11 Strange Signs That Your Liver Is In Trouble

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By PJ Amirta, TheAlternativeDaily.com

The liver is essential for detoxifying the body, metabolizing drugs, absorbing nutrients and much, much more. If we leave this vital organ unchecked, it could eventually lead to total failure. Here are eleven signs that could spell trouble for your liver, especially if left unchecked.

1. Jaundice


A condition known as jaundice occurs when waste builds up in our bodies and bile pigment flows into our bloodstream. This is more of a problem with infants, but it can also occur in adults. This should be taken as a serious warning that something is up with your liver.

2. Bloated ankles


When there’s a problem with the liver, heart or kidney, gravity causes fluid to build up in the lower extremities of the body, like the feet.

3. Appetite changes


Although appetite changes can stem from a number of underlying reasons, it can also be from your liver. If your liver is struggling, you’ll lose your appetite. Or, if you’re eating a normal amount but your weight is noticeably decreasing, you should still consult with a physician.

4. Diarrhea


This is a very common issue related to liver problems. Realistically, whenever you have loose bowel movements, they should not be ignored.

5. Strange bruises


Proteins needed for blood clots are produced in the liver. So, when the liver is in trouble, protein levels decrease, making bruising and bleeding more frequent.

6. Intense exhaustion


If you feel drained every day at an abnormal rate, you could be dealing with liver problems. As waste builds in the liver, it leads to lower oxygen levels, leaving us feeling tired all the time.

7. Dark urine


One great way to check liver health is by looking at your urine before flushing. If your urine is dark and stools are lighter than normal, you should seek medical attention. Dark urine may exist for a variety of reasons, but liver damage could potentially be one.

8. Right shoulder pain

As you might not be expecting, pain in your right shoulder can be from liver problems. This is usually the case when cancer is in the liver and a tumor is growing. When the tumor increases in mass, it creates immense pressure on surrounding nerves. If the pain is related to your liver, you might also get hiccups easily by putting pressure on your stomach.

9. Belly pain

If the pain stems from only your right ribs, you should consider a consultation with your doctor. This pain could be coming from your liver.

10. Throwing up regularly


It becomes far more difficult for our bodies to process foods and liquids when our livers fail. This will create unbelievable stress for our digestive systems. Along with the pain, it will make your stomach feel sick and swollen. Eventually, you will be throwing up on a daily basis.

11. Changing personality


When our livers fail, more toxins build up in our bloodstream, thus flowing to our brain. This makes it very difficult to concentrate and we have issues remembering things. There could also be rapid changes in sleeping habits.

Could your doctor be missing these warning signs of a lurking health nightmare?

If you struggle with fatigue, belly fat, or brain fog… and he hasn’t been able to help you… then the answer could be “yes”.

But it’s a health risk you can’t afford to ignore. (Go here to find out what it is.)


The great news? Once you discover the truth about this ignored body organ, you can effortlessly renew your endless energy levels, melt away pounds of stubborn belly fat, and regain your sharp thinking.

To find out what doctors rarely check for, watch this shocking report now (click here).



— PJ Amrita
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Today’s blog is republished from my friends at TheAlternativeDaily, a leading publisher of daily alternative health …


  1. thank you..

  2. This has been a very interesting and informative article!


  4. Last year I was told that I have two hemangiomas on my liver. One large one on the right and a smaller one on the left. Apparently they’ve been there for a while and the doctor I had never told me about them! anyway, is there something that can be done (other than surgery) to reduce the size. I was also told that my liver is a bit large for my body (as are my heart and one kidney). I am turning 60 soon and I am starting to be concerned with all of the issues going on with my inside.

    • Fast like the Muslims do. if not fast for 16 hours from 7pm to 11am and eat less in between. No tomatoes or beans.

      • Hi in reference to fast like a Muslim thats wonderful, my question Yusuf is why no tomatoes or beans? Thank you Rachelle

        • Yes it’s very interesting to fast like a Muslim
          However, I would like to know why no tomatoes or beans.

