, berberine should be taken two to three times a day. Generally, most studies have used safe dosages starting at 500 mg a dose. So, 500 mg two to three times a day is a good place to start. Take berberine with a meal or on a full stomach to avoid any stomach upset and to take advantage of the post meal glucose and lipid spike that often occurs. It is best to start with just one dose/day and increase slowly to ensure they can stay in control.

When you take berberine, please note that insulin may need to be cut back significantly, so monitor blood sugar frequently.  Many diabetics have been able to totally stop their other pharmaceutical diabetes medications, with the inclusion of berberine. Be sure to monitor blood sugar regularly and consult your physician. Look for a berberine product with a standardized berberine extract so that the dosages and strength are consistent.

Berberine Side Effects

If you have a medical condition or are on any medications, including antibiotics, then it is highly recommended that you speak to your doctor. This is especially important if you are currently taking blood sugar-lowering medications, so that your physician can monitor your blood sugar and current medication levels.

Diabetics who are using other medications must use caution when using this supplement to avoid dangerously low blood sugar levels. People with low blood pressure should also be careful when using it since it can naturally lower blood pressure. Pregnant and nursing women should not take berberine.

Overall, this natural compound has an outstanding safety profile. Primary side effects are minor, but could result in some cramping, diarrhea, flatulence, constipation or mild stomach pain. Stay with the smaller dosages — spread out through your day and after meals — to avoid most of these side effects.

In addition to its huge benefits for diabetes, berberine is helpful for other health issues as well including:

  • Anti-aging
  • Gastrointestinal infections
  • Heart disease
  • High cholesterol
  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)
  • Immune challenges
  • Joint problems
  • Low bone density

Stay tuned for more info on berberine, as there are many ongoing studies on its effectiveness as a powerful natural health aid.

If you think that Type 2 Diabetes is irreversible like many misinformed doctors will tell you, then you need to read some of the proof below on how to naturally reverse Type 2 Diabetes…

Although eating “paleo” or even low-carb is a good first step, you’ll also see below other techniques on just how simple it can be to “fix” your diabetes, control your blood sugars, and lose all of that excess fat sitting on your stomach.

> 1 Simple trick to REVERSE your Diabetes, naturally (while getting off drugs ASAP)




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  1. How do you buy Berberine, and is it available in Australia. I am 81 years of age and mu blood sugars are rather high even though I take two 500 mgs of metformin everyday, plus Januvia half tablet at night.

    • Gus,
      I am diabetic and was going through the medical system. I started to do research on this disease and I found out that diet is critical to completely turn your health around. If you really want to help your body to get its health back, cut out all sugars and simple carbohydrates, meaning grains, sodas, rice, and potatoes. There is nothing wrong with your fiber vegetables. I eat a huge salad each night and with no dressing.
      I also started fasting for 24 hour, eating one meal a day. I started this twelve weeks ago and have lost 35 pounds. You can look at You on fasting. But the health improvement that I have seen and felt is unbelievable! No longer do I have that afternoon tiredness. Gus, I am only 69, but I feel alot younger now. It’s is a tough way to start this fasting, but now it is normal to me. I have done 48 hours with little effort. Also, my mind is alot clearer along with my memory since my body has purged alot of toxins built up over many years of eating soo bad. I took berberine three times a day, but had to cut back because my glucose level would go low enough to where I would feel nauseous and become weak.
      Good luck Gus, and try to do away with the simple carbohydrates! I love the saying ” If it’s made by nature, eat it! If it is made by a manufacturer, don’t eat it”.

      • Will thank you. I am.68 and not over weight. I take insulin for my type 2 diabetes. I have a 7.1 A1C. I don’t feel good lately. TIRED lethargic. Thinking of trying this Barberine. I only have high cholesterol not high blood pressure. Is their anything you can do to help me out. I hate using the drugs. I like veggies eggs and chicken and meat. I don’t like fish. What kind if diet should I be following? Alot of information out here is confusing. Thank you! I appreciate any info. Deedee

      • The saying, if it’s made by nature, eat it…..if it’s made by man, don’t eat it! was popularized by the late fitness guru who lived into his nineties!

      • The intermittent fasting has done wonders for me too. I have not had the great result of losing the excess weight but I have lowered my A1C from 9.2 down to 6.6 in 6 months. Careful meal planning but I enjoy all my favorites in moderation and sparingly. The most fasting I have been able to do is 15hrs and then I start to get shaky and know my blood sugar is too low and must eat, but working on it. That is the secret to getting control of this difficult disease. I am still on tow meds to control the diabetes but hope to reduce or come off within the next month when I see my Doc. I finally feel like I am getting in control again. Now I will get some berberine and see if that helps with the High pressure.

        • Hi Jo, I know this is a late response to your post but all things considered, I’m wondering if you are still doing the fasting and also if you did try the berberine. I’m newly diagnosed with Type II diabetes and from what I’ve read I’d like to steer clear of the rx and researching diet, exercise and supplements. I Just ordered the berberine but would like to hear from someone who has been on it for a while and if it helped the your blood pressure.

        • My Name is Ted Eaton, live in Ontario Canada. I have been fighting High sugar and High Blood Preasure , I was always a fairly good athlete ( played hockey and softball for at least 50+years I got injured 6 years ago and developed type 2 diabetes I had to quit ball and hockey I am frustrated with the Drs. wanting me to take more and drugs to control my blood sugar levels and I am hurting as well I have discovered Berberine a few weeks ago and just decided to try it, then I saw your info. on Berberine and would like to try your system. What do I do??? PS I am 81 years old.

    • Hi Gus,

      Did the berberine work for you?

      I have an Australian product called LIFE (Lyophilized Indigenous Food Essentials)™ which is based on 14 wild foods of the World’s longest living culture – the Indigenous Australians. We also add 13 other global superfoods giving a product that is used by a fast-growing number of individuals who have already discovered us and is recommended by informed naturopaths, dieticians and nutritionists. Google the name and you will find us online.

      Aborigines did not suffer the diseases of nutrition which include diabetes, obesity, CVD, hypertension, gout, a host of other conditions as well as most cancers.

