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The Healing Benefits of Delicious Bone Broth (for gut health and joint health)

by Mike Geary, aka – The Nutrition Watchdog Certified Nutrition Specialist, Best-Selling Author You may have heard the news recently… I’m actually shocked that the mainstream media finally picked up a story on REAL nutrition, instead of the typical propaganda… but the word is out, and us Paleo followers have known about it for years — Bone Broth is officially …

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This Artificial Sweetener is Promoted as “healthy”, but Can Damage Your Gut and Disrupt Your Microbiome

Don’t be fooled by clever marketing from the Big Food companies that promote this artificial sweetener as healthy… Some studies indicate this could be harming your gut health, which can indirectly cause weight gain, skin problems, autoimmune disorders, and more by Cat Ebeling, RN, BSN & Mike Geary, Certified Nutrition Specialist co-authors of The Fat Burning Kitchen You are growing …

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The TRUTH About Gluten

There’s a LOT of confusion out there these days about whether gluten is a real hazard to your health or not. Even many news reporters on popular national TV shows have frequently shown the story from 2 totally opposite sides of the spectrum, highlighting some experts that say gluten only negatively affects a small % of the population that is officially …

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