        • The tomato is full of acids. So, the excessive consumption of tomato triggers various gastrointestinal disorders.

          Lectins are proteins found in almost all kinds of foods, but not all lectins are problematic. Different people react to different lectins, which is why, for example, some people are fine with eating members of the nightshade family, and other people react to them.
          Potentially toxic lectins are highest in grains, legumes, and dairy. In the body, lectins damage the intestinal wall, contributing to leaky gut, with all its associated digestive and autoimmune problems”. 

          GI distress happens because lectins can damage the intestinal lining. As food passes through the gut, it causes very minor damage to the lining of the GI tract”.

          Peanuts are probably the sneakiest type of legumes, if only because of their name. Like other legumes, peanuts are problematic because they contain lectins and phytic acid, but peanuts also bring a new guest to the party: aflatoxins. Aflatoxins aren’t actually part of the peanut itself; they’re produced by a mold that tends to grow on peanuts (as well as other non-Paleo crops like corn). This mold thrives on crops stored in warm, humid places, and it’s so difficult to eliminate that the FDA has declared it an unavoidable contaminant. 
          Organic or all-natural brands of peanuts and peanut butter aren’t any better …… some research has linked long-term consumption to aflatoxins with risk for diseases like cancer and hepatitis B”.

    • Very interested, everyone should know these signs to be aware of

    • In 2014 I was told That maybe I had hemangioma, but my GI dr. ordered an MRI only to find out that I had neuroendocrin tumors in my liver. I was treated for 2 years for acid reflux. Then I had lots of back pain and started flushing (turning bright red ) . After lots of blood, urine , mri tests and a liver biopsy, it was discovered I had Carcinoid tumors.
      Insist that your dr. continue to investigate. They call this a rare slow growing cancer, but it has been under diagnosed for years. Research Carcinoid and tell dr. you want more tests. Best of luck


      • 4 years I had large cists on my liver. They could have burst and I could jave bled to death. 2 years ago I jad surgery. They removed a chunk of my liver removing most of my multiple cists which they thot was cancer. I jad no pain, eent out to dinner afterwards. It took a little over a year 4 my liver to grow back. NOW I jave a new liver, feel like 40 yrs. I am 78 old

      • Have nonalcoholic fatty liver. So I harvest dandelions, eat citrus fruits and asparagus & avocado. Lots of leafy greens. Dandelions cleanse the liver safely.

      • Milk thistle and NAC are great for cleansing the liver.

    • Please consult with an interventional radiologist. Some problems can be dealt with via a tube (maybe fiber optic) passed through the esophagus into the bile duct via the small intestine. Another possibility is minimally invasive surgery via needle or via a small puncture wound through which a fiber optic probe may be inserted to close off defective blood vessels.

  5. I have had elevated liver enzymes on and off for years , I take natural supplements to help support and detox my liver. What foods help detox the liver? Is it bad for the liver to take Tylenol 1000 mg daily. It is the only thing I can take for arthritis.

    • Checkout the book Liver Healing by Anthony William. There are many foods to help heal the body naturally.

      • Thanks Lori…I’ll get the book.
        You’d think these people would list some solutions beside scaring us!

        • Here are some solutions. Take liver herbs, like dandelion and milk thistle, which can be made into a tea. There are others. Buy an herb book and get a good source of well water so you can start cleansing. That´s what is needed. I´ve had all these symptoms at one time or another but have gotten rid of them all with liver herbs.

        • Yes his books are amazing! He has the liver one and also cleanse to heal. He’s on YouTube, insta and TikTok under medical medium. He’s a bit quirky but his system works!! Also Essiac Tea. I brew my own from Herbal Healer academy. Drink it twice a day. Already feeling better!!

    • Tylenol bad for your liver. It helped destroy my liver.

      • In the United States, Tylenol (acetaminophen) toxicity has replaced viral hepatitis as the most common cause of acute hepatic failure and is the second most common cause of liver failure requiring a transplant. That’s how harmful it is for the liver. A friend was taking Tylenol for his back because he thought it was harmless and it gave him a liver that made the doctor ask if he was a heavy drinker/alcoholic.