      Let me know if you need more information but the idea behind LIFE is that it provides an arsenal of beneficial micronutrients rather than hoping a single plant or extract will reduce a plethora of symptoms. Wild foods appear to offer a cure through preventative maintenance and these were the foods with which we evolved as a species. It makes sense to turn back to wild and near wild foods for our ideal nutrition.


      • I am interested in the product. I am 56 started menopause and gave big gut now very tired. Dry skin low thyroid high cholesterol. I am allergic to metaphor min sulfates penicillin my son get additive some foods .

        • Marlon Belsonda Verano

          I am 58 and presently taking metformin twice a day. One tablet as well for my high uric and another one for cholesterol.
          I would like to try your product, am from the Philippines. How and where could I avail of it?


      • Vic,
        I would like to try your product do you have any product codes for 1st time users ?
        or free shipping

        chris g

        • I live in the USA and am interested in getting some good, human quality Berberine. Where do you suggest i find it? Want to get off Metformin. How is best way to do that? My doctor is strictly AMA and is only tolerant of my taking vitamin supplements. I take all kinds of good stuff and wish to add Berberine.
          Jo Ann Dawson

        • Andrew Lessman Vitamins are the best and he sell them on He does have Berberine. I just ordered some.

    • Reverend David Lee

      Gday Gus – I, too, was on two 500mg Metformin per day plus 20mg rosavustatin (crestor) and while it did pull down both my fasting and evening glucose, and my A1C from what it had been, it was not without problems. Still had numbers at the higher lookout range fasting and both meds caused me continual joint pain, achiness well beyond my osteoarthritis causes.

      After constructive whingeing to various of my docs, I was asked “How do you feel about needles? Do you prefer insulin or a med like Trulicity?” Needles never bothered me, even as a little tyke. But I didn’t want to surrender to insulin with all of the problems of mistiming and supply that entails.

      I was offered Trulicity and Ozempic (those are the USA market names). I figured my insurer would crock less over the older lower cost med with the good track record and side effects that I could easily handle, so went with the lowest dose of Trulicity preloaded once weekly. Amazing results that provided the lower of the numbers I’d gotten on the other meds while also cutting the crestor in half.

      Then I added ONE 400mg Berberine and have found that it has pushed my numbers occasionally into middle target range. I’m experimenting with when I take it now and am considering adding a second dose daily, based on what I discover. My doctors love that I’m very careful to research and closely observe what meds do to me and so far, the one side effect of the berberine I’ve noticed has been pooting. I’m normally not a pooter, even when I eat brussel sprouts or cabbage, and any allicin food (onion, garlic) so the usual suspects don’t poot me, but, well, this is what the loo is for, right?

      I am in the US but shop from Australia for practice materials (Vajrayana practitioner here) regularly since there are a couple of very fine supplies there with fresher depletable products like incenses.

      I found that you have many web sources for Berberine there including superpharmacy, iherb, herbosophy, vitamingrocer, precisionnutrition and Amazon, eBay and the usual such suspects.

      Many of the big name supplement makers sell on those last platforms. I’ve found, in the US, that the cheapest vendor, BY FAR, is Swanson, who make consistent and accurate supplements. They sell on eBay and Amazon and I’m sure they ship to Ozz. I’ve used them, along with Piping Rock and Vitacost, for various herbs, minerals or other supplements for years. I find them fast, trustworthy and very reasonable in price.

      Good luck, and who knows, you may be able to reduce your metformin dosing (but will need to make sure you get the splittable version) and might want to look into whether switching to the very easy to administer Trulicity in the lowest dose weekly might be easier and better for you than the Januvia. I always try to adjust meds to eliminate spikes in dose or effect and Trulicity is unlike tabs and appears to build an effect that is steady. I certainly feel better on it than the metformin and, pooting aside, find that the berberine is making a difference. And Swanson makes it affordable enough since I doubt any insurer or UHC will pay for it since it isn’t patented and profit-laden(!), so no benefits to profiteers.

      Best of luck, you can DEFINITELY get Berberine by mail in Ozz!!

      • Berberine is available in AU on from a company, who uses Australian products, named PillBro they also have a website on Face Book Although Berberine maybe cheaper in the USA cost of shipping costs takes it way over the local prices

        • I have been taking two Berberine 500 mg twice a day. .Thorn manufacturing performs the best. I tried other mfg pills but they did not work as well.

        • Berberine is available through AU and USA stores

      • Andrew Lessman vitamins. Sold on HSN or QVC.

      • Great read….I see a lot of options for Berberine on by Swanson.
        Which one do I choose if I wanted to order them?
        Thanks again.

      • Crystal Griffith RN

        Retired RN here. Amazon carries Berberine. I get the Amazing Formulas brand. It averages 30 cents (USD) a day. Been taking 500 mg twice a day since Jan. Dropped my A1c from 8.4 to 6.7 in 6 mos. Now off insulin. Still taking Amryl daily but soon going to have to half my dose due to episodes of hypoglycemia.
        Saw my doc last month. She had never heard of this but was impressed with my A1c graph over last 5 yrs. Steady at 8 to 9 and then in 6 mos, looks like I fell off a cliff with the drop. In 25 yrs I have NEVER been under 7!
        Metformin never did as much for me and I had too many side effects.
        My cousin told me about this supplement. She is 85 and has been a brittle diabetic for years. After a year of taking this, her A1c is 5.1.
        I do research stuff thru medical journals AND talked to my doc. She hadn’t heard of it but looked it up and said it wouldn’t hurt me and just take a probiotic. Then she said she was going to put her mother on it since she is a brittle diabetic.
        I’m trying to spread the word about this supplement as much as I can. There are folks out there that will tell you that their formulation is the best (read: more expensive!) but I bought the cheapest one on Amazon and it works great!
        Diabetes has so many risks for other body systems that ANYTHING we can do to help ourselves is the way to go. BTW, I love the idea of dropping cholesterol and triglycerides.

    • read the side effects of diabetes drug and the the harm they are causing your body. would you not rather keep reducing you calorie intake and watch your glucose drop and keep dropping as you eliminate more calories. dr. don’t tell you that these drugs only mask the cause of the problem. they don’t cure a dam thing. you will not believe how good you feel and how great it will be trying to control your glucose from going too low. you will still have to monitor glucose but the worry of too high will not be the problem. keeping it balanced will be the problem.

      • It sounds to good to b true ; we on medication for high cholesterol n diabetes n high blood pressure
        I like to try this where can I buy

    • Buy it on Amazon or Puritans Pride

    • Go to amazon and enter berberine 1000mg, it’s the cheapest way to buy it. Make sure you talk to your doctor and show him or her the article. My doctor did extensive research on it. Its excellent, we’ve been taking it for two years and have not had any side effects. It also helped shrink tumors and weight reduction.

    • Where can I get berberine from

    • Low carb meals are everything. Dr Berg, YouTube.

    • You still have to change life style
      Eat a lot of fats.. no carbs
      Eat eggs meat and cheese

      I am no longer diabetic

  2. Hi Gus, you can buy Berberine online at The brand I use is by Divine Bounty which is 600 mgs, non gmo with no additives. By using this daily with meals you should be able to cut down on the pharmaceuticals which are causing you more harm than good. But as with anything it will take time and consistent use.

    • Hi Snowcat, I did a search on but could not find any Berberine product online. I live in Australia. I am very keen to try the Berberine products, my Blod sugar is sky high and the mainstream medications make me feel sick so I ma not taking any medication?

      • gus, Swanson’s Health Products based in Fargo, North Dakota carries it in capsule form.

        • I really wish someone would advise how long you have to take Berberine ? It worked great to bring my A1C down and I lost 13 stubborn pounds (metabolic syndrome and diabetes) so would like to know: Once you get A1C down do you need to still take Berberine ? Has anyone seen advice on how long this should be taken?

        • Where is it available to buy

      • Do start with a low carb diet while you search for more help. It’s kept my diabetes from progressing for 11 years

        • Well said Kirsten, I also was diagnosed T2 6-7 years ago and have kept my blood glucose under control by going very low carb, no bread, no rice, no pasta no potato and of course cakes, pastries and biscuits anything with a lot of sugar.. I do not take any medication only Cinnamon and Turmeric daily.. I think I will give Berberine a go though sounds really good

    • I have been taking two Berberine 500 mg twice a day. .Thorn manufacturing performs the best. I tried other mfg pills but they did not work as well.

  3. Caroline Rollins

    What are side effects of berberine? I take synthroid, plaquenil, folic acid. Is it ok with any of these medications

    • Caroline, do some research on folate vs folic acid. A lot of people can’t convert folic acid to folate. I suspect you are one of them, because of your thyroid dysfunction.

  4. I am taking Berberine 500 mg tablets twice a day, (1 am and 1 pm). Did so for 5 months and closely watched my diet (Low Carb). Had my blood work done but my fasting was still higher than it was a year ago. 109 last year and 112 this year. A1C last year 6.0 and this year 6.2. I do not understand why. It worries me that it is going up. Went to a functional medicine doctor a few years ago who put me on T3 Free Thyroid medication. My A1C went down to 5.6 but my fasting glucose shot up to 127. Once I stopped the T3 Free my fasting went down to 91 and my A1C went back to 6.0 and has been slowly creeping back up. I also take Alpha Lipoic Acid 600 mg per day. Would really like to find some answers as I do not want to become a diabetic and end up on chemical drugs. Most doctors I have consulted want to push the drugs saying natural treatments are no good.

    • Try using cinnamon water extract Cinnulin PF and the gymnema sylvestre 15 minutes before the meal. Take the 600 mg Alpha lipoic acid after the meal. Always take an activated B complex with each meal, as the b vitamins help process the sugar out of the blood. Many more herbs to use, Mulberry, Bitter Melon or mormordica, ginger, nopal cactus, fenugreek seed (fiber), Curcumin or Turmeric, pygcenol, resveratrol, astaxanthin, vanadium, magnesium. There is a great need to increase the chromium intake each day, I take 1000 mg per day. The pancreas is slowed by fat deposits, same as the liver. Keep the diet low on saturated fat and high in fiber. Eat your greens daily. Diabetics loose much minerals through normal activity, need to replace whats lost to prevent damage tot he body. High blood sugar doesn’t cause as much damage if you have sufficient nutrients and minerals in your system. I’ve been a diabetic for 15 years, no drugs, all natural by diet and exercise. Only go to the doc to test my blood and check my eyes. I’m living proof that you don’t need drugs for any condition, learn yourself how to beat any disease, and keep your money instead of buying drugs that will kill you faster. No money in a cure, only controlling symptoms for a lifetime.

      • Margo K Fox-Beard

        You named a lot of things here. Can you be specific about where to obtain the sand how much of each you take?

      • Hello Ron Desilva, thank you, this is amazing. How did you come up with all this knowledge and how do you know what quantities to take of everything. I did not know about mineral depletion for diabetics and nor did I know the esophagus and liver get clogged with fat. Is that a side effect of diabetes? How much Berberine do you take and how often? Thank you so much for offering your knowledge. I have to find a place to buy it that is good and reliable. My doctor OK’d it but knew absolutely nothing about it. He quickly checked online as I was sitting next to him. He found the Chinese studies. How on earth do you educate your doctor so he ‘prescribes’ it to all his other patients. They have been bought by the pharmaceutical industry and know nothing else. Good luck, and keep up the good work. What you are doing is smart. I used to be on Metformin and other meds years ago and I realized they made me sick so I stopped them all and completely changed my diet. And I got a whole lot better, lost the weight and my AIC got down to 6.0 all by itself. My doctor was stymied. The metformin made me gain weight which is absurd since weight gain is the last thing you want if you are a diabetic. I think they are liars and don’t tell the patient the truth that it does not cure anything, just hides the symptoms….etc. etc. But my numbers are climbing again so I need to address the problem. I hope that Berberine will be the right thing. Thank you. Take good care.