        • I think that’s what happened to me, too. I don’t drink, but I have cirrhosis. I attribute at least part of that to taking Tylenol, but that’s just a guess on my part. Take ibuprofen for your aches and pains, and don’t eat a lot of greasy junk food. Your liver is a filter; don’t make it work harder than it has to.

    • Follow the Medical Medium on instagram. He’s amazing! I have diabetes and very bad arthritis in my hip and knees. The dose of tylenol youre taking is toxic! I started drinking 16 oz of celery juice 1 year ago. Organic celery juice. You have to juice it, you can’t mix it with anything. It’s really not bad and I have no pain!!! it has been like a miracle in my life. Please follow him. His name is Anthony Williams, The Medical Medium. You will see the testimonials . Look him up online. He has changed my life and many others with no drugs at all.
      God Bless you. I wish you a pain free future.

    • I say YES. Tylenol goes through the liver ibuprofen goes through the kidneys. A Tylenol e everyday in my opinion is not good for the liver.

    • Hi
      Apparently eating liver is very good, buy some milk thistle capsules they work wonders oh Kay off alcohol. ??

    • My doctor told me to stay away from Tylenol because it’s a major contributor to liver problems. I take Meloxicam for my arthritis and it’s helping tremendously!

      • Meloxicam is an NSAID (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug). It is mostly metabolized though the liver and so it is hard on your liver but also your kidneys. All NSAIDS are harmful to the body. They all kill off natural gut bacteria needed for proper digestion and absorption of nutrients as well as a strong immune system. They lead to leaky gut syndrome as well which can lead to system-wide inflammation which causes pain. Leaky gut also leads to auto-immune issues. Look up the side effects on Drugs dot com. Far better off to go on an anti-inflammatory diet, which will decrease arthritis inflammation and pain. Natural supplements help to lower inflammation also…turmeric, resvertrol, boswellia, NAC. The biggest pain and inflammation relief will come if you stop eating wheat products…bread, cereals, crackers, pastries, pastas, anything with wheat flour, etc. Try it for a couple weeks and you will be amazed. If you go back to eating wheat again, the pain will come back immediately.

        • I was in horrific pain in my hips, doctor said I had severe arthritis
          x-rays proved it was bad. I am not a doctor, I was in natural
          alternatives and REAL food for the health and well being of the
          body. I GOT OFF all WHEAT (read …. The Wheat Belly) and got
          off ALL SODA !!! Started taking coral calcium by Dr.Redfoot.
          In just a few weeks I had NO PAIN. Most doctors don’t know
          about nutrients they are NOT taught this, they only know
          DRUGS! There’s a book and audio call Dead Doctors don’t Lie.
          They sold millions of copies by Dr.Joel Wallach, he’s still on
          YouTube if you want to check him out, he has helped millions
          of people with many Health Issues. He also has a question and
          answer show. Blessings and Healing to Everyone
          PS … Celery seed and juice is really helpful for PAIN, but you
          got to get the JUNK out of your diet! Please Watch what you EAT !

        • I’m an on again off again relapsee and. I recently relapsed again on alcohol and was introduced to meth. I’ve been drinking although not getting drunk for almosy a year now. Now I’m starting to feel like I’ve gotten pancreatitis AGAIN! I’ve had it before in my younger years, like at least 4 times. But also along with that is my liver I believe is giving me some pain as well maybe only one of those organs hurt, hard to tell in that are they seaam close together. I do take milk thistle but I donodnt know that I was suppose to take 240 mg 3 times a day. 240mgs is what I bought from Grocery Outlet. Their probly not the best their by Sundown Naturalist kind of a generic brand I think. So I’m still in pain off and on and I’m really getting worried.

      • just because something dulls the pain doesnt mean its healing it.!
        as well as detox and removing inflammation type foods from your diet it would behoove you to take Max GXL by max international
        It helps all joints and increases glutethione in your body.