        • Claire Anne Suminski

          Hi Ron,
          Thank you for the information you shared.
          Are there any books you would recommend?
          Thank you,

    • Elizabeth McFarland

      It’s important to know, some medications will cause an increase in blood sugar. For instance, statins, used for cholesterol control, some blood pressure medications, and of course, any steroid. It’s also believed thyroid medication will also increase blood sugar levels.

      • i had thyroid cancer, completely taken out…on synthroid and pre-diabetic so taking meds yet though the same thing that thyroid med must have an impact infact the pill is sweet when you put in your mouth yet my endochronologist says no that synthroid should not impact sugar levels yet does not really give me much more to go on. I have asked various sources what a person without a thyroid is supposed to do different and not many replies….so, as we know thyroid is critical to all functions yet very limited guidance…

    • Alfredo R. Liwanag

      I am a diabetic for over 40 years now and have taken probably all kinds of medicine prescribed by several different doctors. I am on insulin now (Tresiba/30 units night time) plus Tragenta Duo 25/500, one tablet morning and night. I am doing quite alright with this combination: FBS / 90-108; Hb1AC /6-7. I would like to try Berberine this time. Some questions:

      1) I am in Manila, how do I get Berberine? Is it available in drug stores? On line? How much?

      2) What is the starting dosage? Do I have to stop my present medication?

      3) How long normally does it take to see the effect? Any known side effect?

      4) Do I need to tell my Diabetician about this shift in medication?

      I appreciate your reply, this article draws high interest in me.

      • Alfredo, I had brain damage 1972, this creates mixed and confusing associated problems ! But switching to Natural medication has reduced the need for pharmaceuticals. I get Berberine through my pharmacist and he/she can better assess chemical interactions between drugs chemical and Natural. I am type 2 diabetic and since Berberine have felt comfortable with controlled blood sugar at the moment on doctor’s request I take 1 metformin hydrochloride XR 500mg, at night, l am also taking ’13seeds ThereJoint+ (Turmeric) 2 tabs morning, 1 tad night on pharmacist’s recommendation! CINNAMON 1pinch in coffee or add to food,assists blood sugar control !Because these are Natural and can be added with no side effects except maybe weight loss. Taking these Natural medications may reduce need for other medication

      • Where do you get Berberine

  5. We have realized to accept the imperfections in life.

  6. My wife is a diabetic with kidney disfunction (Creatinine 4.97) using 15 medicines daily.Her age is 49) ,period has resumed and she is very weak and
    needs round the clock care. Please advise?

    • Purchase a product called Sweet Eze by Youngevity and take 1 cap with each meal. Also, to improve kidney function, get Ultimate Daily Classic by Youngevity. Take 1 tab 3-4 x daily. This will open up microscopic inflamed blood vessels that bring the dirty blood to the kidneys for filtering. Google search. They also have a new product to lower blood sugar called Glucogenics. Watch glucose closely. Lower meds gradually.

      • I couldn’t reduce my A1C while eating NO sugar or carbs. Started taking Sweet Eze one capsule before each meal and my A!C went down to a safe level. I think this is a wonderful product and the only thing that worked.

    • Your wife is too precious to take 15!! meds daily, it’s insane. Get rid of your doctors and find good HOMEOPATH! She needs more powerful natural substances than just supplements. Homeopathy will be the best solution. It saved my life, I hope it will save your wife’s too.

  7. I think there are some important facts left out here. Within the last 2-3 years, both the SGLT2 and GLP1 classes has been shown to provide a reduction in cardiovascular death based on CVOT trials that were completed. These medications used along with diet, exercise, and natural remedies can provide greater benefit than medication or herbal remedy alone.

    I am all for natural products but with the appropriate information being shared so I can make an informed decision.

    • These SGLT2 inhibitors also come with many risks, including yeast infections, UTI’s, acute kidney injury, ketoacidosis, fractures, increased risk of amputation, acute pancreatitis, Fournier’s gangrene. So does the benefit outweigh the risk? Not to mention the cost of these “new” meds. These medications are very new and it’s still too soon to really know the long term benefits of these medications….for example we were told to take Asprin to prevent heart attacks and stokes for years but it isn’t until recently that has been disproved as being beneficial for primary prevention and now after well over 20 years of patients dealing with the side effects of taking this medication they now have the data to say hmmmm maybe this isn’t very beneficial at preventing cardiovascular events….Be careful with anything you put in your mouth. There is no pill that will ever compare to the health benefits of eating healthy and leading a healthy active life.

      • AGREED! The closer to nature we stay in what we put in our bodies, and the further from the lab, the healthier we will be. It is a shame that all the tribal herbal knowledge has been lost. Thanks for spelling it out.

  8. Gus, you can get Berberine in 400mg capsule form from Swanson’s Heath Products based out of Fargo, North Dakota.

  9. I have been a diabetic for most of my life. I am on medforming and glypezide. I can afford to fast because as it is my weight is 114 lb oat meal with berries and nuts in the am vegetable juice in the afternoon and salad at night. No meat. My A1C is 7.4
    Any suggestions on how to lower my A1C and leave all my meds.

    • You’ll have to dump the oatmeal in the morning. VERY high gylcemic. And, fasting, even at your weight, will be great for you. Thing about it. You’re fasting all night while sleeping. Wake up and skip breakfast and drink some good quality water. Maybe with lemon. Let’s say you have a late lunch around 2pm. Right there is 20 hours of fasting. Not a problem at all. Veggie juice can be high in sugars too if not freshly pressed. Probaby not getting enough fat or protein either.

  10. Hi i was ready to buy Berberine for help with controlling my diabetes. On the label it said, “CAUTION: This product is not intended for individuals with impaired glucose metabolism such as prediabetes or diabetes”.

    So I am hesitant about buying this herb.

    • My Integrative doctor recommended Berberine for me, as I don’t take any drugs. I also get chelation/ozone infusions that keep my arteries clear. You might ask about these alternatives.

    • The FDA probably requires them to label it that way because berberine is so effective in lowering blood sugar. They are afraid of it working too well, for someone already taking a medication if the person doesn’t realize they must taper off the meds slowly. The manufacturer of berberine cannot advise that on the label, (must lower meds gradually) because it would be illegal for them to do so.

      That’s also why Epsom salt has a label saying it’s not recommended for diabetics. Epsom salt is a type of Magnesium that increases insulin sensitivity and will lower blood sugar naturally. The danger here is not the Epsom salt itself, or the Berberine, it’s in the person continuing the same dose of medication, Ie Metformin, etc. while using Epsom salt or Berberine or any natural agent that works.

      Every diabetic should be also taking Magnesium to increase insulin sensitivity. Just watch it closely and make the adjustments to your Meds.

      Don’t be afraid to try Berberine!

  11. Because of a diagnosis of diabetes II my doctor prescribed metformin. I started to search Google for information about diabetes and the drugs. I discovered the conditions mentioned above. I decided to stop all drugs related to diabetes and to stop using sugar, artificial sweeteners, sodas, and start eating more fruits and vegetables, wild caught fish and shrimp, grass fed beef, free range chickens. It is recommended that you consume dry red wine, one drink a day, and dark chocolate in moderation, which I do. In the first 30 days I lost 20 pounds and another 10 pounds in the next 10 days which put me to my chart weight. Another doctor found I was deficient in B-12 because of the metformin so my primary doctor prescribed B-12 shots, one per month. I have maintained my weight for almost 3 years now.

    • Wonderful!!Could you specify one day off your diet and how much protein do you eat?Do you eat a oatmeal or eggs in the morning? How many fruits a day ?Thank you for sharing your information?

  12. I am now on Metformin 1000 mg twice a day. Can I take Metformin in addition to Berberine. Can I stop taking Metformin. I have nephropathy, will Berberine help. There are nights it is very hard to get a good nights sleep.

  13. My mother is diabetic and I started giving this to her 6 months ago.. 500 mg and her blood sugars fell drastically. I have been able to get her off of Humalog 3 times a day. She is only taking Lantus in the morning lower dose… I would love to get her off insulin totally and am thinking of trying another 500 mg. I was not aware you can give up to 1500 mg of Berberine. Her doctor has been so impressed with this. Of coarse dietary changes too..

  14. I just need to know what I need for pre diabetes ,,,my neck an arms have dark retaining I guess insulan need help

  15. I got off Metformin because it gave me the runs. I increased my insulin intake with the same levels of Blood Glucose, however, I would like to try Berbadine as to get off beta blockers and lower by glucose levels

  16. Great article – Berberine is awesome!!!

    Dr. Broda Barnes in the 1970’s reported that many of the symptoms that we blame on diabetes are from a easily treated hypothyroid problem. How did a huge statement like this not get researched and published more -it doesn’t profit big pharma-.

    Excerpts (pages 226-229) from Hypo-thyroidism : The Unsuspected Illness by Broda O. Barnes, M.D. :

    “Evidence at present strongly suggests that the complications of diabetes including atherosclerosis are not due to the diabetes itself but to something independent of diabetes and this may well be thyroid deficiency.”
    “Thyroid therapy prevented complications in Dr. Eaton’s diabetic patients twenty years ago and has been preventing the same complications in my patients, diabetic and non diabetic, for twenty-four years.”
    “ All of the diabetic patients I have personally treated to date have run subnormal basal temperatures and have had symptoms of hypothyroidism, and with thyroid therapy they have had not only relief of the hypothyroidism symptoms but have shown no detectable progression in atherosclerosis.”
    “All of the complications of diabetes – including those of the eye (retinopathies), of the nervous system (neuropathies), of the muscles (myopathies), of the joints (atherosclerotic), of the kidneys (nephropathies), and atherosclerotic gangrene – are seen in hypthroidism in the absence of diabetes.”
    “ In Graz Austria, a goitrous are for centuries, a large proportion of the population is hypothyroid. I have checked the protocols for 2,400 consecutive autopsies carried out in one year and found that of the total number of amputations required because of gangrene, five of every six were among hypothyroid nondiabetics. It is not diabetes but rather atherosclerosis in both diabetic and nondiabetic that leads to loss of the lower extremities.”
    “ I argue emphatically that since so many of the symptoms and complications of hypothyroidism are identical to those of diabetes, every patient with diabetes should have a basal temperature check and, if the temperature is subnormal, a trial of thyroid therapy.”

    Dr Broda Barnes suggest that you have a mercury thermometer already shaken down next to your bed and immediately upon awakening place it snugly in the armpit for ten minutes. A reading below the normal range of 97.8 to 98.2 strongly suggest low thyroid function. He also suggest that desiccated thyroid pills work the best for treatment.

    • Crystal Griffith RN

      Don’t doubt it a bit! I have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Doc all tried the Synthroid/levothyroxine pills at various strengths. Wasn’t until I talked my Endocrinologist into Armour thyroid that I began to feel better. Apparently some people are unable to break down the T4 into T3. Desiccated thyroid contains both.

  17. Berberine definitely works. My doc took me off all T2 meds in Dec. due to kidney complications. Had been on 2,000 mg of Met for 10 years. (Tip-there is a growing issue with too much acid and or potassium from our food and meds causing kidneys to develop CKD, chronic kidney disease, at an alarming rate. Watch those labs carefully.)
    Faced with panicky thought of no blood sugar medicine I went hard core into natural supplements and diet restriction using the LCHF diet. In Dec on met my A1C 6.4, a month later with no meds my A1C was 5.9. (Note: that was during the Christmas season with all the temptations.)
    I take 1,000 mg of Berberine with each meal, which means 1-2,000 mg/day. I also take Gymnema, Citrus Bergamot, Garcina and Ceylon (true) cinnamon.
    PS- I can buy Berberine at Amazon, but I tend to get it from Natural Groceries or almost any vitamin shop.

  18. Thanks for all the information. I’m ready to try Berberine slowly at first with my insulin. Important to monitor sugar levels closely, then adjust.