    • Check out wild lettuce capsules. Called the poor man’s opium during the Civil War, when stronger pain-killers weren’t available. Subtle, but helpful. I have chronic Lyme disease, and have tried just about everything. Not breath-taking speed of relief, but definitely pain-taking.

      • I heard a while a ago that Stevia (natural sweetner) helps with lymes disease,
        it was on Natural Health 365. Hope this helps.

      • Lyme disease seems to be worse if you have heavy metals or parasites on board. Test for these toxins along with mold or any other environmental factor that could be a contributing to ill health. Bacteria could be lurking under any root canal or dental work, and even in cavitations where wisdom teeth or any tooth has been extracted. One does not always exhibit direct pain in association with the mouth/jaw, but may be experiencing autoimmune related or other chronic health issues. Mercury from current or past dental work could be working against you as well. Best wishes!

    • Yes, Tylenol is the worst. It will kill your liver. If you have pain, ibuprofen occasionally would be better, but don’t take too much. CBD/hemp oil works much better for pain

    • Drink detox Teas & Take Potassium& Magnesium

      • I can’t hold my magnesium level. I take magnesium oxide pills try to eat foods high in magnesium. 1.5 was the highest level I’ve had, but average about a 1.2

    • Can you take Phenocane? It has turmeric etc. and is not bad for the liver.

    • Try cbd oils for pain, it doesn’t kill your organs like Tylenol or ibuprofen….best of luck to you

    • Because I have to take cholesterol medication daily, my liver enzymes were out of wack (high). I was advised by a health & vitamin store to take Milk Thistle, 250 MG, it’s an herb. My enzymes almost immediately became normal. I’ve been taking it for 20+ years with no side effects and normal liver enzymes ever since.

      • I was told I had liver enzymes, I just started taking 2 capsules a day of milk thistle, doctor didn’t prescribed me anything, I am doing it on my own, do you think it will help me?

        • Take care with wild lettuce. Generally safe but not if you are to undergo anesthesia or taking meds that slow breathing or have asthma. Wild lettuce can arrest breathing.

    • I’m no doctor by any means but I also have liver problems in which I’ve been told over & over by all my doctors that Tylenol is one of the worst things you could ever take for your liver! Please if you don’t believe me ask your doctor I’m sure he would tell you that same good luck !

    • Take Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar, (with the mother), 2 tbsp in the morning & 2 at night – dilute with water. Drink 1/2 your body weight in water … ex: If you weigh 140 lbs, drink 70 oz of water daily …. it flushes out the toxins. Take 900 mg of Tumeric daily. Eat fruits & vegetables. Hope this helps you. I’ve had RA for 34 yrs, it really helped me.

    • You should take milk thistle. The main ingredient is so lunar in. You should take over 150 mg. to get the effectiveness. I have taken it for years because I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C and now they never see anything on labs. My friends dog was diagnosed with liver cancer and I suggested milk whistle. The vet asked her what happened because he couldn’t find the cancer tumors. Just a thought!

  6. This was good. I did not know that the liver could cause so many problems in your body. I am going to check out mine. Thank you.

    • It’s really the biggest organ in our bodies. Can’t live without it. Think about it, if you are in a hospital for a heart, lungs, brain, etc. They can put you on a machine to keep you alive. Can’t do that with the liver

  7. I have many of these signs and the Dr does suspect the liver but they have been running tests since September and they still haven’t come to a conclusion.

    • You are not alone. I have quite a few myself and test after test. No conclusions Frustrating and scary.

      • Several years I’ve been told I have a very bad liver by several drs. New dr feels very confident that it is the gall bladder that is the culprit that in turn is creating the problem which is effecting the liver. He feels we’ve got time to get it under control and can save the liver. Have your dr check your gallbladder….

        • My daughter at age 32 had a gallstone stuck in the bile duck and caused her liver to stop working. It was the most scary thing I’ve ever seen. Urine was like color of coffee, eyes turned yellow and skin bowel movements were like gray. She was so sick, couldn’t eat,or drink anything. They had just removed her gallbladder and didn’t know she had a gallstone stuck in the bile duck. They surgery right away and very simple through her nose. She was fine with in a hour.

    • Good article I will see how I am doing.

      • I was told I had a fatty liver because of the extra weight around middle but was never told how serious it could be. I am also diabetic.I was having problems and put through many test. I was given a liver biopsy and found out I have 4 stage cirrhosis of the liver. I do not drink so it is from fatty
        liver. That was 8 months ago
        I came across1MD a d have been taking it for 6 months.
        This Thurs. I am going back to my Dr and hope I can see some progress

        • Did the 1MD work?

        • Liver cirrhosis is something that is not treatable and so doctors don’t really say anything until it’s to late. There is no medication for liver available. A family member of mine was diabetic and never told until later about liver cirrhosis at the hospital, and there is nothing that the conventional medical doctors and big pharma can do to slow or reverse or fix this condition. You have to simply detox on your own means using milk thistle formula’s and alcohol free tinctures to further prevent damage to the liver, and keeping blood sugar down as much as possible. I also would suggest going to Lifeextension.com and reading the protocol on fatty liver disease epidemic, and call a wellness specialist for answers and it’s free. We hardly pay attention to our livers and kidneys that filter our blood of wastes all day, that we don’t find out about damage until it’s to late. Liver cirrhosis leads to liver failure eventually and sad the conventional medicine does nothing about it, while we suffer until we die of the liver failure, this is why when it comes to liver the doctor gives mixed messages or says nothing about it because he can’t treat it anyway!! Don’t trust you conventional doctor, doctor yourself and heal your self naturally!!!

  8. Dear Sir
    Good day
    Found good with example

  9. annie shirtz-layman

    ‘RE liver problems.
    #8 talks about R shoulder pain. L shoulder is pictured.
    Anatomy 101. ?

  10. Please may I know this?

  11. This also describes a lot of other conditions…a good reason to get regular blood tests, or see a good naturopath, md, or other health care person.

  12. Very informative and for me somewhat scary article. I have three to four of these signs.

    If you have lost a loved one in the pandemic, please add their name to pandemicmemorial.org

  13. Good catch!

  14. I have had ad a valve replacement and triple bypass. at this point, I need to stop smoking. I know its habitual with leg stents smoking so I’m told is a major problem. looking for real listed solution.

    • Try Chantix, I haven’t smoked in17 yrs, if it’s still the same way, I could still smoke for 2 weeks, while taking it, they have an 800 number too, great support team. You won’t be sorry. Don’t listen to others that tried it, and say bad things. It works, but you still have to want to. Good Luck Robert

    • Raymond Charles Wempren

      I quit when I found out I have blebs in the upper parts of both my lungs. I smoked for 40yrs. Used the patches and smoked more than ever. I was able too quit when I realized that the patches made me crave for cigarettes. I quit the patches and cigarettes at the same time. 2.5yrs and still nicotine free.

  15. Tylenol is very bad for the liver. I had blood test done in August, Dr’s office called that everything was Ok. A month later I was taken to Emergency room given two hours to live (they told my sons) I was in ICU for 2 weeks, diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver and kidney failure. I was sick as you can get. Went to liver transplant Dr. Said I had stage 4 cirrhosis, but not ready for transplant list. This was in 2015, my liver is healed, kidney are close to normal, all by Prayers answered and haven’t had a drink in 5 years this Sept.

    • So thankful for your testimony of God’s healing grace in your life and that you are so successful in your sobriety! I’ve been healed by God so many times as have many in my family. My son is now in his 7th year of sobriety, such a blessing. I was in a car accident with terrible residual pain. The pain meds had huge amounts of Tylenol. I requested the pain meds without the Tylenol and my doctor obliged. My liver and kidneys remain healthy.

    • What did you do to help your liver? I have a fatty liver and the doctors just shrug it off.

    • Carol, how did you heal your liver? I’m having same issues; liver enzymes normal and Ultrasound shows everything normal, and I’m getting sicker quick. Blood pressure has risen so I’m thinking that’s portal hypertension. But how did you heal your liver when they gave you just a short time to live?