  19. I am on 4 metformin and she now added another one (I haven’t taken it yet) cause though I am taking 500 mg Berberine in morning and Cinnamon capsule at night and 500 mg of chromium Picolinate one in morning and one at night and the A1C average was this time 7.8 (have been in chronic pain for over 2 months with severe shingles as well) and had come down from 8. Yet my dr is such a pill pusher and insisted I needed to take this other diabetes pill. I want off the meds and not increasing but I also live with a lot of stress for years now which affects all this. Would it be ok for me to take more Berberine with my other stuff? Thanks for helpful advice.

    • i can only share what i have found works for me….berberine, 1000 mg daily, collagen 1000 mg daily cinnamon 1000 mg daily, turmeric 1000 mg daily, lipozene 2 capsules daily

    • Crystal Griffith RN

      I only take the Berberine 500 mg twice a day. No cinnamon or turmeric or any other supplement marketed to reduce sugar. My A1c dropped from 8.x to 6.7 in 6 months. I expect it to drop further the longer I take it.

  20. Valentine Anastassiou

    Thank you for this excellent article.
    Valentine Anastassiou, Cyprus

  21. Lawrence Schwartz

    All good info, but need a source to get good pharmaceutical grade berberine. Any help?

  22. how about type 1.what suggestions do you have.Every suggestion will be appreciated

    • Crystal Griffith RN

      Berberine is not recommended for Type I diabetics. Your problem is lack of insulin, not insulin resistance (Type II). The only thing that helps is an insulin pump and using an attached meter such as Dexcom. Much easier to regulate your sugar when you have your numbers immediately and can get insulin into your system to control the BS. These two items have greatly improved the lives and longevity of Type I diabetic.

  23. Jonathan Thomason

    Metformin criminal medicine
    Since I started publishing my papers on High Intensity UltraSound clearing diabetes in one session, prescribing metformin and insulin has been criminal medicine. And every registered Dr. On earth is required to first read and validate and use the new medicine.
    American medics at the Moffitt cancer centre had used HIUS clear cancer 2002. And published their work freely! Again read and confirmed by every Dr. on earth. Who is then prohibited from prescribing cancer drugs.
    Just one cancer drug prescription struck the Dr. off the doctors medical register. Invalidated their Health Insurance. Making continued medical practice criminal.
    Every NHS Dr. has continued with cancer drugs: as they are dependent on the drug royalties to keep their medical practice afloat. Yet they are not allowed to use defective medicine! It is criminal.
    Just ½ minute of 8 W 1 MHz ultrasound from a medically licensed ultrasound massage device, to the bottom right of the chest will clear type two diabetes instantly.
    Type one takes the full minute! Any Dr. who has prescribed insulin or Metformin since my work was published 2013, has not be a registered Dr. ever since! Medical practice criminal.
    Each such Dr. struck off. All medical practice criminal ever since. Fairly certain, every Dr. in the NHS!
    Who has continued with defective cancer drugs for last 17 years. Killing at least 17,000 of their patients! A fine of 10,000,000 UK pounds, and 25 years in high security prison for every such instance of first degree medical murder.
    The fatal medicine and free to the patient. Paid for by the UK taxpayer. Medicated diabetes the eight biggest killer of humanity. HIUS totally clears the diabetes in one session! Obvious best medicine!

    • Hi Jon, I would like to get more information on your treatment even though I assume you are in the UK. It would be a great excuse for a vacation haha! I tried the link for your blog in hopes of being able to contact you, but unfortunately there is some technical error. Kindly respond here so I can contact you. Thanks!

  24. I started Berberine early May. At this time, i’m using it in conjunction with the Metformin & Glyburide, 500 3X a day. The goal is to lose maybe 20 pounds and be off of M & G next year. I still work a stressful job, starting a second. I have been Low Carb/No Carb for years, or I would be worse. I know mainstream medical wants me on insulin, which I won’t do. Frankly, i was diagnosed as Low Blood Sugar, family genetics.

    Have said all that, my meter is my guide. I’m now regularly below 200 on waking. Have seen 104 at lunch. Will go in for the blood test in August, my dime so I see the results. I’m working with a Naturpathic who is more honest than the Nurse Practioner i “normally” see one a year. For all you main stream medical people, i have the worst “socialized” system who gives me no help. When i get the meter readings to 150, will cut the metformin to 500, currently at 1000. I’m a work in progress.

    May I say, everyone’s bod is unique. I found a term BIOINDIVIDUALITY My nose has been ground into my bod isn’t standard. Other than thyroid (also family genetics) and the metformin, all my issues are handled by herbals. They don’t slam my system. I once had a 1% negative side affect and almost died. Do your own research and pay attention to your body’s reactions.

    • Does anyone know how to find a good naturopath or herbalist to help with transition to berberine? I’ve had allergic reactions to most diabetic meds. Controlled type 2 with good food mgt for 15 years then went through menopause and couldn’t control it anymore and after trials on multiple drugs am now on januvia in the morning and bydurian I injection per week. Side effects manageable though it’s been interesting to read about joint pain as I’ve suffered back pain forlast few years which coincides with meds changes now that I see this. I’m in Melbourne south east suburbs vic Aust.

      • Hey Ange just google naturopath in your area see what comes up.You maybe surprise

      • Evans I recommend Dr. Rita Marie Lokalzo. You can google her online. She offers at a very reasonable price, different programs. I think her program called Sweet Spot Solution, would help you.

  25. margaret yancie

    I would like to get some Berberine. I live in Calgary alberta canada

  26. I didn’t read all of the comments but I didn’t see any recommendations on brand of Berberine. Any suggestions?

    • Buy something reputable. I buy from Vitacost, Swanson, iHerb, and Piping Rock. I have studied other websites and done many searches over many decades.
      Personally I like Vitacost brand and Natures Way.
      There are a variety of qualities, dosages, prices, and availabilities.
      Also, berberine can be found under other names that are also berberine.
      Do your research and don’t just trust anything you read.

    • Puritan’s Pride online

    • Crystal Griffith RN

      I use Amazing Formulas brand from Amazon. I also keep tabs on all my supplements by subscribing to

  27. I thought it said Bourbon. DAMN!!!

  28. i’M CONSUMING a deabetic medication called diamide produced by a local pharma company Hovid Pharmacuitacals and a blood pressure medication called Nordiprine daily, I’m 62 in age , can berberine give me back my health?

  29. At 77 my diabetic numbers kept gradually going up to 8.4. After taking metformin at 500 , it stopped working, so doctor increased to 1000, twice a day. Rather than be on meds, I read a lot on natural remedies. Tried lots of herbs for diabetics but nothing worked. Finally I tried eating high fat, with low csrbs. Found most white foods made sugar rise. Eat low carbs with no white bread, pasta, rice. Only “facaccia” bread did not raise sugar. Plenty of chicken, meat, cheese, some fruits with cream, and cottage cheese and bacon and eggs. My last lab showed a1c of 6.2 with no meds. My cholesterol went down to 227 with help of “step one” foods which help with cholesterol with nuts, seeds and flaxseed. Happy camper back to mowing grass with no other health issues.

  30. I am not 65k and I have diabetes type 2 .
    I will like to have the Tea .
    How mush does it cost .

    • Oat foods — such as oatmeal and muesli made from steel-cut or rolled oats — are low-GI foods, with a score of under 55. In comparison, other breakfast cereals, such as puffed rice or corn flakes, have a GI score of above 70.

      • Nina Oatmeal has a higher GI score than you should be taking. All breads and all high GI scores should be removed from your diet. Cauliflower bread might work for you.

  31. Are u supplying to Ireland, and what is the price including delivery.

  32. In regards to the Berberine, I’m interested in knowing which one it is and how to buy it?? After reading this article, I did not see this Indy. I currently take Berberine in lieu of chemical medication for diabetes. I’m always interested in something better or purer. Thank you!

  33. Every single day of the week, I have read similar articles. None of them I find practical or useful. Otherwise, today, I would have not taken INSILIN.

    • I’m still a work in progress. FLASH!! Found a plant based Insulin. Costus Igneus. Called the Insulin Plant in India, used in the Auervedic (sp) system. Still taking the metformin, will probably go back to Berberine.

  34. Please send us more info about Berberine as how do we know to up the dose from 500 to 1000 or when to lower the dose and when can we stop taking it.


  35. I don’t know about berberine, but the assertion in this article that “There are a few natural solutions to helping to treat type 2 diabetes” is wrong. I encourage anyone to read The Diabetes Code by Dr. Jason Fung, get informed about intermittent fasting and other dietary measures to reverse diabetes.

  36. For me, Berberine (2×500/day) is NOT as good as Metformin (3×500/day). Metformin has a significant lag, so stopping it does not immediately raise blood glucose, only gradually over a couple of weeks. I gradually switched from Metformin to Berberine, and within a couple of weeks after dropping Metformin, my morning glucose measurement increased from about 140 to 185-200+ (highest 219), an increase of at least 40 maybe 60. I have returned to Metformin, and gave my remaining Berberine to a friend who cannot use Metformin and was not taking anything. He will let me know, Berberine might be effective, just not as much as Metformin, at reducing fasting blood glucose level.

  37. How do we access Berberine?

  38. Diabetes meds containing carcinogens recalled

    Recently, Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Issued a national voluntary recall for one lot of the Type 2 diabetes medicine Riomet ER, (metformin). The drug was recalled after lab tests found it contained too much N-Nitrosodimethylamine, more commonly known as NDMA. The contaminant NDMA is a yellow liquid, once used to make rocket fuel. It has no distinct odor but is a known carcinogen, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Here’s what you need to look for:

    Drug: RIOMET ER™
    Lot number: AB06381
    Expiration date: 10/2021
    If you’re taking Riomet ER, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) advises you to continue taking your medication. However, contact your doctor for advice regarding another treatment. It’s dangerous to stop taking your medicine without first talking to your health care professional. If you have any questions regarding the recall, contact Sun Pharma at 1-800-818-4555.

    Is there another, more natural way to treat diabetes?

    Recalls can be scary, especially when you rely heavily on the recalled drug to treat your condition. Several factors can cause drugs to be recalled by the manufacturer, suggests the FDA: Health hazard, incorrect packaging or labeling, and drug contamination. With this in mind, you may want to take a more natural approach to complement your diabetes treatment. However, herbs, supplements, and medicine can be a bad mix if not done correctly, causing blood sugar to drop. Therefore, any changes to your diet and medicine should always be discussed with your health care practitioner in advance.

    Diabetes is a “perfect storm”

    According to the CDC, over 34 million people of all ages in the U.S. have Type 2 diabetes. Plus, one in three American adults have prediabetes — that’s 88 million people! What’s more, over seven million adults aged 18 years, who were tested for diabetes via lab testing, did not even know they had diabetes. The truth is, diabetes is typically the result of a “perfect storm,” which encompasses poor diet and lifestyle choices mixed with hereditary genes. The following all play a role in the disease, including:

    Eating the wrong foods
    Not exercising
    Being emotionally stressed
    Not getting proper sleep
    Too many toxins
    Hereditary genes

  39. I have taken berberine in the past and decided to try other supplements. Well, truth be told, I’m going back on the berberine. it seemed to help in addition to my prescriptions. I was only taking one/day but I might try 2 to get off metformin at least.

    • i was surprised that bottle said two capsules three times daily….i started with 2/day total and i will maintain that dosage

    • Deb,
      I read your comment on berberine. MY doctor changed my medicine to metformin and Ozempic because my AC1 went down to 7.1 to 6.7. I would like to see better results next time.
      Today, I tried berberine 500mg. I felt funny and my blood sugar read high, been watching my levels and it has gone back down to a good level. Wanted to know if you experienced this while taking berberine for your first time with your medication., Are you still on metformin. How are your results with berberine?

  40. My Doctor freaked me out by saying that I am diabetic and proceeded to load me up with all types of medications. Also, I have constantly struggled with my BP. My friend recommended Berberine and Banaba root extract. These have worked for me. I exercise daily and watch what I eat. I have a problem when someone tells me Never to eat a particular food especially foods that are grown and eaten by many cultures as their staple foods, like rice, potatoes, etc. I would rather prefer a moderate intake of any food, than total abstinence. And of course, there’s a lot of conflict in these studies about the various foods that we consume. Be cautious of what you eat and in moderation all the time. Life is a journey. It has a beginning and an end, No matter what we do.