    • Praise the Lord!

    • Hi, I was diagnosed with fatty liver! lost 30lbs, had liver biopsy, said I have primary biliary cirrhosis, they put me on 2,000 mg of Urisodiol, grizzly bear bile! Eat what you want stay away from sugar!!

  16. I take a Product that I get from Purity Products called Real Detox , it’s a Liver Supplement that works well to Detoxify your Liver , and after you start taking it your pee will be clear as water. I also take their Krill Omega Fish oil for my Arthritis instead of Tylenol it works Better & is Better for you than Tylenol. I shop Purity Products for a lot of my Supplements , because the stuff at the store Doesn’t Work.

  17. This information most informative

  18. Intermittent fasting helps clear fatty liver

  19. Why does the picture show the left shoulder?

  20. Call your local hospital, they usually have no smoking groups.
    I quit by first you stop your cig after meals. Then stop your cig when you wake up then you stop your cig before bed. And each one you stop you can’t have one for one hour. After a week you have to give it up for good. you get rid of one each each week. In 20 weeks you have quit if you smoke a pack a day. Good luck

  21. Let’s respect the body’s immune system by allowing it to heal by itself but Self control is the bottom line;
    √ avoid junk food as much as possible, as well as cigarettes, liquor, sexual immorality
    √ intermittent fasting – at least 16 hours between your last meal for the day and the next
    √enough sleep: 7-8 hours
    √Meditate only on things that are true, noble, just, pure, lovely and of good report. These are virtuous and pleasing to God
    √sunshine time- walk in it when you can
    √ prayer time: alone with God
    √ gentle and quiet life

    Scientifically proven

  22. Milk thistle is great for healing liver

  23. thank you. very useful tips.

  24. Awww. Dont be fearful of these ads. Many are pushing more medicine on the public. Periodic Fasting helps purge the body of toxins. But one needs to research on safe way. Drink plenty of purified water with lemon.before your meals I was told half or a quarter of an organic lemon with full 8 oz. Glass of purified water upon waking in the morning jumpstarts the liver to detoxify the body. When I dont have fresh lemon, I use 2 capful of Bragg’s organic apple cider vinegar instead of the lemon. Plenty of water throughout the day to assist the toxins out of the body

  25. Awsome Info everybody! I will be trying some of these suggestions…

  26. Adrian Lee Steininger

    I have Hep-C and went to a gastro doctor to see if I coukd take the meds to cure it. Onlyvproblem was they wanted to take the temperature of my urine but due to my Post-Polio I wasn’t able to use their toilet at the lab. So I quit the doctor. I do have several of the signs you listed- yellow skin, bruise easily, dark urine, right shoulder pain but that could be from a physical therapist overdoing an exercuse if my right arm. What would you suggest I do? The Lab was not Handicapped Accessible as far as their toilet. Infortunately the law of 1990 on discrimination of disabled persons doesn’t have any teeth in it, no one to enforce it! Thank you for the article!

  27. Very good information for me..


    To All,
    There are miraculous things being done to reverse Fatty Liver Disease as well as reversing end stage liver disease too. Here is the information for Dr. Burt Berkson. Research this doctor. He gives patients Alpha Lipoic Acid IV Drips and says he can help a patient regrow their liver which can regenerate itself. It’s the only organ which can regenerate itself. Blessings!

    LDN AND ALPHA LIPOIC ACID for c LDN AND ALPHA LIPOIC ACID for reversing fatty liver disease

  29. i had my gaul bladder removed and have had bowel trouble ever since and have to take gasstop every couple of days which does the opersut so get gaul stone removed or desoled and tell the docter you wont another 40 years to make the next lot of stoneswhich is what i wish i had the docter at time as he said they would only come back hope this helps betty

  30. I had a lot of these symptoms plus more including strong muscle aches in my legs, overactive thought process, loss of periods, degeneration in my eyesight, could barely walk, could not sleep, depression, this in my mid forties, after suffering for 2 years and managing it with very restricted diet I went to a doctor who offered me counselling and a cholesterol test which turned out to be high (apparently) I diagnosed myself in the end as having a liver problem and found a book called the amazing gall bladder and liver cleanse, after the first cleanse all my symptoms vanished and I went on to do about 15 more and have never suffered from any of it since, which is a huge relief as I felt suicidal. On the cleanse I passed a huge amount of what looked like bright green peas and beans! It certainly was an amazing Godsend!

  31. My problem is I have way to many problems to deal with, CAD, COPD, Osteoarthritis, bowel issues, seizures, migraines, sleep apnea. With Everything the Drs have me on, the only pain meds they allow me to take is Tylenol which doesn’t really help me. Majority of the time I go without as I know what it can do to the liver, I am on cholesterol meds, NSAIDS for the arthritis so it kinda compounds things. Liver and kidneys are in concern for me with the meds I’m on. Dr’s are bound to “do no harm” yet they do everytime they send you to the pharmacy with a new prescription. I’ll be 60 in November and last year my stress test showed my Ejection Fraction for my heart is only 20 to 25 percent. I’ve had a defibrillator since end of 2017, heart attack in the fall of 13 killed part of the heart muscle, it’s only a matter of time before it finally gives out.
    It’s frustrating knowing that you grew up farming and then spent 30 some years trucking to be reduced to this. I try to watch what I eat, workout as I can, and try to follow what they want me to do. Currently waiting on my lab work to come back for cholesterol and enzymes test done last week. Personally I’m a little worried this time around because of some of the symptoms I go thru on a daily basis.

    • Give up the meds; you can’t treat the symptoms. Start intermediate fasting and eat small meals and your condition will improve

    • Fine a good natural doctor. He will take you off medications. Medications prescribed by doctors kill. that’s all they are trained for. I am 82 years old, take no prescriptions. Started researching natural supplements when I had cancer at age of 49. Change your diet. We are what we eat.

    • Here For my Health

      I would absolutely give intermittent fasting a try! Fistfulls of medicine are NOT helpful. Find a Naturopathic doctor. Good luck and God bless.

  32. Thanks for yr advice on 11 signs of liver in trouble. I wil try islamic fasting as suggested by Jusuf in his August 2020’s comment to keep my own safe and sound liver

  33. If you catch the problems early enough the body has an incredible abilty to heal and yes fasting is helpful
    even in animals

  34. Milk thistle and NAC are great for cleansing the liver.

  35. Severe itching is another major sign of liver cancer.My wife had that and the signs were overlooked and she was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer and passed away.

  36. A lot of good ideas! Milk Thistle 250Mg. 2X daily but you need to add Acetyl L Carnitine 525 Mg. & Alpha Lipoic Acid 225 Mg 1-3 X daily!! That way you will get a REAL CLEANSE NATURALLY!! I also suffer from CONSTANT CHRONIC PAIN!! VERY HIGH PAIN LEVELS FOR 36 YEARS! That’s how I damaged my liver, good ol’ Tylenol (Acetaminophen)!!! If I touch it now the pain I get in my liver and kidneys is unbelievable!! I have NEVER been able to take anti inflammatory drugs because my gastrointestinal system has been messed up since I was an infant!! I take Opiates for pain and still I have unbelievable pain levels!! I still needed something more but I refused to go up on my meds cause I had worked hard to come down from the very high levels I was on! I recently found a natural product that for inflammation, joint pain, deep bone pain, muscle pain (spasms), and dissolves scar tissue! It was a little pricey but if you bought several bottles you could get the price down and keep your future price set at that!!! They had a 60 or 90 day money back guarantee. I bought 6 bottles and got started right away. It had Tumeric in it and I KNOW good turmeric works. It also has Boswellia, Bromelain, and Quecertin and other ingredients. It usually takes a good month to see any kind of changes from a natural product but within a week I started feeling less joint, bone, and nerve pain!! By week two the massive muscle pain and spasms were easing. I am hopeful that I may be able to lessen my pain meds if things keep going this way! The product is from “UpWellness” name of product is “golden revive”. Hope it can help others too!!!

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