  41. i started taking berberine 2-3 months ago…been on antihypertensives for 40 yrs and my doctor wanted me on metformin but it gave me abdominal pain etc…. only been taking a total of 1000 mg/day [2 capsules at breakfast] and checked my blood sugar the other day and it was 120…..blood pressure meds are significantly cut as well…needless to say i am quite pleased. bytheby, i tak berberine by Puritan’s Pride 500 mg capsules

  42. Thank you for this info and I really appreciate the reviews and relies

  43. How can you buy berberine and what does it cost, please ?

  44. I am interested in trying berberine. I have looked at all of my local stores and can’t find it. Do you know of a website that I could order from?

  45. I’ve had diebeties for a long time it gives me diaherra very bad is there is there another medicine besides metformsm

  46. Here can you get Berber one?

  47. Berberine sounds great. I am type 2 Diebetic- take Metformin and also Ozempic. Do i need to consult my Diebetes professor regarding taking Berberine? I also have heart disease so need to be careful with what i take. Love to get off Metformin, Ozempic, Jardiance and other. Any help from experts i will be truly grateful.

  48. Very helpful. I’m having the same experience.

    I started using Metformin about six years ago and my A1C dropped about half a point. I found Metformin to be energizing and it made intermittant fasting much easier for me. I’ve been doing that for more than two years. Sadly, the digestive problems became intolerable. I can take it for maybe two days in a row. If I go to three then it takes two weeks for my digestive system to recover.

    So I did my own research.

    My next choice was Berberine, and it has – for about two years been my go-to material for treating T2 diabetes. I tend to be quite sensitve to a lot of drugs, but in more than two years of regular use I have detected no side effects. Other substances frequently mentioned for blood sugar control in T2 diabetics are Gymnema sylvestre, Guggulsterone, Bitter Melon, Banaba leaf, Myricetin, White Mulberry, and Ceylon Cinnamon. Most of these are also known to be AMPK agonists, so they work by the same method as Metformin and Berberine. I rely most on Berberine, but I do try to cycle through my list of substances, including Metformin because I expect the primary effect to be common but the side effects to be different. Also, berberine disappears from the body very quickly.

    Cayenne, chromium picolinate, vitamin D3, magnesium, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12 have played a role in my arsenal, too.

    When I measured my blood sugar this morning it was still a diabetic fasting blood sugar level; but it was about 40 points lower than I am used to seeing and over 85 points lower than a point some two years ago when I was stopping and starting with Metformin. This is a powerful signal that I am moving the needle on insulin resistance.

    Over the last six years I have lost about twenty pounds and two pants sizes. So between focusing my diet on greens and beans, using various AMPK agonists, and getting as much mild movement as I can like Yoga and hiking, I find my health is improving slowly.

    Good luck, everyone.

  49. Hi where can I buy Berberine. I’m a diabetic insulin once a day couple other pills. I watch what I eat but if this help me that would be great. Hope to hear from you.

  50. where to buy berberine tablets

  51. stephanus Potgieter


  52. where can I get Berberine?

  53. Very very interesting! I am going up to Swanson’s Health and buy Berberine!T2 diabetic for 40 years A1C is 5.6 but digestion problems are indescribable at times have been off insulin for many years Last year started walking hour to hour and half low carb high protien lost 26# makes me feel so much better but only if digestive problems would cease! Take metformin 500mg 2x/day

  54. where do do I get it

  55. Where do you buy Berberine supplement?

  56. I heard about Berberine a couple of years ago, and started taking it. However, I got bad heartburn after taking it, so I stopped. I hate what Metformin is casing to my feet, and digestion and I would love to stop taking it.
    Anyone knows why Berberin causes heartburn to some? I don’t know who to ask, Certainly not my doctor…
    Thanks for your reply

    • I did some research but found that digestive concerns and heartburn could be some of the side effects. Maybe you need to take a lesser dose. I did read that people are supposed to only take one 500 mg capsule a day for a while noting any side effects. If none then increase by taking another capsule a day noting side effects. The optimum dosage is about three 500 mg capsules a day. Hopefully you are eating mostly foods containing enzymes such as salads, raw fruit and vegetable smoothies, apples, etc. These uncooked foods have the necessary enzymes for good digestion. In addition you could also take natural enzymes in a pill form and probiotics. Turmeric capsules would also help.

  57. very informative

  58. i’m in alabama,where can i purchase berberine

    • Almost any given health food, vitamin or supplements store should offer it. I doubt you’d find it in the grocery stores but you can look for Oregon grape root or goldenseal (goldenseal can be somewhat expensive). Walmart may possibly have it but I wouldn’t look to them for excellent quality supplements.


    • Ive started beriberi early it seems to have no effect on me my sugars still high I’m not wanting to go on insulin but looks like l might have too

  60. Where can I get berberine

  61. Great comments!

  62. Type 2 diabetic for many years I would like to know where to try berberune and where to get it and cost- Thank you

  63. Very in interesting comments on this site – i check my BS every morning AVG 137-148 – i fast 24hrs – eat one meal a day – but right before i eat i check BS again AVG 88 – 101 is this good or not!

  64. Hi I’m a retired nurse from South Africa and have been diagnosed with diabetes in 2022 January I have been on Metformin 500mg bd but gave diarrhea and visceral fat I’m now looking for an alternative to Metformin as I abandoned it my sugars range between 8-10 mmols in the morning and I have developed neuropathy

  65. Thanks so much for all the various reads. I have learned a great deal about this product. I use to take it years ago but stopped because I saw no improvement. Lately I have been told that you need to take if for a bit longer than 30 days to really see the benefits of it. So thinking of taking it again. Thanks for all the comments. It is nice to see others so concerned about getting healthy the natural way.

  66. So does one take Berberine or follow the suggestions in your book or do both???

  67. Where can I get Berberine.

  68. Thank you for all of the information!! Great stuff here!

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